Wallpaper Kenya hospital curtains are far superior to what most people in Kenya are used to. Like them, maybe you know a hospital curtain as any cubicle curtain used in a hospital. Such people define a hospital curtain as “a dividing cloth used in a medical treatment facility. And one that provides a private enclosure for one or more patients“. Those who go a step further want a hospital curtain to be made from a flame retardant  fabric. And to complete the definition or give a clear meaning they continue. “It is suspended from a supporting structure or ceiling track”. And they are Right. But this layman’s definition lacks one very important functionality. 

Wallpaper Kenya Hospital curtains have all the above qualities but even more importantly they are in healing colors and as follows:
1. Inherently Antimicrobial & Flame Retardant. Or
2. Coated Antimicrobial Flame Retardant. Or
3. Stain and Water Repellent for the Economical Curtains.

Qualities of good hospital curtains

You can understand why hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare-related facilities require to set up and maintain a sterile setting. And to continually provide their staff and patients with the most hygienic treatment possible.

Reader’s Digest compiled a list of hospital objects that can hold large amounts of bacteria, and other microbes. Including elevator buttons, faucets and patient privacy curtains.

The privacy curtains that surround patients’ beds can be contaminated. Contaminated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, according to a recent study. The researchers tracked the contamination of 10 freshly cleaned curtains. Within two weeks, about 90 percent of the curtains were colonized by MRSA bacteria”.

That is why you should go for an antimicrobial hospital curtain. Because antimicrobial curtains are curtain fabrics with additives that permanently protect against microbes. These antimicrobial are substances that have the ability to destroy microbes. Such as microbes present on the curtain fabrics. These includes bacteria, viruses and mold.

Many substances, such as disinfectants, antibiotics and, of course, antimicrobial additives, can be described as antimicrobial. Or microbial inhibitors. Such an antimicrobial hospital curtain works against a wide range of microbes. I.e. against bacteria, mold, fungi and even viruses.

The best colors for Hospital Curtains

Take advantage of the large area that hospital curtains occupy by choosing healing colors. Because as you know color is a powerful communication tool that you can use to signal action. Also you can use color to influence mood. And even influence your patient’s physiological reactions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.There is scientific evidence that our bodies reacts to color vibration.

You can read more on the known fact that blind people “feel” a color. “Professor Niels deliberately carried out tests on blind people. They were taken to a room with walls painted blue. This resulted in a decrease in the body temperature of the test person. The same person was then led into a room with warm shades of red and the body temperature rose again. The room temperature was the same in both rooms. This shows that our bodies react to the vibrations of the colors. It has been proven that colors have an effect on the psyche and organism”.

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