Your bedroom murals capture your inner personality and character.

3D wallpaper background, Wooden High quality rendering decorative mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

Because your bedroom is where you spend most of your life. And should be a place of comfort and relaxation.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful narcissus flowers wallpaper on wall.

For this reason, your bedroom mural should reflect your unique traits, interests, and qualities.

A spacious boy bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey mountain wall mural and bookshelves.

But how exactly do you know what style or design scheme accurately represents you?

Beautiful 3 running horses cross the bricks wall and greenery for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

The very first requirement for any materials for the bedroom is environmental friendliness.

3d wallpaper texture, bouquet orchids and perls on silk background.

Well, this is natural, because at night, lying in bed, the body relaxes and it does not need unnecessary irritants.

3d wallpaper texture, roses, butterflies and pearls on pink silk

We offer murals for the bedroom above the bed, printed natural silk fabric with Eco-solvent ink. They have absolutely no smell and are harmless to the body.

Bedroom interior with bright purple murals of mountains, beige carpet and white make up desk. Small, cozy and luxury.

Good sleep” is indispensable to reset the tiredness of the day and to fully charge the energy for the following day.

Bed and a desk in the children's room and a forest, nature wallpaper.

Of course, bedding is important for better sleep. But it is said that the “color surrounding the bedroom” actually affects the quality of sleep.

Antique floral french wall paper with ornate decorated wooden headboard

So, let us think about “bedroom murals” that color the walls and ceiling.

Cozy nursery room with murals, white crib and rocking chair

Let’s suppress the idea of ​​creating a bedroom that is easy to relax, along with the psychological effects received by the color scheme of the mural.

Modern bedroom with comfortable bed, wood décor and stylish moon wallpaper mural.

When choosing a bedroom mural, go for color schemes that are cool such as “blue”.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful hyacinth flowers on wall

Go for colors that have a calming effect on the brain, such as “green” and “brown” colors found in nature.

comfort and tranquility

An important role in choosing murals for the bedroom is played by the shade, color, and saturation of the wallpaper pattern.

Brush and paint on canvas with square box background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

In the bedroom – the place where you sleep, there must be notes that calm the nerves, soft colors, and measured motives.

3d wallpaper, white lilies and spheres on silk background. Celebration 3d background

We create a custom wallpaper mural for the bedroom, especially for you and your bedroom. So that you can enjoy every minute spent in the interior of your bedroom.

3D wallpaper for home interior classic decorations background Flowers Classic bedroom interior illustration 3d wall art

Photo mural wallpapers in the interior of the apartment play a key role. Because when they are not there, there is nothing to be noticed.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

But when you decide to purchase photo murals, the chosen pattern, texture and the place where you want to stick them are very important.

Painted reed bamboo leaves on a textured background. For wallpaper, murals and decorative use.

You should also choose designer accessories that will complement the mural area and emphasize the overall style of the room.

Achromatic color for bedroom murals?

Grey is okay for achromatic colors. But be careful when choosing pure colors.

Painted leaves of reed bamboo on the background of the sun with a sitting heron. For wallpaper, frescoes.

For example, if you make all the walls and ceilings of your bedroom white, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Luxury Purple flowers and background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls.

In addition, jet black may make you feel dark or the space may look narrow.

Stylish interior of cozy bedroom with printed blowball on wall

What you should be aware of when choosing bedroom murals is the color balance of the entire room.

Chinese Style Abstract Flower Vase Petal Dark Fashion Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Choose a color similar to furniture, and fittings (doors, windows, etc.).

Silhouette of dry grass flowers against the sky. Achromatic bedroom mural.

Or match colors and patterns that go well with bed linen, curtains, rugs, etc. to make the atmosphere easier to organize.

Wallpaper Murals

A bedroom is a place where odors are more likely to accumulate than you might imagine.

Design of the bedroom. Oak furniture, custom wallpaper murals, panorama of the island.

And moisture from sweat etc. is more likely to accumulate. In addition, various bacteria can grow from the dirt on the wallpaper mural.

Purple flower , ducks and circle backgrounds wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls 3d

It doesn’t mean that you should always choose from functional wallpapers.

3D wallpaper background, High quality Flower rendering decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

But if you are unsure about choosing a wallpaper, you can choose from wallpapers that have functions such as “waterproof“, “deodorant”, and “antibacterial”.

Mountain retreat calming small bedroom with wallpaper mural in purple tones and white bedding.

In addition, although it is not wallpaper, 3d foam wall panels as shown in the picture are also popular. Not only does it have an air-purifying function, and humidity control, but it also has excellent interior properties.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful rose flowers on wallpaper on the wall.

So it’s a good idea to combine it with wallpaper murals.

Bedroom murals for adults

Wallpaper Kenya is the one place you will find bedroom murals for adults as you would have it.

Love abstract Art set. Mural with couple in love, hands and kiss on lips. Design elements for bedroom wall decoration in house. Cartoon flat vector collection isolated on white background.

And you can have romantic wallpaper as well as couples wall art if you like. Because we recognize a bedroom is a place where you take off all masks, and clothes and becomes your naked self.

partial view of couple in live holding hands while lying in bed together. Romantic bedroom wall murals.

A place where you want to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city, work, and people.

Couple kissing romantic wallpaper for bedroom, sunset coconut tree paradise beach, vector illustration.

That is why the choice of wallpaper mural on the wall in the bedroom should be approached with great care.

A couple expression of love bedroom wallpaper

Visit us for a fantastic repertoire of adult murals for bedrooms with more than a million designs.

Rules for selecting the image and colors

If you have not yet decided on the pattern, then remember a few simple truths and avoid unpleasant effects. 

happy couple running on the beach

Large details reduce the volume of the room and psychologically put pressure on the inhabitants. Vertical drawings visually raise the ceiling but narrow the bedroom. Horizontal – have the opposite effect. The diagonal print perfectly hides the unevenness of the walls.

Farmhouse wooden bedroom in boho style in white and red tones. Double bed, hanging chair and potted plants. Window with shutters and wallpaper. Country vintage interior design, 3d illustration

To make the interior interesting, you can resort to a combination of different photo murals for different walls.

Exotic jungle plants, leaves vintage botanical illustration. Black and white tropical palm tree leaf pattern. Vector seamless tropics wallpaperdesign for bathroom, bedroom, home decoration ideas.

An accent of textured and contrasting colors mural is made at the head of the bed, a work area, an armchair and floor lamp area, and a dressing table.

3D Wooden Strips Wallpaper Wall Mural, Unique Irregular Wooden . 3d illustration

As for the color scheme. murals with different dark shades deprive the room of air space. But soft warm colors create an atmosphere of home security and have a positive effect on sleep.

3D Mural wallpaper Living room and Bedroom wall art beautiful high quality Circular pattern 3d background Illustration for wall decor.

Cold colors give a feeling of freshness and spaciousness. If your room is on the sunny side, then look at the green, blue, and cream shades.

Scenery murals

Landscape wallpaper is not only suitable as bedroom murals but is a universal motif and suitable for many spaces, from living rooms to kitchens.

Beautiful Natural and green scene Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

This is because they warm the interior, and add subtlety to the arrangement.

Dreamy beaches, tropical jungles, exotic landscapes, high mountains, or dazzling photos of the cosmos: are just some designs that you find at Wallpaper Kenya.

We diversify the offer as much as possible so that you can choose something to your liking.

Whether you are a mountaineering fan or a beach lover will find a landscape to decorate bedroom walls with a personalized motif.

Landscapes will work well, especially on large surfaces. For this reason, we offer you custom sizes made to order.

Tropical leaf wall art

These are seamless wallpaper with bright tropical leaves for even you who usually prefer calmer tones like the fairly saturated colors of this pattern.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

The secret of the mesmerizing effect of banana leaves is in an incredibly attractive combination of hundreds of colors and shades, carefully selected by artists according to all the laws of color.

Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-painted vintage 3D illustration. Bright glamorous floral background design. Luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, digital paper

Therefore, even bright colors in this plot look harmonious. Thanks to such a unique palette of colors. This wallpaper is easy to integrate into a wide variety of interiors. And it will always be an accent wall that reflects style and mood.

forest mural

Forest bedroom murals are also mesmerizing. Decorate the walls of your bedroom with forests and bring a little piece of nature to your rooms.

Beautiful morning in the forest wallpaper mural

This is also a concept with thousands of designs of different styles to have the home you deserve.

And therefore, if you are looking to decorate your home, here we propose multiple ideas.

Because in this way your home will reflect your lifestyle and personality. It is important to have a decoration that you like to feel comfortable with.

flower mural

Floral murals are an interesting proposition for bedroom walls as well as living room walls giving light and spring freshness.

Decorative cushions with plain and floral prints on a turquoise bed by a leaves wallpaper on bedroom wall.

We all love flowers, don’t we? Do you like being a person with a green thumb? Well.

Flowers and books next to pink bed with grey pillows in patterned bedroom wall. Real photo.

With so many amazing designs to choose from, you won’t know where to start!

3D wallpaper for home interior classic decorations background Flowers Classic bedroom interior illustration 3d wall art

Our wonderful designs collection of flower murals feature all your favorite flowers like daffodils, lavender, sunflowers – the list goes on and on! We’re adding new designs all the time so we know you can get the other flower wall art you want! So what are you waiting for?

Bedroom murals for teenage children

Our designs of bedroom murals for teenagers will amaze you with their extraordinary assortment, environmental friendliness of materials, and beauty of images.

Bright colorful fairy forest with houses, hemp and mushrooms. Beautiful design for children's book, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children, nursery, teenager room.

A teenage room always has a modern style, fashionable décor elements, and a non-standard approach to wall decoration.

Contrast color bedding on kid's bed in forest bedroom with clock on boxes and pillows in crate

When choosing a mural design, it is important to focus on the personality of a teenager.

animals in the forest children's room wallpaper design

Maybe your child longs for adventure and travel. While another one dreams about science and space, some about sports, and another one about music.

Portrait of young cyber girl with glowing red yellow wires hair wears science fiction metal virtual reality glasses. Cyberspace Augmented Reality, futuristic vision. 3d render on dark blue backdrop. Wall Mural.

Such an interior will be very special for a teenager because it is dedicated to his or her dream.

rainbow mural for the bedroom

Your children will love having a colorful and lively room to play with their friends! Customize the wallpaper mural as they like, choosing the size and finish.

Holographic fantasy rainbow unicorn background with clouds. Pastel color sky. Magical landscape, abstract fabulous pattern. Cute candy wallpaper. Vector.

And we have it all, children’s murals with buildings, balloons, and rainbows.

Children's Rainbow And Sun Wall Mural

An exclusive mural that will allow you to personalize your child’s bedroom in a fun and creative way.

playroom mural

If your child’s bedroom is also the playroom, then the walls must contain game-themed elements. Ranging from video games to card games, with several options.

Flat clouds in a front of space sky with planets, falling stars and Ursa Major, rocket and asteroids. Vector illustration.

The murals, for example, are a great reference for illustrations of cards, pool balls, chips, remote control, etc.

Futuristic woman in hooded leather jacket wears night vision helmet holds assault rifle in one hand on night light bokeh in city. 3d illustration of a dangerous cyberpunk girl in tight black clothes.

Another cool idea is to invest in graffiti art on the wall with character designs, phrases, and electronic equipment. 

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    Bedroom murals presented here at Wallpaper Kenya will be the optimal solution in any situation. They can be used in the interior of a small bedroom or hung on the wall in a large room. Beautiful wall coverings with your favorite pictures, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, will transform your place to […]

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  • Bedroom Wallpaper

    The need for custom bedroom wallpaper murals No doubt the best bedroom wallpaper murals are custom-made. Because sleep is not the only function that a modern bedroom should provide. You read in it, watch movies, enjoy food, and even work. The times when the bed served only for sleeping are long gone. And the functionality […]

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    KSh 2,000.00

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