Luxury mural wallpaper

Tunnel of black and white lines, 3D Wall Mural

3D Wall Mural Wallpaper comes in as either nature, geometric 3D wall mural or modern graffiti.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

Although you will find a few in traditional wallpaper, true 3D wall mural wallpaper are customized.

3d modern canvas art landscape mural wallpaper. golden and turquoise ginko biloba in marble background. mountains, clouds and deer

It will be hard for you to achieve a truly 3D wall mural in ordinary wallpaper.

3d modern Landscape art mural wallpaper with Christmas tree, golden lines, and mountain, white marble background.

Because they are ideally large full wall or scenery. They are hard to achieve due to the standard size of ordinary wallpaper.

Black and white lines optical illusion horizontal background

But you will find standard size wallpaper with repeat patterns while a truly 3D wall mural wallpaper doesn’t have repeat patterns.

3d Pink flowers on wooden background, 3d rendering.

The only way you achieve a true 3d wall mural wallpaper is to have it customized.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print

This will cost you Kenya shillings 2000 per square meter supply and installation.

3d illustration of picture wall murals of colorful feathers

But this cost does not include your cost of obtain the image.

3d illustration wallpaper landscape art.
brown trees with golden flowers  and turquoise mountains in light gray background with white clouds.

You may choose from our many designs of 3D mural images.

Chinese landscape art. Drawing black, blue, and golden mountains. sun, trees, birds, and sky in a light background. 3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper

Alternatively you can provide us with a high definition picture for us to enlarge and print for you.

3D black and white. Stereoscopic Wall Mural wall mural

Our 3d wall mural wallpaper, affixed to a wall or any other other smooth surface could be for decoration or informational purposes.

3d Wallpaper design with beach and palm trees for photomural

You may choose to have your wall murals in only one color. Or you may have various images and colors printed upon them.

3D Photo Wallpaper Mural  against the wall near the table

Create incredible visual effect of spaciousness with 3d murals

Scenery Wall Mural Wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

3D Wall Murals  delight with the incredible visual effect of spaciousness.

3d wallpaper flowers tree vase bird

Liaise with our interior designer for a well thought out and very original patterns that will allow for an interesting and modern decoration.

Unicorn 3D baby wallpaper with moon, clouds, stars for photomural.

One that will also expand your space optically.

Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D rendering.

Our interior designer will guide you to thousands of designs that are attractive to the eye. This designs will suite any of your projects.

3D Wallpaper design background with floral theme for murals

Because they are available in both multi-color and monochromatic. But always creating the 3D sensation.

Window mural wallpaper

Plus you will find these designs available online in their tens of thousand.

3d wall background simple abstract rice shovel stylish gray art decorative interior

Therefore whatever your theme, the original window effect or 3D tunnel wall murals, they are all there. What these designs do is optically lengthen or increase the stay.

3d illustration of wall murals pictures of deer, moon, trees, flock of birds, ...

Furthermore, they give a lot of joy and originality to the room. You can choose to have a 3d wall mural of nature and landscapes, or even mystical fantasy images.

3d flower wallpaper mural

All of these will work well in your child’s or teen’s room. And you opt for classic elegance, we have geometric 3d effect patterns.

Beautiful mountain landscape with a lake. Panorama of silhouettes of mountains in the fog. Picturesque 3D illustration for backgrounds, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, murals, posters.

You will find these are simple shapes suitable for a modern and stylish interior.

White Mural Art Backgrounds wallpaper 3d

Geometric 3d wall murals, with architectural or landscape motifs are some of the 3d designs available.

3d design background with floral theme.

And if you love decorations that use these themes, we also have them in other product categories.

Cost of a 3D Wall Mural Wallpaper

3d Brick wall mural Wallpaper.

From time immemorial Murals have been important in that they bring art into the public sphere. In the past, due to the huge size, cost, and work involved in creating a mural, muralists were often commissioned by a sponsor.

3d image. A wall with columns. 3d indoor balloons. 3d photo wallpapers. Wallpaper for the interior.

I remember one mural by friends of mine, Marry Ngoima and Mike Bugara that cost almost a hundred thousands in the 1970. That was a lot of money then.

3d Gym customized wall mural aiming to promote productivity

In those days, only the local government or a businesses could affords. Many any murals have been paid for with grants of patronage. Those days are long gone.

3D Elephant from the wall on photo mural wallpaper

Due to modern technology you can now have your 3D mural wallpaper at a cost of Kenya shillings 2000 per square meter.

Birds and animals with trees and beach painting for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Although that does not include the cost of obtaining the artwork, which you can download from the internet. With Kenya shillings 20,000 you can have a full wall 3D mural wallpaper.

Customized Removable 3D Wall Mural Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wallpaper Kenya 3d mural wallpaper are customized of high quality Rex-in material. And are therefore you can remove and reuse them.

Digital mural, a rhinoceros comes into the room. 3d photo wallpapers. 3d image. Mural on the wall.

There is no better way, if you’re looking for a unique way to add artwork to your walls than 3d mural wallpaper.

Abstract art wall background, the fashion of modern art wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

With limitless choice of designs, Wallpaper Kenya gives you the best selection of artworks, photos, and patterns.

3D optical faux texture optical illusion wallpaper mural

Better still, provide us with your own selection of image or images or photographs. And you can choose the custom size you need. All at no additional charge.

Custom wallpaper living room bedroom mural simple 3D green jewelry flower bird, 3d illustration

So you get the perfect 3d mural wallpaper that fits your application. For us 3d mural wallpapers are better than mural wall painting. First of all it works out cheaper.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural autumn landscape

Also it takes less time. More importantly, you are able to visualize the end product right from the start of the project. It is worthy that the highly quality material we use is removable and reuse-able.

Different kinds of 3d wall murals

Map of the world: Educational Murals

Murals represent lots of different things to different people. From simply art, to free expression, to propaganda, and more, they express many things.

3D illustration design art wallpaper background mural

3D Murals are often are the most expressive and have been seen playing an interesting role in the relationship between art and politics.

Peacock and multi flowers 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

This is because of their ability to truly depict the feelings and thoughts of different cultures. You also see them used in advertising.

3d wallpaper tunnel filled with flying balls

The true definition of a mural is “any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces’.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

It follows thus a distinguishing characteristic of a mural is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Beautiful mountain landscape. Panorama of silhouettes of mountains in the fog. Picturesque 3D illustration for backgrounds, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, murals, posters.

As architectural elements are different, so are murals. Some indoor murals such as wallpaper can not withstand the elements of weather as out door wall murals.

3d Photo Wallpaper Murals

Room with a 3d photo mural nature scenery wallpaper

Photo wallpapers are one of the most popular types of 3d mural wallpaper.

waterfall and morning sun

Because they can be used to implement individual design ideas in every room. In that way you can perfectly stage the ambience in an uncomplicated way.

Adorable killer whales family looking up towards sea surface with beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish around them, marine life 3d illustration.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to always keep the overall effect of the room in view when choosing the right type of wallpaper and the 3d image motifs.

Ducks with circle and pattern Background wallpaper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls.

This is because the size of the room is also decisive here. For very large and high rooms, it is worth using large-format motifs to emphasize individual areas of the room.

mural 3d wallpaper Purple flower photo wallpaper decor painting 3d wall murals

Small rooms, on the other hand, benefit more from small pictures. Which can then be used, for example, behind the seating area in the living room or at the dining area in the dining room. 

Fashion of modern art wall, landscapes, abstract, luminous, elk, art, wall art, murals, carpet, murals, stone, gold background.

But also in the home office, in a private library, in the bedroom, the music room and the wellness bathroom, as well as in the entrance area, such motif wallpapers can set beautiful accents or become an individual eye-catcher.

3d Geometric Wallpaper Murals

3d geometrical wallpaper

With a pattern wallpaper murals with 3d geometric shapes, you create movement and dynamism in the room. 

Lattice 3d white silver grey Gold Pattern geometric modules  3d rendering. High quality seamless realistic texture  Mural 3d Background 3d Wallpaper.

The abstract patterns and shapes fascinate the eye of the beholder and offer you a variety of 0ptical effects. A 3d geometric wallpaper murals is a mural that you will not get tired of quickly and that enriches every room with sophistication and liveliness.

Modern Fashion 3D Stereo Golden Fortune Tree Gold Foil Geometric Background 3d wall mural wallpaper for living room bedroom.

As unusual as the mural in its appearance, its lines are often so clear. Symmetrically arranged circles, points or stripes make the design look harmonious. 

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

You will also find the 3d geometric murals in the Imagery. But also with wild, disordered designs such as the “point design in a circle” or the “three-dimensional objects”. Here the patterns radiate a special energy and lively liveliness.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful wavy mountains

You will not go wrong with Geometric or abstract shapes: they are in the sign of the times.

3D Flex Wallpaper, beige background with  Flower embossing, zed sign adv, Wallpaper background, 3D Background, Mural Wallpaper

In this category you will find modern graphic wallpaper murals with squares, rectangles and many other motifs that can give your rooms a special effect and set beautiful accents.

modern art wallpaper landscape with a dark blue background, forest dark blue background golden Christmas tree.

Remember you will get these wallpaper in traditional small patterns or in large Custom made 3D Geometric Shapes wallpaper that will transform your space.

Yellow flowers on branches, Ducks in water with circles abstract background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Every custom made mural wallpaper you order from Wallpaper Kenya can be printed according to your wall dimensions on request. And is unique to you. We don’t have any stocks.

3D Wall Murals Wallpaper in Advertising

Text on textured wall, 3D illustration

The expressiveness of 3D wall Murals is also used as a form of advertisement for products and companies. Because of the human need to express, 3D wall mural advertisements resonate with people.

Flex Wallpaper, beige background with  Flower embossing, zed sign adv, Wallpaper background

Besides interior decoration and indoor wall murals we also do outdoor wall murals. Out door Wall Murals are advertisements painted directly on building surfaces or printed vinyl and attached to walls.

Skyscrapers buildings Illinois with beach and blue sky for living room bedroom TV wall home decoration

Wall murals accommodate a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes and have high exposure and visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Jumping Burger ads, in 3d illustration on black background

You can see outdoor wall murals all over Nairobi Central Business District.

Wallpaper with trees and deer. Beautiful wallpaper illustration

They are also located on major highways, Mombasa Road, Thika Road, on commuter and tourist routes. Wall murals are custom-designed for long-term exposure.

Blueberry yogurt ads, delicious yogurt commercial with milk and fruit jam splashing together in 3d illustration

In today’s world of wall murals, things are a little more technologically advanced.

3d frames for home wall decoration.

Discover now digital techniques of printing large scale 3D wall murals. We do these on huge wall-cloth like a modern wallpaper.

Art wallpaper mural with a 3D effect in shades of green. vector image.

You can be see them in all types of buildings, like homes, offices, cities, and more.

3d illustration wallpaper home decor. light green, and white circles and golden items in white background

3D Wall murals are gaining popularity in their variety and ease of application.

3d wall art illustration gray white wallpaper. golden dandelion flowers and squares shapes . for canvas mural art background

Unlike the wall murals of days’ past, they are very easy to make when you order from Wallpaper Kenya.

3D High Decoration Background Mural Wallpaper

Because you will receive your 3D wall mural in only one or two days.

drops of transparent liquid over wood-stylized, bolted screws and overlapping each other, art forms with wavy edges. realistic wallpaper with 3D effect. vector

No more long days of painting, or paying an artist to come paint for you.

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