Bespoke removable wall murals
Bespoke removable wall murals

Removable wall murals are in most cases not both removable and reusable.

custom-made removable wall murals
custom-made removable wall murals

Most murals are either permanent or removable but not reusable. But at Wallpaper Kenya we have removable and reusable murals.  At Wallpaper Kenya, you will find 4 types of removable wall murals. And these are:

Removable and reusable map of the world mural
Removable and reusable map of the world mural

There are different ways too of removing each of the four categories. And of the four categories, it is only custom-made murals that are both removable and reusable. This means you can remove the mural from one wall and reuse it on another wall. Or, you can even move house with it.

Peel and stick 3d Foam Wall Stickers
Peel and stick 3d Foam Wall Stickers

All the other categories of wallpaper murals are removable but you will destroy them in the process. However, they will all leave the wall intact. In the case of the regular wallpaper, the most important thing is to make sure you use the right adhesive at the installation stage.

Removable peel and stick 3d wallpaper
Removable peel and stick 3d wallpaper

Problems with the removal of old wallpaper

The only time you will have problems removing old wallpaper murals is if the wrong adhesive was used during the installation. We highly recommend you only use the right adhesive, water-based starch. Then you will have no problems when the time for removal comes.

Removable but not reusable regular wallpaper
You can remove but not reuse this regular wallpaper mural

Countless things can go wrong with wallpaper mural removal based on the quality of the adhesive used. But if this happens, call Wallpaper Kenya expert wall removal technicians to assist you. Don’t try to save a few shillings by skipping hiring a professional and doing the removal yourself. Because professionals will have the right tools for the removal of wallpaper murals. Because this can also determine how well the final results of the removal turn out.

Removable and reusable bedroom wall mural
Removable and reusable bedroom mural

You’re not doing yourself a favor by attempting a job meant for professionals. Not only can you end up leaving behind traces of glue, but you can also end up damaging the walls.

Why do you want removable wall murals?

In some instances, you do not need removable wall murals.

self-adhesive contact paper
self-adhesive contact paper

Surely you know or have heard that earlier wallpaper was glued directly on top of the old ones. And that was okay. It never occurred to anyone that they needed to be removed. And most importantly, the result of gluing new wallpaper was excellent. No swelling, bubbles, bumps. Everything was perfect. The secret lies in the material used for the wallpaper.

100% waterproof, scrub able and heat resistant self-adhesive contact paper

They used to be paper. For our forefathers it is acceptable. And If you too are also going to glue paper wallpaper on the same coating, which is in good condition, you don’t need to remove the old one.

But if you’re going to apply a different other paper finish, then you need to remove the old one first. Because the old coating will swell or begin to chemically react with the new modern material. The result will not please you. You will lose time, nerves and money spent.

Custom-made removable wall murals

There is ambiguity between removable wall murals and regular wallpapers. For our purposes let us define wallpaper as the traditional surface prints or embossed papers with texture, pattern, and color type of wallcovering. A mural on the other hand is a new type of wallcovering developed with the advances in technology.

Under the sea living room wall mural
Under the sea living room mural

Wallpaper Kenya custom-made removable murals are digital prints created using high-quality photography and imagery. And can be blown up, scaled-down, and customized to the individualized requirements of a space. According to me, these are the best murals. Because you will get bespoke imagery on your walls.

Girls' Room Removable Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

On the other hand, wallpapers are more standardized and cannot be modified in their patterns, scale, or color. But one pattern will come in multiple colorways to suit a variety of different design schemes.

You will get the highly detailed and unique texture and depth with our custom-made removable murals. And this is a result of digital printing that is highly captivating and engaging, drawing in the viewer. As opposed to preprinted patterns of wallpapers stocked products that are made in large quantities.

Personalized light color elegant removable world map school wall murals
Personalized light color elegant removable world map school murals

With current technology, custom-made removable photo murals are of very high quality, superior to wallpaper in all aspects. You can give them an antique look by adding artificial scuffs or cracks. But even the best photo wallpaper remains an imitation.


These custom-made removable wall murals are made of premium silk fabric material and will last a lifetime or more. And then because you choose the design you want it makes it perfect to decorate any wall in any room. Therefore both you and your children alike will love this adorable removable wall mural.

When the children have outgrown the mural you remove it and give it out as a present to a children’s home or a friend with a child. It doesn’t get damaged on removal and therefore you need not through it away.


– Easy to apply, remove and reuse without leaving damage or residue.

– Romantic or any design you choose makes it attractive and nice to create your desired mood.

– Personalized murals are an ornamental cheerful gift for your family.

– Can be used for any dry, clean and smooth surface of walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc., not suitable for dirty or rough surfaces.

Removable self-adhesive wall stickers

Brick design tactile texture 3d foam removable wall murals
Brick design tactile texture 3d foam removable wall murals

Wall stickers are removable wall murals made of eco-friendly PVC which is durable and waterproof. You can therefore use them in even wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. And they are easily applied by peeling off the protective film. This makes it easy for you easily install and remove the wall stickers. Because you easily peel off without leaving a mark on the wall.

The different colors of peel and stick self-adhesive contact papers
The different colors of peel and stick self-adhesive contact papers

Bring in the color decorative products for the house that are both useful and beautiful.
– This is a DIY product, so you will receive the sticker in parts and you need to put them together by yourself. 

Monitor brightness, manual measurement, etc. Because there could be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. I sincerely hope that you can understand! 


Solid white self-adhesive peel and stick contact paper
Solid white self-adhesive peel and stick contact paper

Let’s talk about their most significant advantages of 3d foam self-adhesive removable wall murals:

Aesthetics and modernity: any wall decorated with 3d foam wall stickers now covers its greatest popularity, unlike walls with carpets or regular wallpaper.

Practical:  Caring for 3d foam wall stickers is easy. And its moisture resistance should be taken into account, which makes it possible to use modern 3d foam wall stickers in any room. 

Also, in case of deterioration, you can easily remove and replace one of the 3d panels; it’s much easier than repainting the room.

Heat and noise absorption properties:  reduce the cost of additional insulation work in the room or wall where you install it.

Ecological compatibility and fire safety – most types of 3d foam wall panels are made of high-quality materials. And the technologies for their production imply incombustibility and absolute safety.

Versatility:  3d foam wallpaper murals are suitable for kitchen, living room, nursery, bedroom, bathroom, or any other room. You just have to choose the right design.

Exclusivity and unusual design – to decorate your apartment with three-dimensional panels, you are unlikely to see the same with your friends or neighbors.

Of the few drawbacks of 3d decorative panels,  we note only the cost, which is due to the material of their manufacture.

An important property of 3d foam wall stickers is made from environmentally friendly materials that do not release hazardous substances. Therefore, this wall finishing method is safe for any installation.

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