Wallpapers in Eldoret

Wallpaper designs catalogs, distribution and installation to cost same in Eldoret as in Nairobi

Wallpaper in Eldoret will cost the same as in Nairobi because Wallpaper Kenya has a number of Wallpaper dealers  or agents in Eldoret. The idea is for you to get wallpaper installers living in Eldoret to save you time and money. Dealing with other wallpaper installers from Nairobi, like Wallpaper Kenya used to do in the past, you will have to bear the cost of transport from Nairobi to Eldoret, accommodation and opportunity of cost for the wallpaper installation staff, and transport back from Eldoret to Nairobi. Further, there is still the small element of risk of not getting the exact color tone of wallpaper you choose from soft copies if you are in Eldoret and buying from Nairobi as browsers and amateur photography at times does distort color.

As we have a couple of wallpaper associates and agents in Eldoret you are able to choose wallpaper designs directly from wallpaper online shop and later confirm the wallpaper design from the hard copy catalogs with our Eldoret agents before installation. To lower the cost of operations for our agents they may not always hold stock in order not to tie money. Once you the client choose the wallpaper designs you desire installed for you, and confirm by paying a deposit either directly to our mpesa till number or bank transfer, then we send your selection to you through Eldoret Shuttle or any other parcel delivery service that you may advice us to use.

Another important role played by our Eldoret resident wallpaper installers is site visits for space measurements where need be. If you give us the height and width of each wall you want clad with wallpaper it is faster and easy for both you and us to give you a quotation as to how many wallpaper rolls you require and how much it will cost you. However should you not know the height and width of the walls you want clad, and you don’t have a tape measure or somebody near you to help you take these measurements, you can always request us to send our Eldoret based wallpaper installers to pay you a site visit. This visit might or might not cost you a little to just cover for the transport of the fundi.

I hasten here to say that we are looking for more and more people willing to start wallpaper business in Eldoret. Demand for wallpaper in Eldoret is growing day by day. In the last decade or so, Eldoret has seen unprecedented high increase in its population and stern economic growth, real estate development and a notable improvement in infrastructure. This is an excellent environment for wallpaper business to thrive. Here are some of the estates that those who wish to start a wallpaper business in Eldoret should eye.

If you can find a way to penetrate Eldoret Elgon View Estate, it is an affluent estate dominated by the rich, businessmen, athletes and politicians. It is only about 10 minutes drive from CBD and certainly wallpaper here should do very well.

During the Kenya colonial times Eldoret West Indies Estate was occupied by Indians, the second class citizens while black people were third class. The Indians of West Indies own business premises in Eldoret. It is very close to town, about 5 minutes drive. A two bedroom house goes for upto Kenya shillings 25,000. Certainly a good area to pitch wallpaper.

Eldoret Pioneer Estate is a middle class estate that can afford wallpaper. Here two bedroom houses rent for up to Kenya shillings 20,000.