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Customer Care

“The customer is always right”, so they say. At Wallpaper Kenya, we believe in this philosophy and work out best to ensure wallpaper lovers get the best of their taste. . The existent of diversity in human taste is indisputable. For this reason, we offer advice on the best of design ideas that suites their […]

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Trending abstract 3d tunnel wallpaper for house walls. Zebra animal print wallpaper.

The cost of wallpaper

At Wallpaper, the cost of regular Wallpaper, ranging from Shillings 800 to Shillings 1800 per, is the best price you can get. And this is the best Quality & Price. “What is the cost of wallpaper per meter in Kenya? ”is a frequently asked question. Or ”What is the price of wallpaper per square meter […]

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