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What is Office Wall Branding? And why is branding important?

Business words on office wall branding

Office Wall Branding is key to communicating to your customers what your products and services stand for.

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But modern Office Wall Branding is much more than a company creating a brand name, logo or design on the office wall.

Interior photography of a new modern corporate open plan office with work stations with a green and white wall décor.

And that is okay as it helps to build brand identity and distinguish a product and service from other products and services.

Build your brand words on grey wall with paintbrush in s hand. Motivational business marketing concept.

However Office Wall Branding is more important because is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers.

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And it also allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Reception in new office with green wall. Blank of corporate style, 3D illustration, rendering.

Therefore build your office wall branding to be a true representation of who you are as a business. And also how you wish to be perceived.

Inspirational office wall branding.

Use modern technology office wall branding

3D Effect Digital Wall Branding

There are different ways you can use to brand your office walls. These include the traditional wall mural painting and or sign writing, vertical printing and wallpaper.

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However the most effective and economical imagery is removable and reusable customized mural wallpaper.

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There is no doubt a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if one small photograph can convey a story, imagine what a full-color, high-resolution, wall-to-wall office wall mural tells the world. And there is no better way of achieving this than using digital photo wall murals.

PCEA Church Photomural Wall Branding

It’s not just one of the hottest interior design trends of the moment, either. Business wall murals are a signature piece of how you brand your office and stay in the consumer’s mind.

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Murals can be situated inside or outside your business. They strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personality — plus just make your office look darn good.

Church Wall Murals Wallpaper

If pictures have a lot to say, then custom wall murals are the megaphone to broadcast it loud and clear.

Business strategy plan on grey wall with parquet floor, colourful drawing with graph changes and digital marketing icons. 3d rendering

Keeping your brand top of mind is also imperative to influence a consumer’s buying decision. To top it all off, many consumers today lack trust in brands. And so making your brand authentic and communicating the same on the office wall is what Wallpaper Kenya offers you.

Barber shop wall branding

How you communicate your brand can impact your effectiveness and determine if your audience recognizes your corporate message. Or chooses to ignore it.

Vector 3d Realistic White Wall Office Clock on Textured White Wall Background. Design Template of Office Clock with White Dial in Interior. Mock-up for Branding

Choosing the best color for your home is easy. You already have a general idea of what colors you like and which ones will make a personal statement.

Brussels, Belgium 08.20.2022 Stade Joseph Marien, Saint Gilles Stadium

Color will transform your home into something out of a magazine. The right color will relax you or brighten up a room. It’s all based on your tastes.

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But choosing office wall branding colors is completely different. You may love the color lavender but that doesn’t mean it should be on your accounting firm’s walls, right? Or should it?

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In this article, we’ll go over how to choose the best office wall branding color. So that you get the aesthetics you want and the productivity from your employees you expect.

How to choose colors to brand office walls

Photo mural office wall branding

Choosing the office wall colors that best suits the needs of your company is not an easy task. Here we tell you how to choose them.

IZHEVSK, RUSSIA - JUNE 06, 2016: Inside the new office of official dealer LADA in Udmurtiya after new brand design. LADA - Alliance RENAULT-NISSAN-AVTOVAZ the biggest RUSSIAN automotive manufacturer

If you are thinking of branding your office walls, you need to consider the colors that you can use. This is important since they will influence the mood and appearance or your office.

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In fact, the office wall colors will create the first impression you are going to achieve on customers. So how should you choose  office wall colors?

Reasons to think about wall colors before office wall branding

modern and colorful abstract office wall mural

To create a good impression of the office you should think about the effect the wall colors will create. The decision you make is going to directly influence your employees mood and output.

Bordeaux , Aquitaine  France - 10 30 2022 : guy hoquet sign text and logo brand on new agency facade french real estate store broker office company

It will also provoke a reaction in customers. And will say a lot about you. What are some of the effects?

  • When changing the color of the office walls, employees will feel either good or not. We cannot deny that some colors can create a tense or heavy environment. Conversely, others can create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Thus, you should consider which ones will favor their performance.
  • And when clients visit your office the first thing they notice is wall branding. When the colors are not cozy, warm or attractive, you are not going to attract your audience. Remember that this is the welcome that you will be giving them your first time clients. Thus, when choosing, you cannot stop thinking about such important people.

How you should choose your office wall branding colors

Service concept for office wall  branding graphics, office space graphics.

After knowing the importance of colors in an office, you must now make a decision. What are the colors that are recommended to favor your work environment? And which colors can negatively influence appearance? Next, we are going to detail some of these and how you can combine them.

The most recommended colors for office wall branding

On this occasion, we will talk about the main colors. For example, white, yellow, red, blue, and more.

Geometric wallpaper office wall branding

White color

Abstract White Artistic Texture Office Wall Branding

This is the first on the list and not without some valid reason. In fact, this color is considered the most suitable for all kinds of environments. You can use it with the full assurance that you will achieve a good effect. Even, it is very appropriate to combine it with others that allow it to stand out much more.

Stockholm, Sweden - December 26, 2020: A wall sign with the music streaming company Spotify's name and logo at the company headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

By using the color white you will create a bright and clear environment. It even favors the use of light. In addition, it conveys a neat and clean appearance that is pleasing to the eye. Of course, don’t just use white. You can apply a touch of another color to these rooms. But, always with subtlety.

The grey color

Decorative 3d grey and yellow geometric office wall branding

This is another of the most modern and striking colors that are being used. One of the reasons why it achieves this effect is because it transmits elegance and is very current. You can use it for combinations with others, such as metals or woods. By making these combinations you achieve an attractiveness that makes the environment a ready place. That is why many stays look interesting when applied there.

Close-up of logo of multinational conglomerate Hitachi at brick wall of office building on a sunny day. Photo taken June 18th, 2022, Wallisellen, Switzerland.

However, you should consider whether it is the most suitable for the purpose of your company. Sometimes they can negatively influence the productivity of employees. But in some corporations they achieve a balance that is difficult to avoid, since it transmits life.

Yellow color

Yellow walls and sunlight the wall, minimalist office wall branding.

In this case, we refer to one of the colors that we always associate with light. Therefore, it is part of those known as, warm. It is a beautiful color that can easily make a stay pleasant and harmonious.

Flat Styled Real Estate Brand Logo Illustration Home

If you are going to use yellow in your offices, it is very appropriate in meeting rooms. Also in areas where you are going to assign a work team. Yellow allows an environment of harmony, joy and strength to exist.


Modern line symbol logotype wall branding

This is also used to contribute to the improvement of the environment in a room. It has been recommended to avoid fatigue that can arise from too much stress or exhaustion. In addition, it has been included in colors that allow people to be more optimistic. Therefore, they can be part of your environment in the room that you consider best.

The Red to win customers

Red and Pink Color with Logo and Brand name Wall

Companies use colors to influences our buying behavior and confidence as well as our appetite. Have you not noticed that fast food chains often have the colors red and yellow in their corporate identity? Not for nothing: red makes you hungry and when we see a red color we get an Adrenalin rush in our blood, which accelerates the heartbeat; we become restless and want to take action.

Bordeaux , Aquitaine  France - 03 12 2022 : Western Union wu sign text and brand logo on wall facade office company american financial services agency

In addition to a hungry feeling, the color red also creates an optical illusion. The color seems closer than you think and it suits the sky-high advertising columns along the highway.

You have to be very careful using red in interior decoration and branding. Doing it in excess can cause an uncomfortable reaction. Therefore, it is best to use it in smaller portions.

The color blue

Office wall branding in blue idea

Blue color is also highly requested to for offices walls. Its shade has been included in the group of cold colors. This is because it is related to water, to ice. And it is described as a color that transmits stillness, a lot of tranquility and calm.

It is very convenient to use in waiting areas, or even some that cause stress. In this sense, it will influence people to cause tranquility and a quiet moment.

The green

Dekra logo on a wall. Dekra is a vehicle inspection company founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925. Dekra is the third largest inspection company in the world

Like the color blue, green is also part of the cool tones. It is considered passive because it helps relaxation and stimulates calmness. In addition, it allows employees around to enhance skills. Among them, ingenuity and that they become more creative.

Montpellier , occitanie France - 11 20 2021 : EDF logo brand and text sign facade electric utility company

In which rooms is the color green appropriate? Usually used when the environment is for individual spaces. It has also been applied in companies dedicated to advertising and design. It is a way to strengthen these qualities that employees already have.

Choosing the most suitable color for your office walls

When you want to choose a color, it’s not just enough that you know what its virtues are. You should also know some other points that will guide you to a wise decision. Some tips that will help you in this regard are the following:

Evaluate the objective pursued by your company

When you want to create the best atmosphere in the office, it is convenient to ask yourself the following approaches:

  • Know the space to identify the size available. This is key to establishing the style that the offices will set.
  • It is important to confirm what activities will be carried out in these offices. We have considered that some colors will allow enhancing abilities. In other cases, they will promote tranquility. Therefore, it is necessary to identify it.
  • Also, you can think about the number of people who will use these spaces. If it is only one person or they are work teams.

Create your own style

Sports bar football wall mural

When you go to prepare your office it is important that you reflect your personal style. This means that your company must reflect what it really is. To define what you want to do, start by organizing the type of feelings you want to show. For example, passion and energy have a way of expressing themselves. Similarly, calm and tranquility have their colors.

Combine colors with light

If something should not be overlooked it is the combination of colors with light. To achieve this, it is useful to identify what type of light bulbs you are going to use. When these are very bright, you need to adjust the color. If these are low light, you will also see how a lighter color can enhance it.

How to achieve a perfect finish on office wall

Pizza words cloud poster

There is no doubt that office wall branding is a task that requires your great attention. In some cases, you prefer to save a little money by painting your own office walls. However, the quality guarantee is not going to be the same. It is best to leave this work to an expert. We want to ensure that, in addition to showing a pleasant atmosphere, it is durable.

Also, when choosing styles and combinations, nothing better than expert advice. If you do so, you will see how you get an ideal choice and a perfect finish for your offices.