ceiling wallpaper

Ceiling Wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper is as equally important as wallpaper for walls, if not more. Hanging wallpaper on the ceiling is growing more and more popular.  It adds lots of visual interest to the ceiling. In fact white textured wallpaper has been baptized Ceiling Wallpaper. But it is not only white wallpaper that can be hanged on the ceiling. You can wallpaper your ceiling to match the wallpaper on your walls. Alternatively  you can wallpaper the ceiling exclusively to create a unique look. In some instances Wallpaper can be too much for you on all four walls, but if you want a dose of pattern, try putting it on the ceiling.

When designing a room many people forget about the ceiling. That is wrong. It pays to incorporate the ceiling into your overall interior decoration. To interior designers, the ceiling is referred to as the “fifth wall”. The ceiling is just as important as any other wall when it comes to interior decoration.

Ceiling designs

Choose a wallpaper that is white embossed or patterned to reflect natural light. However, as in the picture here, any wallpaper can be used depending on the color theme of the interior space. Black and white wallpaper is neutral and will work in most other rooms. Mind you, It will not clash with whatever your color theme is.

The above pictured wallpaper will serve to add texture and depth to an otherwise flat boring slab or even gypsum ceiling. For a good and rich finish, consider adding ceiling cornice to tie the wall and the ceiling. Ceiling Wallpaper is definitely a decor trend that’s going still strong in Nairobi and all over the world. Wallpapers are known for the the aesthetic of wall design. Why not think outside the box? Ignore the word “Wall”. Take your wallpaper idea off the walls. Bring it up to the ceiling where it can complete and give a room a lot of punch or even become the main design feature of the entire room.

Our above pictured will serve to add texture and depth to a flat boring slab or even gypsum ceiling. For a good and rich finish, consider adding cornices with a pattern to match the and tie the wall and the ceiling. One thing is for sure, hanging wallpaper on the ceiling isn’t a walk in the park.  So call up Wallpaper Kenya for a professional design and installation concepts. However, it is not all nuclear science. Should you want to do it yourself, follow the steps below for a clean finish.

Tips on How to hang wallpaper on the ceiling

Grab a friend to help you wallpaper your ceiling. It makes the work a lot easier. I would advice you to first watch one of the many YouTube videos on How to paper a ceiling. You might want to protect your floor from, debris and wallpaper paste. Therefore stretch a plastic covering across the floor. That way, you will have less cleanup when you are done. If you have a ceiling fan or large light fixture, you can also wrap it in a plastic covering.

To prep the ceiling use a ladder to reach the ceiling. Prep the ceiling by gliding a paint scraper across your ceiling to get rid of any old, flaky remnants. But  if your ceiling is clean, you may apply the wallpaper without any preparation. To ensure a thorough hold, use wallpaper paste on your ceiling and on the back of the wallpaper.