Textured Paint-table Walpaperl

Textured pain-table  wallpaper are made to be painted on. But why not paint directly to the wall? Of course texture refers to the surface quality of the wallpaper material. So white textured pain-table wallpaper you kill two birds with one stone. You get to choose the exact wall texture you want, and you get to choose the exact paint color too.

Did you know that texture is extremely an important part of the interior design puzzle? And it helps dictate how a room feels on first impression. Much like the color you cover the textured pain-table wallpaper with affects how warm or cool a room feels, texture influences the tone and weight of the interior space.

Patterned texture on pain-table wallpaper
Patterned texture on pain-table wallpaper

The materials used, which must be both textured and pain-table, include fiberglass or thick fiber wallpaper and non-woven fabric. The non-woven pain-table wallpaper are used as the base or lining paper for wallpaper. They create a perfect substrate for subsequent wallpaper or paint jobs. They are suitable for almost any surface. And they can be painted on several times over, are resistant and inexpensive.

At Wallpaper Kenya you will get pain-table wallpaper with attractive textures reminiscent of reproductions of the plastering, cleaning and trowel techniques. These can be painted on with an ordinary paint brush or roller according to the preferences of each one. You can not get a better way to refine your design, in the choice of color and texture tailored to your personal needs and taste.

The role of textured pain-table wallpaper in interior design

You may ask, what is the role of textured pain-table wallpaper in interior design or interior decoration? Texture, which is often forgotten, is the magical ingredient that can make an interior space pop, and should not be overlooked in interior design or interior decoration.

In other words, pain-table wallpaper is a customize-able way to add texture and design to your walls. While still giving you the luxury to choose the exact paint color hue to coordinate in the space. These dimensional wallpapers harmonize perfectly in any decor. And well on ceilings, too. Paint over these wallpapers with the paint color of your choice.

Our beautiful pain-table wallpaper textures come in a stunning array of patterns. From those replicating the look of a vintage tin ceiling tiles to those creating subtle drama, and modern designs.

Most of what goes into to the making of an interior space visually appealing is found in textured wallpaper. Elements of colors, shapes, patterns, come into play in textured wallpaper. These elements of interior design in wallpaper work together to create a seamless space that ignites the senses.

Wallpaper texture can be either visual or tactile. Visual wallpaper textures, like in realistic brick wallpaper, are those that immediately appeal to your visual sense on first glance.

Tactile wallpaper textures, on the other hand, are embossed or raised surfaces that ignite your sense of touch, forcing you to feel them to appreciate them.

Textured-paintable wallpaper can be used in almost all types of walls, but most people use them to cover old plastering. This type of paper is applied in the same manner as the regular paper though with great care.

The main advantage of textured pain-table wallpaper is that if hides defects such as dents, cracks, rough spots, and holes. Sometimes you may fear to do some wall repairs or change the wall colors, leaving some marks and spots of the previous paintings or graphics. Using the wallpaper may be cheap and no much time can be wasted on doing all the repairs.

Hiding wall and ceiling defects

Textured wallpaper is more than meets the eye. Besides its decorative value and you can achieve any color with textured pain-table wallpaper, it is often used to hide defects on the wall. Defects on the walls are occasioned by blemished planning, inadequate or flawed workmanship or deficient building materials. Textured Pain-table Wallpaper are embossed adding real depth to a room and hiding such small but ugly blemishes.

Besides the plain white textured pain-table wallpaper you will also find textured wallpaper in other designs and colors such as realistic brick wallpaper, wood, marble/stone, geometrical wallpapers and others. Textured wallpaper is the greatest in hiding defects on the walls. Such wall defects could sometimes be highlighted were you to paint the defective wall, such as uneven surfaces, small cracks, peeling paints etc.  If your walls have an irregular texture, cracks or other physical flaws, you’ll never hide them with smooth, solid-colored wallpaper.

When shopping for textured pain-table wallpaper, select a wallpaper that offers a three-dimensional texture or pattern. Select a heavier, more substantial paper, but avoid reflective surfaces such as metallic.

Paint-able wallpaper patterns are extremely popular for their exceptional ability to mask flaws in walls. You can select textured pain-table wallpaper patterns to match a variety of drywall and plaster textures and paint them to match your existing walls, thus no one will ever know your secret!

Types of textured pain-table wallpaper available

A wide range of wallpaper textures is available to choose from at Wallpaper Kenya. You can select embossed wallpaper from a large choice of designs and colors to suit your decor. Or choose specific texture and patterns that come in white pain-table wallpaper, ready for you to add your own paint. Although the designs are not too many, you will find them all astonishing. Some are made to look like artwork done in plaster, a design essential which has been used for centuries. Choose from fleur-de-lis, exotic bells, art deco or art nouveau designs. Some have the look of wood; others look like tiles. Or, they can be mostly smooth, with just an occasional subtly raised flower or other design.

Tips on using textured pain-table wallpaper

  1. Use pain-table wallpaper on a small space.

While you may need to use the wallpaper on your entire wall, it’s also recommended to use it in small spaces to make them look best. Pain-table wallpaper also looks great when used as wainscoting, or just covering the lower part of the wall. It also works well on the ceiling, giving it a little extra pizzazz.

  1. Choose your best fit.

There exist many types of different textures and patterns on pain-table wallpapers. There are geometric shapes, rustic textures and many more. There are wallpapers even made of wood, bead board or paneling. Their costs also vary due to the quality of material used.

  1. Use primer.

It is advisable to prime your wall first before hanging the wallpaper. Primer helps the wallpaper to stay for long. This is because holes may cause air bubbles thus making them smooth.

  1. Test the paper before washing it

Some coverings are easily damaged by water this cannot be washed. To find out if a wall covering is washable, squirt a little dishwashing liquid in water and dab some on the wall in an out-of-the-way spot. If the material darkens or absorbs water or if the colors run, the covering is not washable. Clean it with wallpaper dough.

Stack with need of assistance with selecting or painting your Textured Pain-table wallpaper? Contact Wallpaper Kenya today to get professional assistance.

Painting Vs. Wallpaper

If you are on this page because you face the dilemma of whether paint or wallpaper which works better in your house, the simple answer is we recommend wallpaper. But it is up to you to decide.  However, here we leave you some pros and cons of each one to help you decide.

Pros and cons of painting

The cost of painting your walls is cheaper than wallpaper. But that is only when you are talking of ordinary off the shelf paint.  The price of a gallon of paint, and labor cannot be compared to that of a roll of wallpaper and its installation. But at the same time the the beauty of wallpaper is far superior to paint. You cannot not compare the two. The kind of paint that comes closer to the beauty of wallpaper, such as stucco and other special effects paints, are about 4 times more expensive than wallpaper.

From Wallpaper Kenya you will get a premium quality wallpaper, per square meter all inclusive, supply and installation at Kenya Shilling 500. But special effects painting goes from around Kenya Shillings 1500 to 2000 Kenya Shillings per square meter.

With paint you can also achieve original and fun looks. When you are a creative painter with good skills you can create custom patterns and designs. But this is far more expensive in in terms of time and labor than wallpaper. Take for example an intricate wall mural painting on a business premises wall of 5 meters height by 10 meters width. This king of mural painting can take several weeks to do, or even months, depending, and tens of hundreds of thousands of shillings. But at Wallpaper Kenya you can get the same or similar effect done in a day or two at a cost of Ksh 2000 square meter.

Pros and cons of wallpaper

The wallpaper offers a greater variety of designs and you do not need anyone with special skills to paint or draw, just choose the design and color that you like, install it and go.

The look you are going to get is more luxurious and neat in view of the wide variety of papers on the market …. regardless of the design, you will find a variety of finishes ranging from matte to shiny and even with 3D appliques .

Although the cost is higher than that of painting, the wallpaper is much more durable, so the investment you make today can last you many years without the need for maintenance or touch-ups.

The negative in the last case would be that if you get tired of the design, removing the wallpaper is cumbersome and expensive. Likewise if you have any type of leak or problem with your air conditioning, if a section of the paper is damaged the only way to repair it is to replace it, hopefully you will find the same but in the worst case you must replace the entire wall.

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with wallpaper.

 textured & pain-table ceiling wallpaper
textured & pain-table ceiling wallpaper



Swirl Textured Plain Color Paint-table Wallpaper
Swirl Textured Plain Color Paint-table Wallpaper