Abstract wallpaper for walls, or murals, is an image, a symbol, a distraction from reality.

A fantasy woman oil portrait done on a canvas. A no one in particular portrait, a compilation of feelings, emotions and memories.

Continuous line, drawing of faces, fashion minimalist concept, vector illustration. Modern abstract wallpaper pattern.

Vintage artwork, paint strokes, painting on canvas. Above bed art, artistic texture. Abstract grungy background, light hand painted cover, backdrop, brown ochre, sand and teal

Vector abstract art. Kandinsky's abstract expressionism.
Vector abstract art. Kandinsky’s abstract expressionism.

If you prefer abstract wallpaper, you can say that you are a person who is a little different from everyone else, with your views and lifestyle.

Abstract colorful lightning fractal black background.

To some extent – a thinker, to some extent – an adventurer. 

abstract art, modern painting, grey and orange wall art.
abstract art, modern painting grey, and orange wall art.

But certainly an interesting multifaceted personality.

Female portraits texture in modern abstract style. Hand-drawn raster seamless pattern for your contemporary fashion design.

We choose what surrounds us based on our life experiences and beliefs.

landscape and audio waveform silhouette on a white background

An abstract pattern gives any room a unique mood.

Graphic wildflowers painted on dark colorful wall. Floral background in loft, modern style. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

Wallpaper for walls with abstraction can look different:

  1. colorful strokes and spots on a plain background,
  2. careless brush strokes,
  3. intricate patterns,
  4. chaotic drawings.

Artistic sketch draw backdrop material. Abstract geometric pattern. Chaos and random. Modern art drawing painting. 2d illustration. Digital texture wallpaper.

This is a flight of fancy and a bold experiment. 

Seamless Ceramic tiles design texture Art Wallpaper Pattern Graphics Design Background.

“Abstract” wallpapers do not accept logical completeness and strict rules. 

Tropical seamless pattern with beautiful women, bouquets of hibiscus flowers, plumeria, cactus, monstera, palm, banana leaves, butterflies. Hand-drawn vintage 3D illustration. Good for lux wallpapers

With their help, you can create a truly extraordinary design, emphasize the style of the interior direction, and place accents in the living space.

Abstract autumn seamless pattern with trees. Vector background for various surface. Trendy hand drawn textures.

It is important to combine the emotional sensations conveyed by the wallpaper with the purpose of the premises.

Abstract polygonal space low poly dark background with connecting dots and lines. Connection structure. Science background. Futuristic polygonal background. Triangular background. Wallpaper. Business

Perfectly fitting into the interiors of the living room or bedroom.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

Such wallpapers are unlikely to be appropriate when decorating an office or a children’s room.

Abstract wallpaper designs

In our progressive library of abstract wallpaper, you will find all kinds of designs.

3d abstraction background wallpaper for walls.

So that you can decorate your home to your liking and in a different way, from imitations of bricks or other textures.

Color Explosion series. Abstract design made of fractal paint and rich texture on the subject of imagination, creativity and art

Through striped designs, to 3d designs.

3d red gold lattice tiles on wooden oak background. Material wood oak. High quality seamless realistic texture.

Decorate the walls of your home in an atmospheric way.

Beautiful abstract background with volume elements, balls, texture, lines. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.

And mark your style with our abstract wallpapers with incredible designs that will not leave you indifferent.

abstract psychedelic background colored fractal hotspots arranged circles and spirals of different sizes Digital graphic design alchemy. magic

Great collection of abstract wallpaper with a wide variety of ideal environments to decorate your home.

modern black and white zebra oil painting. Abstract painting for interior decoration. contemporary style artwork with chaotic paint strokes and splashes, artist collection of animal painting.

The abstract wallpaper that we offer you is suitable for any type of wall.

oil painting on canvas, street of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under an red umbrella. Tree. England. Bridge and river

As long as it is flat and smooth.

3D Illustration of tree wallpaper with wooden background- 3d wallpaper

And for any interior wall surface.

ballerina in a watercolor style on a textural background, on a textural background watercolor stains with elements of shade, art-drawn ballerina in a pastel style, wall murals in the room

You will find abstract wallpaper designs to place in the bathroom, in the living room and in the kitchen.

Digital Wall Tile Decor For Home, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colourful patchwork in Indian style, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background - 3D Illustration

Or in any room of the house that you want.

durable, easy to install, silk fabric raw material

Wallpaper Kenya abstract wallpaper raw material is made of high-quality silk fabric.

Abstract Background

And adheres perfectly to the wall without bubbles inside.

 “Fluorite” - oil painting. Conceptual abstract picture of the eye. Oil painting in colorful colors. Conceptual abstract closeup of an oil painting and palette knife on canvas.

You won’t have to worry about imperfections when you put it up.

Wave Background. Abstract Vector Illustration. 3D Technology Style. Network Design with Particle.

Because the wallpaper comes in one seamless piece of tough silk cloth. And we will give you some simple instructions.

Business elegant abstract background illustration

With this, you won’t have any problem putting up your wallpaper on your wall.

Illustration with an eye. Bright pattern on the wall background. Vector. Blue eye. Bright spots.

But if you are in Nairobi, and if you wish,  we can hang the wallpaper for you at no extra charge.

Interesting background or Smoke background, Strange cover, Cover book, Cover design, Postcard design, Painted background, Colorful background

And if you are upcountry, or abroad, the only extra cost you will meet is the travel expenses. But I don’t see why you should incur this expense.

Abstract painting background. Golden color, printing, wallpaper, murals, wallpaper, CARDS,

Because the installation is quite simple and you can do it yourself.

Animals world map for kids wallpaper design

Along with the product you can also purchase accessories and a wallpaper adhesive kit of accessories and wallpaper adhesive to have everything you need at hand and adhere to it without problems.

Abstract art gold and blue oil painting

Nor will you have to worry about the stains that it could have or because it could be damaged. Because with a damp cloth you can clean your abstract wallpaper without problems and you will not leave a trace of the stains.

Drawn tropical, exotic plants and leaves among the columns. Floral background for mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, postcard, card. Loft, modern, classic design.

Acquire all the abstract wallpaper designs you need and decorate your home giving it an original and unique touch.

blue abstract acrylic painting on canvas

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find your exclusive wallpaper for a reasonable price.

Abstract oil texture background. Paint on canvas. Modern art. Contemporary art.

Take a look at our abstract wallpaper library and you will surely find the one that suits you.

 Abstract wallpaper for walls color palettes

Each color evokes different feelings in us. But how do you manage it when you see several colors at the same time, such as in an abstract oil painting?

monochrome natural forms in the snow of abstract woman's body.

The color composition is based on the principle of chromatic harmony where each color tone has a function.

Here find some images of abstract designs for your inspiration.

Color mountains, translucent waves, abstract glass shapes, modern background, vector design Illustration for you project

The possibilities are endless. But, as they say, seeing is believing.

yellow abstract background

Particle drapery luxury gold background. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.

abstract orange background

abstract fire background with smooth soft lines

red and black abstract mural

White crane on gray background. Abstract watercolor paint background grunge texture. Interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls, fresco for the room, interior grunge style

minimalist abstract mural

Chinese style abstract geometry golden mountain decoration painting, deer and boat art pattern, reflection, background wall, wallpaper

abstract lines

3D Vector distorted grid design. Abstract wireframe landscape. Detailed lines on white background. Optical Illusion.

Woman body in elegant line art. Abstract line minimalistic women arts set with modern shapes design. Vector illustration.
Woman’s body in elegant line art. Abstract line minimalistiwomen’sen arts set with modern shapes design. Vector illustration.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

Monochrome Abstract Art

Simple geometric abstract vector pattern with simple shapes and monochrome colors. Geometric graphics composition, best use in web design, business card, invitation, poster, textile print, background.

Tropical palm leaves. Beige leaves on a light background. Mural, Wallpaper for internal printing.

Designers’ opinions and production time

The more unpredictable and creative the print, the more impressive the abstract wallpaper is.

abstract colorful backdrop with oil drops and waves on water surface

A great way to stand out and brighten up your home. With the help of abstract wallpaper for walls, you can make your room spectacular and unusual.

abstract pattern - abstract texture - abstract background - abstract design

For those wallpapers that we produce ourselves, we can: change the color, increase or decrease the pattern according to your wishes and the production time will not increase from this. 

Tropical leaves on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Great choice for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, poster, card, postcard.

We selected the most interesting collections of ready-made wallpapers from a huge number of manufacturers from around the world.

Digital Wall Tile Decor For Home, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colourful patchwork in Indian style, wallpaper, textile, web page background - 3D Illustration

Since we have our production, we can quickly fulfill any order. You don’t need to wait a month for custom wallpapers. We keep it within up to 2 days.

3D illustration wallpaper design art paint mural background

And urgent production within 24 hours of the order is possible. There is also a large warehouse program for wallpapers from different manufacturers.

 closeup of colored pencil remains, studio shot

We select only quality manufacturers. For wallpapers that we make ourselves, we use very good interlining, on which most of the elite International, silk fabric, wallpapers are made.

Design in the loft, classic, modern style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate photo wallpaper, mural, wallpaper, card, postcard design.

The wallpapers are environmentally friendly and do not have any smell immediately after production.

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