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Nyeri Town: Wallpaper Kenya Nyeri-Wallpaper in Nyeri is now available locally from our agents. Nyeri is one county and town that wallpaper is of necessity yet does not have enough wallpaper shops. Nyeri, one of the oldest towns in Kenya is situated in the Central Highlands and thus has a cold climate. One advantageous use of wallpaper over paint in Nyeri is that wallpaper keeps a house warm. You do not have to travel all the way from Nyeri to Nairobi to shop for wallpaper anymore. You can now choose wallpaper from our online shop or request one of our appointed wallpaper agents in Nyeri for a hard copy catalog.

All the wallpaper services available at Wallpaper Kenya Nairobi are now also available in Nyeri being: a wide variety of wallpaper designs, expert wallpaper installation staff, site visit and measurements. In the past customers from Nyeri had to either come to Nairobi to choose wallpaper and also the wallpaper installation staff had to travel from Nairobi to Nyeri. To cut these cost for you we have well trained Nyeri town resident wallpaper installation staff.

For those for would like to start their own wallpaper business we are giving free wallpaper installation training. There is a resurgence of wallpaper all over the world and Nyeri should not be left behind. It is easy to start a wallpaper business and one does not require a lot of capital. Nyeri being close to Nairobi one does not of necessity have to hold a large stock. What is important are the installation skills and the hard-copy catalogs for your clients to choose from. Once your client chooses and confirms by paying you a down-payment then we can have the wallpaper delivered either the same or the following day via the Nyeri matatu parcel delivery services. It is as simple as that.