Textured Paint-table Walpaperl

AY embossed wallpaper refers to or describes wallpaper with a raised tactile texture design on the surface. Interior decorators use the expression to describe different wallpaper designs which are slightly raised. Therefore creating a subtle yet effective design feature. There are many ways of achieving this effect, ranging from methods that require the use of other materials through to simple ‘dry’ techniques that raise the surface of the wallpaper.

Tactile embossed wallpaper

Regardless of the technique used, the embossed effect is extremely popular and is relatively easy to achieve. The finished surface can be left as it is, or enhanced further by rubbing inks, chalks or other colorants into the surface to emphasize the design. The relief structures, 3 dimensional tactile, is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also seductive to the touch.

At Wallpaper Kenya, you can now find embossed wallpaper designs to meet your needs.  Even some that you never imagined finding. In addition, Wallpaper offers a wide variety of designs so you can find the one that best suits you and yours. Only here, in Kenya, you will find the best brands for your favorite linen wallpaper. Because our wallpaper is imported from Europe where embossed wallpaper is popular. Most or competitors import from the East where embossed wallpaper is not that much popular.

In addition to the quality and good finish of our brands, we know that the of texture is in the details. And we also have colored and pain-table embossed wallpaper. Such as White, Yellow, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Light Gray, Blue, Green, Black, Light Green, among others.

Linen wallpaper

Linen embossed wallpaper

Linen wallpaper looks and feels more or less the linen fabrics in your house. Chances are that nice linen tablecloth you use has a similar raised crosshatch pattern like the wallpaper. Linen texture wallpaper is frequently used when you want an elegant look.

We not only offer you the price and quality designs. And we want to complement your decisions and help you in your purchase so that you never lack anything. These  textile design wallpaper in creates an exclusive atmosphere with subtle, contemporary elegance in sophisticated living spaces. Thanks to the linen surface embossing.

An interesting range of colors in over 30 classy living colors, from delicate pastel tones to current intensive colors, makes the choice a sensual pleasure.

The positive charisma of natural, environmentally friendly materials create a relaxing, warm atmosphere. And convey a good and pleasant feeling of living .

Laid wallpaper

The laid finish also gives the paper the look and feel of a quality hand-crafted paper from ages ago. This is a type of finish that is applied to the paper during the paper-making process. While the paper is still wet, the paper roller is pressed against the wet pulp, creating fine lines running the length of the paper. The paper features raised horizontal and vertical lines, also known as “chain lines.” Again, this type of finish works well with personal stationery, business letterhead, high-quality menus, and business cards.

Pinstripe embossed wallpaper

Pinstripe textured wallpaper

This wallpaper has a ribbed texture. Long ribbed lines run parallel down the length of the paper, giving it like its name suggest subtle pinstripe markings. These are lovely paper textures.

Very often, fabric samples and elements from fashion are also transferred to wallpaper design. There is now a very large number of pinstripe patterns on wallpaper. These stripe wallpapers look elegant, timeless and, in contrast to block stripes , rather reserved. Like most other stripe wallpapers , pinstripe wallpapers are very often found in English furnishing styles and on Scandinavian wallpapers.

How to & where install embossed wallpaper

You might think that the installation if embossed wallpaper could be somewhat more complex (due to the relief). In case you want to do it yourself, you only have to be very careful not to crush  the relief by pressing the wallpaper against the wall. Otherwise, you better commission Kenya to install for you.

You will choose the wallpaper depending on the type of room where you want to install it. Thus, for an environment that is dry and not exposed to moisture. For example, a bedroom, the hallway or the living room. In these rooms any type of paper can be used and, obviously, any pattern or design.

But for damp environments such as the bathroom, kitchen and cleaning sector, vinyl paper should be used. Or use contact paper which is washable and waterproof. These are the wallpaper also recommended for small children’s rooms that write on the walls. Or do not have hygiene care.

It is likely that in your environments not all the walls are perfectly smooth. If they were, you could use any type of wallpaper ca to cover them. Because it will adhere perfectly and undesirable reliefs will not appear. But if the walls you are trying to cover are uneven, with reliefs or imperfections that are difficult to correct, the use of another type of paper is recommended.

For the latter case, there are a variety of wallpapers that will adapt perfectly to the needs. Being able to choose foaming paper, with relief or a pattern with large motifs that will help to hide surface imperfections.

If the wall is severely damaged, it is recommended to prepare the surface with fiberglass or fill in any cracks and / or holes that may appear and that would damage the decoration.

Embossed wallpapers Room Decor

When you are decorating a room, everything starts with the walls. Today, in addition to choosing the color of the wall, you can also use wallpaper with original embossed designs and creative prints.

Embossed wallpaper textures have the ability to make any room feel extra special. The attention to detail, makes your audience want to stop and luxuriate in the artistry. With Wallpaper Kenya textured wallpaper, you can bring this feeling into any space. Remember most of these wallpapers can be painted. Therefore you can add texture to the wall, and then customize with your choice of color.

In addition to being able to choose the wallpaper texture, you can even use different textures that imitate stone, sand, wood or even tile. This way, you won’t have to worry about building a real cement and mortar wall to get a rustic-style living room with brick walls..

Depending on the effect you are looking for, you will opt for one style or another of embossed wallpaper. Here are some ideas for different rooms in your home.

Importance of texture and embossed materials in interior design

When you begin to decorate a wall, you should not only try to combine the colors well. Knowing how to use the textures plays a very important role in any space. Otherwise, lack of texture can make the walls seem flat and boring,

When we talk about textured and embossed wallpaper, we refer to the sensation that one has when touching the wallpaper. But there are also visual textures that can also generate sensations as if they were tactile.

Just as choosing light or dark colors can affect the design of a room, so do textures. For example, if the textures used are soft they will give a more delicate feeling. On the other hand, if the textures tend to be rough they will give you a more rustic feeling.

Therefore, walls decorated with the same colors but with different textures will feel and look different. But the textures should always be used with a certain balance. Because too many textures in a single room can be overwhelming, look too busy, and lose harmony.

Use Embossed Wallpapers to hide defects on the walls

One of the primary uses of textured or embossed wallpaper is to hide small defects in wall finishes. Apart from cracking plaster, several other plastering defects can occur.
1.    Bonding
Plaster, especially excessively thick layers, is inclined to de-bond from the wall when the outside skin shrinks at a different rate than the plaster in contact with the wall.

2. Lack of hardness due to insufficient cement, or the use of sand with excessive quantities of dust.

3. Rapid drying due to excessive loss of moisture in evaporation, when plastering in sun and wind.

You can use Embossed wallpaper or textured to hide these and other wall imperfections. The wallpaper is three-dimensional designed so for aesthetics as well as to hide imperfections. Take advantage of the slightly raised and textured effect so useful in hiding defects.

Installed these wallpaper over damaged walls and hide the wall defect such as cracks, scratches, wall roughness and small unevenness.

Embossed wallpaper for the living room

Tactile textured wallpaper

Many of us who live in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya dream of having a house in the country to escapes to on weekends. Or during holidays. However, we have to settle for going to a rural house only once in a while. But we have embossed wallpapers that are able to perfectly imitate materials such as exposed brick, stone and even wood for our town houses. In the case of the living room, we recommend embossed wallpaper that imitates stone. Complete the decoration with a fireplace and a comfortable sofa in which to lie down.

Embossed wallpaper for the bedroom

In the case of the bedroom, we suggest you get the velvet embossed wallpaper. At first glance it may seem a bit exaggerated. However, it achieves a very simple elegance that is not at all ostentatious. In addition, the velvet embossed wallpaper brings a cozy feeling to the bedroom and a soft landing to the eye. If you consider yourself a classic person, you can always go for shades like white, gray or beige.

Embossed wallpaper for children’s room

Children love to touch everything they have at their fingertips and that is why they like both folding books or books with different textures. In this case, if you decorate your room with embossed wallpaper with prints of animals or fairy tale characters, the walls will become one more element of play in their nursery.

Benefits of Embossed Wallpapers Decor

The word embossed by itself refers to some kind of texture. Texture is an important element of interior decoration but is often overlooked.  All the components of a complete design could there but the entire room will just feel a little flat when you lack texture.

For some reason, texture seems to always to be an afterthought when it comes to interiors and we’re here to change that. Texture is the thing that makes a room pop. Embossed wallpaper is great in bringing a perfectly fine design up to enviable levels.

The relief texture of embossed wallpaper is “the sensations caused by the external surface of wallpaper received through the sense of touch.” Basically, how the paper feel. Think about squishing soft carpet between your toes, or sinking down into leather couch cushions.

The “sense of touch” can be “perceived” sense of touch. Watching interior design TV programs or flipped through the pages of a magazine can tell you that you don’t need to have physical contact with a room to feel the power of texture.

If you’ve got imperfections in your walls such as from hanging pictures or there are cracks, embossed wallpaper is handy. It a good option for you. Because the thickness of the paper helps to cover discolorations and defects while adding elegance.

Painting over Embossed Wallpaper

pain-table ceiling paper

The act of painting over most wallpaper is — without a doubt — not recommended. But that is not the case with most white embossed wallpaper. In many cases, I’d be right there with the majority, recommending that you remove the wallpaper for the sake of achieving the best possible painting finish. Embossed Pain-table Wallpaper is an excellent solution to many common design problems. It works well in big or small spaces and it can add subtle texture and pattern without overwhelming the eye or making the space seem cramped. Most important, it lets you choose the precise color you want. Allowing you design freedom rather than hoping you find wall coverings in the shade you need.

If you’ve been thinking about painting over existing wallpaper, well, here are some tips on how to:

  1. Confirm that the wallpaper is pain-table. Pain-table wallpaper is a thick wall covering with a raised patterns that can be covered with ordinary flat or gloss paint. And like regular wall coverings, it can be used walls, or on ceilings.
  2. If you want to paint on a newly installed wallpaper, allow it to first rest for 36 hours. You will need to allow time for the adhesive to fully dry. Because painting too soon can cause the wallpaper to bubble.
  3. It is good you know that there is no special paint made specifically for pain-table wallpapers. In other words, you don’t need a specialized paint.