Peel and stick papers are different types. There is, for instance, the self-adhesive contact paper for both wall decoration and furniture upgrade.

Woodgrain peel and stick papers for walls, furniture, and accessories

Please note that the ceiling is referred to as the 5th wall in interior decoration. Therefore there is no difference between wallpapers and ceiling papers. And there are the 3d foam wall panels for walls and ceilings. There are others too, such as the regular pre-pasted vinyl wallpaper, or self-adhesive. So which one do you want and why? This page is to help you decide on the best one for your primary purpose.

3d foam wainscoting peel and stick papers

And if you like a certain peel and stick paper, if the design is right, go ahead and stick it on the ceiling. Do not go elsewhere to find ceiling wallpaper. It is all here. Not unless you are looking for a custom-made ceiling or wallpaper, which we also do. But these are covered elsewhere on this website.

Similarities with regular non-adhesive wallpaper

There is also the regular preprinted type non-adhesive wallpaper suitable for both ceiling and walls. But on this paper, we will dwell more on the peel and stick papers. You will hear of the two major types, contact paper and 3d foam available at Wallpaper Kenya.

White marble peel and stick contact papers

We will also let you in on the designs available, similarities with the regular wallpapers, advantages, and disadvantages. The similarity of peel and stick papers with the regular type is that, in principle, both are primarily for interior decoration. And you can use all of them on both walls and other surfaces. But of course, some are more suitable for different surfaces from others.

It is in the peel and sticks that you will find 100% waterproof wallpaper. And therefore these are the best wallpapers for wet areas such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. Another major advantage of the peel and stick papers is that you can adhere them to existing wallpaper. In other words, you do not necessarily have to remove old wallpaper to hang a new one.

Peel and stick over wallpaper without a problem

It is now possible to wallpaper over wallpaper using peel and stick papers. to be common practice. Even though it is very easy to remove any kind of wallpaper, if it was properly installed in the first place, still you might encounter a problem. Especially if the wallpaper you want to remove was in the first place installed using the wrong adhesive.

Solid white waterproof peel and stick papers for bathroom walls and furniture

In such a case it is possible to simply stick another layer on top to quickly and easily make the wall shine in a new light. Anyone who’s ever peeled off a rock-solid layer of old wallpaper scrap by scrap will curse their predecessors. And strongly discourage you from doing so. Nevertheless, from a purely factual point of view, it is quite possible to stick wallpaper on wallpaper. If a few prerequisites are right, it can not only work but also look good.

Freedom in design

But even though you can to put wallpaper on wallpaper, in most cases it is better to remove the old wallpaper. First of all, you can then see the subsurface and rectify any defects before you re-wallpaper. 

Secondly, this gives you much more freedom in the design. You can perfectly prepare the surface for your desired wallpaper – bright, clean, smooth, and even. And you don’t have to worry about old structures or colors showing through later and spoiling the result.

peel and stick white marble contact paper
peel and stick white marble contact paper

If you stick a smooth wallpaper over a textured or foamed one, the texture will show through. And it won’t be any pretty in the process. And if you stick something hard onto something soft, there will be cracks later when mechanical stress is applied. You also have to reckon with the fact that the colors of the background wallpaper shimmer through. Or the background wallpaper is wrinkled and the whole thing afterward looks as intended, but not skillfully.

Waterproof Peel and stick wallpapers for bathroom and kitchen

Renovating the bathroom and kitchen is now possible with peel and stick wallpapers. If you want to redesign your bathroom or kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to lay new tiles. Renovating the bathroom is also possible with wallpaper if it is water-repellent. A waterproof wallpaper allows you to completely transform the room without having to remove the existing tiles. This saves time, work, dirt, and, ultimately, money.

Bathroom marble peel and stick wallpaper
Bathroom marble peel and stick wallpaper

There are now excellent wallpapers for bathrooms, the quality of which is convincing in every respect. Waterproof wallpapers are available today in many attractive designs and allow you to renovate the bathroom according to your taste. Since every family member is regularly in the bathroom, a bathroom wall design with wallpaper can even have a positive effect on family life.

wall stick paper

The two main categories of peel and stick papers, 3d foam and contact paper, are suitable for wall stickers. Whereas as contact paper can also be used on the walls, its surface is just as smooth as ordinary wallpaper. But 3d foam has got a tactile texture.

3d foam peel and stick wall panels
3d foam peel and stick wall panels

Sooner or later, smooth wallpapers get boring. It is true that even smooth wallpaper can have a 3d optical illusion. But they are not 3d to the touch.


But 3d foam wall stickers are different. Touching the walls, you want to feel a pleasant relief, and not just slide your hand over them. New tactile and visual experiences can be achieved with these 3d foam wall stickers.

Peel and stick contact paper on dining table
Peel and stick contact paper on dining table

The wallpaper is made of soft foam and is available in the form of panels measuring 60 x 60 cm. And it has a relief on their its outer surface. You peel of the backing and attach it to the walls thanks to its adhesive base. The panels are suitable for installation in living rooms, as well as for decorating office spaces, where they create an atmosphere of home comfort.

Solid color stickers

And because it is water and heat resistant you can comfortably use it in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. There various relief designs and different colors available in the 3d foam sticker line. These includes brick design designs in blue, pink, yellow, purple, white, and more. 

Before installing 3d foam peel and stick papers, the wall surface should you should prepare the wall. And that is, you should clean up debris and eliminate unevenness. Only after that you can remove the protective film and install the stickers in place.