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Nature Wallpaper will never go out of fashions. Other designs will come and go. The world’s first major Nature Wallpaper designer was William Morris. During his career, William Morris, probably the best wallpaper designer of all times, produced over 50 nature wallpaper designs. The exploration of nature in art takes endless forms, because nature provides us with such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena.  Born on March 24, 1834, at Walthamstow, near London, England—he died on October 3, 1896. That was before the advent of modern technology that you can now use to design your own bespoke wallpaper and have it installed in a couple of days. The English designer’s decorative arts generated the Arts and Crafts movement in England and revolutionized Victorian taste.

The success of William Morris’s wallpaper designs relies on his well-practiced and close observation of nature. All of his wallpaper center on plant-based forms. But Morris’s designs were always subtle, stylized evocations of natural forms rather than literal transcriptions. However, today Wallpaper Kenya effectively customizes literal transcriptions such as your family portraits or scenery you have captured with your camera. We call these photo wall murals.