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3d Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is all about appreciation of the chic style of simple lines and shapes. Most geometric wallpapers convey a contemporary look in a room, with abstract and uncomplicated forms in mod colors. There are metallic geometric wallpaper, silver, grey, red, yellow, green is also common, brown geometric, black geometric, purple, and other different colors and color combinations.

Choose from our geometric, graphic and colorful patterns wallpaper or get one customized for your particular space. Yes, you can choose from the online dynamic graphic patterns that are out of the ordinary and have us customize for your room. Thus, your interior takes on a completely different style. With geometric wallpaper your rooms gain in volume and a dynamic warmth of atmosphere.

Geometric Designs

Designer geometric wallpapers come in many shapes, pattern sizes, relative position of figures, and properties of space. Meanwhile, geometrical wallpaper designs for interior decoration has evolved significantly throughout the years. But there are some general concepts that are more or less fundamental to geometrical shapes. These include the concepts of points, lines, planes, surfaces, angles, and curves, as well as the more advanced notions of manifolds and topology or metrics.

Contemporary living rooms wall decor

Playful floral, triangles, squares, hexagons or vogue retro designs  dominate this sophisticated style. They are on trend when it comes to decorating contemporary spaces. Using geometric shapes on walls to balance living spaces creates harmony to modern interior decorating.

Walls in appropriate geometric patterns and prints create bold accents that remind of body, soul and mind harmony.

Different types of 3d Graphic or geometric wallpaper

The graphic or geometric wallpaper is very popular with lovers of modern interior design. And it is your perfect choice for accentuating individual walls in bedrooms and living rooms as well as in offices. Combine 3d geometric wallpaper with single-colored plain wallpaper to highlight the geometric shapes, symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns and three-dimensional prints. Due to its diverse colors and structures, the graphic wallpaper is inevitably an eye-catcher with which you can achieve the most varied wall designs.

The color of geometric wallpaper can be perfectly matched to any interior. And also you can buy in designs that harmonize with a wide range of interior styles. In this way, you not only create an exciting, sophisticated ambiance in the room, but also contribute to rosiness and harmony.

The 3D effect consists of optical illusion of relief. And deceiving the eyes by playing with materials and visual effects. Our collection of 3D wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya constitutes the illusion of the depth of the image. These is achieved by presenting different geometric patterns, lines and colors. Visit us if you want to introduce a little visual fantasy to your interior. If you want to revamp your home, in our collection of 3D geometric wallpaper you will find many original wall decorations. Apart from cubes and geometric patterns you will find windows showing a parallel world. Or tunnels leading to another dimension, and mesmerizing landscapes. Very trendy, 3D wall decoration is an unusual element that easily creates a space that is both beautiful and elegant.

Importance of 3d geometric pattern wallpaper

Most 3d graphic elements and geometric shapes wallpaper are very striking and eye catching. Therefore they are ideal for emphasizing individual walls. Install the graphic wallpaper on a single room wall, while you keep the other walls discreet and monochrome. This creates a variety of design options. When wallpapering several strips of wallpaper side by side, it is essential to observe the sample approach, which is indicated on the wallpaper insert as a note. Whether the paper will be papered with a straight or offset approach will determine the final result and this should ultimately be consistent and graphic patterns such as diamonds, triangles, squares and rectangles represent perfectly.

Geometry & symmetry, shapes & colors in harmony

The striking feature of these wall coverings is the strictly geometric arrangement of the shapes. Lines, rectangles,  points and circles , rhombuses, triangles or squares characterize graphic wallpapers. Combinations of different geometric bodies are also possible, for example in a wavy arrangement or in an ornament look. The styles are also diverse: round shapes in retro style with lots of orange and yellow, cuboids, cubes and cubes in a futuristic metallic look or psychedelic patterns that cannot be pigeonholed.

3d Cubes

Add depth and character to your walls with 3d cubes concrete effect wallpaper. Cubes patterned wallpaper presenting an intriguing design and an incredible three-dimensional effect. Most models offer a palette of dark and cool colors that will add a touch of freshness and modernity to your interior decor. They are your ideal choice when you want to give the space an industrial look. You will find these designs both impressive but also subtle enough to adapt to several rooms. Including the living room, bedroom, office or other spaces.

3d Rhombus Wallpaper

A rhombus or diamond design wallpaper is a great choice if you want to transform the space with a timeless design element. And you can combine it in several ways to suit everyone’s tastes. Discover this exclusive collection of our elegant geometric wallpaper and give your interior a new look that will be truly captivating. Wallpaper Kenya offers you a wide choice of high-end models. Visit us and choose from modern geometric designs or the more traditional patterns.

The repeated diamond patterns wallpaper makes for a wall covering that is timeless in decorative elements. You will continue to create a strong visual impact even when it is time to change your furniture.

Customized Graphic design Wallpaper

Personalize your space with elegant graphic wallpaper. It is an interesting way to present a pattern or design that you like on your walls. Graphic design wallpaper combine symbols and images and text (if you like) to form visual representations of ideas and messages. For these custom designs use typographyvisual arts, and page layout to create visual compositions. Common uses of graphic design wallpaper include corporate design (logos and branding). With an endless selection of patterns of any sizes, we will surely create the design that suits your room best. Customized wallpaper is the perfect way to give life to a striking wall in the living room, bedroom or any room needing a fresh new look.