While the term “Orange Brick Wallpaper” is used to describe this wallpaper, but like the real brick it mimics, you won’t find it in the orange color tone characterized by the orange fruit. The Orange Brick Wallpaper is of reddish color undertones that takes on a more orange hue. Real natural orange brick are often found on commercial buildings, particularly in universities and hospitals. The Orange Wallpaper for interior decoration provide a variation to red or pink. Browsers and amateur photography does distort color, and thus viewing a sample in person at Wallpaper Kenya Stores before purchases is recommended.

An ideal use of the orange wallpaper is to add warmth to a reception office or home lounge, for example with an accented wall or fire place that forms a chimney breast. If your space has plenty of natural light you can have two Orange Wallpaper accented walls without the look becoming over done. It does not have to be the dominant color in a room to have impact. Use the orange wallpaper for accent walls. As the orange wallpaper is so impact-full can makes such a strong statement, only one wall in the orange pattern if often enough. Doing a one wall in this wallpaper so creates an intimate focal point for a room.

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