A set of African art murals, people dance in ethnic abstract tribal pattern. Folk traditional ornament, giraffe and dancers from Africa, wallpaper, wall art design.

African art murals are multifunctional: they serve leaders, religion, and even the economy.

African women silhouettes in national clothes seamless pattern. South African art murals, vector illustration. Beautiful black females

They also have an entertaining role.

entertaining African art motives

African people dance on ethnic ritual ceremony, tribal culture vector illustration. Cartoon aborigines dancers playing drums with decorative native patterns, dancing in village of Africa background.

West African masquerade murals, in particular, refute the generalization that in traditional African cultures there is no such thing as art for art’s sake.

Vector Illustration of three male Costumes for Festival, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween or more.

Even when performances are associated with ritual and faith, aesthetics and theatricality are never ignored.

Seamless pattern with African drum tam tam and splashes in watercolor style. Colorful hand drawn African art murals illustration

The African art murals are the oldest form of art known in the world.
abstract vector African girls mural.
The fact that the most ancient origins of mankind are in Africa is now irrefutable.
Ethnic people of African tribes in traditional clothing, set of isolated cartoon characters, vector illustration. Exotic culture, different countries in Africa, slim man and woman in national costumes
However, Africa was also decisive in the development of the visual arts, since African art murals, whose origins can be traced back to written history, managed to create a culture of peace with its special stylistic features.
Africa rural landscape with abstract geometric pattern wall mural, village and African people vector illustration. Cartoon woman with jug, afro character in tribal traditional costume near houses huts background.

African art mural themes

All the tribal African art murals can be divided into three broad themes.

Tribe ethnic people in Africa village flat vector illustration. Cartoon African woman with jug, afro character in tribal traditional costume, standing near ethnic hut house in village, rural African landscape mural.

The first of them is a kind of symbiosis of the Forest and the Settlement.

African sunset landscape with silhouettes of people

Members of the tribes wear special masks and outfits, paying tribute to this duality.

African art murals Vector illustration of Native black skinned ethnical people of Africa tribes and aborigine.

For example, the masculine principle is presented in the form of an elephant, the strongest animal.

African village landscape scene, people in Africa vector illustration. Cartoon young woman character in traditional tribal dress with child walking among poor houses, happy children play background

And the feminine, on the contrary, is well-groomed, as far as possible from the “natural” image, representing civilization and contrasting with the wild, unbridled masculine.

African village at night with big moon

The second theme is the relationship between the sexes.

Ethnic African pattern. The culture of the peoples of Africa. Elements for fabric and any design. Abstraction. Decoration. Religious dances and songs. Signs and symbols of the peoples of the world.

Art in Africa has often been used (and is used) as a kind of “therapy” that allows family problems to dissolve and evaporate.

Africa travel map murals, decorative symbol of Africa continent with wild animals silhouettes

The third big theme is the problem of controlling natural and supernatural forces to achieve what you want.

African women silhouettes in national clothes horizontal seamless pattern. Beautiful black females. Tribal art. People of South Africa, vector illustration

Each region of the continent has its style of art.

African elements. Ethnic totem faces. Traditional masks and drums. Decorative items. Aborigine vases or baobab tree. Patterned ceramics and tribe weapons. Classy African art murals vector

In the western region, it is customary to pay tribute to great ancestors and make symbolic sacrifices, which greatly affects the overall picture of local art objects.

hand drawn portrait of a woman with black cat on ethnic floral ornament background

In Central Africa, art is more applied, and original earthen architecture, embroidery, jewelry and leather products, and intricate hairstyles are common here.

Figures of african dancers. Dancing woman in ethnic style. Vector Illustration.

But no matter what African art mural, the work is always bright and cheerful, because it is designed to sing of life!

African art murals, Dance of the Papuans. Dancing African people. Silhouettes of African women and men with musical instruments.

Nowadays, African motifs are very popular all over the world.

Prehistoric African art Murals

At first, African art murals were cave paintings.

Bushmen (san) rock painting of humans and antelopes, Drakensberg mountains, South Africa.
Bushmen (san) rock painting of humans and antelopes, Drakensberg mountains, South Africa.

And later they were used to decorate the walls of royal palaces or sacred huts, with motifs that ranged from geometric shapes to hunting and war scenes.

Beautiful African Women Wallpaper, Psychedelic Art Colors, Abstract Wall Décor.

The earliest known African art mural, such as the Blombos cave engravings ( c . 70,000 BC), pit skin eggshell engravings  ( c. 60,000 BC), or cave stones Apollo 11 (25,500–23,500 BC) were probably the work of the yellow-skinned Bushmen.
colorful patchwork seamless pattern with application dancing african womans for your design
An indigenous people of southern Africa.
Dreams of Africa, art murals.
The Bushmen are the oldest known natives of South Africa.
African women with jugs, ornate sketch for your African art murals design.
But exactly how they came to be and how far back their history goes is a mystery.
Silhouette of African dancers. Dancing woman in traditional ethnic style. Vector Illustration.
It is not even clear whether their ancestors were responsible for pictographs and petroglyphs that have been found in various prehistoric sites in the country.
African art murals retro vintage style.
However, the old Bushmen are related to the best and oldest works of art murals in the world at sites throughout South Africa.
Mural Wallpaper Safari Panoramic View, African Landscape Seamless Border, Toile Exotic Wildlife Giraffe, Leopard, Antelopes, Zebra, Horizontal Tanzania National Park

Characteristics of African rock art murals

The general character of the ancient African art murals is naturalistic. And many murals can be seen as pictograms.
African women in the moonlight, African art murals retro vintage style .
That is, they express ideas and are not “art for art’s sake”.
Atmospheric fresco of graffiti street art, featuring a lively neon color scheme and a grunge-inspired aesthetic. Afro girl portrait. The torn and tagged African art mural.
The vast majority of the figures are humans and animals.
Watercolor Africa scene. African animals illustration. Safari design for banner, wallart, cover, web
But a few other objects are probably symbolic, although their meaning is not always clear.
Safari wildlife wallpaper mural. Illustration with zebra, lion and giraffe. Watercolor animal and jungle flora on white background.
The prehistoric color palette used by Bushmen artists in their rock art consisted of earth pigments. 
Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D African art mural rendering.
Red and brown from bole or hematite; yellow from iron ocher; white from zinc oxide; black from coal or soot; blue from iron and silicic acid.
Graphic African animals on a neutral beige cream background. Seamless vector pattern. Surface design for wall mural, wallpaper, Zebra, giraffe and elephant.
The blue is especially unusual and does not appear in the rock art of Europe.
Safari wildlife wallpaper. Illustration with elephant, leopard and giraffe. Watercolor animal and jungle flora on white background.
The thin lines found in Bushman paintings were drawn with thin hollow rods, sharpened, and used as needles.
African art mural, tribal women ethnic style traditional style dancing people

Ethnic African art murals

African art murals are fascinating. It is a representation of thoughts, visions, and the culture of a place and a people.

African woman in turban, tribal art murals. Beautiful black woman. Vector illustration

Africa is significantly vast and diverse with a glorious history spanning several eras that saw many empires and civilizations rise and fall.

African woman with monstera tropical leaves. Vector illustration in vintage, retro style. Faceless, Avatar. Painting for the interior

Ethnic African art murals, primarily through painting, are a distinctive part of African identity.

Beautiful African girl in a bright dress with ethnic ornament African art mural.

Diversity in African culture, identities, different languages, cultural beliefs and traditions, living environments, and major historical experiences all glorify the ethnicity of the continent.

elephant in full growth is in the sand, the dry branch grows, African art monochrome murals.

With such diverse cultures and traditions across the continent, Africa showcases art murals in a variety of fascinating forms and designs.

3d African art

One of the amazing features of African art murals is that African artists mainly prefer three-dimensional art over two-dimensional ones.

3d African art mural of safari animal savannah silhouette sunset background landscape scene.

A person can always see that every African mural painting will always represent a three-dimensional view.

Portrait of a young African 3d art mural.

House paintings across Africa have a similarly three-dimensional design to wrap around the building.

This is a 3D mural illustration of Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Abstract African art

Set of abstract African art murals with African woman in turban, ceramic vase and jugs, plants, abstract shapes and landscape. Background in minimalistic style. Vector illustration.

African Abstract art mural is famous all over the world and more so in Africa.

Dark-skinned woman’s portrait blends into the dissolving colourful paint

The abstract elements of African art forms also influenced later art movements across Europe.

African inspired illustrated digital art murals.

African artworks often favor visual abstraction over any naturalistic artistic representation.

African inspired illustrated digital abstract art murals.

It is mainly because the art forms of Africa mainly represent objects or ideas that portray a situation that involves the objects.

African abstract scenery art wall painting.

This can be seen in the Ile-Ife head portraits, which greatly represented people and abstract elements.

Human figure

Maasai couple monochrome African art murals, people patterns.

A prominent and vital theme of African art murals is the representation of human forms and images.

Africa retro vintage style wall murals.

Human beings are the main element of most African murals.

Beautiful african women

And in many forms of art, humans collaborate with animals.

Maasai couple African people wall painting.

There are also art forms that portray semi-animal semi-human representations.

Ethnic African women with jugs for your design

In ancient times, during trade between Africa and Europe, human representations found their way onto European ceramics, which then saw into African artistic cultures.

digital wall painting of African woman in yellow dress in the desert riding on horse

Performance art

Traditional African art murals, Musicians dance and play the drums.

A distinctive feature of African art mural is that it is intended more for interpretation than for static purposes.

African Musicians dance and play the drums.

Utilitarianism and three-dimensional art forms from Africa are used in ceremonies, traditions, collaborative programs, and other cultural events.

Tribal man with colored face in traditional clothes playing music on national drum instruments stand around bonfire. Prehistoric time and ancient community recreation. Night scene. Vector illustration

For example, African masks and intricate costumes are popular at community and religious events.

Modern African art Murals

Modern African art murals design, Beautiful women with a fantastic Golden hat and skin. decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract. gold

Modern African art murals are generally distinguished.

modern zebra oil wall painting. African wildlife abstract painting for interior decoration. contemporary style artwork with chaotic paint strokes and splashes, artist collection of animal painting. Set of pictures

Because in them the black figures that stand out from the background prevail.

Watercolor beauty african women. Painting fashion illustration. Hand drawn portrait of pretty girls on white background

And in this sense, the people are painted in pure color in a reduced and stylized way. 

Young beautiful African American woman meditates or dreams with top part of her head makes of a barcode illustration. Сontemporary art collage, trendy urban minimalistic wall mural style.

Using the straight line to draw the arms and legs.

African woman dancing with emotion. modern art painting and grunge. Duo-tone with blue and yellow

Also, the use of earthy colors predominates, trying to imitate the background of primitive rock art.

Female shape vector figure with textures. Fashion woman portrait. Collection of contemporary art posters. Abstract paper cut elements, abstract shapes.

And likewise, the composition and placement of the figures, as protagonists, give movement to the scene.

Modern fashion illustration with tropical leaves and african american woman, pastel colors, geometric shapes, trendy wall art

It is a very happy and decorative art.

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