Elegant Warm Grey Textured Plain Wallpaper

Plain grey wallpaper is the hot new “in” thing. It’s recently taken front and center stage. Upstaging it’s neutral cousins, taupe, beige and ivory. It’s the new must have essential color that’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic. A Plain Grey Wallpaper, in its different shades, is the perfect chameleon as it suits just about every room, every mood and every setting.

Grey wallpaper adorn living room walls, bedroom ceilings, kitchen fronts and the dining room, in the hallway, in the guest bathroom and on the terrace. The color in all its shades, moods and nuances – is sometimes cool, sometimes dull, sometimes classy. The striking stone grey wallpaper, for example, exudes natural security. While a silver-grey tone, stands for cozy coolness. For even more understated elegance use a warm brown-grey.

Different Shades of Plain Grey Wallpaper

Different shades of grey wallpaper

Possible variations of plain grey wallpaper shades include achromatic grayscale shades, which lie exactly between white and black, and nearby colors with low colorfulness.

When we want to wallpaper in grey-scale it implies a wallpaper with white, black and all the intermediate grays that appear by mixing these two elements. The more luminosity we want, the greater whiteness our grey wallpaper will have, until they reach white. Similarly, the greater the darkness we desire, the more black they will contain.

How dark or bright a shade of grey is is determined by the value factor The higher the whiteness, the more gray it is, it is said to have a lighter, higher or brighter value. In contrast, a darker gray is said to have a lower or darker value.

Plain silver

When we merge the use of grey values ​​with the use of color on wallpaper, we generally do it to achieve different tonal values ​​of the same color. These tonal values ​​are known by the following names:

4.1 Xanadu

Vinyl Wallpaper Silver Wallpaper

Grey brick wallpaper

If you are looking for faux brick wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya you will find different models for sale of with the 3d effect. Wall decoration with papers faux exposed brick has become one of the best options for creating urban, rustic, minimalist or even industrial environments. And the grey brick is a fashion trend that has led to a wide variety of models in different colors, textures and relief.

Slate grey plain color wallpaper

Entwine Taupe Floral Wallpaper

Achromatic Grey Color Scheme

Interior designers choose achromatic color schemes because they like the cleanliness and simplicity of using black, white, and grey. In Achromatic Color Scheme only the neutral colors are used in decorating. These neutral colors are black, white, and grey. A monochromatic color scheme, however, means that designers use varying shades of one color.
Neutral colors used in an achromatic color scheme

Designers like to use achromatic color schemes when creating new interiors because it makes those rooms look clean and simple. You can use an achromatic color scheme in any room of a house.

There are many possibilities to use these Achromatic grey wallpaper color schemes, depending on your taste. It is true that grey is not only the most suitable color space in classic style, but it is also a more accessible shade for modern-type environments. And in fact one of the fashionable colors of recent years. It fits very well in today’s interior wall decoration.

For instance, grey and white are the perfect colors for an elegant living room to flood the room with light. Or to mix with more vibrant colors. Obviously, depending on the predominant color, they give a design atmosphere and precise style. A dark grey wallpaper, for example, works well with light wood in places with rustic design.  While Silver or a metallic shade is more suitable for industrial-style rooms.