Wallpaper in Mombasa

Mombasa Wallpaper Sales Agents to assist you with wallpaper designs catalogs and Installations.

Demand for wallpaper in Mombasa is high and rapidly rising but there are not enough wallpaper dealers. Not enough Wallpaper shops. In Nairobi there are two or three shops that deal exclusively in Wallpaper and nothing else. In Mombasa there is not a single exclusively wallpaper shop.

The demand for wallpaper in Mombasa is driven by the upward growth of local and international investors in the residential, commercial office, retail and hotel sectors. To save developers and homes decorating with wallpaper time and money Wallpaper Kenya partners with wallpaper installers resident in Mombasa. This saves you time and money for from transporting wallpaper installers from Nairobi.

You can now choose your wallpaper from wallpaperkenya online shop, have a Mombasa resident wallpaper fundi pay you a site visit for measurement and in most cases show you a hard copy catalogue and have the wallpaper installed the following day. Some of our Mombasa wallpaper agents (dealers) do keep stock but if you choose a design that is out of stock in Mombasa stores we can always put it on a Coast bus or any other parcel delivery service that you may advice and have it delivered the following morning.

Even though wallpaper installation is described as a do it yourself project, it is better handled by a professional in humid areas such as Mombasa. Wallpaper Kenya will direct you to such professionals with experience.

The challenges of Wallpaper Installation in Mombasa

If not professionally installed wallpaper can peel off at corners and seams when exposed to the humidity of Mombasa. The second and even worse problem is the risk of mold growth behind the wallpaper which can happen in rare cases. To overcome these it is important to use the right and anti mold wallpaper adhesive. Novices might not be aware of this. Not just any wallpaper adhesive will work well in Mombasa.

Vinyl Wallpaper: The right wallpaper for Mombasa

Vinyl wallpaper works best for humid areas. It has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial interiors and is the modern design tool of choice for interior designers and architects. This is due to its durability in moist areas. Vinyl wallpapers are stronger and easier to clean than alternative products. We have vinyl wallpaper in all kinds of designs including floral, brick wallpaper, plain color but textured wallpaper, damask designs, geometric designs, and many more.

The beauty of vinyl wallpaper is that it is moisture resistant and washable. While vinyl wallpaper will last for decades on the wall in Nairobi it will last less in Mombasa. However you can give it a long life by waterproofing it, especially in Mombasa bathrooms and kitchens as well as other rooms where excess humidity and moisture collects. To do this, apply coatings of water-based varnish, emulsion glaze or primer to the wallpaper. Do this at a time of the least moisture.

Functional wallpaper in Mombasa should first of all be aesthetically pleasing but but also Anti=static, Heat Insulated, Moisture Proof, Mold Proof, Smoke Proof, Sound proof, Waterproof where need be.

Wallpaper Designs and Aesthetics

What do I mean by aesthetically pleasing? All the wallpaper colors, designs and patterns available at Wallpaper Kenya are availed to you by our Mombasa Wallpaper Agents. You therefore have more options with our wallpaper to add color, design & character to a room in such a way that paint simply cannot accomplish. Among the most favorite designs are brick wallpaper, white brick wallpaper, exposed brick wallpaper, red brick, grey white bricks and so on. Our agents will help you choose wallpaper for living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms, lounges and so on. Ask for floral wallpaper designs, children’s wallpaper, damask designs, 3d geometric designs or just plain color texture wallpaper designs.

Business opportunities for Wallpaper in Mombasa

Mombasa is the second largest City in Kenya and there is no wonder that it is also the second largest wallpaper market in Kenya. However Wallpaper is not well known in Mombasa. Wallpaper is not well marketed in Mombasa. But the demand is slowly rising and we need more wallpaper dealers in Mombasa. Like in any other business, the people currently dealing in Wallpaper in Mombasa right now and those opening shop currently, the first movers will have a big advantage as the demand rises.

As the demand for wallpaper in Mombasa soon gets to the peak, the first movers will have established sufficient market share and a solid enough customer base to the majority of the market. There is not better time than now to start your dealership. We can help you do that. Remember you dont require much to start the business. You do not require money to keep stock as we already have a huge stock which you can tap from. Just give us a call.

You can go for a week in Mombasa without entering a room with wallpaper. In Nairobi, Hotel intercontinental has wallpaper, Serena Hotel has wallpaper. I have just been called, as I was writing this, to go take measurements for wallpaper at 680 hotel. Some rooms in Hilton Hotel have wallpaper. Other hotels with wallpaper include Best Weston Hotel. Wallpaper Kenya did wallpaper interior decor for Royal Swiss Grand Hotel and Meridian hotels among other numerous hotels. Now think of how any hotels you have in Mombasa. That is one huge segment of wallpaper market in Mombasa. Go for it.

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