The living room wallpaper, where you spend time with your family and invite guests, shouldn’t be partisan.

Bright flat with white brick wall and monstera leaves wallpaper in botanic living room

You want to keep the space comfortable and clean all the time.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper. Stylish living room interior

And therefore you want to choose the wallpaper more carefully than in other rooms.

Pillow with deer head drawing on stool against forest wallpaper in room with chair at desk

We will introduce you to the variety and how to choose colorful and functional wallpapers.

3D Digital mural Decor For Interior Home Decoration, Wall Tile Design For Living room wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background.

The living room is a place where people gather for a long time. And therefore it is important to choose wallpaper colors that are resistant to dirt and are calm.

white furniture at the green wallpaper table room.

Keep the following points in mind and choose a wallpaper that is suitable for your living room. 

living room

Choose a wallpaper material, keeping in mind that a living room where people come and go frequently is a spot where dirt and odors can easily get on the wall.

a classic interior composition

The choice of your living room wallpaper material and design should depend on what use you make of the living room. What do you use your living room for?

Floral wallpaper, side table with flowers and interior decoration next to bright living room window

The concept of a living room may refer to a common room designed to receive guests and communicate with family members.

Interior realistic composition with white sofa lamp and pot flower with world map wallpaper and carpet vector illustration

But also, often the living room combines the role of a bedroom.

interior luxury apartment, comfortable classic living room

And there are many other diverse uses you can make of the living room. For example, the living room is the ideal respite for peaceful reading.

Interior of light living room with grey sofa and printed world map on wall

The word “living room” has recently appeared in our vocabulary, replacing the usual meaning of “hall”.

Multicolour Rustic Digital Wall Tile Decor For interior Home or Rustic Ceramic wall tile Design, Heavily Mixed Wall Art Decor For Home, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, background.

Custom-made living room wallpaper

Make sure to use living room wallpaper that has a “dirt prevention”  function.

wallpaper, background, TV background, living room wall, decorative design for home, office and hotel wall, empty space

Especially, the silk fabric wallpaper that is washable and hard to wear is recommended for homes.

3d interior composition and modern stile

At Wallpaper Kenya you will also find wallpapers with functions such as ”waterproof”, “soundproof”, and “hard to scratch” functions with a strong surface.

A modern living room with TV and sofa.

Consider and select the functions that you want to emphasize according to your lifestyle.

Beauty of nature with this stunning and colorful nature and sky desktop wallpaper featuring trees and natural landscapes. Living room feature wall wallpaper. This image creates a mesmerizing and inspiring atmosphere.

But you are better off choosing simple colors to match furniture such as tables and sofas.

An abstract art illustration featuring zigzag lines with a sense of movement and energy. This artwork is a powerful representation of the beauty and excitement of abstract art.

Because you can’t relax in a space that doesn’t match the things in your living room. And therefore avoid a wide range of colors and patterns.

Landscape wallpaper with a rose petals design featuring a flower pattern that appears to be floating in the air. Modern, elegant wallpaper that will bring an exciting touch to any room.

Consider the balance between the color of the wallpaper in the rooms connected to the living room.

This stylish vintage damask wallpaper with beautiful Victorian scroll and leaf pattern, features a monochrome color scheme that adds to its antique charm

And these are the hallway, kitchen, and dining room next room. If possible, unify all the wallpapers to make the space look wider. 

But when changing only the wallpaper of the living room, consider the connection with the adjacent place.

vintage floral background wallpaper pattern graphics, and ethnic ceramic wall tile design is featured.

If you have a lot of children, you may want to make your living room colorful.

3D flower white living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

In such a case, it is a good idea to finish the wallpaper with calm beige or white. And prepare furniture with pop colors.

Tree and waterfalls with natural evening background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper

Custom designs and colors

Wallpaper for the living room plays a special role because it is mainly in this room that you receive guests.

Reed bamboo leaves on the background of a mountain lake in delicate colors. With a heron on the background of sunset. For wallpaper, frescoes.

And therefore, the correct selection of a model with a suitable color and long service life is very important. 

Sunrise wallpaper with white seven horse runing for living room

A custom-made, perfectly matched product, can visually enlarge the room and give it elegance.

Flowering tree with willow branches. For interior wallpaper printing, mural art.

The wallpaper mural, first of all, should not be defiant, but calm and practical.

Multicolour Rustic Digital Wall Tile Decor For interior Home or Rustic Ceramic wall tile Design, Heavily Mixed Wall Art Decor For Home, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, background.

It should also be able to maintain the microclimate and not accumulate dust.

3D blue whale fish wallpaper and pearls nice background

To increase the life of the wallpaper, you need to choose the right materials for decorating the living room. And you will not find any other better than our silk fabric.

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

Here you can buy wallpaper for the living room, both in classic and modern styles, plain or ornamental.

tropical trees and leaves wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3D illustration

Our consultants will help you choose decorative coverings for a large living room in a private house or a small room.

A landscape wallpaper painting of pine trees, distant mountains, clouds and sunrise. The Chinese painting style of ink and landscape, suitable for living room wall mural.

Here you will find beautiful wallpaper for the living room of a studio apartment (for space zoning).

TV background Wallpaper Living Room Bedroom 3d

As well as options for finishing the living room combined with the kitchen.

Colors for living room wallpaper

Using selected colors, and their saturation, of a living room wallpaper, you can create various interior effects.

3D flowers and seamless golden polygon abstract illustration background for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper

For example, highlight functional areas, “raise” low ceilings, “push apart” walls, “lighten up” a room, or, on the contrary, create an intimate atmosphere.

Animals in the zoo with leaves and tree hand drawn sketch for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper

In interior design, this technique is widely used.

Image for photo wallpapers. Illustration of palm leaves. Fresco. Mural.

The most important thing is choice of shade – light or darkIt depends on what the interior looks like.

3d drawing abstract marble art wallpaper for living room wall décor. Resin geode functional, like watercolor geode painting. golden, black, white, and gray background

If you are dealing with a small area, then choose rather light colors for the living room.

3D wallpaper background, Marble High quality Rose flower rendering decorative mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper

Because these will not overwhelm it and will not affect the optical reduction. Homeowners with larger living rooms usually have much greater choices.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

There, you can easily bet on such colors for the living room as graphite or anthracite.

Seamless Ceramic Wall tiles design Flower Wallpaper design Pattern Graphics Art Background.

The most popular wallpaper color shades for a living room are:

  • Beige,
  • Peach,
  • Grey,
  • White,
  • Black,
  • Brown.

Simple tones make it possible to emphasize the style of the interior and the beauty of the room.

3d illustration living room wallpaper décor canvas flat art colorful shapes circles and lines minimalist design

For the design not to look boring, several shades of the same color are selected.

Car crash the bricks wall for 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

In this case, the furniture will not “merge” with the walls. Additionally, juicy contrasting accents are introduced – bright poufs, cushions on the sofa, or even the sofa itself, etc.

Brown horse runs into the room. Wallpapers for interior decor. 3D rendering.

Wallpaper design in the living room is often chosen by popular styles, such as loft, art deco, modern, and others.

Beautiful seamless vector floral pattern background with palm tropical leaves and abstract forms. Abstract geometric texture. Perfect for wallpapers, web page backgrounds, surface textures, textile

You can reproduce them in full, following from the first to the last letter, or, without delving into details, create your mix of different styles.

Design in the loft, classic, modern style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate photo wallpaper, mural, wallpaper, card, postcard design.

Pastel colors wallpaper 

Light living room wallpaper colors will give it splendor, and add illumination, especially in cases where the windows face the north side.

Flowers in a watercolor style. Drawn on a textured background in pastel colors, fit living room wallpaper or home interiors. 3D render.

Gradual, gradient darkening from top to bottom will create the illusion of high ceilings. 

Vector seamless pattern. Abstract stylish background with stylized petals

The traditional design of living rooms is the decoration of the lower part of the walls, which gets dirty faster, in dark, and the upper part in light tones.

Seamless vintage pattern wallpaper - Vector EPS10.

Are you looking for a shade that will be safe? Pastel colors will probably be the answer to your needs.

Landscape of a summer sunset. Silhouettes of houses against the sky. Unusual spiral clouds

They are extremely neutral and create an excellent base for various types of arrangements

3d illustration of deer walking across the forest. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

They perfectly complement both the Bohemian style and the slightly bolder Art Deco interiors.

Strong and saturated colors for the living room 

Among the colors for the living room wallpaper that are fashionable this year, you can find very saturated, energetic colors. Yellow and blue are very popular.

Modern interior with striped blue pattern wallpaper, wooden floor, small table, chairs, floor lamps, blank panel and window with city view. Mock up, 3D Rendering

Interestingly, such colors for the living room are used not only separately, but also in combination with each other.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen in orange tones

A coherent combination breaks boredom a bit and brings to mind beautiful views.

Interior of the modern room, floral wall and red sofa

It is worth remembering, however, that one of these shades should dominate the interior. Then you will avoid the impression of excess.

Dark wallpaper in the living room

more often used to highlight one or another part of the wall – for example, in the fireplace area.

Flowers on black table and grey sofa in living room interior with lamp and wallpaper. Real photo

The color scheme is selected by the chosen style of the room and the personal tastes of the customer, while several general rules must be followed to create a comfortable interior:

  • Too bright and “acidic” tones should be avoided, especially in large areas;
  • In rooms with a lack of natural light, you should not paste over the walls with wallpaper in dark, saturated colors;
  • In small living rooms, it is better to use one tone for the walls, and it should be light.

3D rendering of living room. Place for your dark wallpaper concept.

Combining wallpaper in the living room

The room reserved for the living room may have an irregular shape or ceilings that are too low.

Avant Gard modern vector seamless pattern living room wallpaper. Yellow-grey palette. Contemporary art ornament.

A very large room is also not always good: a person will not feel very comfortable in it. These and some other shortcomings can be corrected by combining wall coverings of different colors, patterns, and textures.


By highlighting one of the walls with photo wallpaper, or wallpaper in a contrasting tone, you can partially correct the geometry of the space.

Abstract geometric striped pattern. Vector Illustration.

Using the combined wallpaper in the living room in the vertical direction, they visually “raise” the ceilings, in the horizontal direction they “expand” the walls.


Various combinations of wallpaper colors in the living room are used to divide the space into functional areas – a fireplace area, a reading area, a TV viewing area, and others. The same technique helps to highlight the living room in open layouts.

Black and white fan art wallpaper for home interior décor

The zoning of a large room into functional areas is quite common. The combination can emphasize the main advantages of the room by drawing attention to certain parts of it. For example, turn the eyes of guests to a fireplace, shelving, or a new sofa.

Wallpaper – a decorative element 

The wallpaper of two colors in the living room can be used to create an original wall décor from wallpaper with a pattern or pattern. For example, all walls are light, and several sections are dark with a pattern, they can be framed using a wooden, metal, or plastic plank.

Varieties of wallpaper for the living room

The catalog of wallpaper for the living room is represented by a wide range of coatings, including many types made using the latest technologies.

Leafy textured 3d vector seamless pattern. Floral embossed modern background. Surface hand drawn artistic ornaments. Relief emboss 3d flowers, swirls, leaves, circles, abstract shapes, spiral lines.

We work directly with manufacturers, so our prices per roll are free from intermediary margins and are quite affordable. The most popular include:

Before you buy wallpaper for the living room, when choosing, you should take into account:

  • environmental friendliness. The safety of residents and walls will depend on the purity factor of the material. The product must breathe so that the wall does not get wet and release toxins;
  • room style. By the design, secondary interior elements are selected. The wallpaper should include the proper ornament and color scheme. You can purchase a universal canvas that is suitable for different styles of the room;
  • sticking difficulty. This includes the presence of a pattern and the principle of gluing (butt, overlap). The difficulty lies in adjusting the image so that the wallpaper is applied evenly to the wall.

If you adhere to these criteria when choosing paintings, the interior and atmosphere of the room will become more favorable and comfortable.

Other criteria for choosing living room wallpaper

Wallpaper in the living room must be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The size of the room – the smaller it is, the lighter the main and companion wallpapers should be. Stripes are suitable for a living room with low ceilings.
  • Illumination – if the windows are on the north side, warm colors are better, on the south – cold ones, for example, blue, white, and gray.
  • Many windows, and doors – choose plain, without patterns, you can combine two colors.
  • The roughness of the walls, layout features, and bay windows – geometry will help.

The overall style of the room is also important when choosing. Modern ones require imitation of materials, for example, brick, plaster, and masonry, the loft is ideal for using black wallpaper. For Provence, light floral patterns, and unobtrusive geometry are suitable.

A large living room in a classic style will require dark color schemes with an unobtrusive pattern.

We offer a variety of wallpaper options for the hall too.

How to choose and paste combined wallpaper in the living room

Sometimes the same wallpaper on all the walls looks rather boring and monotonous. For this reason, canvases are often combined to make the room look fresh and attractive. But for a harmonious combination, you need to choose products similar in style and tone. The combination is carried out in the methods of combination:

  • different shades of color (blue, cyan; light green, green, etc.);
  • plain canvas and a pattern (striped, with monograms);
  • different tones (neutral and bright colors);
  • diversified one or more shades (dark blue and beige).

Benefits of shopping at Wallpaper Kenya

At any time, you can view the wallpaper collections on our website. Numerous photos posted in the catalog will allow you to choose the best option for the living room.

3D Illustration of peacock sitting on the branch , flowers- ILLUSTRATION

We constantly monitor current trends in wallpaper design and replenish our range with fashionable novelties.

3d illustration of deer and forest, reflection of landscape. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

As evidenced by numerous customer reviews, it is with us that it is easy to find the best option in terms of quality, design, and, price.

3D living room wallpaper design with florals background

Contact us and your living room will become truly stylish and comfortable!

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