Wall murals in Kenya

Removable wall murals - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wall murals in Kenya are usually custom-made for interior walls.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

Modern wall murals in Kenya are wallpaper’s contemporary customized on demand.

Tropical vintage botanical illustration, palm tree, plant floral border background. Exotic green jungle background and wallpaper wall mural, Forrest, Rainforest, Green Jungle Wallpaper, Natural Exotic

Unlike wallpaper, you cannot buy wall murals in Kenya off the counter.

travel by plane all over the world, for your child's room

Because wall murals are printed on demand or painted in the case of outdoors, they will perfectly fit your walls.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural

I want to emphasize that, unlike other people, from Wallpaper Kenya you can achieve full wall murals.

The interior of the living room in orange tones with sofa

From the ceiling to the floor skirting. And from wall corner to wall corner, the full width of the wall.

3D mural poster wall printable up to 3.00x3.00 m highest resolution extra good quality

Again you personalize your mural with a chosen picture, graphics, name, and colors, and add design elements – the options are limitless!

Design in the loft, classic, baroque, modern, rococo style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate photo wallpaper, mural, wallpaper, card, postcard design.

Difference Between Wallpaper & Customized Wall Murals

Wall Murals are generally applied to just one feature wall.

Drawn tropical, exotic plants and leaves among the columns. Floral background for mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, postcard, card. Loft, modern, classic design.

While Wallpaper is applied to more, sometimes all four walls.

wallpaper mural animals kids balloon

Both wall murals and wallpapers are also applied to ceilings!

Tropical palm leaves. Mural, Wallpaper for internal printing. 3D illustration

Wallpaper designs are styled to match each seam (the standard size is 53 centimeters) with a variety of matching options.

Beautiful, vibrant, multi-colored tropical wallpaper, photowallpaper, mural, with a parrot. Drawn mural. Bright flying parrot among tropical leaves.

Therefore Wallpaper design provides a straight match pattern, a drop match, or no match.

White cranes with background. Abstract watercolor paint background grunge texture. Interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls, fresco for the room, interior grunge style

Wall murals on the other hand are generally a single photographic image (such as a mountain or tropical beach scene).

3d wallpaper design with hot air balloons and storks with babies for photomural

They cover the entire wall area being decorated.

 3d room wallpaper custom photo peacock flowers porch decoration painting 3d wall murals wallpaper for home decor background, painting craft

Wallpaper Kenya Wall Murals are available in sizes 3 meters in height by any width.

3d Chinese landscape mural art wallpaper. black trees and brown mountains with sunset.

The raw material comes in a roll of 3 meters by 60 meters. We cut to size according to your wall.

Abstract landscape art milu deer. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, murals, carpet, hang a picture

When the description ‘Wall-coverings’ is used, it refers to both Wallpaper & Wall Murals.

Vector children hand drawn mountain and cute dinosaurs illustration in scandinavian style. Mountain landscape, clouds. Children's tropical wallpaper. Mountainscape, children's room design, wall decor.

Both our wall murals and wallpaper give off a “wow” factor and add some serious style to any space.

Luxurious Three Dimentional Golden Folwer with Butterflys Backgr

Now given the many benefits of wall murals, you can see they’re the way to go! They are irresistible wall decorations.

Customization of Wall murals in Kenya

Customized Bedroom Wall Mural

Because wall murals are customized, they achieve an impact that wallpaper cannot do alone.

3D illustration wallpaper murals flower and swan and butterfly, water background.

Wallpaper Kenya offers a diverse selection of murals.

red branch flowers with wave lines background 3d

From abstract and artistic wallpaper murals to large-scale floral and scenic full wall murals.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper

There are endless wall mural styles and themes to choose from to fit your particular settings.

3D illustration wallpaper design art paint mural background modern

The images used to print a wall mural can be manipulated on Photoshop, modified, the color changed, or change in the scale.

3d mural wallpaper geometric shapes. goden, yellow, black and gray shapes. Modern home wall decor

Whether you’re working on residential or commercial space, custom wall murals allow you to make a bespoke wall décor.

Grunge photo wallpaper with geometric abstraction on concrete background. Illustration for wallpaper, fresco, mural.

A wall décor that is unique to you, truly one of a kind.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

It allows you to add a quote that’s meaningful to you or scale the image.

space wallpaper design for kids room, mural art, brush effect, planets, solar system.

There are many ways you can customize and create your very own digital wall mural wallpaper.

Abstract modern wallpaper mural art. golden, blue, gray, black and wooden shapes with golden lines. 3d illustration for home wall decor

Why not use a high-resolution photograph of your latest vacation and create a strong emotional impact?

 art ballerina on a textured background with scuffs and a brick texture, photo wallpaper for the interior

The process of creating your own personalized wall mural wallpaper is made simple at Wallpaper Kenya.

beautiful green forest with many pink flowers and butterflies. design for 3d wallpaper, wall mural and etc.

All you do is provide your image and we review the creation process to guarantee the end result is a high-quality wall mural.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

Your possibilities with digital print wallpaper murals are truly endless. Contact Wallpaper Kenya to get started today!

Customized Wall Murals Endless Designs & Styles

The best about Wall murals is they come in a variety of styles and designs.

image for photo wallpapers and frescoes. Balloons in the sky. Balloons and airplanes. Animals on balloons. Illustration for children.

These are breathtaking landscapes, bold and graphic patterns, oversized floral prints, or artistic images.

Elegant art wallpaper in coffee-beige tones. Smooth branches with leaves against the background of overlapping wavy shapes.

Therefore there’s sure to be something that suits your tastes.

3d tunnel with rolling out 3d balls

Besides, you can use your artwork or photo for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind wall mural.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print

There is no better way to give you the best choice of great design to help you create a space that is unique and personal than wall murals.

3D Flex Wallpaper, beige background with Flower embossing, zed sign adv, Wallpaper background, 3D Background, Mural Wallpaper

Our raw materials are the highest quality fabric ensuring vivid prints and great definition.

wall mural backdrop 3d background

Our murals are on fabric and are durable and easy to install.

3D illustration, carving horses on stone

We use the latest large format print technologies and stunning imagery and designs to create fantastic wall murals and custom wallpaper.

Outdoor wall murals in Kenya

Although our specialty is interior decoration wall murals and wallpaper, Our in-house artist does not shy away from Outdoor Wall Mural.

3d illustration wallpaper art design print background mural

Thomas is an accomplished artist. To say that he is first class in wall mural painting is an understatement.

 peacock feathers on concrete wall background. The fresco effect.

Seeing is believing. I have no words to describe his works.

wavy music staves, treble clefs, sharps, notes against the background of multi-colored polygons, forming an abstract female portrait. three images in white frames. vector

The best way is for you to meet him and see his work.

3d mural wallpaper landscape. Mountain, birds in the sky with black trees and white clouds

Having said that, I hasten to say outdoor wall mural painting does not come cheap.

Abstract art, modern painting, green and blue, adornment, wall paper, wall art murals, carpet

Customized Abstract Wall Murals

Our abstract wall murals artist often will help you create imagery in creative ways.

Abstract montain Wallpaper Mural is a trendy take on traditional camouflage design pop abstrac wallpaper

Whether it’s looking at the object from a top-down perspective or moving the camera to reveal a close-up look.

Big city background. Modern megapolis. Yellow colours. City landscape. Illustration with skyscrapers, architecture, megapolis buildings. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpap

We will create an abstract wall mural that has an artistic edge that gives a unique and modern aesthetic.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

We will transform your mundane everyday items into the extraordinary.

Urban car on the background of the city. Megapolis landscape. Big city background. Urban style. Street style. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpaper.

Whether a residential or commercial wall mural, abstract murals have a flexible nature to imagery.

Mountain, hills, sun, clouds abstract art vector. Luxury oriental style pink, blush, ivory, beige colors watercolor. Golden marble line art. Design for wallpaper, prints, wall art, wedding card, cover

Abstract murals are an excellent fit for whatever room you’re decorating.

Outdoor wall mural pricing:

Mural pricing is determined by four factors:

1. Location and footage on the wall
2. Cost of wall mural project materials
3. Intricacy of the wall mural design
4. Working conditions

Large size ink landscape painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception

The initial consultation is free. You will discuss the project with the artist so that you have a time and cost estimate.

Naked trees in fantastic winter seamless border. Digital lines hand drawn picture with watercolour texture. Mixed media artwork. Endless motif for packaging, scrapbooking, textiles.

Our mural artist will sketch design ideas to determine the exact design for your murals.


Once you have liked the wall mural design on sketch, a contract will be presented to you.

Vector Seamless Pattern Tropical Jungle Forest with Pink Blooming Flowers and Exotic Bird Crane in Indian Style Multicolor

The contract details work to be done, Project start and end dates.

art panel of three colorful images in white frames on the wall. overlapping bright abstract shapes stylized as brush strokes and paint splashes, gently curved floral elements.

A 50% down payment will be required at the start of the wall mural printing and installation or painting project.

colorful background with paper cut effect. overlapping orange, gray, black abstract shapes with stroke and wavy edges on light textured backdrop. vector

The deposit is used to purchase supplies needed to commence and schedule your wall mural project.

Beautiful mountain landscape at starry moonlight night. Vector illustration.

Once the wall mural has been completed, payment in full will be expected.

bright colorful memphis style wallpaper. yellow-orange overlapping smooth stripes, circles and white rings of different sizes, shapes with wavy edges are randomly located on an azure background.vector

(We can work out a payment plan if that will help you bring your wall mural dreams to life).

Customized Wall Mural Cost:

The basic cost of an indoor wall mural at Wallpaper Kenya runs from Sh 2000 per square meter.

3d wall art wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Outdoor wall mural painting run from Sh 10,000 per square meter.

3D Wall Mural Wallpapers Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Prices vary depending on the kinds of paints used, difficulty, and or intricacy of the design or artwork.

Wall Murals in Kenya Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

There may be additional charges depending on working conditions such as accommodation, cramped spaces, or driving time and mileage.

3d wall art wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Pricing includes all art materials and skilled labor.

gym wall murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

However, certain items, such as equipment hires such as scaffolding, or cranes needed will be added to the price of the mural painting cost estimate.

The cost of wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Before your wall mural painting project begins it will be assumed that there is a base coat of paint on the wall and a cleared workspace.

Kids wallpapers Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Any prep painting, wall patching, or wall preparation will be an additional fee.

3D Wall Murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Prep painting may include filling holes in walls, texturing, and putting a primer or base coat on the wall.

gym wall murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

If you have a tight budget, to lower your cost, I suggest preparing the wall and painting the base coat yourself.

Islamic wall art - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Whether your wall mural is big or small, every mural is equally important to us. No job is too small or too big for consideration.

Kids wallpapers Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wallpaper Kenya will work with you to give you a great design for your budget.

wall mural backdrop 3d background

Every wall is unique.

Large size ink landscape painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception

Some elements which play in the estimate of a wall mural’s price are the dimensions of the space, the style, and the number of details desired.

Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D rendering.

We will be happy to discuss all the considerations and choices that can help minimize your mural’s cost.

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