Is Mural Wallpaper different from Ordinary Wallpaper?

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural

Many people looking for Mural Wallpaper actually know what they want. But you should understand the difference between mural wallpaper and ordinary, or traditional wallpaper. Know that murals are far superior to traditional wallpaper. You will also pay a little more. But you will get a far superior and unique product. You will not regret it.

And they are not wrong if we take the narrow definition of the mural. I quote a wallpaper pattern representing a landscape or the like, often with very widely spaced repeats so as to produce the effect of a mural painting on a wall of average size; a trompe l’oeil.

3d mural illustration background with golden jewelry and flowers , circles decorative wallpaper

But from my experience, as words are dynamic, the term mural wallpaper refers to a large picture on wallpaper affixed directly on a wall or ceiling. The keywords here are large picturesI hope you can see the difference here implied. A wall mural can have a large image, such as one elephant, to fill the whole wall. On the other hand, traditional wallpaper comes in a universal standard size of 53 centimeters wide. Therefore it has repeat patterns. You can not do without repeat patterns unless it is solid color wallpaper.

Family portrait wallpaper

The different mural designs

Wallpaper Kenya murals’ raw material is 3 meters high by 60 meters wide. And it is custom-made. Any image is possible. That means whatever artwork, picture, or image you give us can be adjusted to fit your wall. It can be enlarged or reduced. There is only one condition: as long as the image you send us is of sufficient quality to be enlarged to the desired size. This is not possible with ordinary-size traditional wallpaper.

Because all murals are custom-made, you cannot walk into Wallpaper Kenya and pick one. You have to wait for it to be printed. But you walk and pick off the shelf ordinary wallpaper.

There are an endless number of designs achievable in mural wallpaper. With a custom mural wallpaper, you can add a unique touch to your home décor. And getting the mural of your dreams has never been easier. To start, you can simply browse our millions of online images. If you prefer, you can also use your own photo.

Then, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide to customize your mural.  Crop it to the desired size and add visual effects. Once it’s done, your mural will be printed on a silk fabric designed specifically for your particular wall.

Here are some of the design ideas you can look for online are:

Lion: King of the Jungle Photo Mural Wallpaper

  • world map murals

World map for walls

  • nature wall murals
  • Floral wallpaper murals

3D mural poster wall printable up to 3.00x3.00 m highest resolution extra good quality

  • Botanical mural wallpaper

Tropical vintage monkey, sloth, lemur, palm trees floral seamless pattern blue background. Exotic jungle wallpaper.

  • Beaches

Beautiful beach with white sand, turquoise ocean, green palm trees and blue sky with clouds on Sunny day. Summer tropical landscape, panoramic view.

Moses with the Ten Commandments - Church Wall Mural

  • Forests

empty room with photo wallpaper with forest landscape photography

  • Waterfalls

Panoramic beautiful deep forest waterfall in Thailand

  • 3d wall murals

3d Wall Murals

  • children’s wall mural

Kids wallpapers Archives - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

  • Girls’ room wall murals, the list is endless.

Set beautiful elf princesses. Children's background with castle, rainbow and fabulous flower meadow. Wallpaper for girl. Wonderland. Cartoon illustration. Postcard for friends or family. Vectot.

Advantages of Wallpaper Murals

By now you know that mural wallpaper is the more fashionable, that is indisputable. Look at the current fashion magazines showing environments with colorful drawings, from the current trend for florals and exotic greens to the most daring designs with an infinity of colors and shapes.

Let us start with the advantages of the material. You should note that the mural’s raw material is silk fabric. It has nothing to do with the old traditional wallpaper, both for its durability and for the finish. It is also removable and reusable. That means you can move house with it.

Then note that it is an easy-to-clean element, beyond being useful for covering cracks, imperfections, or stains on the walls. In addition, the endless image or design possibilities are another of its strengths.

As for its installation, it is not as difficult as traditional wallpaper. As a general rule, it takes mural wallpaper less time than ordinary wallpaper or paint. The installation of wallpaper is made easy by the fact that it comes in one piece. Although you will need a friend to help you due to its big size.

Aesthetically the mural wallpaper convinces more than the traditional one. From this point of view, it is undoubtedly a big success. You can create visual effects, such as making a piece appear larger, by wallpapering a strategic wall. In addition, it is also an ideal alternative to separate environments in a room.

On the other hand, the custom mural helps to personalize and decorate the interior of a closet or the shelves of a shelf. In the long run, this material is an inexpensive and relatively quick tool to turn your home or office around.