Giant pink flower 3d wall mural wallpaper in the living room.

3D Wall Mural Wallpapers are customized and made to measure.

wall mural backdrop 3d background

Technically, there is a big difference between 3d mural wallpapers and regular vinyl wallpaper.

3d Flowers background with circle wallpaper for walls.

However, different people mean different things by the term ‘3d mural wallpapers’.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wall paper, murals, carpet, hang a picture, landscape

And many people use the two terms interchangeably.

Regular 3d brick wallpapers

At Wallpaper Kenya, we offer both options.

Difference between Murals and Wallpaper

Tunnel of black and white lines, 3D Wall Mural Wallpapers

As aforementioned, our 3d mural wallpapers are custom-made and come in one seamless piece.

Abstract, stereo, geometry, decoration, porch, can be used for wall decoration, can be used for wall decoration, cover design, printing, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture, wall art, art, simpl

They are also about 4 times more expensive than regular wallpapers. And they are generally applied to just one feature wall in a room.

Children's Room Mural

On the other hand, you will buy ordinary wallpaper off the self in a universal standard size of 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. Hand-painted illustrations, with a geometric art pattern can be used for wall decoration. Wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

Wallpaper is usually applied to more than one wall, sometimes all four walls.

Brown Flowers Crystal with background Circle Wallpaper 3d

But both murals and wallpapers are even applied to ceilings.

Removable & reusable wall murals

3d Photomural wallpaper will help you create an unusual atmosphere in the room and make the interior memorable.

Colorful digital wallpaper new flower design for bathroom and kitchen and also for home decor.3D illustration.

With them, you can create a modern design anywhere, be it a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom.

3d living room large flower wallpaper mural
3d living room large flower wallpaper mural

Sometimes, once you have taken a step forward and decided to decorate the walls of your home, reasonable doubt may arise.

3D wallpaper background, High quality rendering decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

Did we opt for decorative vinyl, or perhaps a 3d mural wallpaper would be a better choice?

3d forest Wall Mural
3d Forest Wall Mural

Or maybe you are not fully aware of the difference between decorative vinyl and mural.3d modern art mural wallpaper with light blue background. golden, turquoise mountains, white moon. light landscape background and clouds and colorful mountains. for home wall decoration

Therefore, today, from Wallpaper Kenya, we are going to get you out of any doubt.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

And explain to you the differences between both formats so that your choice is the most successful for our needs and decorative intentions.

Regular 3d Brick Wallpaper
Regular 3d Brick Wallpaper

A 3d mural is a large print of a photo or artwork

First of all, let’s say that a 3d mural wallpaper is nothing but a large-scale reproduction of a photograph or artwork.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

The material Wallpaper Kenya uses to make a mural is silk cloth.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

And that is more durable than the material of which a vinyl wallpaper is composed, more resistant, for example, to humidity, wear, and tire.

Large Wall Mural Wallpaper
Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

With just the gesture of having a mural on the wall of one of the rooms in your home, you will be able to transform it completely.

Why choose 3D mural wallpapers

The obvious advantage you will get with 3d mural wallpaper is its aesthetic characteristics.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

And a 3d wall image will become an exclusive and striking element of your interior.

3D Universe Space Planets Wall Mural Wallpapers For Kids Bedroom

However, in addition to external aspects, you will get the following advantages:

– They are easy to clean because of the silk fabric and the coating they are made of.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

Making the mural wallpaper dirt-repellent and water-resistant, so you can wash it with water;

Easy to clean white 3d Rendered Wall Mural

– And they are as durable as the silk fabric they are made of.

A set of three abstract background of minimalism. A geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, hang a picture

The strength of the silk mural wallpaper is manifested in resistance to exposure to sunlight and mechanical damage;

3d high traffic areas hospital wall murals

– As you know silk is environmentally friendly. And the composition of photomural does not have allergens or other harmful components.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Landscape art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

Which makes them safe for the environment and your health.

Optical of Texture 3D Wall Mural Wallpaper

 Therefore, more and more designers are advising to make 3D photomural wallpaper for the decoration of premises for any purpose.

Tips on choosing 3D photomural wallpaper for the interior

You can enhance your mural’s 3D effect with fluorescent lighting for greater depth and brighter visuals.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Landscape art. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

This is especially noticeable from a distance, so it is better to glue 3D mural wallpapers in spacious rooms.

3d gaming room wall murals

In small rooms, this finish may not fully manifest itself.

When it comes to choosing, consider these design guidelines:

– Murals with a forest or seascape will help you create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wall paper, murals, carpet, hang a picture. Landscape

And you should use calm panoramic images.

Realistic forest bedroom wall murals

– In the bathroom, you will give an organic look with photos of the underwater world or beach theme murals.

3d beach wall mural

– The nursery should reflect the interests of your child. Choosing 3D wallpaper for the wall gives preference to his favorite fairy-tale or cartoon characters.

Digital image, the truck smashed the wall. 3d image. 3d wallpaper on the wall in the children's room.

And for your toddler child, give pictures with cute animals or calm natural landscapes;

Captivating educational nursery school 3d wall murals

– For wall decoration in the office, dining room, or public places, you can choose urban motives for a moderately relaxing effect.

But remember that due to the nature of the pattern applied, any irregularities will be noticeable.

3d modern art mural wallpaper night landscape with a dark background. Golden Christmas tree, mountain, golden deer, light moon golden, and black waves. for wall decoration

Therefore, you should first align the walls to apply the wallpaper on a flat surface.

Black body shape with perforated protuberances and depressions with golden decor elements. High quality seamless texture.

Design Range

If you want to use 3D photo mural wallpaper in the interior of your room, then our range of designs will help you find a solution.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

We offer design from trusted stock image suppliers for every taste. Order murals from us in one you call! Diversify your interior with our wallpapers.

Custom Photo Wallpaper Modern 3D Stereoscopic Tiger

Wallpapers’ overall décor effect is a combination of the elements of design, color, and/or texture.

Wallpaper 3d photo mural new Chinese gold ginkgo leaves line TV background wall paper 3d papel de parede murals illustration 3D

They provide unique decorative opportunities and personal expression.

Drawing modern Landscape art 3d mural wallpaper. leaves tree, golden lines, golden sun and mountain, white marble background.

On the other hand, 3d mural wallpapers are generally a single photographic image (such as a forest, waterfall, or tropical beach scene) that covers the entire wall area.

3d Window mural wallpaper
3d Window mural wallpaper

Some ordinary Wallpaper designs can be installed on a large wall to give a 3d mural effect.

3d picture of diamonds on the background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

For example brick and wood effect wallpaper designs.

Sources of 3d Murals for Wallpaper Customization

To have truly unique 3d mural wallpapers, you need to provide us with a high-definition picture, image, or artwork.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wall paper, murals, carpet, hang a picture, landscape

And you can source online for such images. You can get perfect pictures from such sites as shutter-stock, big-stock or Unsplash

TAIPE , TAIWAN - DEC 11 : Display for the movie Frozen in Taipei Taiwn on December 11 2017. Frozen is an American computer-animated musical fantasy film

Alternatively, you can also provide us with pictures from your camera. Also as long as they are of high definition.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wall paper, murals, carpet, hang a picture, a swan

Such pictures could be of you and your family. Or anything you like.

Add an extra dimension to your space

Our 3D mural wallpapers add that extra dimension to your space, creating a fun optical illusion on your wall.

beautiful deer with tree and wave wallpaper 3d

These vibrant and eye-catching 3D effect designs are sure to be a real conversation piece in any room, adding depth and bold modern flair.

Polka dot ball rolling 3d optical illusion mural wallpaper

Designs range from psychedelic spiral murals, geometric puzzles, and tunnel views to head-scratching cubic patterns.

3d flowers and plants wallpaper embossed fashion large wallpaper tv background wallpaper

Choose your 3D mural from our vast collection and see how it can transform any wall space in the living room, bedroom, or office.

3d painting mural wallpapers art 

The painting of 3d mural wallpapers often shows the concerns, hopes, values, and memories of the community where the murals are painted.

Running Horses textured abstract oil painting 3D wallpaper

These Murals are not like other paintings.

A set of three minimalist background. Geometric pattern of art hand-painted illustrations, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture, wall art

They have a different purpose and a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them.

Watercolor texture of strokes of colored paint, blurred spots with brushes of different sizes and shapes.

Your choice of the mural, therefore, says this is who you are. Or, this is what you think, this is where you came from, this is what you want.

Abstract geometry works of art. Fashionable modern three-dimensional art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy.

3D buddha painting with flowers wall mural wallpaper

With the 3D wallpaper murals, you will “deceive the eye”.

On the background of abstract art geometry. Mountain landscapes. Fashion of modern art, exquisite pictures of wallpaper, wall murals, wallpaper. Can be used for wall decoration,

What we call in French trompe l’oeil, is a painting technique that, through the perspective and play of color, creates a virtual reality. 

Abstract 3d wallpaper murals

Enhance the look of your walls with 3d abstract mural wallpapers.

Modern Fashion 3D Stereo Golden Fortune Tree Gold Foil Geometric Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

And you can be chosen according to the aura and atmosphere of the space in which you want them to be displayed.

3d cube concrete abstract wall mural wallpaper

You will choose from 3d abstract painting mural wallpapers of bold and bright colors or soft and sophisticated shades, depending.

Abstract art style. Marble, stone material. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

And at Wallpaper Kenya they are made of the best quality materials and are durable.

4d abstract human body action ballet dance pose wallpaper Mural

Also, you will find unusual shapes such as longer circles or rectangles, in addition to traditional sizes and shapes.

Modern 3d wallpaper designs

Today, modern 3d mural wallpaper designs can be attributed to all the trends that originated at the end of the 20th century.

Modern 3d wall mural wallpaper, 3d background, Photo Wallpaper Mural for Living Room Wall Art Home, decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room.

This period is associated with the desire of people to regain their dreams and start creating something new.

An abstract computer generated fractal design. A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.

Tired of the rules and requirements, the young designers want to create something new, which was not there before.

Different white paper flower wall mural wallpaper decorative background.

Now the designer and his idea have come to the fore.

Modern otnate floral vector 3d seamless pattern. Abstract ornamental flourish background. Beautiful gold 3d dandelion flowers, big leaves, vintage decorative ornaments. Surface endless texture.

And not the result of his creative activity, and this is how new genres have appeared in modern 3d wallpaper.

3d wallpaper Pink rose flowers in decorative 3D ring wallpaper

Nature 3d wallpaper murals

Beautiful, high-quality wallpaper with a realistic image of nature is always an up-to-date and appropriate solution for wall decoration.

3d mural wallpaper. drawing colorful trees and circle wood and sky in light gray background.

They look spectacular and fill the interior with a certain meaning.

3d wallpaper design with an amazing landscape view and trees flowers and mountains for photomural

3d wallpaper murals, which depict nature, become the central design element, which decorates the room in itself. And does not need additional details. 

pink flower wallpaper mural wall, design 3d

That is if you need to decorate the interior of a bedroom, nursery, living room, or any other room brightly, stylishly, and concisely. And this, without spending a lot of money, and saving space.

3d Wallpaper design with beach and palm trees for photomural

3d wallpaper with nature is an ideal option for you. And if you want to get chic quality for little money, welcome to the Wallpaper Kenya.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

Why you should order photo wallpapers with nature from Wallpaper Kenya

Tropical seamless background, big royal birds, crane, peacock, heron, colorful fern leaves. Dark watercolor 3d illustration. Luxury wallpaper, mural art. Premium textile pattern gold, blue, green, red

Several objective reasons distinguish our wallpapers from competitors: 

  • All 3d nature wallpapers are made of high-quality materials.
  • The image on the wallpaper is clear, and bright and retains its appearance for a long time.
  • Paints and materials are environmentally friendly and safe for health.
  • The plot of the wallpaper not only gives comfort to the room but also corresponds to modern interior trends.
  • The favorable price of photo wallpapers with nature makes them affordable for everyone.

Hand drawn sketch of a horse and woman with flower background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Thanks to the latest printing technology, the subtle colors and shades of nature will be displayed as realistically as possible on the walls of your home.

Illustration decorative wallpaper canvas art. 3d golden wavy lines and christmas golden tree and golden birds. dark black background for canvas wall frame art.

Thus giving it an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. And the Wallpaper Kenya team will be happy to help you choose the right size and place an order!

Peculiarities of contemporary 3d wall mural wallpapers

Let’s start the glory of modern 3d wall mural wallpapers with 3D graphics.

Modern Alien City 3d Cityscape wallpaper mural.

And which was developed thanks to the capabilities of computer technology.

Wood design 3d wallpaper mural. High quality seamless realistic texture.

Or rather, thanks to the ability to model objects in three-dimensional space.

3d wallpaper Colorful fish with corals in the sea and dolphins

If you look at the number of wallpaper mural designs in the 21st century, 3D graphics are already quite common.

3D wallpaper jewelry golden flower and pearl 3d background for interior

Three-dimensional graphics are also found in street murals today.

Torus optical 3D illusion raster illustration. Black and white tunnel inside view image. Monochrome hypnotic spiral. Twisting loops pattern. Psychedelic abstract background. Endless visual effect

3d wallpaper includes a variety of graffiti, three-dimensional computer graphics, and realistic drawings that create the illusion of a three-dimensional scene.

3D rendering beautiful shiny golden triangle geometry design background.

Wallpaper designers have always strived for a believable representation of nature and surrounding things. In our modern age, this is easily achieved with the help of advanced devices.

3D wallpaper red flower beautiful design 3d ball seamless background for interior

However, something is charming and especially appealing about the many 3D images created by the human hand.

After all, the 3D drawing technique requires great skill and patience, not to mention talent.

3d render, abstract panoramic background, surreal fantasy landscape with lake water, mountains and pink violet sunset sky. Mystical horizontal wallpaper

We offer you the to admire the creations of different masters, whose works are made in a realistic 3D genre.

3D high Decoration Background wallpaper

How to create a 3d wall mural wallpaper

Your brain follows a set of guidelines when it interprets the signals your eyes send out.

3D Illustration of landscape where one sees from inside a cave with a small lake and vegetation a large rock formation in the background in a cloudy atmosphere

Therefore, objects that further away appear smaller. And those closest to you appear larger. 3d wallpaper designers trick your brains by drawing objects that are seen farther away and smaller up close.

3d rendering, paper art, rose flowers, floral pattern, botanical background, pastel blue pink and yellow colors

3d wallpaper is a combination of science and fine art. Designers sometimes use a grid to visually stretch the image of objects, creating the stretched look needed to achieve illusory deception.

 underwater world with marine animals in which the ship sails children's photo wallpaper

Alternative methods involve using a projector pointed at the viewer’s height and distance. And then tracing the outline of the spilled light image to the camera to recreate the image on the ground.

3d Geometric wallpaper murals

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  • Black and white wallpaper

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