FA881504 Damask Wallpaper

From 1st December to Christmas Eve our Grand Wallpaper Sale is on. Welcome Christmas and Year New with an exciting mix of designer wallpaper on sale from different wallpaper for walls designers. You will get High Quality Wallpaper Rolls of the universal standard @ Ksh 1000 to Ksh 1500 per roll. While the highest price per roll at the sale is Ksh 1500 we have a couple of designs ear marked for clearance sale @ Ksh 1200 during the months of November and December only. But that is only while the stocks last. Although demand is high, we are well stocked to pull through to Christmas Eve but you are advised to come early in order to get the widest range of designs still in stock.

These are not cheap wallpapers; it is our usual highest quality wallpaper now on a seasonal grand sale. There is no minimum number of the wallpaper rolls to buy. You can buy from one roll to 100 rolls, the average number of stock per wallpaper design. As long as stocks last. Needless to say, the early bird catches the worm. It is obvious those who hurry will have the biggest design choices. These Includes vintage wallpaper.

The wallpaper clearance outlet is at our Go downs at Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, Directly opposite Nairobi West Shell Petrol Station. We have ample car parking space and Mangrove Cafe where your young ones can relax as you shop. You will also have a chance to view and possible acquire other interior and exterior decor merchandise from our neighbors in the same complex.

What you should expect at the Sale

  1. You will buy Clearance Wallpaper at selling at below original wholesale costs.
  2. wallpaper borders for sale @ Ksh 300 per roll
  3. Damask Wallpaper Sale @ Ksh 1500 per roll
  4. Brick Wallpaper Sale @ Khs 1500 per roll
  5. 3d wallpaper for living room for sale @ Ksh 1500 per roll

Due to high demand, those who wish for our staff to install for you, at an extra charge, are advised to come as early as possible. The Reason is to avoid the disappointment of Christmas and New Year Rush Hour. You know the Kenyan last minute rush thing. Wallpaper supply and installation cost remains at Ksh 2500 per roll. These covers for wallpaper, wallpaper adhesive, and expert wallpaper installation labor costs. No hidden costs. Not even transport within Nairobi.

For installation outside Nairobi, you will incur extra charges for transport and accommodation for the installation staff where applicable. However, if you come from a region where we have a wallpaper agent you might be able to forego the extra charges.

Please note, The Wallpaper Kenya Grand Sale Prices are offered at Wallpaper Kenya main Stores at Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, directly opposite Nairobi West Shell Petrol Station. It is at the discretion of our various wallpaper agents upcountry to off or not offer the Grand Wallpaper Sale. They are independent wallpaper agents.

The Difference with Wallpaper Kenya Grand Sale

A small wall in a Kenyan house will normally take a minimum of two rolls. A stand size wall will take three rolls. Therefore if a wallpaper business has only one roll of a certain design of wallpaper in stock, they will find it hard to sell it. In most other cases elsewhere in Kenya and overseas, wallpaper sales are offer in order to clear such dead stock. Our Grand Sale is different. We offer you the highest quality wallpaper, in the latest designs and in large quantities.

What we hope to achieve with the Wallpaper Kenya Grand Sale

  • We hope you will take advantage and enjoy the fantastic saving and you in turn have use it to make another soul enjoy the festive season.
  • Of great importance to us is creating awareness of the numerous advantages of wallpaper including but not limited to:
  1. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints that will have an impact effect on the interior décor of your home. Giving you a chance to choose from a hundred patterns, colors, and designs is our pleasure.
  2. Modern Wallpaper, with advances in wallpaper adhesives, lasts a long time, up to 20 years and beyond. This makes it economical and cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Wallpaper is easy to clean. Our wallpapers are vinyl coated so that they wipe clean from common household marks. This makes your wall covering more durable than most paints. Unlike most paints, wallpaper does not oxidize. Which is what makes paint dull with age and fade over repeated scrubbings? Therefore, for rooms where the walls are prone to get dirty, wallpaper is a great option. Furthermore, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges.
  4. There are numerous more advantages of wallpaper to mention all here. Not least of all, it hides hide blemishes such as small cracks and dents on the wall.

Some Designs of Wallpaper are on Clearance Sale

Some of the wallpapers are earmarked for clearance sale. This are wallpaper that we have an over stock. For instance, those that we have thousands of rolls in the same Because of the fluctuated demand among consumers today the clearance sale has become a natural part of a our business strategy. Naturally, we simply want to clear these old remaining stocks to create room for new wallpaper designs to arrive.

Some of the wallpaper ear marked for Clearance Sale are random designs, uncategorized and not in any particular catalog. It is noteworthy that wallpaper factories keep changing designs, just like in window curtains and wall and floor tiles. Some of these wallpaper designs will not be produced in future. As wallpaper wholesalers this gives us a little challenge to market the same to interior designers, retail home improvement stores and other wholesale buyers. Consequently, this necessitates the Wallpaper Clearance Sale which we hope is a pleasant surprise for you.

For the wallpaper ear marked for Clearance Sale, it is important to make sure you buy enough rolls or quantity to cover the intended area. In case you buy less than enough you might come back for more to no avail. Because this could be a line we are discontinuing with due the above given reasons.

Grab your once in a year chance to save a handsome amount of money at a go.

Why We and You Need the Clearance Sale

How does the Wallpaper Clearance Sale help Wallpaper Kenya? We like many other businesses must balance inventory, prices and promotions to maintain profit levels. Wallpaper Kenya Clearance sale is a promotional inventory management tool to us. But it a focal point for the now, more than ever before, price-conscious consumers. Our Clearance Sales can be scheduled as-needed but are only guaranteed on a seasonal basis.

You should shop early for your wallpaper for the Holiday Season for two good reasons. One, you will take advantage of a wider wallpaper designs on sale while stocks last. The other reason is that freelance wallpaper installation technicians are more available now than during the during the festive season. Not only because some take live to be with their families upcountry during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Some will be away days or weeks before Christmas to avoid the holiday road traffic rush. But also wallpaper sales is highest during the festive season. Sales are so high to the available installation staff to handle. It is so serious some interior decor companies record upto 30% of there annual sales during this season.