ceiling wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper is as equally important as wallpaper for walls, if not more.

Nature ceiling wallpaper. Healthcare wall art.

But it disheartens me to see ceilings are a little forgotten part of our homes.

3d ceiling wallpaper illustration of flower background Silver

I don’t understand why we tend to leave the ceiling aside in favor of other elements such as walls, floors, or furniture.

stretch ceiling model blue sky flowers and doves

Whether you want a home makeover or you have new construction, the key to transforming ordinary walls into distinctive art is in the details.

Stretch ceiling pattern. 3d decorative frame and sunny blue sky, flying doves and white spring flowers

And you will achieve this best with ceiling wallpaper.

white surround ornamental pattern 3d

Most homeowners or buyers pay close attention to accent walls. But look up and get creative.

Luxurious Three Dimensional Golden Flower with Butterfly's Background.

Ceilings are a blank canvas. Incorporating an attractive ceiling wallpaper species adds character and drama to a room’s fifth wall.

Bottom view of pink white cherry blossoms, full moon and night sky. photo for stretch ceiling decoration. in traditional islamic pattern and 3d gray frame

Because if you use wallpaper on the ceiling it gives great prominence to the fifth wall and makes your interior decoration very interesting.

3d Designs for wallpaper and interior decor

Or don’t you go for months before you enter a house that incorporates wallpaper beyond the walls? That is why wallpaper on the ceiling gives an impressive, unique, or much more subtle result.

Bamboo pattern in bamboo house

All these depend on the pattern you choose to use.

3d sky, beautiful flowers, ceiling background

Hanging ceiling wallpaper is growing more and more popular. Because it adds lots of visual interest to the ceiling.

3d Roof ceiling Wallpaper Design illustration

White textured wallpaper has been baptized Ceiling Paper. Because the range of plain white wallpaper includes the most beautiful ceiling wallpapers.

Passenger plane flying in the panoramic blue night sky. full moon and stars. pink and white spring flowers. bottom-up view.

Gives your ceiling a completely new indoor climate with white textured wallpaper as above picture. In most cases, you can over these ceilings.

3D wallpaper for home interior classic decorations background Flowers Classic bedroom interior illustration 3d wall art

The embossed wallpaper is a real eye-catcher, especially on the ceiling. Of course, they also cut a good figure on the wall or accentuate special niches and oriels.

autumn sunny sky and dry tree branches

But it is not only white wallpaper that can be hung on the ceiling. You can wallpaper your ceiling to match the wallpaper on your walls. Alternatively,  you can wallpaper the ceiling exclusively to create a unique look.

Wallpaper on the ceiling of your bedrooms

We have found many examples of children’s rooms with wallpaper on the ceiling. The bedrooms seem to us an ideal space to use this decorative idea.

3D wall ceiling wallpapers,marble and gold gilt pattern

So that you can contemplate it from the bed looking upwards! If you want to be safe, use a neutral wallpaper that provides an interesting texture

ISFAHAN, IRAN - OCT 18: Antique ceiling with music instruments patterns in famous palace Ali Qapu on October 18, 2014. Safavid era palace Ali Qapu was built in early seventeenth century in Esfahan

For example, use paper that mimics the appearance of the wood. It will give you a very interesting natural look that will fit well in Nordic decorations with a predominance of light colors.

purple colored mystical sky, cold air and moonlight. Bottom up view of leafless dried tree branches.

On bedroom ceilings (and in the rest of the rooms), match the ceiling wallpaper with the color of the walls for harmony. Whether in neutral shades or more vivid ones, coordinated colors will give a better result.

The importance of ceiling decoration with wallpaper

Black and white ceiling and wall harmony

Although we see it almost always on the walls of the house, interior designers and decorators have taken it to the heights. Placing these wall coverings on the 5th wall, the ceilings.

pigeons flying on spring flowers in a beautiful sky

And this achieves highly creative and bold designs. Being decorative paper, it works perfectly to give life to different spaces in the house without the need to place too many accessories. Because of its color and diversity of patterns and prints, it is capable of filling any room.

Beautiful sunny sky. flying white doves. 3d ceiling decoration image. sky bottom up view

From photographic images of textured wallpapers in the latest interior decor magazines, the idea of ​​placing wallpaper on the ceiling is a trend.

Beautiful and colorful mosaic ceiling

It is also noteworthy that when you decorate your ceiling with wallpaper, most especially embossed wallpaper, you sound-roof your room to a certain extent.

stretch ceiling corridor model. 3D golden frame on islamic background. decorative golden floral ornament in the middle.

When designing a room many people forget about the ceiling. That is wrong. It pays to incorporate the ceiling into your overall interior decoration.

Black ceiling roof Wallpaper Design - 3D Roof Ceiling Wallpapers - Flex Roof Wallpapers

To interior designers, the ceiling is referred to as the “fifth wall”. The ceiling is just as important as any other wall when it comes to interior decoration.

Soundproofing the ceiling with wallpaper

Is soundproof wallpaper sound too good to be true, isn’t it? But the concept is simple enough. For the wallpaper to be embossed it must be a dense paper that can be pasted onto the ceiling.

 gypsum sheets pattern

Just like any other wallpaper, this will help dampen the sound coming into the room.

Swirl shape background. Circular ornament in the middle. It can be used as a stretch ceiling.

Let’s be clear. No paper, no matter how dense or thick it is, will transform any room from sounding like the inside of a drum to the inside of a library.

3d mural art and decoration image. Cream - rose gold color luxury quilted texture.

But embossed ceiling wallpaper has acoustic properties to make a minimal difference to the amount of sound getting into your room.

3d Illustration, for roof, flex, stylish design

Therefore, if all you are looking for is something to turn down the ambient background noise of some distant traffic or distant chatting then embossed wallpaper could make enough of a difference to be worth considering.

3D wallpaper for home interior classic decorations background Flowers
Classic bedroom interior illustration 3d wall art

In any case, you are looking for ceiling decoration and this is only a rider or an added advantage.

Acoustic properties of embossed ceiling wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper’s acoustic properties are derived from layering, instead of just being made up of a simple patterned sheet like most wallpapers are. It is made from multiple layers which help break up and disrupt sound waves as they travel through it.

islamic motif background. abstract circular pattern. Swirl starburst spiral auger. It can be used as a stretch ceiling, wallpaper and design element.

Some soundproof wallpapers also contain a layer of insulation inside them which further dampens your ceiling and/or wall against sound. If you buy a decent soundproof wallpaper then yes, it will work. However, as with all things soundproofing, it will work only to a certain extent.

Mosaic texture background. image for design element, mural, wallpaper and stretch ceiling decoration

It will not stop loud noises getting from through. However, it may take the edge off low background ambient noises such as conversation which can be faintly heard through.

Green branches against the background of the summer sky. 3D rendering. Art ceiling. 3D wallpaper. Look up.

All the same, I hasten to say,  if you are hoping that thick wallpaper is going to completely soundproof your apartment then you will be disappointed.

Embossed ceiling wallpaper works for soundproofing only if you don’t expect too much of it!

Ceiling designs

Wallpaper is one of the favorite decorative resources you will ever get for your ceiling and walls. No other interior decoration material has more decorative elements. Plus you can easily install it.  And the large number of designs that we have today allows you to place them in all decorative styles. And practically in almost every room in the house.

3d Illustration, ceiling wallpaper for bedroom, 3d wallpaper, flex roof wall wallpaper

In ancient times, the ceiling was simply whitewashed. That is, painted with white paint and a paint roller. But today, you have an inexhaustible number of designs. You have a choice of colors and possible combinations in the most creative ideas in ceiling wallpaper.

texture, natural beige colors. 3d design, seamless pattern, abstract background. Palm leaves illustration in gold. Mural. Watercolor effect, digital art, fabric printing, textile

If you find your ceiling slab blank and boring and want to change it,  hang a ceiling wallpaper. You can paint over most of the can but read the instructions first. Let us say, most wallpaper is suitable for the ceiling. But all ceiling wallpaper is also suitable for the wall.

green trees and panoramic sky

You can use textured wallpaper in all room ceilings as long as they are flat. Use them in the living room as in the bedroom. There are various possibilities in the bathroom or the kitchen. Redesign the ceiling in the hallway, in the children’s room, and in all rooms of the house!

Modern designs

Choose a ceiling wallpaper that is white embossed or patterned to reflect natural light. However, as in the picture here, any wallpaper can be used depending on the color theme of the interior space.

barber shop wallpaper and ceiling design. decorative motif background and 3d frame. for stretch ceiling decoration.

Black and white wallpaper is neutral and will work in most other rooms. Mind you, It will not clash with whatever your color theme is.

Horizontal swirl floral ornaments on a white background. stretch ceiling and wallpaper pattern. decorative ornament element

The above-pictured wallpaper will serve to add texture and depth to an otherwise flat boring slab or even gypsum ceiling. For a good and rich finish, consider adding a ceiling cornice to tie the wall and the ceiling. Ceiling Wallpaper is a decor trend that’s going still strong in Nairobi and all over the world. Wallpapers are known for their aesthetic wall design.


Why not think outside the box? Ignore the word “Wall”. Take your wallpaper idea off the walls. Bring it up to the ceiling where it can complete and give a room a lot of punch. Or even become the main design feature of the entire room.

Use the ceiling where the walls are not possible to decorate

Customized ceiling mural wallpaper

Many a time, it is difficult to use wallpaper on the walls due to the presence of bulky furniture. Therefore, to give personality and an air of novelty to your home, you can opt for the ceiling. Ideally, place it in a place like a bedroom, where the lying position allows you to appreciate it more.

old marble ceiling

There’s nothing better than opening your eyes in the morning and waking up with a nice drawing. Or in the bathroom, while enjoying a good bath in the bathtub.

Close-up of suspension ceiling in contrast lighting. Abstract architecture / interior photo with regular structure. Rhombus cellular black and white background.

Of course, its use is also lent to other areas of the house such as the dining room. Or the kitchen as well as the pantry. To give originality to small rooms that are usually forgotten in the interior design as the pantry.

seamless Thai pattern, blue and white modern shape for design, porcelain, chinaware, ceramic tile, ceiling design, texture, wall, paper and fabric, vector illustration

Use it as well at the entrances to the house to give the best first impression to anyone who comes to visit our home.

Tips on How to hang wallpaper up the fifth Wall

When we want to place wallpaper we usually only think about the four walls of the room. Don’t forget that even the ceiling is a “wall” you can use to give a touch of originality to your interior.

Sky background. Sunny blue sky seen through broken glass.

Before installing wallpaper on the ceiling, it checks that the ceiling does not have moisture leaks. And if it does, fix the leak first. Ceiling wallpaper can cover imperfections such as cracks and other small defects without the need for you to repair them. But make sure such defects are not caused by moisture.

Vector illustration with many dots different size. Simple geometric shapes. Beige lace background. Template for laser cut paper.

Most wallpaper for walls can be used on the ceiling. But choose the print that maintains harmony with the rest of the decoration or color scheme in your room. Consider all the other design elements. These are colors, patterns, and decorative trends.  As well as a design that goes according to the environment in which you are.

Dotted 3d creative geometric shape on blue background. image for wall decoration

The wallpaper on the ceiling can be the protagonist of the decoration of the house. So you should try to maintain a certain simplicity in the rest of the accessories so as not to overwhelm the space.

Old antique white  plaster ceiling plate , Vintage victorian style

With the wallpaper, we can create very attractive and original designs. As well as achieve amplitude effects embossed on the wallpaper.

Customize your ceiling wallpaper

Customized decoration

For customization, you get to choose the image you want to appear. Once you provide us with a high-definition artwork or image, and we ascertain that it is workable, it takes only one day to complete your work.

3D illustration Texture, background, three-dimensional, realistic wooden polygons with a shadow, with the texture of natural wood, located at different heights. Render.3d texture of a wall, hexagonal

The artwork should be accompanied by the dimensions of your ceiling. We do it on a silk cloth that is both removable and reusable. It is a solid color fabric that is cut with any design and size. It comes in a roll that measures 3 meters by 60 meters. That means you are likely to get one seamless piece for your entire room ceiling.

stretch ceiling pattern, corridor and living room ceiling decoration photo. traditional islamic background and round ornament with golden yellow 3d frame in the middle

You can obtain a suitable image, either for free or buy at whatever cost. Thereafter our cost of production is Sh 2000 per square meter. The is roughly 4 times more expensive than ordinary wallpaper.

3D Latest Illustration latest Wallpaper ,  ceiling Wallpaper background, 3d wallpaper, roof wallpaper,

But the truth is that the result is extraordinary and allows any space to be unique. In addition to the appropriate colors or designs that you choose, if it is something you would like to do at home.


You get to choose your cool patterns, photographs or why not? A design that comes from your creativity … the purpose is to make it look different.