There are 4 different types of kitchen wallpaper in terms of material classification. These are the 100% waterproof 3d foam wall panels, self-adhesive waterproof contact paper, regular vinyl wallpaper, and silk fabric.

Both 3d foam and contact paper are highly washable and withstand changes in temperature and humidity. And therefore you can use them on any wall as well as furniture. Contact paper is especially good for kitchen furniture, countertop covering, kitchen island covering, kitchen cabinets, and most other areas.

The silk fabric is the material on which we customize wallpaper designs. Custom-made kitchen wallpaper can implement design options that are relevant, and which cannot be obtained by other methods.

Since the kitchen, along with the bathroom, is one of the most humid rooms in the house, it is better to choose wallpaper that is resistant to humidity.

Regular vinyl wallpaper will quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.  But heavy-duty vinyl, non-woven, acrylic, bamboo, cork wallpaper, as well as fiberglass – will perfectly cope with the function of a beautiful and durable wall covering for the kitchen.

Self-adhesive kitchen contact paper

Waterproof self-adhesive kitchen wallpaper, also known as contact paper serves to protect from moisture, dirt, and grease. Thanks to the protective waterproof contact paper, water does not seep through, which means that mold does not threaten. It will protect your kitchen fronts and countertops from swelling, as water adversely affects them and spoils their appearance.

Plain white and marble designs look very neat and can be used to cover the seams around the bathtub, shower stall, sinks, joints of kitchen countertops and backsplashes, as well as windows and balconies.

The surfaces to be decorated with contact paper must be pre-cleaned and dried. Applying the sticker is very easy. It is necessary to remove the protective film, attach the decorative paper and pressing firmly, close the entire surface.

Cut off the end with scissors, smooth the entire surface from bubbles. The decorative sticker can be glued on flat surfaces and can be folded in half along the longitudinal seam.

Self-adhesive contact paper for kitchen countertops

You can buy self-adhesive contact paper for kitchen countertops and kitchen tables. And you can use waterproof contact paper on kitchen walls, in the living room, children’s room and other rooms. Such qualities of the material as wear resistance, durability, strength, water resistance, ease of installation, and maintenance have already been appreciated by many consumers.

The kitchen tabletop can lose its attractive appearance for various reasons. One of which is long service life. Furniture owners can go the following ways:

  • buy a new table;
  • restore the old one.

The second option is more economical since self-adhesive contact paper is much cheaper than a new table. It will also save time and money. At the same time, furniture that has acquired a second life thanks to the protective and decorative sticker will look quite impressive.

What design to choose for the countertop? It all depends on the overall design of the room and your wishes. In turn, Wallpaper Kenya offers numerous samples that imitate natural materials:

  • wood of different species;
  • marble tiles;
  • ceramics;
  • and rock.

Custom-made kitchen wallpaper murals

Custom-made kitchen wallpaper is your ideal tool for transforming an inexpressive room into a stylish and cozy kitchen. Wallpaper Kenya offers you to order incomparable photo wallpaper for the kitchen.

Refresh and update the interior in the shortest time possible. And create a favorable atmosphere and a welcoming mood in your home.  All these become possible thanks to the use of custom-made wallpapers for the kitchen.

If you prefer to install photomural wallpaper in the kitchen, remember that the most successful colorful picture will look in a minimalist style. The brighter the picture, the more neutral the tone of the wallpaper should be.

To use photomural wallpapers for a kitchen of considerable size, you should delimit the space. And allocate an area for the dining room and the cooking process.

When choosing photomural wallpapers for a small-sized kitchen, pay attention to the color scheme of the image. Because designs in dark shades will “weight” the room. And this will negatively affect the perception of the size of the room.

3d foam kitchen wallpaper  panels are the last word in kitchen renovation. There are a huge number of designs in this category. Self-adhesive 3d wall panels are made from foamed polyethylene foam.

On the one hand, they have a structure, and on the other hand, they are covered with an adhesive base. The 3d foam wallpaper are odorless, does not emit harmful toxic substances into the air, and does not cause allergic reactions. The only thing you should be careful about is its flammability.

Do not use these panels near the stove without additional protection. Also, do not use for decorating existing stoves, the walls of which can be heated to high temperatures.

The main areas in the interior decoration are the walls and furniture. Because they  are what create the theme of the space and emphasize your interior. Using new technologies such as 3d form wall panels, you can add ambience to your kitchen.

The latest in wall decoration technology is 3d polyurethane foam wall panels, which in turn have the following advantages:

Benefits of polyurethane foam panels:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • moisture resistant
  • elastic

Installation of polyurethane foam wall panels takes 3-4 hours. Unlike other panels, which are installed only on mounting glue, polyurethane foam is self-adhesive.

Using 3D panels in the interior of the room, you can additionally protect the room from extraneous sounds. Increased moisture resistance allows the use of the material in rooms with an average degree of humidity. Ease of cleaning is another advantage of using panels in rooms for various purposes.

Self-adhesive panels are an innovative material not only for city apartments and private houses. They are also suitable for use in entertainment-type premises, cafes, restaurants, shops, office premises. This material will allow you to design in the interior in the style of fusion, hi-tech, loft, pop art, vintage and others.

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