Hotel wallpaper has turned into a decorative element to shape any space in a hotel. And there are different as many hotel wallpaper designs as there are functional areas in a hotel buildings. For the guest rooms you might want wallpaper that will aid to get sleep while at the restaurant you will want wallpaper that promotes appetite.

Seamless pattern of coffee cup with text "coffee barista" restaurant wallpaper

Behavioral psychology indicates that colors and wallpaper designs and images impact our moods and attitudes, affecting both body and mind. So choosing the appropriate colors and designs for your hotel wallpaper for different functional areas is important.

Best Weston Hotel Plain Grey Wallpaper

Great First Impression Hotel Reception and Lobby Wallpaper

“The hotel reception room and the hotel lobby are the first areas that your hotel guests visit, and often make the first impression. These are great spaces to have a happy feel filled with light and air and elegant wallpaper.”

The big five wildlife animals wallpaper

By using the psychology of interior decoration, you can easily make your guests and staff more comfortable in your hotel. Small improvements with wallpaper colors, placement, and textures can easily improve everyone’s mood and evoke positive feelings.

Full wall elephant guest room wallpaper mural

Design experts say hotel fitness centers are becoming as important as other public spaces such as food-and-beverage outlets. Golden Tulip Hotel in Nairobi know this quite well and has acted accordingly. Visit their gym to see some of our works.

Lion: King of the Jungle Photo Mural Wallpaper

Your hotel wallpaper for the hotel gym should be designed in thoughtful ways. The world boxing heavy weigh champion of all times, Mohammad Ali once said he hated every moment of training. We all want physical fitness but gathering enough motivation to exercise is a universal struggle. But the right atmosphere, colors, patterns and images in your gym’s hotel wallpaper is all you need. For instance red is a powerful color, encouraging fitness enthusiasts to go all out during their workout. And this is supported by behavioral and color psychology.

Gym Athletic Wall Mural Woman Fitness Gym

Therefore wallpaper is not only one of the best alternatives to enrich the image of hotel. That it also has a lot functional services besides aesthetics.  Thanks to its versatility of designs, textures, formats and colors.

Two major hotel wallpaper types

Basically there are two types of hotel wallpaper. Ordinary wallpaper and customized mural wallpaper.

Customized Wallpaper

Decorating placing appropriately themed hotel wallpaper on a wall, will make you get a unique and original style.
There are many benefits you will accrue by using wallpaper on hotel walls as a great creative resource. It allows you to combine designs, colors, patterns and lines much broader than those supported by painting or any other wall decoration.

Modern art 3d hotel wallpaper with dark blue Jungle, forest background.

Because wallpaper is the only wall decoration that carries the all the above mentioned elements of interior decoration as one item.

Some of the World’s leading Hotels with Wallpaper

Nairobi Westlands Golden Tulip Hotel Gym

The leading hotels around the world use hotel wallpaper. That is testimony that nothing leaves a lasting impression in a design hotel quite like a statement wallpaper. In Kenya The Intercontinental Hotel, Serena, Golden TulipGrand Royal Swiss Hotel and many other 5 star hotels use wallpaper.

A beautiful wallpapered guest room at La Réserve Paris

  • The 25 suites and 15 rooms at La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa offer a refined reflection of the quintessence of 19th century Parisian chic. Silk hung walls, damascene brocade taffeta, velvet drapes, waffle weave fabrics, herringbone oak parquet, unique pieces of antique furniture.
  • The Hewing Hotel in Norway website reads: Nov 14, 2019 – The hotel channels Minnesota’s lumberjack tradition, and I learned … And if I were asked to describe the interior of the hotel with one word, it certainly would be “woody. … If you are looking for conventional elegance, the décor may come … boat oars, the custom wallpaper has a Scandinavian folk-art quality.

How to make the right choice of hotel wallpaper

You will be guided the the kind of atmosphere you want to create in choosing the right hotel wallpaper. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in the rooms, halls and restaurants is as important for your hotel as your level of service, cleanliness and staff training. And it begins not with the furnishings, furniture or textiles, but with decoration, and particularly wall decoration.

Night view of wild life custom made wallpaper

For your hotel guests to want to return to these walls, they must like them! This article is devoted to wallpaper for a hotel: their types, features, advantages and disadvantages.

Why it important you make the right choice

Correctly selected hotel wallpaper helps to shape the space, visually expand the room, and hide minor wall defects. But more importantly it influences the mood and can even convey a certain message. Moreover, stylish and practical decoration is an important element of service, economic success and popularity of your hotel. 

Hand drawn set of coffee words Lettering for hotel dining room wallpaper

Like furniture and appliances, hotel wallpaper must be functional and resistant to damage, as well as meet fire safety requirements. In addition, when choosing, you need to take into account their environmental friendliness, the design of your project and, of course, the price. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the right choice of wallpaper you for a hotel, how they differ and how they are similar.

Benefits of using hotel wallpaper

Aberdare Cottages Rustic Wood Wallpaper

In simple terms, there are so many different designs, color combinations, and textures available, which cannot be imitated by painting. Whatever the theme of your hotel, you will find a suitable wallpaper. Take for example, here pictured, the Aberdare Cottages rustic wood wallpaper. It harmonizes so well with the wooden furniture, the locale of the hotel, and the general nature theme.

If you are considering putting wallpaper in an entire room, or just on a wall, here are some great wallpaper benefits we you should know.


One advantage of wallpaper is that it adds texture to the hotel decoration with little effort. With the wallpaper you save long hours painting, mixing colors and suffering with the smell of paint. Don’t forget some of your hotel guests are allergic to paint smells. In the picture here below, the wall simulates being made of animal skin. Which is great for tourist hotels wallpaper, where you have guests primarily visiting to watch wildlife. And Wallpaper Kenya has quite a variety of wildlife wallpaper.

As we already said, vinyl wallpaper are a useful and fun tool to personalize not only your walls but other elements present in your hotel. The best thing is that if your walls are already painted, you do not have to use it on absolutely all the walls. But you can use it to enhance certain areas.

Animal skin mural

The popularity of wallpaper has always been latent in the range of wallpaper color combinations, patterns and texture options. That is why many interior designers view wallpaper as a game charger. Because, for instance, with Hotel Wallpaper you can acquire a unique personality. Or wallpaper with a special design not found elsewhere outside your hotel. And with as clearly defined style as you wish. Even all of these attributes at once. This mixture of attributes are the ones that work best as a claim for tourists today.

Style in hotel decoration can become its own hallmark. The style you choose for wallpaper, the furniture and other equipment, directly influences the perception that guests will take when they enter. A clear identity or branding is also a crucial attraction in finding an audience to target. At Wallpaper Kenya you will find from traditional striped wallpaper to modern textures. Even wood effects for a country hotel. Brick for rustic interior décor and geometric wallpaper for a contemporary interior décor. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it.


Modern wallpaper can last up to two decades or more, while good quality paint needs to be touched up every 3 years or so. So wallpaper is more durable, looks better and easy to clean. You can even buy vinyl wallpaper that is the easiest to clean.

In addition to being easy to clean, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and stains. Wallpaper can hide stains on wall plaster much better than a coat of paint.

To prolong the life of your hotel wallpaper, avoid upholstering bathrooms with showers. Because doing so would expose the glue to excess moisture. And the moisture can cause the wallpaper to peel off. Outside of that, hotel rooms, lobby, restaurants and bar are well suited for wallpaper. But for the bathrooms and kitchens go for contact per which is 100% water proof.

Optical Illusion

Making a hotel room look higher with striped wallpaper

One of the qualities of wallpaper is that they can make spaces look much higher than they really are. Especially with vertical stripes wallpaper designs. You could achieve that effect in your hotel rooms; You could combine it with solid colored walls, preferably white, and use a bedding of the same colors to integrate it into the decoration. Additionally, you could play with the colors of the accessories incorporating tones such as white, brown, metallic and/ or black to decorate other areas of the room. All this will depend on your hotel interior décor style.

Wallpaper Textures

Plain white textured wallpaper on ceiling

Texture is one of the most essential elements in hotel wallpaper when decorating. When we begin to decorate a place (regardless of what it is) you should not only try to combine the colors well, knowing how to use the textures plays a very important role in any space.  Otherwise, the lack of these can make the spaces seem flat and boring.

When we talk about wallpaper texture, we refer to the sensation that one has when touching the papered walls. But there are also wallpaper visual textures that can also generate sensations as if they were tactile. Just as choosing light or dark colors can affect the design of your hotel rooms, so do the wallpaper textures. In that respect, if the wallpaper textures you use are soft they will give a more delicate feeling. And if the textures are rough they will give a more rustic feeling. Therefore, a hotel room decorated with the same colors but with different textures will feel and see different. But you should always wallpaper textures with a certain balance. Because if you let yourself be carried away by many textures in a single room, it can be overloaded and lose harmony.

So now you know. To better decorate with hotel wallpaper and enrich your rooms, always keep in mind the textures to use on the walls.

How to choose your hotel Wallpaper for different areas

Hotel Grand Royal Swiss Hotel Kisumu

If you are planning a hotel renovation you must balance functional, layout, and aesthetic issues. This is in order to develop a property that simultaneously meets the needs of the guests, the staff, and the owner. In general, five-star hotel have public areas that are heavily design oriented, with the functional aspects carefully integrated to enhance, yet not dominate the space. However, budget hotels tend to favor function and layout over design, for maximum utility.

Balance between conflicting interior decoration needs

Regardless of how the spaces are configured, the developer must consider and balance many conflicting needs before a design is ready for the contractor’s hand. The best examples provide hotels that inspire; are safe, efficient, and cost effective; and that maintain their utility and charm through time.

Sometimes it is a matter of necessity to install wallpaper for functional purposes. For instance wallpapers that comes in plain as “lining paper.” So that it can be used to help cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects. Therefore giving a better surface, textured (such as Anaglypta), with a regular repeating pattern design. Or, much less commonly today, with a single non-repeating large design carried over a set of sheets.

Other performance characteristics of wallpaper could be, anti-fungus, fire-retardant, anti-stain and water repellent.

Wallpaper in the Hospitality Industry in general

Wallpaper for the hospitality industry has evolved over the years based on the needs of its users. With the growth of the world’s hospitality industry, wallpaper has had to provide greater security and resistance to use. Consequently Wallpaper for Hospitals and Hotels has taken a great boost within the decoration and interior design. From Europe to North America, Asia and Africa, in all areas of heavy traffic, its use is increasing.

These types of wallpaper materials meet different specifications that guarantee a certain degree of quality for hotel spaces in which they are placed. And therefore gives a greater benefit than a decorative wallpaper for the home.