Kids wallpaper, mostly cartoon wallpaper, at Wallpaper Kenya, can be classified into 3 main categories, Boys Wallpaper, Girls Wallpaper and Unisex Nursery Wallpaper. Then there are many many different cartoons and different designs of children’s wallpaper. Little boys (toddlers) wallpaper, play room wallpaper, children’s bedroom wallpaper, girls floral wallpaper polka dots wallpaper, baby wallpaper boarders, kids dinosaur wallpaper, children’s striped wallpaper, white- pink- blue clouds wallpaper, children’s owl wallpapers, and so on and so forth. Most sort after Children Wallpaper in Kenya either depict Children Toys or Children Disney Characters such as Spider-man Wallpaper for baby boys’ bedrooms and Cinderella Wallpaper for baby girls rooms. Others are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Frozen, Snow White, McQueen and many more. These Disney characters are available in both wallpaper as well as in children’s window curtains and bedding’s. . As well as considering baby nursery wallpaper interior decorations that match the overall style of your home consider kid’s curtains to match with the wallpaper and of a black-out nature for the windows to protect the baby from external light while sleeping.

Boldly patterned wallpaper for accent walls are popular in baby’s nurseries. They’re dramatic, fun, and you can build the rest of your room around them. The trick is introducing wallpaper patterns that are consistent with the color scheme of the nursery. It makes the nursery flow with consistency.

Children’s rooms wallpaper should reflect their age and therefore tend to be changed frequently as the children grow and their interests change. children’s rooms will have to meet a variety of requirements, depending on the child’s age. In decorating a child’s room, like in any other room interior design, think of how the child will use the room. These often include multiple functionalities, sleeping, relaxing, playing, studying, as well as meeting friends and as a general refuge.

Kids’ rooms wallpaper suffer from wear and tear and are prone to dirt and spills. At Wallpaper Kenya we have suitable washable wallpaper for that although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should choose a washable wallpaper – it depends on the age of the child.

Wash-resistant and scrub-resistant wallpapers for children’s rooms can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and are therefore a good option for the rooms of toddlers and children of tender age.