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Wallpaper in Kisumu will now cost not a penny more than Wallpaper in Nairobi courtesy of Wallpaper Kenya Kisumu Agents or Dealers. In the past wallpaper in Kisumu has been much more expensive the were no wallpaper shops or resident wallpaper dealers in Kisumu. One had to get both the wallpaper and the installation staff from Nairobi to Kisumu, incurring the extra cost of transport and accommodation which could at times run into tens of thousands. For instance when we had a urgent wallpaper installation at Grand Royal Swiss Hotel ahead of an upcoming conference the hotel had to incur airfare to staff from Nairobi to Kisumu on two round trips. Add the the cost of accommodation add see how much the hotel would have saved using resident Kisumu Wallpaper Installers. The finishing of Wallpaper is of paramount importance. Wallpaper is better installed by professional installers to have the wow effect.

Kisumu is the largest biggest city in Kenya and rapidly expanding. We do not have enough wallpaper shops and wallpaper dealers in Kisumu. Wallpaper Kenya is looking for more wallpaper dealers in Kisumu to partner with. One can start a wallpaper business in Kisumu with little or no capital at all. The most important thing in starting a wallpaper business in Kisumu is to acquire wallpaper installation skills. Wallpaper Kenya is ready and willing to assist in acquiring the requisite wallpaper installation skills.

Wallpaper and Interior Design in Kisumu

Although you are on this page most likely because of your search for wallpaper shops in Kisumu it is likely that you might be also interested in other aspects of your house, hotel or office interior decoration or interior design. If so, you have hit two birds with one stone. Ask for Bob, one of our Wallpaper dealers in Kisumu. Bob is not only excellent in wallpaper installation, and he is the one we worked with installing wallpaper at the five star Grand Royal Swiss Hotel in Kisumu, but he is extremely good in carpentry and all kinds of interior fittings. It is noteworthy that he installed the gypsum ceilings at Grand Royal Swiss Hotel.