flower botanical wallpaper

flower wall mural versus wallpaper

One big rose flower wall mural

Our flower wall murals are custom made. Are you looking for a flower wall mural or for a flower wallpaper? The difference between the two is that flower wallpaper comes in an universal standard size roll 53 centimeters by 10 meter and currently retails at KS 1500 per roll. You therefore have limited choice of designs as wallpaper comes preprinted.

Beige and white damask floral wallpaper

But for a flower wall mural you provide us with an image of your choice. And the dimensions of your wall and we reproduce it for you on the full wall. You therefore have a limitless choice of flower designs. The cost is KS 2000 per square meter.

Unlike regular wallpaper, flower wall mural has no repeat patterns

Because flower wallpaper comes in an universal standard size of 53 centimeter, it means it has to have repeat patters. See the image here below.

Flower wallpaper with repeat patterns.

The pattern repeat is the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again (repeats). That distance can be less than an inch or as much as 53 centimeters for a standard size roll of wallpaper. There are several kinds of pattern repeats: random pattern match, straight across match, and drop match. Therefore it is impossible to achieve one huge flower to cover the entire wall with ordinary wallpaper. But you can do so with custom flower wall mural.

Green floral wallpaper desgn - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

It is possible to achieve a flower wall mural with the design of a single flower without a repeat. Because the mural is customized and printed on a single piece of cloth. The Wallpaper Kenya raw material for wallpaper customization is silk cloth. It comes in a big roll of 3 meters by 60 meters. That means if the height of the wall you want to decorate is not more than 3 meters high, you will get the wall mural in one piece.

 hand painted floral wall mural

Unlimited Flower Designs

In our collection you will find exclusive and beautiful flower wall murals designs with which to mark your own style. Your walls will gain depth and you will feel better in your own home. You will be able to discover various flower tapestry designs, all of them with flower patterns that will leave you stunned.

3D Embossed Flower Wallpaper Mural

Therefore, you don’t have to stick to traditional ordinary wallpaper to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your home.

 3d effect window wall mural of forest flowers scenery

We have beautiful designs of lilies, among other types of flowers, and also in different shades. Choose the one you like the most and do not hesitate to place it in your home so that it becomes part of you. And you will revive the decoration of rooms in your house that you will not want to leave. In addition, day after day we work to add more designs. so do not hesitate to continue looking at everything we have to offer. And we are sure that you will find the one that fits you and your home.

You also will find vintage florals, and mural designs with large flowers. Our catalog of decorative flower murals is suitable for any room in the home, so do not hesitate and buy your favorite now.  All of our flower wall mural designs are of excellent quality. And are finished in matte to avoid light reflections.

To enjoy it in perfect condition, you can wash your design as many times as necessary. Its placement is easy, you can do it yourself by following the steps in the instructions.