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Nature Wallpaper

At Wallpaper Kenya nature wallpaper includes bamboo foresrt wallpaper and white clouds blue sky among others. Others are butterfly and animal wallpapers as well as realistic brick and ston. But you can have any image customized for you.

Nature themed wallpaper don’t necessarily have to be pictorial. Take a look at Wallpaper Kenya’s nature inspired hues and textures and bring a touch of the outdoors in. Earthy browns and deep greens come together using deliberate layering and prints to create a strong nature theme.

Blue and white cloudy sky wallpaper beautifully melds in area such as the ceiling, nursery and living rooms. Select from our cool and untamed look of an exposed brick wallpaper, for your living room. Our incredible realistic brick effect designs feature high-quality natural color prints with black, white and red brick wallpaper available.

On trend nature wallpaper

At Wallpaper Kenya we stock wood effects wallpaper. An on-trend finish to a rustic or industrial-themed room that have the ability to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere. Whether it be the natural birch tree wood effect wallpaper or the more contemporary style of wood paneling and wood cladding, using faux wood wallpaper for a feature wall provides a realistic and cost-effective method to bring nature indoors.

Why not bring the outdoors, indoors with our bamboo forest wallpaper? A woodland or tree wallpaper mural is a great choice for your living room, dining room or bedroom, where the rays of light will make you feel as though you’re sitting among the trees. Our bamboo wallpaper murals feature vibrant shades of natural colors to bring the wonders of nature into your space at affordable prices.

Nature themed such as our coffee berries wallpaper borders bring in an exciting new look to the walls. These excellent wallpaper borders bring color, character and stylish detail to a room.