Customized Nature Wallpaper

The best nature wallpapers you can get are photo mural wallpaper.

moon and flamingo background design with tropical leaves, can be used as background, nature wallpapers.

This category of nature wallpapers also falls into photo mural wallpaper.

A glass doors forest scene nature wallpaper mural

And you can achieve practically endless images of nature on your wall.

3D Amazing natural wallpaper and background, in Frame lady on the beach near house and penguin, beautiful landscape poster for wall décor.

From beaches to sky wallpapers, the galaxy, flowers, forests, fields and landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, wild animals, deserts, and everything in between.

3d sky and landscapes nature wallpaper mural

You cannot buy true nature wallpapers off the shelf.

Solar system and space objects. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

It is not achievable in ordinary wallpaper.

Desert Landscape with Cactus, Hills and Mountains Silhouettes. Vector Nature Horizontal Background.

The best approach is for you to take a picture of your ideal nature scene. Do so with a professional camera.

Sunset at coast of the lake. Nature landscape. Nature in northern Europe. reflection, blue sky and yellow sunlight. landscape during sunset.

Give that to us, in soft copy. And we will customize it for you.

Horizontal seamless background with deciduous forest, birds and deer. Vector illustration nature wallpapers

Alternatively, you can download your desired nature scene from the millions of pictures and images online, and we customize it for you.

Stone wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

If you like, brick wallpaper, wood effect wallpaper, floral wallpaper, and a few other ordinary wallpapers can be classified as nature wallpaper.

MT-2292 wood effect wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

It is easy for you to understand why you can’t buy truly natural wallpaper off the shelf.

Image nature art of wings bird,Soft pastel detail of design,chicken feather texture,white fluffy twirled on transparent background wallpaper Abstract. Coral Pink color trends and vintage.

Off-the-shelf wallpaper is ordinary wallpaper.

background with flowers wallpaper design, for ceiling and wall

And because they fit on a shelf, then they come in a certain size.

Custom-made 3d forest path nature wallpaper mural

They come in a universal standard-size roll of 53 centimeters by 10 meters. But nature has no size.

Luxury seamless floral background with golden monstera leaves. Romantic pattern template for wall decor.

Nature wallpapers for different spaces


Nature wallpapers can help to create a calming and relaxing environment for patients and their families.

Swamp in tropical forest. Landscape with marsh, water lilies, trees trunks and bog grass. Vector cartoon illustration of wild jungle, rain forest with river, lake or swamp

Some good choices for healthcare institutions include lush rainforests, tranquil beaches, or peaceful meadows.

Tropical Island Ocean View with Sail Boat Floating under Blue Sky. Tranquil Summer Exotic Landscape with Seaview, Yacht and Sea Sandy Beach with Palm Trees and Plants. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration

These images can help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote healing.

Spring green fields landscape with mountain, blue sky and clouds background,Panorama peaceful rural nature in springtime with green grass land. Cartoon vector illustration for spring and summer banner

When choosing a nature wallpaper for a hospital, it is important to consider the needs of the patients and the specific area where the mural will be placed.

Hiking animals adventures and road trip in country landscape. Bear, moose backpack hiking tale in wild nature scenery. Animals in nature wallpaper. Hand drawn vector illustration in watercolor style.

For example, a calming and relaxing mural would be a good choice for a patient room, while a more inspiring mural could be used in a waiting room or a lobby.

Nature ceiling wallpaper. Healthcare wall art.


Nature wallpaper murals can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a hotel room.

bathroom sink inspiration with a white luxury minimalist design, with marble and ceramic granite accents, for home or hotel murals with flowers.

They can also help to create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

botanic seamless border, rim with exotic flowers and leaves, hand drawn background. floral pattern. fashion arrangements with tropical leaf

Some good choices for hotels include tropical gardens, mountain ranges, or city skylines.

Modern Hotel Guest-room Interior Design with Classic Elements Grey Walls White Furniture and Floral Wallpaper Mural. 3d illustration.

These images can help to make guests feel more comfortable and at home.

  • Tropical forest mural: A tropical forest mural can create a sense of luxury and sophistication in a hotel room. The lush greenery and cascading waterfalls can make guests feel like they are staying in a rainforest oasis.
Bright hotel room interior with powder pink blanket on bed and green and white leaf wallpaper
  • Mountain range mural: A mountain range mural can add a sense of grandeur and adventure to a hotel room. The towering peaks and the fresh air can make guests feel like they are staying in a mountain lodge.
Mountain wallpaper mural in a hotel room
  • City skyline mural: A city skyline mural can give a hotel room a touch of urban sophistication. The bright lights and towering buildings can make guests feel like they are staying in the heart of the city.

Eiffel Tower in Paris against the background of a bright sunset sky. Hand drawn watercolors on paper textures

  • Beachside mural: A beachside wallpaper can create a sense of relaxation and tranquility in a hotel room. The sound of the waves and the sight of the sand and the ocean can help guests to unwind and de-stress.
Vector illustration of a beach and a sea coast landscape. Creative banner, flyer, blog post or landing page for tour operator or travel agency. Summer theme background or wallpaper.
  • Open field mural: An open field wallpaper mural can make a hotel room feel more spacious and airy. The rolling hills and the blue sky can help guests to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Beautiful panoramic background of the green field in natural park.

When choosing a nature wallpaper mural for a hotel, it is important to consider the location of the hotel and the target market.

Stylish interior, lovely and bright space to read books or to study interior magazines. Floral pattern wallpaper and design armchair.

For example, a tropical forest mural would be a good choice for a hotel in a tropical destination, while a city skyline mural would be a good choice for a hotel in a major city.

Oil Painting, summer in London. gentle city landscape nature wallpapers. flower rose and leaf. View from above balcony. Big Ben, England, watercolor modern art. Red. black and white.


Nature murals can help to improve productivity and creativity in the workplace.
Interior photography of a new modern corporate open plan office with work stations with a green and white decor
Some good choices for offices and workplaces include forests, oceans, or fields of flowers.
Feathers realistic seamless pattern with colorful bird air feathers vector illustration
These images can help to reduce stress and fatigue and promote focus and concentration.
Seven white horses home or office wallpaper mural

Here are some of the benefits of nature murals in workplaces:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety: Studies have shown that exposure to nature can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Nature murals can provide a calming and relaxing visual escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life.

colorful flower on dark tropical foliage nature background

  • Improve productivity and creativity: Nature murals can also improve productivity and creativity in the workplace. They can help to reduce stress and fatigue and promote focus and concentration.
  • Increase employee satisfaction: Nature murals can also increase employee satisfaction. Employees who work in a more pleasant and relaxing environment are more likely to be happy and productive.
  • Attract and retain talent: Nature murals can also help to attract and retain top talent. Employees are more likely to want to work for a company that has a healthy and aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Waiting room of a beauty or hair salon with rose flower wallpaper.


Nature murals can add a touch of beauty and tranquility to any home. They can also help to make a house feel more spacious and airy.

3d residential interior walls floral wallcovering

Some good choices for homes include forests, beaches, or mountains.

Luxury mural nature wallpaper in a residential bedroom

These images can help to create a sense of peace and well-being.

How nature wallpapers work

Reduce stress and anxiety

Studies have shown that nature wallpapers can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Fishing boat at sunset time. Le Morn Brabant on background. Mauritius. Panorama landscape

Nature murals can provide a calming and relaxing visual escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Promote healing

Nature murals can also help to promote healing in hospitals.

Abstract art nature background vector. Modern shape line art wallpaper. Boho foliage botanical tropical leaves and floral pattern design for home deco, wall art, social media post and story background

They can create a more peaceful and relaxing environment that can help patients feel more comfortable and at ease.

3D Wallpaper, Sea side beach view with Surfing boat

Improve productivity and creativity

Nature murals can also improve productivity and creativity in the workplace.

3D wallpaper design with florals background

They can help to reduce stress and fatigue and promote focus and concentration.

Make a space feel more spacious and airy

Nature murals can make a space feel more spacious and airy.

drone shot aerial view top angle bright sunny day beautiful scenery natural tourism destination India tamilnadu coastal town beach sea ocean waves wallpaper background long coastal line

They can create the illusion of depth and open space, which can be especially beneficial in small rooms.

Add a touch of beauty and tranquility

Nature murals can add a touch of beauty and tranquility to any space.

Beautiful sunset tropical beach with palm tree and pink sky for travel and vacation in holiday relax time

They can make a space feel more inviting and relaxing.

The role of wallpapers in interior decor

Nature wallpapers play an important role in interior decoration. You can use them to:

Modern exotic jungle plants pattern wallpaper. Creative collage contemporary floral seamless pattern. Fashionable template for design.

  • Define a space: You can use wallpaper to define different areas of a room, such as the dining area or the living room.

Open dining room interior with firewood, communal table and wooden log wallpaper decoration for warm cozy atmosphere

  • Add color and pattern: Nature wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to a room. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of neutral furniture and accessories.

Colorful of Scarlet macaw bird's feathers with red yellow orange and blue shades, exotic nature background and texture

  • Hide imperfections: Wallpaper can be used to hide imperfections on the walls, such as cracks or stains.

Art Abstract alcohol ink and watercolor painting blots horizontal background. Alcohol ink brown, blue and gold colors. Marble texture.

Sunset Wall Art Landscape Wall Art Sunset Landscape Wall Decor Moutain Wall Art for Office Room Bedroom Wallpaper Scalable Ready to Print

Reasons why nature wallpapers are so popular

Nature wallpapers are the most preferred designs because they are visually appealing and can create a sense of calm and peace in a room.

Autumn nature landscape. Lake bridge in fall forest. Path way in gold woods. Romantic view image scene. Magic misty sunset pond. Red color tree leaf park. Calm bright light, city sunrise, sunlight sun

They can also help to bring the outdoors in, which can be especially beneficial if you live in a city.

Lake in the park. Beauty of nature.

Rolling hills with fields in sunset light suitable for backgrounds or wallpapers. Southern Moravia, Czech republic

  • They are versatile. There are many different types of nature wallpapers available, from subtle floral prints to bold jungle designs.

painting . Artistic drawing of a herd of horses. artist canvas art animal painting collection for decoration and interior. realistic

Crane birds vector. Japanese background with watercolor texture painting texture. Oriental natural wave pattern with ocean sea decoration wallpaper design in vintage style. Peony floral pattern.

  • They are eco-friendly. Many nature wallpapers are made from sustainable materials.

Fantastic natural images high quality art 4K

If you are looking for wallpaper that will add beauty and style to your home, nature wallpaper is a great option.

Panoramic beautiful deep forest waterfall in Thailand

Here are some tips for choosing a nature wallpaper:

3d illustration of golden deer in the mountain. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

  • Consider the style of your home. If you have a modern home, a minimalist nature wallpaper would be a good choice. If you have a more traditional home, a more ornate nature wallpaper would be a better option.

beautiful sunset and white leafy trees

  • Think about the size of the room. A large room can handle a bolder wallpaper design, while a small room is better suited to a more subtle design.

luxury abstract modern marble painting of buffalo with golden texture background. artist canvas art collection for decoration and interior. black and gold. Nature wallpapers art. canvas art

  • Choose a wallpaper that reflects your personality. If you are a nature lover, choose a wallpaper with a lot of detail. If you are looking for something more calming, choose wallpaper with softer colors and patterns.

black painting of Indian Bengal tiger standing on rock. collection of designer oil paintings. Decoration for interior. Contemporary abstract art on canvas. A set of pictures with different texture.

No matter what your style or preferences, there is a nature wallpaper out there that is perfect for you.

Wall with beautiful white garden flowers, close up

Custom Wildlife Wallpaper

In this category, you will get either real photo wildlife nature wallpaper or abstract animal paintings so that each animal gets its very own personality.

Watercolor composition with African animals and natural elements. Elephant, giraffe, monkeys, parrots, palm trees, flowers. Safari wild creatures. Jungle, tropical illustration for nursery wallpaper

And you will find these photos and paintings online from artists inspired by the nature of wildlife.

Lion: King of the Jungle Photo Mural Wallpaper

The photos and paintings thus become a magical and colorful pictorial universe with fantasy animals and nature wallpaper.

beautiful night with huge moon, young woman and dog wallpaper for walls painting.

It is exciting to explore the expressive and colorful photos and paintings online.

Luxury nature gold line arts pattern on black background. Exotic botanical leaves. Elegant design for print, fabric, wallpaper, invitation. Vector illustration

Or you can take your picture or painting and we will reproduce it for your wildlife nature wallpaper on your full wall.

Decorative Forest Trees Nature Wallpapers

As different animal species have different personalities – you can often recognize some of these natural traits in yourself.

Dog breed Basset Hound. The sticker on the wall in the form of a color art drawing of a portrait of a dog with watercolor splashes.

We can think that dogs are curious and reliable, the cat is agile and resourceful, and the elephant has strength and wisdom.

Make Nature Wallpaper from Photos

Beautiful Skyline Nature Wallpaper

What are nature photo wallpapers? It is a complete collection of all kinds of nature wallpapers.

Multicolored flowering summer meadow with red pink poppy flowers, blue cornflowers. Wild summer flowers field. Summer landscape background with beautiful flowers. Wallpaper for walls.

Here you can find photographs of landscapes, such as flowers, forests, and skylines, among many other types of images that will capture your attention.

Mountain landscape Wallpapers

Discover the novelties of nature wallpaper from photographs.

Landscape of forest path in autumn with orange bushes and blue trees. Background illustration in vector.

These are ordinary photographs of real nature such as waterfalls, forest paths, birds, wildlife, and all other flora and fauna. They are the latest trends for 2023.

Rural landscape scenery nature wallpaper mural

Photos of natural environment wallpaper will help you give depth to the rooms in your house and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Waterfall landscape in green nature environment.

From your sofa, you can imagine that you are next to some spectacular waterfalls and relaxing with the sound of the water.

Panorama silhouette tree in africa with sunset.Tree silhouetted against a setting sun.Dark tree on open field dramatic sunrise.Typical african sunset with acacia trees in Masai Mara, Kenya

Or lose yourself in the African Savannah, the bamboo forests, and the Dutch tulip fields. Do you miss the heat?

Botanical abstract art background in a watercolor style with tropical leaves. Hand drawn exotic plants for decoration, wallpaper, print, textile, interior design.

Move to the most paradisiacal beaches and arid deserts with photo wallpaper.

Universal standard-size nature wallpapers

Green floral wallpaper desgn - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

This category of universal standard-size wallpapers is where you will find the most affordable wallpapers.

Rustic brick wallpaper S-20053 - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

The only problem is that it is not everything that you would want can be found in this category. But you will find such wallpaper as bricks and stone, flowers, animal skins, and abstracts, all of which have repeat patterns.

Animal skin nature wallpaper

In this category, you can not find such realistic diction nature as forests, oceans, realistic mountains, and so on. The reason is simple.

Autumn forest nature. Vivid morning in colorful forest with sun rays through branches of trees. Scenery of nature with sunlight

Take for example a forest scene. No single tree looks exactly like the other, in terms of size, number of branches, and every other big or small detail.

3d rendering of a sofa in front of a photo landscape wallpaper mural Eibsee Zugspitze.

Therefore, the only way for you to achieve the closest depictions of the forest scene on your wall is through a photo mural wallpaper.

Affordable brick wallpapers inspired by nature

Designs inspired by natural materials are a trend in wallpaper. Wallpaper can imitate a natural brick wall, a wooden wall, or a jungle plant.

Garden flowers Peonies watercolor seamless pattern. Beautiful hand drawn texture. Romantic background

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find original designs that give the environment a natural look.

Red brick wall. Texture of old dark brown and red brick wall panoramic backgorund.

A practical and economical solution at Wallpaper Kenya to simulate a brick wall in the house is rustic brick wallpaper. It will prevent you from getting into expensive and annoying work. But the decorative image will be similar if not better.

And if you like the natural stone effect, you also have several options to dress your walls with faux stone textures and shapes. Here are some ideas that you can find in our Selected Stone Catalog. These are wallpapers that mimic natural materials with surprisingly maximum resolution.

Natural stone wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Wood effect nature wallpapers

If you are looking to Buy Wood Wallpaper you are in the right place.

vintage wooden backgrounds textures

Because Wallpaper Kenya has for sale Wood Effect Wallpaper at the best price in town. So, discover our collection of imitation natural wood effect wallpaper.

Wood Wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

You probably have noticed that faux wood wallpaper to cover the walls is a growing trend in the world of decoration. This is due to its versatility and the multitude of possibilities it offers.

Flowers spell the word home on wooden background

If the wood was previously confined to rustic spaces, not anymore. And not with the inclusion of a variety of different wood effects wallpaper in the field of interior design.

the brown old wood texture with knot

For instance, white wood wallpaper is Wallpaper for wall decorations.

Floral wallpapers

Is there anything really in wall decoration more vivid and colorful than a wall full of flowers?

Seamless watercolor floral pattern - pink blush flowers elements, green leaves branches on white background; for wrappers, wallpapers, postcards, greeting cards, wedding invites, romantic events.

So give color to your room and cause that joy to spread to the rest of the home.

Shop - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Since ancient times, flower wallpaper motifs have been designed not only for the wall but also for the fabric.

Watercolor paintings landscape, artwork, fine art, field of poppies and flowers, panoramic

Flower wallpaper can be colorful or one-tone, and countless decorative elements can be coated or lined on this much-used and valued wallpaper.

1507 Red rose floral wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

“We are here for a limited time. So you won’t be in a hurry and smell the flowers along the way.” ~ Walter Hage

Paintings landscape, spring, tree in bloom, blooming tree in spring, river in the garden. Artwork, fine art

We can not talk about nature wallpapers without talking about floral wallpapers.

Comfortable bed with white blanket and cushions placed near wall with wallpaper against cabinet with TV in stylish bedroom with window

One major inspiration for any kind of wallpaper for walls is to beautify the spaces we live in.  And there is nothing in nature that better represents beauty than a flower.

3D Illustration of peacock sitting on the branch , flowers- ILLUSTRATION

Looking at a flower reminds us of the best work in the world ever done: Mother Nature. So take a break and enjoy these flowers.

Wallpaper in Mombasa - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

Large flower nature wallpapers can impress and create a fragrant, springy, landscaped room. Nature wallpapers have always had as a reference, in the past, and the present, in flowers.

Vintage luxury seamless floral background with tropic exotic golden leaves. Romantic pattern template for wall decor, wallpaper, wedding invitations, ceremonies, cards.

Large flower wallpaper is associated with good humor, joy, and peace. Ultimately, large flower wallpapers add a dose of energy, vitality, and color to any room where it is placed.

Watercolor seamless border - illustration with bright pink vivid flowers, green leaves, for wedding stationary, greetings, wallpapers, fashion, backgrounds, textures, DIY, wrappers, cards.

The great variety that exists of large flower wallpapers is wonderful and can be perfectly combined with stripes. Wallpaper Kenya offers a selection of overlays filled with large flowers with the least disparate styles.

Customized 3d Nature Wallpapers

Scenery Wall Mural Wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

In this category, you can achieve any image you want. Because the wallpaper is large-scale printed photographs.

Beautiful Natural and green scene Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

You can also define both the width and the length of the image or cut to size to only the piece you want.

3d illustration of leaves and deer

All Wallpaper Kenya Nature images are printed in high resolution, the result will always be of high quality. In this way, you can create environments and decorations based on Nature photos with unique designs that provoke sensations in your mood.

a girl stand alone under the tree river side scene anime girl digital art, painting, 3d illustration

And make you feel that you are in that place that you like so much.

 art ballerina on a textured background with scuffs and a brick texture, photo wallpaper for the interior

At the same time, they serve to hide flaws in the walls of your home or office or give greater sensations.

Green mountain and green tree deer with peacock design wallpaper

Dream beaches, rain forests, exotic landscapes, high mountains, or dazzling photos of the cosmos.

Mixed colorful flowers background. Vibrant colors of mixed flowers backdrop

These are just some nature images that you can buy on download online for free and have Wallpaper Kenya customized for you.

3d Fish Aquariom Design

In this way, we diversify the offer as much as possible so that you and everyone can choose something to their liking.

Oriental style wallpaper illustration in high definition

Both mountain lovers and beach lovers will find a landscape to decorate walls with a personalized motif. Landscapes will work well, especially on large surfaces.

Set of sea watercolor style cards. Underwater creatures, starfish, coral, fish. Marine, nautical wallpaper, background. Hand drawn style. Watercolor texture. Baby, kids design

Some landscapes on interior walls, motley and in high resolution, will suit you in the living room, office, or bedroom.

Natural window view of the river flowing calmly across dense green tropic forest

And the smaller sizes can work as posters, pasted on the sofa or bed.

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  • 3d library wallpaper

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    Modern library renovations are rarely complete without the use of 3D library wallpaper, and photo wallpaper with a 3D effect. 3D library wallpaper is not just paper wallpaper, but a modern effect of applying a photograph. They differ from ordinary photo wallpapers in the high quality of the digital image, which is applied to the […]

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  • 3d nature wall painting

    3D nature wall painting is a popular style for decorating apartments, beautifying houses, adorning offices, or restaurants. Often the rooms are decorated with flowers, wild animals, or landscapes. With A high-quality wall or ceiling design with the help of 3D nature drawings, you can change a room or office beyond recognition. 3d nature wall painting […]

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  • 3D wallpaper designs

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    3D wallpaper designs offer a unique and captivating way to transform any space. With their illusion of depth and dimensionality, they create an immersive and visually striking effect. And can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and perception of a space, with numerous positive effects. A unique technology with three-dimensional realistic images is now […]

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  • 3D Wallpaper for Bedroom Walls

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    3D wallpaper for bedroom walls gives a stylish and elegant look. The difference between wallpaper for bedroom walls and wallpaper for other rooms’ walls is in the image design only. The interior of your bedroom largely determines the mood in which you fall asleep and wake up. It is important to pay special attention to […]

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  • A22-20P17 Textured stone wallpaper

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    A22-20P17 Textured Stone Wallpaper A22-20P17 Textured stone wallpaper is in neutral colors which are easy to live with and coordinate with other colors. But neutrals can be rather dull unless different surface finishes, texture, were introduced. What makes this stone wallpaper aesthetically so appealing is texture. Do not forget the element of texture when planing […]

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  • Sale! Embossed Brick Wallpaper

    A22-20P18 Brown & white stone wallpaper

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    A22-20P18 Brown and white stone wallpaper is particularly successful in highlighting the warmth of the color brown. The earthy brown will always be greatly enhanced when combined with the white shade. This contrasting shades of A22-20P18 brown and white stone wallpaper colors add an amazing air of traditional charm. Trends come and go. For example. […]

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  • African mural painting

    Here you will find African mural painting images. These are of course, in most cases, modern African-themed artworks.  But you also know the fact that the most ancient origins of mankind are in Africa. And this is an irrefutable fact. However, Africa also played a decisive role in the development of fine arts. And African […]

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  • African wallpaper for walls

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    There are not many a place where you can find African wallpaper for walls other than at Wallpaper Kenya.   And by African wallpaper, I mean wallpaper for walls depicting African art. And not only in Sub-Sahara Africa, where black people are the majority but also in the African diaspora and Afrocentric. But our strength […]

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  • Animal print wallpaper

    Classic animal print wallpaper is as old as wallpaper for walls. And animal design wall decoration has always been an issue in human history. Even in the earliest dwellings of Homo sapiens, animal skins made of natural materials were found on the walls attached to the early caves. In addition to decorative benefits, this provided […]

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  • Animal skin nature wallpaper

    Animal skin nature-themed wallpaper never goes out of fashion. And is one of the interior designers’ reliable design falls. Decorative wallpaper under the skin is natural originality, unusualness, and prestige. This type of wall decoration is used in residential premises (in the loft, ethnic, eco, and shabby chic styles). And in the decoration of restaurants, […]

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  • Animal wallpaper for walls

    Animal wallpaper for walls is not common in Kenya but we are happy to let you know you can now get any animal design you like. Because at Wallpaper Kenya you can custom-make any animal wallpaper you like. And that is any animal in heaven, on land, under the sea, or in outer space. Although […]

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  • Bamboo forest nature wallpaper

    Bamboo forest nature wallpaper comes in several designs and this is one of them. This design system focuses on indoors, green, sustainability, and environmental psychology. The focus of this design system is the relationship between nature, the beauty of buildings, and the well-being and happiness of the inhabitants. It is possible to purposefully arrange an […]

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  • banana leaf wallpaper

    The banana leaf wallpaper and other indoor jungle mural interiors are the trend in Kenya currently. And Wallpaper Kenya has a thousand-time banana leaf wallpaper designs as there are varieties of banana plants.  The floral theme enjoys stable popularity and is always presented in the world of wallpapers. Banana leaves that create coziness are excellent […]

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    Welcome to the Bar Wall Mural! Are you tired of the boring, plain walls in your bar or restaurant? Do you want to add a unique touch that will make your space stand out from the rest? Introducing the Bar Wall Mural! Our murals are perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to […]

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  • beach mural

    KSh 2,500.00

    beach mural

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  • Beach Mural Wallpaper

    Beach mural wallpaper offers beautiful calming scenery like any other nature wallpaper. There is an endless variety of stunning beach mural wallpaper images at your disposal. That means Wallpaper Kenya can give you a view of paradise. We have the widest variety of different beach wallpaper landscapes or seascapes to suit your living room, bedroom, […]

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  • Beautiful wallpaper

    We have very beautiful wallpaper for the walls. But what is beautiful to me might not necessarily be beautiful to you. However, with our premium access to over 400,000,000 high-resolution Shutterstock images for wallpaper customization you are sure to get the most beautiful wallpaper of your imagination. And therefore the best approach is for you […]

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  • Beige plain wallpaper

    KSh 2,000.00

    The Beige plain wallpaper is just one of the beige designs in stock at Wallpaper Kenya. Beige wallpaper is in various designs including beige damasks. Because it is more refined and less cold than white, beige wallpaper is one of the favorites in interior wall decoration. Furthermore, its color is synonymous with simplicity and elegance. […]

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  • beige wallpaper

    A thousand and one shades of beige wallpaper There are a thousand and one different shades of beige wallpaper and an infinite number of custom designs. In this article, you will discover the fascinating variety of shades that exist within the beige wallpaper color palette. Discover how many beige wallpaper colors there are and how […]

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  • Birds design wallpaper

    Birds’ design wallpaper is an inspiration when we’re looking to re-decorate our homes with nature designs. Go for soft, neutral shades and classic images of garden birds and birdcages to create a family atmosphere in your kitchen. Or make an exotic feature wall in your lounge with our jungle-themed wallpaper to get guests talking. Your […]

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  • Black and blue brick wallpaper

    KSh 2,000.00

    Black and blue brick wallpaper as the names suggest, is a blue black brick. Which is ideal for both residential and commercial interior decoration. With a consistent and smooth surface finish. We also have this brick design other colors. This two colors on the black and blue brick wallpaper is the perfect combo to amp […]

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