Butterfly wallpaper for walls come in different designs, pink butterfly wallpaper, purple butterfly wallpaper for home walls, blue butterfly as well as grey and silver wallpapers. Like in nature they come in many colors, gold butterfly wallpaper and green butterfly wallpaper. You will find them suitable as bedroom wallpaper as well as children’s wallpaper.

The Butterflies wallpapers are inspired by the special place butterflies are held in human culture stemming from the fact that they have used their wings not only for flight, but as a canvas for some of the most striking patterns in nature. The sheer beauty of butterfly wings, captured in butterfly wallpapers, and the metaphorical power of their emergence fully formed from rather unpromising pupae, has made butterflies an object of admiration and inspiration.
Butterfly wallpaper highlight butterfly wing patterning. The beautiful butterfly wings seems to serve many functions related to a butterfly’s survival – camouflage, mimicry, mate recognition or warning signals.

Because butterflies have short lives – typically less than 2 weeks, they need the beautiful wings to quickly locate mates. Many species lose their attraction to the opposite sex within just a day or two of emergence because their pheromones become exhausted. Rapid mate recognition aided by the beautiful butterfly wings is therefore vital for survival.