Butterfly mural design DM01302

Butterfly wallpaper for walls come in different designs.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior butterfly wallpaper.

Among others, pink butterfly, purple butterfly, blue butterfly as well as grey and silver.

Butterfly around in Panama

Like in nature they come in many colors, including gold and green wallpaper.

Watercolor hand painted butterflies. Can be used as background for invitations, greeting cards, postcards, patterns, prints, textile design, package design, wallpapers and so on.

You will find them suitable as bedroom wallpaper as well as children’s wallpaper.

Seamless pattern of butterflies paint with watercolor.For designing colorful fabric patterns and wallpaper.Background abstract fantasy.Flying insects background.

But who doesn’t want beautiful butterflies on the wall?

Seamless pattern on a white background. Watercolor illustration of a butterfly. Textile. Postcard.

From elegant repeating pattern butterflies to beautiful watercolor butterflies, this timeless collection will have a design you’ll love!

Flying trendy butterfly silhouettes over horizontal stripes vector seamless pattern. Baby clothing textile print design. Stripes and butterfly garden insect silhouettes seamless wrapping.

Is butterfly wallpaper for children?

Butterfly wallpaper will make a great addition to your living room, bedroom, nursery, and more.

Magic seamless pattern with butterflies and crescents. Boho magic background with violet space elements stars, moth. Trendy texture for print, textile, packaging.

Many butterfly styles will be suitable for young children and teenagers.

Beautiful seamless vector floral tropical pattern background with pineapples and watercolor butterfly, abstract stripped geometric black and white texture

No matter what room you want to decorate, a butterfly wallpaper on the wall is a great option when creating a fantastic feature wall.

Seamless pattern with butterflies and flowers in folk style. Butterfly endless wallpaper. Cute flying insect print. Animal folklore motif. Design for fabric, textile, wrapping. Vector illustration

All of our beautiful butterfly wallpapers are custom-made to fit the dimensions of your wall.

Branch of the cherry blossoms against the blue sky with clouds

Ordering is easy! Simply give us the dimensions, height, and width of the wall, and choose from one of our high-quality designs.

3D wallpaper showing blue flower and butterflies on a yellow background for interior and surface

The Butterfly wallpaper is inspired by the special place butterflies are held in human culture.

Butterflies on thorns painted on the grunge green wall. Beautiful design for wallpaper mural, card, photo wallpaper.

This stems from the fact that they have used their wings not only for flight but as a canvas for some of the most striking patterns in nature.

3d illustration, Butterflies and maple leaves on white stone background.

The sheer beauty of butterfly wings, captured in the wallpaper, and the metaphorical power of their emergence fully formed from rather unpromising pupae, have made butterflies an object of admiration and inspiration.

Abstract Flowers with circles on a white background with butterflies. Wallpaper for room. 3D rendering.
Butterfly wallpaper highlight butterfly wings patterning.

3D green leaves on bricks background with effects, wallpaper for walls.

The beautiful butterfly wings seem to serve many functions related to a butterfly’s survival.

Spring garden, horizontal border for wallpaper or print in the children's room. Birds, a flowering tree, butterflies, flowers and grass.

Such as camouflage, mimicry, mate recognition, or warning signals.

kids wallpaper night elephant happy

Because have a short life – typically less than 2 weeks, they need beautiful wings to quickly locate mates.

3D wallpaper, abstract  tunnel with purple hydrangea flowers and paper butterflies.

Many species lose their attraction to the opposite sex within just a day or two of emergence because their pheromones become exhausted.

Baby bright colorful wallpaper. Drawn children's book illustration, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design  for children, nursery, teenage room.

Rapid mate recognition aided by the beautiful butterfly wings is therefore vital for survival.

Advantages of custom wallpaper from Wallpaper Kenya 

All our butterfly wallpaper for walls, and murals, are custom-made.

Retro hippie summer groovy flowers. Vector seamless pattern. Boho natural retro colors among daisies.

And here are some reasons why you should order yours from Wallpaper Kenya:

Children's bright colorful with tropical plants. Beautiful drawn design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, painting, book illustration. Design for a nursery, teenage room.

1) Our wallpaper is produced on high-quality silk fabric using the latest generation printer that prints brighter, clearer, and more realistic images.

art drawn poppies on a textured gray background with a shabby, photo wallpaper on the wall or in the interior of the house

2) Production speed: You order from the manufacturer and receive your order within 2 days maximum.

Abstract Hand Drawing Colorful Watercolor Random Butterflies Seamless Pattern with Tie Dye Batik Marble Background

But in most cases, you will receive your order in 24 hours.

Three Butterflies in the Boxes .3d wallpaper design

3) You get at the manufacturer’s price without intermediary margins.

Beautiful flower tree paintings 3d natural pictures. 3d rendering illustration.

4) You can order wallpaper according to custom sizes and according to a custom image.

3d picture of pink flowers on a gray background of a tunnel with bubbles for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And therefore you are not limited in design choices.

3D Wall Décor. Colorful wallpaper with a white Background. 3d rendering illustration.

5) And finally, our murals have the unique property of quick replacement (quick replacement).

Vector yellow colourful cartoon sunflowers illustration. Suitable for greeting cards and wall murals.

In 1 hour you can easily change the boring wallpaper pattern to a new one.

Where to use butterfly wallpaper

Multicolored wallpaper is increasingly appearing as a buoyant, happy motif in home interior decoration.

3d rose flower wallpaper design and swan beautiful wall 3d background

A symbol of both grace and optimism, the butterfly is no longer designated for children’s rooms.

Esoteric wall art vector set. Artistic drawing of the foliage line with an abstract shape and butterflies. Plant art design for printing, cover art, wallpaper.

And they are celebrated in a variety of spaces with sophisticated accents.

Floral seamless pattern with butterflies and different flowers

Simply create a romantic mood in a room with this wallpaper.

Abstract 3 d geometric flower art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture.

You can’t go wrong, butterflies are considered one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Abstract 3 d geometric flower art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

Their interior décor aesthetic aspects are mesmerizing.

Butterflies and flowers on white background. Watercolor vintage illustration. Wall mural.

The wallpaper makes people smile and appreciate nature more.

Abstract purple flowers on white background with columns. Wallpaper for the walls. 3D rendering.

More or less like flowers do.

Aesthetics and symbolism of butterfly wallpaper

You will be forgiven to imagine that the beautiful colors of a butterfly wallpaper are the only elements of aesthetics and décor in the wallpaper.

watercolor colorful butterflies background. Vector

But butterflies symbolize different meanings for different cultures.

Vector seamless pattern - celestial butterfly. Mystical insect luna moth, floral moon on white background. Design for magic print, fabric, wallpaper, textile, magical decor.

And everywhere they are an example of transformation and change.

Cute spring birds and flowers seamless vector pattern. Perfect for textile, wallpaper or print design.

Why? Because a butterfly starts its life in one form and ends in another.

seamless watercolor background with butterflies.Floral pattern with a branch of permafrost, tansy, wild grass, immortelle. Watercolor paint splash . Multicolored butterfly urticaria, Aglais urticae.

There are many words to describe the beauty of the flight and flowers of a butterfly wallpaper.
Vector seamless wallpaper pattern with vintage  butterflies for design
And none of them is enough to describe their graceful nature.
3d flying butterflies seamless pattern. Textured watercolor fantasy background. Modern  brush strokes dirty backdrop. Doodle lines, chains, brush strokes, butterfly ornaments. Grunge rough texture.
Butterflies have inspired and fascinated humanity throughout history. 
Little girl. Small fairy, princess. Butterflies with colorful wings. Fairytale background with flower meadow, rainbow. Fabulous landscape. Children wallpaper. Cartoon illustration. Wonderland. Vector.
And that is why their images can be seen on countless pieces of art and cultural property.
Seamless vector butterflies pink pattern. Butterfly print. Trendy animal motif wallpaper. Fashionable background for fabric, textile, design, banner, cover, web etc.
Butterfly metamorphoses – from a voracious caterpillar to a beautiful and delicate butterfly – have inspired people for hundreds of years.

Range of butterfly wallpaper mural colors

An advantage of decorating with butterfly wallpaper mural is that they come in any range of colors.

Flying elegant butterfly silhouettes over striped background vector seamless pattern. Childish fashion textile print design. Stripes and butterfly garden insect silhouettes seamless wallpaper.

From neutral tones for a sober decoration, through pastel tones for the most romantic ones and even acid and vibrant color’s.

Vector illustration with butterflies

Dare to use these winged and magical insects to inject your spaces with life!

set of lavender flowers and butterflies on an isolated white background, watercolor botanical painting

Romantic, colorful, full of magic: butterflies are one of the most popular elements of nature when it comes to decorating.

 Seamless vector tropical summer pattern background with butterflies.

Personally, they are one of my favorites, as they are a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

Tropical flowers, plants with golden silhouette butterfly and dragonfly seamless pattern. Floral gold square wallpaper on black background for greeting cards, luxury mock ups.

If you want to give your living room or bedroom a natural, fresh and colorful touch, try decorating with butterflies.

Seamless pattern with colorful funny bugs, butterflies, moths scandinavian style. Modern insects texture .Vector modern background

It is said that the decoration of the home responds to the personality of its inhabitants.

Butterfly, pink rose flowers with green leaves bouquets background. Floral illustration. Vector seamless pattern. Botanical design. Nature summer plants. Romantic wedding

So if you are a person who admires the masterful perfection of nature, you can present this facet of your personality with butterflies.

Seamless vector floral colorful pattern. Ornate flower spring and summer botanical butterfly art in a modern flat style. Romantic garden color illustration on a white background.

Decorating the walls is simple: you can opt for a decorative vinyl if your house is set in a contemporary-minimalist style.

Watercolor floral seamless pattern. Monarch butterflies, dragonflies and palm leaves on light blue background. Tropical botanical hand drawn illustration for surface, textile, wallpaper design

If your taste is more retro or eclectic, butterfly wallpaper would be ideal, especially if it is a spacious room. Try wallpapering just one wall to add a color accent.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

On the other hand, there are metal or wooden butterflies that you can place on the walls or hang from the ceiling, creating a three-dimensional work of art.

abstract art background with lettering and handwriting butterfly pattern and grunge texture.

Incredibly Useful Things Butterflies Do

Now that you have decided to decorate with butterfly wallpaper, you might as well remind yourself of the incredibly useful things butterflies do.


Inspiring artists

Given that butterflies are beautiful, you shouldn’t be surprised that they have inspired artists over the years.

Blooming tree with hummingbirds and butterflies. Deep yellow flowers with orange center. Grass and plants at underneath tree. Bark is in shades of brown.

This can be traced back to Egypt in 1350 BC, where the tomb of Nebamun’s Hunt in the swamps depicts many simple tiger butterflies.

Illustration is an insect butterfly nature, lilac and gray. Ideal for educational and institutional materials

butterflies pollinate plants

We all know that bees help pollinate flowers, but most people don’t realize that butterflies also perform this task.

Summer abstract background, banner design with butterfly and flowers

But they are less suited to this job than bees because butterflies have to balance on thin legs and do not have the bodily structures that bees have developed specifically to help them.

Sunset nature scene with butterfly and silhouette trees

This means that butterflies cannot collect as much pollen on their body and legs as bees do, but the butterfly has some advantages over the bee when it comes to pollination.

Seamless peony roses and butterfly wallpaper mural.

Most notable is the butterfly’s ability to fly much farther than a bee, meaning that it is capable of pollinating flowers over a much wider area.

Keeping ecosystems healthy

Butterflies are also extremely useful as an indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem. More butterflies usually means the ecosystem is in good shape.

vector tropical rainforest with humming-bird and butterflies wallpaper for walls.

The reason is that they play a dual role in the food chain, acting as both prey and predator, eating plants and being eaten by birds and bats.

Tourist attraction

The beauty of butterflies makes them the insects you want to see.

Butterfly perching on zinnia flower, water colour painting. Butterfly on pink flower

This can lead to serious economic benefits for areas where there are many of them.

Providing antibiotics

Antibiotics are vital in the treatment of various types of bacterial infections. What you might not realize, however, is that certain species of butterflies supply us with antibiotics that can be critical to saving lives.

Keeping other insects under control

If you are an avid gardener, a butterfly will help you get rid of insects that might threaten your flowers.

illustration of butterflies on flowers - EPS VECTOR format also available in my portfolio.

We usually think that butterflies only eat plants, but harvesters love to eat aphids.

Removing waste from the environment

In addition to ridding our gardens of harmful insects, we can also thank the butterfly for removing unwanted waste from the environment. Some species of adult butterflies consume waste products such as animal feces and rotten animal meat, which provide butterflies with vital nutrients.

Seamless horizontal border with summer meadow plants and insects. Green grass, colorful wild flowers, bumblebees and butterflies on white background. Floral natural pattern vector flat illustration.

One type of butterfly that feeds on waste instead of plants is the purple emperor. mostly found in the south of England and lives high in the treetops. Considering that most people would prefer not to have dead, rotting animals and their feces lying around, this butterfly definitely performs a public service.

Preserve your mental health with butterfly wallpaper

We have already established that butterflies play an important role in maintaining our physical health, but they are also good for our mental health.

Cartoon butterfly with flowers on a white background

Watching butterflies helps you escape the stress of modern world.