More Flower wallpapers

The enchanting and almost magical purple floral wallpaper design gives every room an unusually atmospheric atmosphere.

Floral seamless pattern on purple background. Watercolor illustration with garden white, lilac flowers, leaves, eucalyptus. Purple floral wallpaper design

Purple is a color full of prejudices.

3d purple floral wallpaper, orchids and butterflies on  white abstract background.

Most people associate it with women, or even find the color hideous and unapproachable.

purple flowers 3d squares background

But with our floral wallpapers in purple we prove what mysterious effect the color purple can have.

3D Mural Wallpaper pink, Purple Decoration Abstract Fractal Fantasy Flower Background , large fabric flower with diamond

Like most other colors, purple occurs, but less frequently, in nature.

Wildflower tulip flower pattern in a watercolor style. Full name of the plant: purple tulip. Aquarelle wild flower for background, texture, wrapper pattern, frame or border.

For example, if you look across a blooming field of lavender, you cannot escape the fascination of their bright colors.

Abstract floral pattern. Vector Illustration.

But since violet is not as common as green, it is also taken as particularly unusual.

Graphic wildflowers painted on colorful wall. Floral background in loft, modern style. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

Flowers such as orchid blossoms also contain the color purple in their petals.

Tropical flowers, jungle leaves, bird of paradise flower. Beautiful seamless vector floral pattern background, exotic print

If you want to make your rooms more bespoke and beautiful, then choosing a purple floral wallpaper design is a good choice.

The leaves of Spathiphyllum cannifolium, abstract, dark purple surface, natural background, tropical leaves

Purple wallpapers create an atmospheric interior design that can benefit different rooms. 

3d purple flower wallpaper beautiful designed white and purple rings background light

In bedrooms, dark violet tones create a mysterious and deep flair. But violet tones that are too dark can also appear gloomy.

3d illustration, light background, honeycomb, blue roses, yellow butterflies

And therefore use these tones only partially as contrasting colors with the other fabrics in your room.

Beautiful blue rose flowers and pearls with abstract background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

And that is why Wallpaper Kenya brings you the custom wallpaper designs.

beautiful purple floral background, abstract nature wallpaper, zen spa aromatherapy massage, 3d render, 3d illustration

It’s hard to take your eyes off the wall with the right purple floral wallpaper mural.

Natural floral pattern made of white flowers floating in the water on pastel purple background. Reflections of sun and shadows. Spring or summer blooming texture concept. Minimal flat lay.

Flowers on them do not have to be too colorful.

Purple pattern. Purple Floral ceramic tile rug seamless pattern. Tile floor or wall tiles pattern. Oriental floral geometric pattern for ceramic, rug, carpet, print, mosaic, tiles, fabric, wrap, cover

But the very fact of the presence of a floral pattern inspires, relaxes and, moreover, enhances the beauty of the already existing interior of the room, gives it a romantic appearance.

Blooming vibrant pink purple and red geranium pelargonium flowers on a window sill close up, floral wallpaper background with pink and red geranium flowers

Positive associations with purple floral wallpaper designs

Choosing the right purple floral wallpaper design is very often linked to the room you are decorating.

Floral nature background vector, white leaves on purple background, hand drawn rose of sharon leaves in minimal outline design on branches of plant leaves

In other words, go for a custom design for your particular needs of harmony.

Beautiful floral wallpaper. Violet purple flowers background. Seamless repeat pattern for wallpaper, fabric and paper packaging, curtains, duvet covers, pillows, digital print design. 3d illustration

Regardless of the tone, purple is a playful, whimsical-cheerful color. It is often seen as an escape from reality, and sometimes, it shows independence, since purple is not a primary color.

3d picture pink and purple dandelions on a white background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

More importantly, purple speaks for bravery. Armed forces wounded while in the line of duty are awarded Purple Hearts.

pink and purple floral abstract background, pink and purple petals, colorful wallpaper, 3d render, 3d illustration

However, the color purple is mostly used by professionals to communicate high goals and high value.

beautiful purple floral background, abstract nature wallpaper, zen spa aromatherapy massage, 3d render, 3d illustration

But there are different shades of purple suitable for  decoration of different interior spaces.

3d mural wallpaper dark purple snowy background. branches flowers floral background with and clouds

For example light purple floral nuances resemble the blooming lavender and lilac colors.

Violet tropical leaves on grey concrete background. Great choise for mural, card, postcard, wallpaper and photo wallpaper. Design for modern and loft interiors.

So you can use them specifically in living rooms as illuminating elements.

3d picture pink orchid flowers in the tunnel perspective  for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

But use stronger purple tones and the nuances of berries such as blueberries or blackberries as perfect eye-catchers for your kitchen.

Set of beautiful flowers on isolated white background, watercolor illustration, clematis, rose, lavender and lilac

Undoubtedly, interior design cannot be considered complete without wallpaper. 

Seamless spring transparent pattern with violet-gold butterflies and flowers (vector EPS 10)

Floral wallpapers were at the peak of popularity in the 70s and 80s.

Pink And Purple Floral Swirls Seamless Pattern.  Ethic background for fabric, wrapping and paper. Decorative print. Hand Drawn Swirls Flowers.

But then were replaced by wallpapers with various geometric patterns and designs.

Beautiful tender blossoming dark purple Ranunculus flowers texture, close up view

Now floral wallpapers are back in fashion with a confident step, and we rejoice!

Floral composition, hand painted, delicate template. Top view, soft style. Scenic flower pattern on neutral, purple and violet colors. Stylish invitation for valentines day and greeting card concept.

The aesthetic component and the charm of delicate purple floral wallpaper attracts and decorates the interior in one of the best way.

Growing purple orchid flowers in white spots in a botanical garden. Growing exotic Phalaenopsis flower full bloom. Blooming flowers pistil stamen in a tropical greenhouse, jungles. Floral wallpaper.

Lilac floral wallpaper murals  – Feminine and lightness interior decoration

t’s time to pay attention to purple floral wallpaper for the walls.

abstract purple floral massage aromatherapy nature health zen peace background, illustration

How often do you think about changing the interior? Surely often, and all because the poorly chosen colors in your room are rather annoying.

beautiful purple floral seamless pattern

But if you want something delicate, sophisticated and original, go for the lilac flora wallpaper. 

abstract purple floral massage aromatherapy nature health zen peace background, illustration

The lilac color in the interior is always a winning option.

spring flowers, multicolored tulips on a light purple background, studio shot.

Especially since this color can be combined in various ways.

Large carnation flowers. Pink buds with blue veins. Floral ornamentation on a lilac background. Watercolor seamless pattern for fabrics, wallpaper and prints.

For example, a combination of dark purple with pale lilac will fill your interior with liveliness.

abstract purple floral massage aromatherapy nature health zen peace background, illustration

The combination of purple wallpaper with cream drapery furniture and golden wall paneling will add luxury and incredible chic to the interior.

Flowers, purple tulips, petal background, abstract art floral wallpaper.

Lilac wallpapers for walls are originally combined with floral patterns of textiles, carpets and other décor items.

Purple flower wallpaper for walls- perfect for girls bedrooms 

If you are going to buy a lilac-colored wallpaper, you should take note of the fact that this color is associated with femininity and youth.

Tulip  flower  purple.  Floral spring background.  Close-up. Nature.

Which means it will be ideal for the design of the bedrooms of young romantic girls.

3D wallpaper design with florals satin background

This color carries lightness and freshness, evoking romantic feelings.

shades of purple floral gradient

So a man in a room with wallpaper of this shade will be a little uncomfortable.

Beautiful fantasy floral wallpaper in purplish pink colors. Transparent bubbles against the background of flowers, curved floral elements, stripes, highlights and glows.

The lilac color is also ideal for a children’s room. So if you have small children, it’s time to turn your attention to the collections of soft lilac wallpapers.  

purple lilies petals background composition ,close up.

Do you prefer lilac color in the interior and want to purchase high-quality wallpapers of this shade? Then you will certainly like our lilac wallpapers.