MT-2292 wood effect wallpaper

Textured plain brown wallpaper

Choose from the range of brown wallpaper, if you want to create a warm, friendly and welcoming space. In this category you will find designs from dark brown to light brown wallpaper, and everything other shade in between. These include but is not limited to:

The beige wallpaper is cool, flexible and reliable. It is of-course a natural light brown beauty giving our interior decoration a a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. And beige is one of the wallpaper colors most linked to sobriety, simplicity and elegance. You must have noticed that it is one of the most chosen wall colors universally. Because it is the perfect complement for decorative elements in earthy, mustard or yellow colors. And that is thanks to the small shades of brown that beige contains.

Living rooms or bedrooms decorated in textured beige wallpaper convey a great feeling of warmth and light.

You can give your favorite old furniture that has lost its luster over the years, a new lease of life in a very effective way. Using wallpapers such as wenge wood grained patterned wallpaper. Or you can give your plastic or glass surfaces a more natural look and feel using wallpaper.

When choosing interior doors decoration, you need to rely on the dominant style of the house or apartment. Needless to say natural-colored doors are appropriate in all styles. And that warm tones always bring comfort to the room, and therefore will be particularly appropriate in ethnic interiors.

Dark wood (for example, in the color “wenge” wallpaper) will look great in a formal setting.

When selecting a door for a classic interior decoration, it is better to focus on light or very dark colors.

In country-style interiors they install the doors in the old fashioned way and in natural colors. They fit perfectly into the overall look of the room and make it more individual.

In interiors in the spirit of minimalism, doors in cold tones and dark interior doors without decoration (for example, in wenge wallpaper ) look good.

Neutral color is appropriate in all interiors.

The best approach is for you to visit Wallpaper Kenya. And take a look at the amazing range of brown wallpaper colors, designs, and patterns. Because it comes in all shades and pattern, you will definitely find one suitable for the walls of the interiors of your house or office.

The color brown is so versatile precisely because it has many great nuances. Most of them, such as the different wood tones, appear in nature and therefore give the interior a natural feeling. Others are reminiscent of popular foods and drinks, such as cappuccino, mocha, and chocolate brown. We have made a small list of possible color combinations for the different shades of brown that could help you choose the right color partner.

Examples of the versatility of brown wallpaper

Take for instance our warm chocolate brown wallpaper, you will find it particularly cozy on the walls. It’s best to wallpaper just in chocolate brown and tone the effect down light-colored furniture.

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In our example above, the white flower vase and white cushions stand out great against the dark wall. Notice also the harmony of the brown, white and the black/grey sofa. The so-called non-colors (white, black and grey) are always a good option if you are looking for a suitable color combination for brown. And if you want to add another tone to such a room design, beige will do.

Plain Colot Wallpaper

On the one hand, shades of brown – a common interior background can match any textiles in your space. But on the other hand, the room can have a gloomy look, if the brown scale is not diluted with cool tones. Have no worries, you will find our experience in house interior decorator to assist you match the colors and patterns.

Like curtains wallpaper are highly decorative. The harmony of  your house interior decoration largely depends on how you will successfully combine of these two elements. By following the simple design recommendations, you will find a successful combination.

Gold & brown damask

How to combine colors with a brown wallpaper

The color brown and all of its derived shades, such as beige or toffee, are all fashionable. But do you also know how to combine the trend color brown without looking boring? If you want to combine a chocolate brown, coffee brown, beige, or camel wallpaper, in a contemporary and interesting way, there are a few things to consider.

For instance, which shade of brown or beige suits your color type. Or how to give a brown wall the right excitement and energy that color needs. One, you can combining brown, beige and grey tones in monochromatic looks. Also known as Greige color trend,  quite beige and not quite grey, this is a hue that meets somewhere in the middle.

You must understand that there are two large groups of these neutral colors: warm and cold colors. Beige belong to the warm colors group and grey, to the cold colors. Thus, in places where temperatures are high it is a good idea to use more of grey wallpaper. Because they provide a feeling of freshness. But use more of beige or deeper browns where temperature are cool to give warmth.

General rule

As a general rule, 2-3 basic colors are used in interior decoration. And one, two, or all three of them can be different shades of brown wallpaper. Because they are so diverse that they can create a strict and romantic view of the room. The only place where you are advised not to use this wallpaper is the children’s room. But if you really want to buy a nursery wallpaper in brown tones, you still can. But you better choose a shade of chocolate, complemented by white textiles.

You can use the brown color scheme is in the design of any style, both classic and modern. The practicality of this wallpaper color is evident on brown surfaces. Especially dark brown surfaces where soiling is almost imperceptible. A large variety of light and dark brown wallpaper designs offer a wide variety color shades.

Key benefits

One of the key benefits of this wallpaper is that you can combine it with any other color. And with it, you can mute bright colors and make boring shades more interesting.

There are no hard rules with a brown wallpaper as it is considered a neutral color. However, for harmony, it is better you choose wallpaper and curtains in a single color scheme. And for contrast let the wallpaper be a few shades darker or lighter. Also, you must adhere to the rule of distinguishing between warm and cold shades and do not mix them.

But as earlier mentioned,  with the wide range of brown wallpaper shades and patterns, you will find a patterns or motifs that will give life to the walls of your home in an exclusive and original way.
The chocolate brown  wallpaper  at Wallpaper Kenya is a premium design that you can buy. With it your wallpapering will be easy and you won’t have any bubbles inside. The finish is matte to avoid reflections of interior or exterior light.

Combining brown with beige 

Brown and beige geometric

Brown and beige are balanced with each other. Because they belong to the same palette. The interior, resolved in a brown-beige vein, creates a special atmosphere of homely warmth. This is a great design option. bedrooms, living room, dining room Shading the interior will allow the inclusion of bright elements in the form of curtains and various accessories.

Brown and grey wallpaper combination

Plush Cream Wallpaper

Any and all shades of grey wallpaper can a great color partner to brown. This is the combination you need if you want to furnish your home or office elegantly and discreetly. Basically because the warm appearance brown wallpaper is enhanced by the grey. And this in turn which gives the room a feeling of security and tranquility. If dark nuances of colors are further combined with black, a masculine ambiance is created. Perfect, for instance, for bachelor’s apartment.

Using grey and brown wallpaper in combination in the bedroom is easier than it seems. For instance you can cover the wall that the bed is facing with wood effect wallpaper and the other walls beige, white, or grey.

You can just as easily wallpaper one wall in dark brown and the rest of the walls a light grey shade. To create a contrast, you can design the headboard of the bed in dark brown. And to make the room appear bright, you can choose light wood furniture.

As you can see, it’s basically pretty easy to combine grey and brown wall decoration. But to avoid making the room dark, it is better you use light grays and browns. This way you avoid making a room look dark, which in turn makes it appear smaller than it really is. Remember, bright light colors make a room appear bigger and airy than it really is.