flower botanical wallpaper

One big rose flower wall mural

Our flower wall mural designs are custom-made. Different kinds of home murals drift in and out of style.

 3d room wallpaper custom photo peacock, flower wall mural, porch decoration painting

But there’s one form of accessorizing that will never lose its allure—the flower wall mural.

3d wall background tree oil painting design art decorative interior

Perfect for any room of the house, well-chosen blooms (whether faux) will lift your interior instantly.

floral wall mural backdrop 3d background

When it comes to decorating your home, a flower wall mural can be a great way to add a touch of beauty and elegance.

Ethnic art flowers and leaves illustration pattern seamless wall art wallpaper texture, with vintage folkloric floral elements, antique. leaf's, branches, small cherry flowers on white background.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect flower wall mural for your home.

White circles with small and large flowers for photomural print with illustration background  for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Consider the size of the wall mural.

Large flowers with leaves on a textural background, photo wallpaper mural in the interior

If you’re looking for a large statement piece, you’ll want to choose a mural design that is large enough to make an impact.

Trendy Seamless Small Floral Pattern in vector

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more subtle accent, you may want to opt for a smaller pattern mural.

Gold Tropical Wallpaper Design - 3D illustration

Consider also the colors of the mural. Because if you’re looking for a bright and cheerful mural, you’ll want to choose one with vibrant colors.

Vintage luxury seamless floral background with tropic exotic golden leaves. Romantic pattern template for wall décor, wallpaper for walls.

And if you’re looking for something more subtle, you may want to opt for a mural with softer colors.

Floral background, seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper mural. Romantic delicate flowers, hydrangea, pink, beige, purple, white gypsophila. Watercolor 3d illustration, texture.

And finally, consider the style of the mural. If you’re looking for something traditional, you may want to choose a mural with classic floral designs.

3D wallpaper background, High quality flower with circles rendering decorative mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

But if you’re looking for something more modern, you may want to opt for a mural with abstract designs.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

By considering the size, colors, and style of the mural, you can easily find the perfect flower wall mural for your home.

3D  mural poster wall printable up to 3.00x3.00 m highest resolution extra good quality

With the right mural, you can add a touch of beauty and elegance to any room in your home.

Flowering cacti on the concrete beige grunge wall. Blooming cactus. Exotic background for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard, painting. Design in the loft, classic, modern style.

Difference between a flower wall mural and regular wallpaper

Are you looking for a flower wall mural or for flower wallpaper?

3D flowers red background with circle wall mural 3d rendering.

The difference between the two is that flower wallpaper comes in a universal standard size roll of 53 centimeters by 10 meters and currently retails at KS 1500 per roll.

3d illustration of flowers and butterflies

You, therefore, have a limited choice of designs as wallpaper comes preprinted.

Chinese ink and wash landscape abstract art background. The fashion of modern art wall

But for a flower wall mural, you provide us with an image of your choice.

3D mural design with florals background

And the dimensions of your wall and we reproduce it for you on the full wall. You, therefore, have a limitless choice of flower designs.

3D flowering tree and deer wall mural, birds with abstract background.

The cost is KS 2000 per square meter.

Unlike regular wallpaper, flower wall mural has no repeat patterns

Because flower wallpaper comes in a universal standard size of 53 centimeters, it means it has to have repeat patterns. See the image here below.

Flower wallpaper with repeat patterns.

The pattern repeat is the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again (repeats).

3D jewelry flower golden and 3d circle abstract background mural.

That distance can be less than an inch or as much as 53 centimeters for a standard-size roll of wallpaper.

3D Beautiful lake and tower view from balcony wallpaper

There are several kinds of pattern repeats: random pattern match, straight across the match, and drop match.

Wall mural backdrop 3d background

Therefore it is impossible to achieve one huge flower to cover the entire wall with ordinary wallpaper. But you can do so with a custom flower wall mural.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

It is possible to achieve a flower wall mural with the design of a single flower without a repeat.


Because the mural is customized and printed on a single piece of cloth.

3d illustration of beautiful roses for wallpaper. abstract art wallpaper

The Wallpaper Kenya raw material for wallpaper customization is silk cloth. It comes in a big roll of 3 meters by 60 meters.

3d wallpaper design with jewels and roses for photomural

That means if the height of the wall you want to decorate is not more than 3 meters high, you will get the wall mural in one piece.

 hand painted floral wall mural

Benefits of installing a flower wall mural

A flower wall mural can be a great addition not only to any home but also to any office space.

Brown trees with golden and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds.3d illustration flower wall mural wallpaper landscape art,

Not only does it add a touch of beauty and color to the room, but it can also provide a number of other benefits to the office environment.

Mushrooms in the grass in the meadow. Watercolor illustration. Children's interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls. Wallpapers for the room, interior.

Here are some of the advantages of installing a flower wall mural in your office:

Improved Productivity

Colorful tropical leaves, jungle. Seamless pattern, luxury mural, wallpapers. Exotic vintage 3d digital illustration, dark watercolor background. Modern printable art, fabric, tapestry, poster, paper

Studies have shown that adding a touch of nature to the workplace can help to improve productivity.

3d wallpaper mural, roses and pearls on brickwork background.

A flower wall mural can provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere, which can help to reduce stress and improve focus.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Mural design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

Improved Mood

The presence of a flower wall mural can also help to improve the mood of employees.

Autumn seamless pattern vector with yellow berries and leaves. Fall colorful floral background.pattern for fashion,fabric and all prints on light beige background.

Bright colors and natural beauty in a mural can help to create a more positive and uplifting atmosphere.

Increased Creativity

The presence of a flower wall mural can also help to stimulate creativity.

Seamless pattern with pink flowers and leaves on gray background, watercolor floral pattern, flower rose in pastel color, tileable for wallpaper, card or fabric

The vibrant colors and patterns can help to inspire new ideas and creative solutions.

Increased Sense of Well-Being

The presence of a flower wall mural can also help to increase the sense of well-being in the office.

Banana leaves. Coupon seamless pattern

The beauty of the mural can help to create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Creative Ways to Use Flower Wall Murals

Whether you’re looking for a romantic backdrop for your bedroom or a stunning photo backdrop for your reception office, a flower wall mural can be the perfect addition to any room.

Fantasy flowers in retro, vintage, Jacobean style wall mural. Seamless pattern, background. Vector illustration. On army green background.

Here are some creative ways to use flower wall murals in your decor.

Create a romantic backdrop

Flower wall murals can be used to create a romantic and beautiful backdrop for your bedroom.

oil paintings flowers for your design and floral pattern for wallpaper.

Choose a mural with a variety of flowers in different colors and sizes to create a stunning visual effect.

Watercolor Spring flower repeat pattern design digital wall printing.

You can also add some greenery to the mural to create a lush and romantic atmosphere.

Create a stunning photo backdrop

Flower wall murals can also be used to create a stunning photo backdrop for your wedding photos.

Comfortable bed with white blanket and cushions placed near wall with floral wallpaper against cabinet with TV in stylish bedroom with window

Choose a mural with a variety of flowers in different colors and sizes to create a beautiful and unique backdrop for your photos.

Floral botanical vector texture pattern with flowers and leaves. Seamless pattern can be used for wallpaper, surface textures.

You can also add some greenery to the mural to create a lush and romantic atmosphere.

Use it as an accent wall.

Flower wall murals can also be used as a focal wall for your reception office.

Dahlia turquoise-green flower.  Macro.  Nature wall mural.

Choose a mural with a variety of flowers in different colors and sizes to create a beautiful and unique accent wall for your reception office.

patchwork mosaic pattern with paisley and floral motifs. damask style pattern for textil and decoration

You can also add some greenery to the mural to create a lush and romantic atmosphere.

Use as a wall decoration for office.

Flower wall murals can also be used as wall decoration for any other office.

Floral brush strokes seamless pattern design for office wall mural, graphics, backgrounds and crafts

Choose a mural with a variety of flowers in different colors and sizes to create a beautiful and unique wall decoration.

Vintage floral seamless pattern with hand drawn roses

You can also add some greenery to the mural to create a lush and romantic atmosphere.

Unlimited Flower Designs

In our collection, you will find exclusive and beautiful flower wall murals designs with which to mark your own style.

diamonds on shimmery background silkscreen wall mural.

Your walls will gain depth and you will feel better in your own home.

Seamless pattern  with ethnic Japanese ornament elements and cranes.

You will be able to discover various flower tapestry designs, all of them with flower patterns that will leave you stunned.

3D Embossed Flower Wallpaper Mural

Therefore, you don’t have to stick to traditional ordinary wallpaper to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your home.

 3d effect window wall mural of forest flowers scenery

We have beautiful designs of lilies, among other types of flowers, and also in different shades.

Digital wall tiles Design, Ceramic wall tiles design and abstract wallpapers designs with different pattern for kitchen, bathroom and living room - 3D Illustration

Choose the one you like the most and do not hesitate to place it in your home so that it becomes part of you.

3D wallpaper jewelry golden flower and pearl 3d background for interior

And you will revive the decoration of rooms in your house that you will not want to leave. In addition, day after day we work to add more designs.

Bold beautiful floral geometrical wall mural composition design for digital print.

So do not hesitate to continue looking at everything we have to offer.

3d wallpaper, Unicorn in garden

And we are sure that you will find the one that fits you and your home.

You also will find vintage florals and mural designs with large flowers. Our catalog of decorative flower murals is suitable for any room in the home, so do not hesitate and buy your favorite now.  

3d Illustration of Beautiful flower mural background.

All of our flower wall mural designs are of excellent quality. And are finished in matte to avoid light reflections.

3d illustration of lotus flowers and mountains, flock of yellow birds with the moon.artistic wallpapers for decoration

To enjoy it in perfect condition, you can wash your design as many times as necessary. Its placement is easy, you can do it yourself by following the steps in the instructions.

3d illustrations of beautiful flowers

Universal floral design: from the functionality of the room to the style of the interior

Poppies, lilies of the valley, daisiesroses, and tulips, of these and millions of other inhabitants of the beautiful world of flowers will aesthetically transform the interior compositions of residential premises and public institutions.
3D Illustration of beautiful pink flower wall mural.
The coloring and characters of the plots on the mural are able to create the appropriate mood.
Seamless childish pattern with fairy flowers. Creative kids city texture for fabric, wrapping, textile, wallpaper, apparel. Seamless pattern with creative decorative flowers in scandinavian style.
For example, murals with flowers in pastel shades are recommended for decorating the sleeping area.
Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper. Stylish living room interior
It can be cream and milky roses, pale pink orchids, and peonies.

Traditional floral accent wall murals

Traditionally, floral accents are associated with romantic, classic, and ethnic designs. And rightly so, because floral motifs were formed in the indicated directions.

A pattern of flowers, twigs and feathers. Watercolour. The images are hand-drawn and isolated on a white background.

 The artistic variety of photo wallpapers with flowers allows you to play with plant scenes in numerous styles.

3d illustration,  white and pink flowers with birds

Free-spirited boho and eclectic fusion, vibrant pop art and luxurious glamor, sophisticated classics and modern loft, romantic shabby chic, and laconic minimalism.

Seamless Flowers Allover Pattern Background

Each of these styles can find harmonious inserts, such as flowers on the wallpaper.

3d flower wall mural illustration of pink and white circles flower background.

It is important to choose the right color scheme and plot.

exotic parrot among botanical flowers wall mural.

Stylized images, floral ornaments, made in warm colors, and complementary ethnic trends.

Flowers and books next to pink bed with grey pillows in patterned bedroom interior. Real photo

Schematic drawings with flowers in discreet shades and black and white accentuate the aesthetic of minimalist variations.

Floral murals for all décor styles

3d Fish Aquarium Design, under the sea flower wall mural illustration.

Ornaments with flowers, decorated in sepia tones, create an original palette for interiors in the spirit of vintage, retro, and modern.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper, space for text. Stylish living room interior

Picturesque photographs are transformed into large-format volumetric decorative coatings and transfer the mood of wildlife to modern interiors of apartments, houses, restaurant halls, and salons.

Seamless floral pattern with peonies flowers on summer background, watercolor illustration. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper

Varnishing panels, and directional lighting will help to emphasize the realism of 3D photo wallpapers with flowers.

Flowers and leaves in vintage style mural, seamless pattern.

Beat the composition with spotlights around the perimeter, and wall sconces. Add flowers in pots and now the original design is ready.

Beautiful bouquet of different flowers, closeup. Floral card design with dark vintage effect

The colorful palette of the collection of flower panels is juicy shades from all the gardens of the world on the walls of the bedroom, living room, and kitchen…

Big magnolia flowers, butterflies. Floral background, seamless pattern. Hand-drawn watercolor vintage 3d illustration. Dark abstract background. Luxury wallpaper, cloth, wedding template, fabric print

Buy photo wallpapers with flowers and be inspired by the beauty of the unfading riches of the floral kingdom 365 days a year!

Tips on how to decorate with flower wall mural

With a well-picked flower wall mural, you will be able to create a special atmosphere and never get bored!

botanical floral sketch seamless wall mural design in vector with abstract natural textures stripes, cells

Wall murals depicting flowers are able to visually expand the space, energize, and place bright accents. Because flowers are a symbol of beauty, spring and summer, sensuality, and purity.

Jungle wallpaper with trees and tropical plant. Vector. Flower wall mural.

Let us look at what you need to pay attention to.

Flower wall background

The most important rule: the flower becomes the background of the room, it should emphasize the beauty of the space, and not pull the blanket over itself.
3d illustration, beige background, ornamental daisy flowers and paper butterflies

Create mood

The plot of the photo wallpaper should give the interior airiness, a feeling of flight, and a mood of love. Look for a story that will inspire.
Seamless pattern with image of a gold rose flowers on a white background. Vector illustration.
Photo wallpaper is a great option for the bathroom too. Taking a bath you find yourself after the hustle and bustle of the working day in the realm of rest, relaxation, and harmony.
3d illustration Pillars with golden flowers Abstract Tunnel background
In general, there are no postulates for tenderness, so many photo wallpapers will be appropriate in any corner of the apartment.

tropical trees on a texture background with gold accents on a texture background photo wallpaper in the interior
And it is not necessary to select pictures with large flowers. Small flowers, the same work great for our idea.
3d floral wallpaper for walls
To make the atmosphere more sensual, choose images with unopened buds, large shapes, and alluring lines…
Seamless childish pattern with fairy flowers wall mural. Creative kids wallpaper, apparel. Seamless pattern with creative decorative flowers in Scandinavian style.
Large bud, smooth lines.
Based on our experience, we know that large images of flowers and their buds are suitable for creating a sensual atmosphere.
Watercolor Spring flower repeat pattern design digital and fabric printing
But as they say in smart books: do not be shy about your own feelings – experiment!

Visually enlarge the room

It is important to note that the uneven border of color transitions creates a feeling of space continuation.
Retro wild flower pattern in the many kind of florals. Botanical  Motifs scattered random. Seamless vector flower wall mural.
Such plots perfectly fulfill a very important task: to visually enlarge the room – even a small room turns into a kingdom!
Seamless floral pattern with flowers on dark background, watercolor. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. The geometry of the crystal. Golden texture
Flowers on the wall can become a symbol of comfort and family in your home.
Seamless pattern with large watercolor flowers by peonies.
Grown-up children will always remember with warmth the cozy corners of your house and its love – these family values ​​will be passed on to their children.
Flower wall mural vector pattern with plants. Vintage style
And remember – flowers on photo walls never wither!