In modern interior decoration, geometric wallpapers play an important role.

Geometric wallpapers room zoning décor.

This is because the geometric wallpapers help with meaningful patterns, colors, and image placement.

Plain grey triangles geometric wallpapers - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Without geometry, interior decorators couldn’t do their job very well.

Monochrome 3d geometric wallpapers for living room - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wall Interior decoration is a job where the decorator places and arranges images, colors, and texture in a professional manner where it looks best.

3d Blue geometric wallpaper mural - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

They are in charge of coordinating what looks best and where.

Vector seamless pattern. Modern stylish texture with monochrome trellis. Repeating geometric triangular grid. Simple graphic design. Trendy hipster sacred geometry.

When so doing, we consider the shape and size of a layout.

Playful 3d geometric wallpapers - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

At the same time, we consider the other articles that the space will be occupied and decorated with.

Modern wall décor wallpaper. 3d abstract, golden lines and marble and wooden and black triangular shapes.

Geometric wallpapers, the science of shapes on the wall, play a very basic role in planning interiors.

wooden cube background wall. wooden blocks backdrop. volumetric drawing of cubes. Set of the identical cubes forming a uniform plane.

While most rooms are shaped as rectangles, the width and height of the enclosure do decide the accessories and their dimensions.

Vertical scratched Spring summer lines. Abstract pattern. For decoration, printing on fabric. Pattern fills. Simple graphic texture. Colourful stripes.wallpaper ,seamless stripe textile texture.

For instance, Geometric Wallpapers can make a low ceiling look and feel high.

Cute mountains landscape. Kids graphic. Vector hand drawn illustration.

The overall atmosphere in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or nursery largely depends on the decoration of the walls.

Abstract seamless pattern with terrazzo and simple geometric rainbows. Simple stripy arc bows on colorful mozaic texture. Childish vector background in Scandinavian style in bright multicolour palette

Geometric wallpapers can become the “highlight” of the design, making the interior dynamic, original, and modern.

Baby pink shiny satin isometric cubes seamless background texture. Cute kidult hotpink abstract girly girl barbiecore fashion trend backdrop. Kid's room textile pattern or wallpaper. 3D rendering

You have scores of interesting options at their disposal, differing in design, size, and other characteristics.

Teddy bear on wooden chair next to table in gold kid's room interior with lamp and polka dots geometric wallpaper. Real photo

All that remains is to determine your preferences and place an order.

Blue triangles. Vector geometric background for presentation. Decor element.

The Rationale of Geometric Wallpapers

The beauty of geometric shapes and patterns is they can have so many different effects on the overall room.

3d illustration, abstract red dramatic geometric wallpapers, lines texture.

If you want all-out drama to come from the walls, then a bold, graphic wallpaper is the perfect thing.

Abstract Monochrome Zigzag Motif Brushed Textured Background. Seamless Pattern.

Over-scaled patterns are great choices with lots of impact.

ikat watercolor allover design pattern

Specific geometrical patterns can also influence the feel. Vertical stripes or architectural elements like columns can actually give a room with low ceilings a sense of height.

Abstract geometric pattern with small and large rhombuses. Design element for web banners, posters, cards, wallpapers, backdrops, panels Black and white color Vector illustration

What if you have a room with strange angles? Choose a small pattern over a distinct pattern.

Sweet pink geometric line circle abstract background seamless pattern vector design.

Because the latter will get distorted with the irregular lines of the room.

 Seamless geometric pattern, graphic design. Seamless square, round, triagle geometric shape pattern for print.

Original wallpaper with a geometric pattern for walls effectively sets the rhythm of the interior and makes it more dynamic. 

Seamless pattern with arrows motif. Minimalist abstract background. Simple modern print with pointers. Digital paper, textile print. Vector art.

Such coatings allow you to influence the perception of space, beneficially expand or narrow it, and mask imperfections and uneven surfaces.

Flower geometric pattern. Seamless vector background. White and gold ornament. Ornament for fabric, wallpaper, packaging, Decorative print

Squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, and stars are commonly used shapes in both complex and simple geometric pattern designs.

Simple geometric abstract vector pattern with simple shapes and monochrome colors. Geometric graphics composition, best use in web design, business card, invitation, poster, textile print, background.

However, a wide variety of shapes and designs can potentially be used.

3D Futuristic honeycomb mosaic white background. Realistic geometric mesh cells texture. Abstract white vector wallpaper with hexagon grid.

As long as the elements can be repeated in some way (even if that repetition is irregular or not immediately obvious.

Seamless abstract geometric pattern. Vector Illustration

Geometric wallpapers are a modern trend

Instead of boring plain walls, you can choose interesting wallpaper with a geometric pattern.

Geometric repeating vector ornament with golden octagonal dotted elements. Seamless abstract modern pattern

Which will help create a unique interior and will be suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Geometric seamless pattern with geometric 3d illusion square fabrics backdrop. flat Vector illustration. decorative element for card design, fabric print.

Diamonds, stripes, squares, zigzags, herringbones, small circles, and other elements can transform a room.

Seamless pattern with stars. Black and white simple pattern. Festive pattern with stars. Night sky background. Kids texture. Nursery prints for textile, apparel, wrapping paper

But it is important to combine colors correctly so that your eyes don’t get tired.

Seamless geometric pattern. Geometric simple print. Vector repeating texture

The geometry with intersecting stripes looks original, creating the illusion of continuous space.

Vector seamless pattern. Abstract striped texture with bold monochrome waves. Creative background with zigzag blots. Decorative design with distortion effect.

In the store catalog, you can choose models in different variations and styles.

How to choose geometric wallpapers for any interior design style

Geometric shapes are appropriate in the interior design of any style.

Seamless abstract striped,wavy with clorful pattern.Vector design for fashion print and backgrounds.

The main thing is to choose the right combination of colors and shapes.

Seamless pattern with abstract circles

A characteristic feature of geometry wallpaper is that it allows you to reduce, enlarge, and visually “stretch” the space.

Square seamless background pattern from geometric shapes. The pattern is evenly filled with small black circle symbols. Vector illustration on white background

While hiding the existing shortcomings of the room.

Abstract oblique texture in light blue polka dots. Vector graphic pattern

If you want to use wallpaper with geometric shapes in the design of your kitchen, living room, or other room, follow these simple rules:

Striped seamless pattern with horizontal line. Black and white fashion graphics design. Strict graphic background. Retro style. Template for wallpaper, wrapping, textile, fabric. Vector Illustration.


Firstly, do not allow complex patterns to be adjacent, otherwise, the space will be very heavy.

Striped pattern background. Vector seamless repeat border of hand drawn organic horizontal stripes. Fun trendy geometric design element banner. Design element. Pinstripe illustration.

Color selection

Secondly, consider color combinations and how would you feel in a room with turquoise hexagon wallpaper if there was only an accent wall.

red turquoise hexagon cells background. 3d rendering

What if the whole room?

General interior

Thirdly, choose pieces of furniture and decorative elements that are less aggressive in appearance.

Bedroom furniture and geometric wall mural - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

It is better to give preference to laconic finishing touches.

With an accent in the interior

Making an accent wall in the interior with geometric wallpaper is very beautiful, stylish, and much cheaper than buying some piece of art.

Hotel Wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Of course, ideally, there is both an art object and an accent on the wall. But even if there is one thing, the interior will not become dull, but interesting.

Colorful illustration in abstract polygonal pattern with triangles style with gradient. For your business, presentation, fashion print. Vector illustration. Creative gradient color

If the wallpaper is scary, then we will make curtains for you.

 Line art optical art. Psychedelic background. Monochrome background. Optical illusion style. Black dark background. Modern pattern. Abstract graphic texture. Graphic ornament. Vector template

Great variety of geometric designs

  • stripes (horizontal, vertical, diagonal),
  • waves, zigzags, jerky geometric shapes,
  • rectangles, diamonds, and squares arranged in different relationships to each other (for example, tartan),
  • circles of different sizes and shapes (for example – polka dot wallpaper),
  • a geometric ornament located chaotically and consisting of several shapes.

English checkered pattern geometric wallpaper vector

The emphasis in this design will be on the simplicity of forms, as well as on the abundance of shades used.

Modern Stylish Halftone Texture. Endless Abstract Background With Random Size Squares. Vector Seamless Chaotic Squares Mosaic Pattern.

We are ready to share with you the intricacies of using wallpaper with geometric patterns in the interior.

Features of geometric wallpapers

Geometry wallpaper has won the loyalty of consumers for a reason. In rooms with different designs, shapes, and layouts, they can create the most unusual effects.

Beautiful geometric wallpaper. Translucent wavy stripes against the background of a motley surface of polygons, segments and art forms in beige-gray tones.

Let’s look at their capabilities:

Wallpaper depicting straight lines or stripes is most often used to change the parameters of a room.

Living Art Nouveau. 3d render vertical stripes wallpaper

Vertical lines allow you to raise the ceiling level, creating the effect of additional free space.

Horizontal stripes wallpaper modern living room interior with reflection in mirrored wall in Cairns Queensland Australia jul2015

The horizontal direction of such elements contributes to the visual expansion of the walls.

Interior of hallway with blue zigzag wallpaper 3D rendering

And this effect is especially relevant in narrow kitchens or corridors.

Circles, squares, diamonds, and large geometric patterns

All the above create accents on the walls.

Stylish bedroom interior with big black bed and dark geometric wallpaper on background. Side view of elegant dark colored bed and hanging soft light against gray wall indoors. Concept of interior.

That is why they are most often used in the design of residential premises, where it is necessary to highlight the main area.

Geometric wallpaper home décor, 3 color geometric wallpaper, home interior, creating a geometric accent wall art home

In addition to this effect, large figures contribute to the visual approximation of the walls and reduce the space;

Small geometric pattern

Wallpaper with a small geometric pattern has the exact opposite effect. Because it makes the room wider and more spacious.

Bright room interior with cosy armchair and small coffee table. The floor is made of oak wooden parquet. White wallpaper decorated with small stripes. Minimalistic designer's decision. Mock up. 3d rendering

Often, prints of these sizes are used to reflect country-style design features;

Bright circles wallpapers

Coverings with scenes in the form of bright circles help emphasize the dynamism of the interior.

Geometric pattern vector background with Scandinavian abstract color or Swiss geometry prints of rectangles, squares and bright circles shape design

Polka dot wallpaper symbolizes cheerfulness and optimism.

Summer sweet bright Seamless many pattern in big polka Dots. wallpaper. Fill in with hand drawn texture in sketch and paint style modern with another shape of dot for fashion fabric and all prints on white

Large circles around the entire perimeter of the room help create a mysterious atmosphere and promote concentration.

Squares and rectangles

Restraint and simplicity are represented in squares and rectangles wallpapers; they will not emphasize dynamism in the interior.

Seamless abstract background. White crossed lines with laser cut paper effect and realistic shadow on gray. Simple 3D geometric seamless pattern.

But will help you concentrate, relax, and unwind. Thanks to the orderliness of such motifs. The effect of a calm interior is created, which is not disturbed even when using bright accessories.

Digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen. Marble seamless background with geometric shapes, monogram floral ornament.

Such motifs look best in modern designs.

Waves and zigzags

Wallpaper in the form of waves and zigzags can provide effects similar to straight lines. But is most often used exclusively to create a bright and creative environment

Cage wallpaper

The cage is an excellent option for antique interiors and rooms in the English style.

Winter Birds, Birdcages, Christmas trees and vintage background

Thanks to the embodiment of checkered motifs in a variety of shades, you can emphasize the calmness, brightness, and unusualness of the design;


Diamond geometric grid texture background. Seamless washed out ombre effect. 60s style dye wash variegated triangle pattern. Modern retro ink repeat. High resolution beach wear fashion textile

It is advisable to use diamonds in spacious rooms.

Abstract geometric pattern with lines. A seamless vector background. Beige and white texture. Graphic modern pattern.

The key role of such motifs in space is to create an energetic, cheerful, and bright environment.

Placing geometric wallpapers on the wall

Various geometric wallpaper figures in the rooms are capable of performing unusual functions, namely:

Blurred background, Scandinavian living room, vertical striped wallpaper, sofa, bicycle and musical instruments hanging on the wall, table, carpet and decors. Modern interior design, 3d illustration

  • vertical straight lines visually raise the ceiling level, horizontal lines expand the walls;
  • Large-format ornaments (circles, squares, diamonds, etc.) are used to create accents and narrow the space;
  • Geometric wallpaper for walls with small figures visually increases the area of ​​​​the room.

In addition to the actual parameters of the room, the relevance of the geometry is determined by the chosen interior style and the purpose of the space.

Abstract ethnic geometric pattern,print,border,tradition,ethnic oriental floral seamless pattern,illustration

In the recreation area, calm tones and ornaments should prevail. But in the kitchen or living room, dynamic figures in bright colors are acceptable.

Living room: current trends in geometric format

A characteristic feature of geometric wallpapers on the wall can be considered their ability to fit into both modern and antique living room interiors.

Art Deco style design geometric seamless pattern earthy colors ornamental wallpapers fashion print elegant rich modern oriental classic royal stylish monochrome textile

In modern designs (such as modern or minimalism), wallpaper with circles and polka dots is appropriate.

Unusual round wall lamp emitting warm light in modern room with geometric wallpapers

In addition, small circles on the walls symbolize the simplicity and sophistication of classical and provincial styles, and will also harmoniously fit into a country-style interior.

Textured wall with honeycomb pattern in stylish living room

Another good option for a modern living room is squares and diamonds. When placed correctly, such figures elongate the room and make it feel freer and more spacious.

Modern interior of living room with black corner sofa and lamps over patterned wall and empty wall as copy space 3d rendering

Accents of bright colors in such prints allow you to highlight the main zone in the interior: as a rule, the area with the TV is chosen for these purposes, as well as the area near the window.

Classic, Provence, and country style

If your living room is decorated in an old style (classic, Provence, country), less strict forms are allowed: waves, circles, and vertical and horizontal lines.

Triangular tiles pattern collection

With the help of each of these motifs, you can emphasize the charm of the style.

Natural chic boho stripe seamless pattern in ditzy style. Hand drawn organic fashion print. Modern summer nature ticking in trendy vintage country cottagecore color.

For example, stripes will symbolize a discreet and luxurious classic theme, and simple circles, which are depicted on wallpaper without following a specific trajectory, will symbolize provincial design.

Geometry on the kitchen walls

When decorating a kitchen interior, it is better to give preference to geometric wallpaper that can emphasize a cozy home environment.

seamless French country kitchen stripe fabric pattern print. vertical striped background. Batik dye provence style rustic woven cottage core textile.

For example, in kitchens decorated in the country or Provence style, you can stick light-checked wallpaper or coverings with circles and squares in bright and warm shades.

Small polka dots geometric fabric seamless pattern in natural earthy color Simple modest rustic, cottage decor, farmhouse, simple life, country style

If your kitchen reflects classic design features, look for wallpaper with custom geometric or diamond patterns.

World map background in polygonal style. Modern elements of info graphics. World Map

Such wallpaper will look more impressive in neutral colors: blue, green, grey, white, or brown.

Abstract geometric organic vegetable food background. Fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, kitchen plants, noodles and salad, geometry farm eating, healthy lifestyle. Vector flat icons

It is advisable to hang curtains for such wallpaper in a single color: since the kitchen is not always large, patterned textured fabrics will make the window area rough and less expressive.

design ceramic tile for wall or floor

Against the background of similar wallpaper, you will not be able to create the desired contrast, and the windows will blend with the background wall.

Bedroom in geometric wallpaper style

The most suitable wallpaper for the bedroom will be a wallpaper with thin lines, restrained geometric motifs, and small prints.

Nightstand and lamp next to a bed in a bedroom with geometric wallpaper

For example, wallpaper with squares or triangles will balance the design: using such coverings as a background, you can emphasize a calm atmosphere, and if you choose bright patterns with squares to decorate the bedside area, you will create a sophisticated accent.

3d geometric pattern artistic background wall. 3d modern minimalist mural wallpaper. Golden lines, and black circles on light marble background. Interior bedroom wall home decor.

Orderly motifs that do not interfere with relaxation and create a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom interior include rhombuses.

Stylish white furniture in the bedroom interior with an exclusive design. The wall at the head of the bed is decorated with brown wallpaper with a geometric pattern.

But, since such prints are most often large in size, give preference to light or neutral shades: blue, greenish, gray, turquoise, beige, yellow, and others.

3D rendering Dark Modern Bedroom With Geometric Wallpaper

A checkered pattern looks quite interesting and impressive in a bedroom: such a pattern not only has a calming effect but also allows you to refresh the atmosphere and keeps it new and relevant for a long time.

Benefits of geometric wallpaper patterns

The geometric pattern will look harmonious in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or children’s room.

Seamless abstract geometric pattern. Vector Illustration.

Lines and stripes are classics of the genre and can change the dimensions of a room: vertical ones elongate the height, and horizontal ones expand narrow spaces.

Abstract geometric purple minimal graphic design print zigzag lines pattern

Zigzags will help create a creative environment.

The buyer receives the following benefits:

  • the ability to disguise surface imperfections;
  • Diagonal lines can add dynamics and movement to space;
  • unusual visual effects that will help change the size of the room;
  • Wallpaper with geometric patterns can be used in different styles.

For canvases with large and complex patterns, you need to properly glue the wallpaper end to end so as not to lose the design.

abstract tribal background, art spontaneity, colorful, looks beautiful

For small rooms, you should not take canvases with large patterns. Surfaces with fine texture or smooth ones will look better.

A set of three black and gold aesthetic geometric backgrounds. Minimalist social media posters, cover designs, web, home decor. Vintage bright illustrations with shapes, circles, lines, rectangles

The theme of the ornament should correspond to the interior style. In the online store, you can order paper, textiles, vinyl, non-woven, and photo wallpapers with different geometries.

3d room wallpaper custom photo peacock flowers porch decoration painting 3d wall murals wallpaper for home decor background

We guarantee the high quality of our products, their durability, and practicality.

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