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The Act of Creation Kids Custom Wallpaper Designs





Plus there are millions of ideas on customized wallpaper for any room, Livingroom, Bedroom, Dining-room, or any other you may want. Therefore you will find it excellent for hotels, offices, gyms, garages, and for any other space and for any theme. There’s no limit as to where you can use custom designs.

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And you will be surprised of the price of customized wallpaper. It can cost you as little as Kenya Shilling 2000 per square meter all inclusive, supply and installation. Plus the prevailing Valued Added Tax. However, Customized wallpaper prices do go much higher, as high as would like depending on your cost of obtaining the image, artwork, or picture you want depicted on the custom wallpaper.



Here below we will talk about the advantages of custom wallpaper designs. And what affects the price, the best custom wallpaper designs, and personalized photo wallpaper.

Advantages of Custom Wallpaper Designs

Lion vs Elephant Real Fight Custom Photo Mural Wallpaper

Although we find a wide variety of wallpaper designs on the market, with hundreds of different motifs, custom wallpaper designs are the best alternative to consider. And you will find many benefits. Yes, it is true that they will cost you a bit more than the universal standard preprinted wallpaper. But taking a look at the advantages of the custom made, and you will end up betting on them.

Among the benefits of custom made wallpaper design we can mention some such as its adaptability. Along with the ability to create a design motif and in colors that are tailored towards your specific needs, there are several other advantages. One advantage of custom wallpaper designs is that they are completely customizable. That is being able to choose not only the design, but also it size, colors, etc. according to the mood you want to achieve.

In terms of durability and resilience, picking customized wallpaper is a terrific decision. The raw material we use is silk and therefore it will last more than a lifetime on the wall if you like. It is good you know that custom wallpapers colors will not fade in decades. Even though traditional wallpaper colors will also not fade.

Creativity in custom wallpaper designs

Creative Business words on office wall branding wallpaper design

There is always a room for creativity for choosing custom wallpaper designs over traditional wallpaper. Whether you want to enhance your bed room, living or youngster’s area, custom-made wallpaper will always offer even more feeling of imagination. There are always a minimal couple of alternatives readily available when making use of traditional wallpaper. With individualized wallpapers, there is every possibility to develop optical illusion textures and 3d images.

You can also choose to convey a message through the wallpaper by utilizing text-oriented wallpapers. It is pricey and also challenging to create a graphic using wall paint. With custom wallpapers, you can quickly put design as well as visuals on your walls.

We can not over emphasis the fact that custom wallpaper designs admits infinite colors, designs and combinations. With new technologies, the quality of prints has grown enormously, being able to print photographs you choose to wallpaper a wall. The so-called photomurals. You can choose any artistic design imaginable for your chosen theme.

100% customization

Abstract White Artistic Custom Design Office Wallpaper

One of the greatest benefit you will achieve with custom wallpaper designs is that with one of these  you will have a unique wall décor. No two designs are the same. This makes for maximum customization. You can choose images, photos, artworks, shapes and colors without any problem.

In other words, custom designs adapt to the space perfectly. But they also adapt to the tastes of each and everyone. In addition, also to your needs. To be polite, few other wall décor can meet all needs in this way. But as a matter of fact, the is nothing better than custom wallpaper designs in creating the perfect mood. Which of course is the essence of all and any kind of decoration.

Easy to apply

Although it may seem otherwise, placing custom wallpaper is very simple and you can do it on your own. Unlike traditional wallpaper, where you need to match patterns, with custom wallpaper you only use one piece. In other words, there is no jointing. And this to leaves the custom wallpaper impeccable. Of course, you will need to place it carefully so that there are no air bubbles underneath.

Why these designs are the best for you

Without any doubt, wall surfaces play an essential role when it concerns house décor. And there is no any other single wall décor material with more elements of interior decoration than custom wallpaper designs. They can show your personal taste and style. Apart from the beauty that you get, they can also transform your home into a sanctuary.

Custom kids bedroom wallpaper design

The appearance of your residence can be entirely improved with the good thought of custom wallpaper designs. In time past, individuals took  advantage of special effects paints on their walls. Well, the new fad in the contemporary world is personalized wallpaper.

Custom-made wallpapers come with a plethora of advantages? These benefits have actually made personalized wallpaper so popular in the existing dispensation. Take advantages of personalized wallpaper. Do not be left out.

Digital Custom Wallpaper 

Today’s custom wallpaper are digital. But it has not always been like that. In prehistoric times, humans told stories and expressed themselves with murals. From cave paintings to Banksy, people have left their mark on the earth all over the world.

Before digital wallpaper printing, making a custom wall mural required a lot of time, money, and the services of an artist. Murals only existed in the homes of the very rich or in the common areas of a city, commissioned by the government or big companies. They were not accessible to the masses. They were expensive, large, and immensely difficult to paint, but their detail and beauty made it worth it.

But today custom wallpaper murals need not be financed by large companies, but are largely for private use. Things are a bit more technologically advanced today in the photo and custom wallpaper industry. Now there are more advanced techniques for printing large-scale custom wallpaper designs. Wallpaper Kenya usually prints them on large silk fabric fabric and hands them on the walls as a modern wallpaper.

They can be seen in all types of buildings, such as houses, offices, cities, and more. Custom Wallpaper Designs are gaining popularity due to their variety and ease of application. And unlike old-school painted murals, they’re easy to install.

You receive your wallpaper through normal matatu/bus parcel delivery and then apply it to the desired surface. No more long days painting, or paying an artist to paint for you. You buy, you receive your custom wallpaper mural and you put it on your wall.

Urban art digital wallpaper murals

Custom wallpaper designs can represent many different things for people, groups, cities, and locations. They are made with high quality photos, illustrations and designs that are adapted to the exact size of the wall.

Don’t worry about your custom wallpaper mural, just take the measurements to cut it to the exact size of your wall. You will order your mural made to measure. Due to its roll width, it is difficult to print large images on the traditional wallpaper. But with custom wallpaper, the possibilities are endless.

Think of unique textures, photos, illustrations and designs that complement, enhance and captivate.

Custom photo wallpaper murals

New York Custom Photo Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper murals work well in different settings, which is vital to know when trying to decide what is best for your home. When designing your room, have a scheme, a color palette, and the textures you want to choose from. Consider smaller wallpaper designs in limited space.

You can also choose a complete wallpaper mural for a large space. The options are endless when it comes to digital custom wallpaper designs.

Not just for the home, custom wallpaper designs also also be used in a commercial setting such as banks, and hotels. Corporate environments are well known for their rigidity and not-so-fascinating design features; A custom wallpaper mural is perfect to cover the boring white walls of a business interior walls.

Consider that a well-traveled part of a commercial building, such as a reception area or lobby, is the perfect place for a custom wallpaper mural. Choose a custom wallpaper design to visually interact with clients and guests. Personalize your space with something different and eye-catching, something that traditional wallpapers cannot achieve on their own.