The butterfly wallpapers, made with love, can beautify the interior of your home very well.

Seamless pattern of butterflies painting with watercolor. For designing colorful butterfly wallpapers. Background abstract fantasy. Flying insects background..

Choose from unique motifs and butterfly colors to bring joy and a fresh breeze in a new decoration for the apartment.

Watercolor colorful butterflies, isolated on white background. blue, yellow, pink and red butterfly spring illustration.

And with butterfly custom wallpaper murals you can create a home that you will happily return to.

3d wallpaper texture, cultivated flowers and butterflies on brickwork. 3D Effect wall murals

Don’t you wonder if there is anything more extra ordinary than butterflies for an aesthetic point of view?

It's been groovy - Seventies retro slogan, with hippie flowers daisies with butterfly, stars. Typographic isolated concept in 70s aesthetics. Colorful lettering in vintage wallpaper style. Vector illustration.

With vibrant colors, and spectacular shapes, the little creatures have various camouflage strategies.

3d wallpaper texture. butterfly wallpapers nature painting, old canvas textures. Grey background. Murals effect.

And conquer with their delicate appearance. You will find them in various habitats, representing the second-largest group of pollinators in the world. 

Butterfly on red flowers green leaves and branches with seamless pattern with flowers background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for wall

There are over 250,000 species of butterflies known globally. However, some of them stand out for their beauty and nuances.

3D illustration wallpaper murals flower and swan and butterfly, water background.

Butterflies are the most captivating insects, especially if we think about their transformation from caterpillars into insects with a particularly beautiful color. 

Chinoiserie Vintage floral illustration for wallpaper, fabric, poster, print. Mural. Bloom. Seamless background with exotic birds and flowers

These gorgeously colored creatures, with large and delicate wings, are the image of grace and delicacy.

Seamless pattern with butterfly on black background. Contemporary composition. Boho wall decor. Mid century art print. Trendy texture for print, textile, packaging.

Watching butterflies is a therapy similar to watching beautiful and colorful tropical fish in an aquarium.

Green curly branches with pink and green butterflies. Beautiful painted flowering branches on the beige old grunge wall.Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, etc.

You can introduce the delicate silhouettes of butterflies into the interior decoration of any room.

Retro 70s illustration print with kindness slogan, floral butterfly rainbow elements. Graphic print design for walls, poster, apparel, fashion

Particularly in the house, butterfly wallpapers are cheerful accents or dominant elements.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly collects nectar with a thin long proboscis sitting on a pink aster flower

In the bedroom, bathroom, living room, hall, kitchen, and of course the children’s room.

Drawn butterflies on thorns. Wall mural, wallpaper, in the style of classic, baroque, modern, rococo. Brown photo wallpaper design.

Precisely because they have a pleasant effect on us, wallpaper designers use this symbol of nature to decorate and highlight their collections.

3d marble background with beautiful rose flowers and butterflies. design for wallpapers, wall mural, etc.

If you are skeptical or oriented towards refined environments you will say that butterflies lend themselves to shabby-chic or romantic settings.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper

Well, by stylizing their shapes and by adopting a bold color scheme, you can easily contextualize butterfly wallpapers even in contemporary interiors.

Top 10 most beautiful butterflies

10. Dead Leaf Butterfly (Orange Oak Leaf) for brown and dark wallpapers

This butterfly is the perfect example of beautiful animal camouflage. The underside of the dead butterfly’s wing is brown and dark. 

Magical pattern with moths, crystals, bottles and herbs. Contemporary composition. Trendy texture for print, textile, packaging.

The veins and irregular patterns on the wings make it look like a dead leaf. However, its upper parts have bright colors including orange, white, brown, and blue.

Golden butterflies on a brown background. Seamless pattern. Vector illustration

They are also known as the Indian leaf butterfly and can be found in the rainforest of Asia.

9. Swallowtail Emerald for yellow and blue wallpapers

This butterfly is part of a large family of swallowtail butterflies and has 550 different species worldwide. 

Seamless pattern with blue and yellow butterflies

The emerald swallowtail is among the largest and most colorful butterflies in the universe. They are usually found in Southeast Asia and have wings with bright green bands. 

Macro shot of the wing of a Swallowtail butterfly’s wing, revealing the microscopic scales that create it’s color patterns. Wallpaper mural.

The structural color of their wings also has yellow and blue highlights, and the underside of these butterflies is orange and black. 

Japanese nature, red spider lily and swallowtail butterfly

If you look at the underside of their wings, you will also see many blue spots toward the edges.

8. Butterfly with glass wings for reddish-brown wallpapers

As the name suggests, this butterfly has beautiful transparent wings. Also known as Greta oto, this species of butterfly is found in Colombia and Mexico.

Vector fashion illustration design for glass-wings butterfly wallpapers

All thanks to their transparent wings, it becomes very difficult for predators such as reptiles and birds to catch them.

Transparent vector of a swallowtail butterfly black and white scalable

 Mainly because of their reddish-brown edges, they are somewhat visible, though not easily. These butterflies feed mainly on a flower known as lantana.

7. Apollo butterfly

The Apollo butterfly has a beautiful white body and attractive wing spots. On the forewings of these butterflies, you will be able to see many black eyespots and even the hindwings have four red eyespots. 

Light Apollo watercolor butterfly. Seamless vector pattern

The Apollo butterfly is found in parts of France, Spain, and Italy. And the brightness and size of the red spots vary depending on the location where they are found.

Apollo butterfly wings texture background. macro photography butterfly wings. copy space

Not only are these butterflies known for their beauty, but their defensive strategies also make them attractive.

Apollo Butterfly, roses and daisies. Hand painted watercolor wallpapers. Vector illustration.

In their larval form, Apollo butterflies are dark in color and use this color to camouflage themselves. 

Abstract oil paint and bright apollo butterfly on canvas background.

However, adult butterflies cannot use color to camouflage themselves, but they do create a foul odor to ward off predators.

6. Sylphina Angel

Sylphina butterflies have almost transparent wings and are distributed in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. The transparent inner part of these butterflies is lined with beautiful black outer wings. 

Collection of colorful butterflies. Imitation of watercolor butterflies. Set of decorative, abstract butterflies or moths on a white background. Isolated illustration for stickers or print. Vector.

Their gorgeous tail features a fusion of shades of pink, blue, and green. Most of the time they stay under the leaves of plants and fly only in full sunlight.

5. Giant forest butterfly Owl

Giant owl butterflies are mainly known for the eyespots present on their wings, which look like their own real eyes. 

Seamless soft powder pastel butterfly and owl illustration background pattern in vector

They belong to the owl butterfly family and are native to Central and South America. The wingspan of these butterflies is large, ranging from 13 to 16 cm. 

Beautiful Geometric pattern made of a wing of a butterfly called the forest giant owl

The huge eye patterns on their wings resemble the eyes of many predators. It helps these butterflies to easily escape from predators such as frogs or lizards and also threatens many small animals.

Owl Butterfly (Caligo Memnon)

The upper wing of the giant forest owl butterfly is yellowish brown with purple edges. These butterflies feed mainly on fruit and have a lifespan of 125 to 150 days.

4. Eighty-eight butterflies

This gorgeous butterfly is native to Central and South America. The black and white stripes on their wings outline the number “88” and that’s why they are called that.

Colorful flying butterflies and exotic winged insects. Hand-drawn moth and tropic butterfly collection with rainforest Comet-moth, Cinnabar, Milionia basalis, banded orange Heliconian in flat design.

The same number is found in 12 species of diphtheria butterflies. However, the pattern and coloring are slightly different in different species. The upper part of the Eighty Eight butterfly’s wings is black with a band of green and blue on their forewings. 

Tropical moth pattern with colorful exotic butterflies on white. Exotic rainforest insects seamless background for prints, wallpaper and fabric designs.

The underside of the wings has black markings on red and white. The brightness and thickness of the black marking differ in eighty-eight different butterflies.

3. Peacock Pansy

What mainly makes peacock pansies different is their beautiful spots. These butterflies are native to South Asian countries. The upper part of the wings of these butterflies has a yellowish-brown color and brown edges.

Aglais io or European Peacock Butterfly or Peacock. Butterfly on flower. A brightly lit red-brown orange butterfly with blue lilac spots on its spread wings sits on purple yellow flowers in sunlight.

They also have rib bars and ‘peacock spots’. If you look closely at the underside of the wings, the spots will be more visible.

butterfly collection

The patterns present on the underside of the wings of a peacock pansy change with the seasons and this is another thing that is so fascinating about this butterfly.

2. Long-winged zebra butterfly

This is the official butterfly of Florida, and as the name suggests, the Zebra Longwing Butterfly has long narrow wings with zebra-like stripes. 

Seamless vector multicolor butterflies pattern. Butterfly on zebra print. Trendy animal motif wallpaper. Fashionable background for fabric, textile, design, banner, cover.

The wings are black with yellow stripes.

Monarch butterfly in flower garden

Both the lower and upper parts of the wings carry the same pattern, but the lower part of the wings is lighter compared to the upper part. 

Vector portrait of beautiful young girl with long hair and flying butterflies

These beautiful butterflies can be found in Central and South America and their wingspan vary between 72 and 100 mm.

1. Blue morpho: The most beautiful butterfly wallpapers

One of the most beautiful butterfly wallpaper is the blue morpho. An imitation of a Neotropical insect that is part of the Nymphalid family.

Natural pastel background wallpaper. Morpho butterfly and dandelion. Seeds of a dandelion flower in droplets of dew on a background of sunrise. Soft focus. Copy spaces.

And lives in the tropical regions of South America.

brush strokes of oil paint blue morpho butterfly wallpaper mural. close up.

The preferred habitats of the butterfly are in forested areas, at altitudes between sea level and 1400 m.

fantastic wonderland landscape with mushrooms, lilies flowers, morpho butterflies and moon. illustration to the fairy tale

Nymphalid are also called four-legged butterflies. Because they have the legs of the first pair of reduced size, bent, resting only on the last 2 pairs of legs.

Natural pastel background. Morpho butterfly and dandelion. Seeds of a dandelion flower in drops of water on a background of sunrise.

At rest they hold their wings together, exposing the warning coloration on the ventral side of the wings. 

Blue morpho (morpho peleides) on green nature background, close-up.

The special beauty of the Morpho butterfly wallpapers is given by the insect’s iridescent blue color. And this is specific to males and is present only on the dorsal side of the wings.

colors of rainbow wallpaper. colorful tropical morpho butterflies on an artist's palette with strokes of oil paint.

On the ventral side, the wings are brown, with eye-shaped patterns. Females are brown.

Blue marble texture and blue morpho butterflies. abstract natural pattern for design. blue abstract background

The blue color is a structural one. And is generated by the presence of microscopic scales, distributed in layers, on the surface of the wings.

bright blue tropical morpho butterfly on colorful sunflower flowers

Their shape and specific placement determine the refraction of light and, as a result, the appearance of iridescence, a type of optical illusion.

Ornament of layers of blue morpho butterfly in winter with theme of kaleidoscope, geometry, mandala and seamless pattern. Great for interior wall design, art collectors, businesses etc

The species is diurnal and individuals are usually solitary except during the mating season.

blue natural background. blue tropical morpho butterflies on a delicate floral background

And the life cycle lasts 115 days, going through a complete metamorphosis that includes 4 stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larvae feed on the leaves of the plant species on which the eggs were laid.

abstract pattern of butterfly wings. bright green butterflies and colorful wings of tropical morpho butterfly.

But the adults consume the juice from fruits, decaying animals, and fungi.
Adults are consumed by a few species of predators because their body contains a large number of toxins that they accumulate from the larval stage.

Why are butterflies so beautiful?

And Why are butterflies, as well as butterfly wallpapers so beautiful? Why do their wings glow with all the colors of the rainbow?

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop of beautiful red butterfly wallpapers.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, both vision and color perception in butterflies are quite poor. And therefore, to be recognized by their relatives, they must have as bright a color as possible.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper

Secondly, predators are afraid of bright insects. Because brightly colored butterflies can be poisonous or simply disgusting to the taste. Therefore, this coloring is safer.

Collection of elegant exotic butterflies and moths isolated on white background. Set of tropical flying insects with colorful wings. Bundle of decorative design elements. Flat vector illustration.

Third, it is known that many animal species attract mating partners using beautiful colors. And people too still have the habit of dressing up in their finest clothes for their wedding. Even men show multicolored outfits.

3d wallpaper illustration, pink pastel background, drop-shaped frames, large abstract ceramic flowers and butterflies

Birds even deliberately adopt poses in which bright areas of plumage are displayed.

Light floral seamless pattern. Silver drapery background wallpaper illustration with vintage white 3d flowers, swirl line art leaves, butterflies and damask ornaments. Vector luxury surface texture.

But butterflies come out of the chrysalis only for the “wedding”: they have only one goal – to find a “groom” or “bride” and leave offspring. So butterflies just can’t help but be attractive!

3D wallpaper , small and large flowers with oil painting butterfly , blue oil painting peacock on a pedestal

Butterfly wallpaper imitates the beauty of these beautiful, bright, and fragile creatures.

3d murall lady with light brown peacock and colorfull brick wall and pink rose flower, butterfly wallpaper

Due to their beauty, these butterflies are often captured not only on wallpapers but also by natives or traders to be used in the handicraft industry.

Butterfly wings

Their wings are encased in clear plastic molds, which are then turned into decorative items or jewelry.

butterfly purple yellow wings Morph fabulous beautiful wallpaper for walls.

Whole insects are also sold, and displayed, in the form of paintings.

Bright purple butterfly wings wallpapers. Butterfly wings texture background. Detail of morpho butterfly wings. Close up.

To obtain live specimens more easily, it is customary for the larvae to be collected and cared for until the adults appear.

Abstract Hand Drawing Butterfly Wings Seamless Vector Pattern Colorful Background

Also, the species is often used in exhibitions with live insects.

Abstract watercolor pattern of butterfly wings wallpaper, seamless brush pattern. Design concept for cover, presentation, background for web page, repeating pattern.

Don’t you want to know more about them? For example, how many varieties of butterflies and why do they have such beautiful names? 

Closeup The Lime Butterfly wing, butterfly wing detail texture background

What is the structure of butterfly wings? How far can butterflies travel? What transformations take place with them? 

Watercolor abstract bright pattern butterfly wings, retro colors

Are there harmful butterflies? Can a butterfly live at home, what will it eat, and where will it sleep?

How and where to install butterfly wallpapers

The choice of your butterfly wallpaper pattern depends on your design style.

Seamless pattern with colorful butterflies flying. Vector illustration.

When you orient yourself toward such graphic symbols, you must take into account the style of the furniture too. Because of the brightness of the room and the chromaticity of the ensemble.

Seamless pattern with flying butterflies, hand-drawing. Vector illustration.

And that way you can achieve chromatic consonants between the butterfly models and the existing color palette in the room.

Butterflies and hand written text note. Watercolor. Seamless pattern

If you are a creative and daring spirit, bring the beauty of butterflies into atypical interiors (such as bathrooms).  Or in artistic contexts (in deco groups out of patterns).

Seamless pattern of black silhouettes of butterflies on white background, hand-drawn illustration.

But pay attention to the mix of elements. Try to find a common vein, so that the story of the arrangement is a coherent one, with harmonious aesthetic substrates.

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