Your bedroom murals capture your inner personality and character. Your bedroom is where you spend most of your life and should be a place of comfort and relaxation. For this reason, your bedroom mural should reflect your unique traits, interests, and qualities. But how exactly do you know what style or design scheme accurately represents you?

Good sleep” is indispensable to reset the tiredness of the day and to fully charge the energy for the following day. Of course, bedding is important for better sleep. But it is said that the “color surrounding the bedroom” actually affects the quality of sleep.

So, let us think about “bedroom murals” that color the walls and ceiling.  Let’s suppress the idea of ​​creating a bedroom that is easy to relax, along with the psychological effects received by the color scheme of the mural.

When choosing a bedroom mural, go for color schemes that are cool such as “blue”. Go for colors that have a calming effect on the brain, such as “green” and “brown” colors found in nature.

Achromatic color for bedroom murals?

Grey is okay for achromatic colors. But be careful when choosing pure colors. For example, if you make all the walls and ceilings of your bedroom white, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable. In addition, jet-black may make you feel dark or the space may look narrow.

What you should be aware of when choosing bedroom murals is the color balance of the entire room. Choose a color similar to furniture, and fittings (doors, windows, etc.).  Or match colors and patterns that go well with bed linen, curtains, rugs, etc. to make the atmosphere easier to organize.

Wallpaper Murals

A bedroom is a place where odors are more likely to accumulate than you might imagine. And moisture from sweat etc. is more likely to accumulate. In addition, various bacteria can grow from the dirt on the wallpaper mural. It doesn’t mean that you should always choose from functional wallpapers. But if you are unsure about choosing a wallpaper, you can choose from wallpapers that have functions such as “waterproof“, “deodorant”, and “antibacterial”.

In addition, although it is not wallpaper, 3d foam wall panels as shown in the picture are also popular. Not only does it have an air-purifying function, and humidity control, but it also has excellent interior properties. So it’s a good idea to combine it with wallpaper murals.

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    Most of the bedroom wallpaper in these pictures are simple standard size wallpaper. You will get these ordinary bedroom wallpaper for Sh 1500 per standard size roll supply only. I call them simple because as you can see the pattern is one repeated many times over. But you can have customized bedroom wallpaper murals of […]

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    Modern technology now affords you a realistic 3d full wall mural. As with recent advances in technology, it is no longer news of the use of 3D formats in various directions. Today, even in interior design, one of the trends in the use of digital 3D full wall mural wallpaper. This design of a flat […]

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