Flower wallpaper for walls

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Flower wallpaper for walls instantly enhances any room. The wallpaper will adhere to drywall and new and old plaster. You can also have your concrete walls, cement, and paneled walls decorated with flower wallpaper for walls. And you have absolutely no reason why you can not decorate your even tiled and other nonporous wall surfaces, […]


Pink flower wallpaper for walls, 3d design. Floral mural.

Flower wallpaper for walls instantly enhances any room.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper, space for text. Stylish living room interior

The wallpaper will adhere to drywall and new and old plaster.

Side table with flowers and interior decoration next to bright window

You can also have your concrete walls, cement, and paneled walls decorated with flower wallpaper for walls.

Wooden lamp and turquoise sofa in spacious living room with pink chair, green table and leaves wallpaper murals.

And you have absolutely no reason why you can not decorate your even tiled and other nonporous wall surfaces, such as concrete blocks, or synthetic laminate paneling with the flower wallpaper.

Wallpaper with beautiful floral pattern

The key is to know how to prepare the surfaces for the different kinds of walls.

pink flowers on Bricks background wallpaper 3d

Flower psychology is associated in the minds of people with holidays, spring, love, and other equally pleasant concepts.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

And therefore traditionally flowers attract the attention of both homeowners and interior designers.

3d wallpaper Tall columns with hanging balls and flowers and butterflies

And you don’t need any maintenance!

3D wallpaper , oil painting tree branch with flowers , oil painting two peacock with small and large butterflys

Almost all of our collections present modern concepts of floral patterns that look stylish, fashionable, and incredibly impressive.

3D wall with tree

At the same time, floral prints in a modern style are not inferior in variety to traditional solutions.

Illustration of tropical wallpaper print design with emperor birds of paradise sitting on palm banana leaves and flamingos. Tropical birds and plants on paper textured background.

Revive and give a fresh, natural ambiance to any indoor space with our flower wallpaper for walls.

Stylish interior of room with mirror and beautiful strelitzia flowers on wall

Be it your home or office.

3D White circle background wallpaper with tree art.

You will not find any other interior decoration with such infinite decor as flower wallpaper for walls.

3D wallpaper for walls with oil-painting flowers on branch, peacocks sitting on branch , wall wallpaper design

They are perfect for places where floral decoration is needed regularly. Such as in hospitals, nursery schools, day-care centers, event halls, etc.

Abstract art nature background vector. Modern shape line art wallpaper. Boho foliage botanical tropical leaves and floral pattern design for summer sale banner , wall art, prints and fabrics.

Wallpapers for walls with flowers are quite popular in the modern market of finishing materials. 

Seamless watercolor floral pattern - pink blush flowers elements, green leaves branches on white background; wrapper for walls

Properly selected, you will be able to add originality to the interior and emphasize its individuality.

Flower yellow-blue tulips and petals. Floral background. Petals tulips. Close-up. Nature.

Great for styles such as glamour, vintage, art nouveau, and Provence.

Stylish interior of room with sofa and beautiful protea flower on wall

It is worth your while to give preference to bright and clear ornaments.

Mixed colorful flowers wall mural. Vibrant colors of mixed flowers backdrop.

Because they attract attention and look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Seamless Patchwork Background with Flowers and Paisley Wallpaper for Walls. Decorative pattern with floral and geometric ornaments.

Floral Wallpaper Design Style Trends 2023

Every year brings something new to the flower wallpaper for walls and fresh ideas for interior renovation.

Floral and botanical line art background. Summer tone with tropical leafy, lotus flower wallpaper for walls, ginkgo leaves, branch vector. Watercolor wallpaper and circle sun for banner, prints, poster, wall art.

In 2023, the trend is environmental friendliness, comfort, calm tones, and unobtrusiveness.

botanic seamless border, rim with exotic flowers and leaves, hand drawn background. floral pattern. fashion arrangements with tropical leaf

Still, natural beauty, simplicity, and a little uncomplicated geometry are win-win options for decorating modern interiors.

seamless leaves wallpaper pattern on textures background

Therefore, when choosing wallpaper for walls in 2023, we rely on graceful vegetation, simple geometry, and original textures with complex shades of colors.

Beautiful summer flowers as background. Blossoming delicate roses on blooming flowers festive background, pastel and soft bouquet floral card.

The language of flowers and color is subconsciously understood by each of us.
Seamless pattern with large watercolor flowers by peonies.
No matter how much space art occupies in our lives, we all perceive certain shades and tones in a similar way.
Computer drawn flower illustration. Watercolor Flowers.Manual composition.Big Set watercolor elements.
So, for example, we associate green with calmness and concentration, cold blue tones pacify, and yellow, on the contrary, enlivens and fills the room with light.
Seamless pattern of orange flowers drawn with watercolor.For the design of the wallpaper or fabric, vintage style.Blooming flower painting for summer.Botany background.
Red is the color of passion, purple is mysterious and luxurious.
Cute feminine watercolor seamless pattern with wildflowers.
Grey, white, and all kinds of pastel colors, in turn, serve as a great companion for accents of any color.
Seamless floral pattern with flowers on dark background, watercolor. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Botanical art

How to choose a taste of flower wallpaper for walls

Flower wallpaper for walls can look pompous and luxurious, elegant and strict, realistic, and schematic.

Banana leaves. Coupon seamless pattern

But they will always remain a universal solution suitable for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and hallway, nursery, dressing room, and so on. 

Seamless vintage background pastel green baroque pattern. Ornamental Vector illustration.

Wallpaper with flowers is an absolute hit.

Seamless pattern with image of a gold rose flowers on a white background. Vector illustration.

Because they bring a special charm, comfort, notes of romanticism, and tenderness to the interior.

Beach cheerful seamless pattern wallpaper of tropical dark green leaves of palm trees and flowers bird of paradise (strelitzia) plumeria on a light yellow background

With the right approach, you will end up with an incredibly stylish, luxurious space with a romantic mood.

Modern exotic floral jungle pattern. Collage contemporary seamless pattern. Hand drawn cartoon style pattern.

The color scheme of the wallpaper mainly depends on the style and purpose of the room, as well as on its dimensions. 

Watercolor Flower Clipart Set: Realistic Floral Illustrations for Simple and Elegant Bridal Designs, Wallpaper, Greetings, Wallpapers, Fashion

Bold design solutions will look more harmonious in large apartments.

Print summer exotic jungle plant tropical palm leaves. Pattern, seamless floral vector on the black white geometric background. Nature wallpaper.

But in small rooms, it is better you stick to proven classic combinations: luxurious orchids or peonies on a black background.

Seamless floral pattern with peonies on light background, watercolor. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Botanical art

For example, are unlikely to make the same impression in a small room as on the accent wall of the hall or bedrooms.

flower seamless pattern on background

There are a few rules you can follow in choosing floral wallpaper.

3d embossed lines floral seamless pattern. Textured beautiful flowers relief background. Repeat emboss white backdrop. Surface leaves, flowers. 3d line art flowers ornament with embossing effect. Art.

1. Harmony of patterns and shades:

3D purple flower golden wallpaper with marble texture background

Companion wallpapers and accessories are always chosen to match the colors, not the background.

digital floral designs for printable all over with wall paper

And the most important and secret “rule of a wallpaper designer” is to choose wallpaper patterns and color shades in such a way that they do not contradict the pattern on other fabrics.

Delicate Blooming Hand drawn paint brushed Wild flower ,Meadow floral Seamless pattern Vector illustration artistic style ,Design for fashion , fabric, textile, wallpaper, wrapping and all prints

But harmonize with their colors and texture.

Botanical line bakground with peonies flowers and leaves. Floral foliage for wedding invitation, wall art or card template. Vector illustration. Luxury rustic trendy art

2. Balance of simplicity and richness:

3d abstraction background wallpaper for walls.

If the pattern on the wallpaper is bright and large, the furniture should be plain and very “light”.

3. Proportions:

Watercolor art background vector. Wallpaper design with winter flower paint brush line art. Earth tone blue, pink, ivory, beige watercolor Illustration for prints, wall art, cover and invitation.

The larger the room – the larger the pattern, the smaller – the smaller the flowers.

Blooming midsummer meadow seamless pattern wallpaper for walls. Plant background for fashion, wallpapers, print. A lot of different flowers on the field. Liberty style millefleurs. Trendy floral design

Wallpaper for walls classic flowers: cozy home

3D scene of interior with armchair and flowery wallpaper for walls.

Wallpaper with classic flowers is a symbol of femininity and health.

Floral seamless pattern with summer wildflowers, abstract plants and leaves. Watercolor isolated print for textile, wallpapers or nature background.

They are also associated with nature, wildflowers, and a beautiful garden, therefore they create a comfortable atmosphere and give the interior peace and tranquility.

Watercolor floral seamless border. Hand painted frame of green leaves, wildflowers, field flowers, isolated on white background. Iillustration for design, print, background

Common for standard options:

3d interior composition and modern stile

  • in the form of a light background, on which brighter flowers,
  • Neutral two-tone and monochrome wallpaper with a brilliant embossed pattern and mother-of-pearl.

Floral seamless pattern, white Semi-double Camellia flowers with leaves on bright grey

Minimalist flower wallpaper

The main function of modern floral wallpaper in minimalist interiors is the accent.

Seamless pattern with spring flowers and leaves. Hand drawn background. floral pattern for wallpaper mural. Flower rose. Botanic Tile.

The selected wallpaper should become a bright saturated spot, emphasizing the brevity of the style of the rest of the situation.

Luxury floral pattern wallpaper mural with hand drawn leaves. Elegant abstract background in minimalistic linear style. Trendy line art design element. Vector illustration.

Modern-style large flower wallpaper for walls

Large and dense floral patterns in a modern style look incredibly dynamic on the interior wall.

Tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle leaf, bird of paradise large flower wallpaper, hibiscus. Vector exotic illustrations, floral elements isolated.

But because of their excessive activity, wallpapering with large bright prints on one wall in the room is quite enough.

3d Illustration of Beautiful large flower wallpaper background-3d wallpaper

If you are an admirer of plant themes in design you will like wallpaper with large flowers.

Fairy magical garden. Unicorn pattern, pink, blue, gold flowers, leaves , birds and clouds. Kids room wallpaper

Their ornaments and colors can be quite diverse and unconventional.

Seamless tropical pattern. Lacy pattern of palm trees on an orange background. Papercut pattern.

And you will have a calming effect that beckons and fascinates.

Mushrooms in the grass in the meadow. Watercolor illustration. Children's interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls. Wallpapers for the room, interior.

Such wall decoration is always in trend, and the price of paintings is quite acceptable for everyone.

Seamless pattern of watercolor flowers with red rose background. Art design of abstract grunge textured botanical flower garden wallpaper for walls.

Modern wallpaper with a floral pattern is distinguished not only by its functionality and attractive appearance but also by the stylistic features of the decor.

Vintage luxury seamless modern flower wallpaper for with tropic exotic golden leaves. Romantic pattern template for wall décor,

Their design uses a variety of print options, from small neat patterns to bright and large buds.

Luxury ornate pattern for creating textiles, wallpaper, paper. Print gold foil on a blue background. Seamless background with garden flowers peonies, bird and butterflies. Vintage. Vector Illustration

Drawings can be systematic, create a rhythm, or be randomly placed on the wallpaper.

3D wallpaper flower and swan, circle background for living room

Large, bright flowers in a modern style are used in limited quantities as a colorful accent.

Red shades flower wallpaper

3D flowers red background with circle wallpaper for walls 3d rendering

By choosing modern flowers in red shades, you will give the atmosphere dynamism and activity, filling the room with a slightly aggressive, but positive energy.

3d floral craft wallpaper. orange, rose, green and yellow flowers in light background. for kids room wall decor

The red wallpaper with flowers is spectacular and beautiful but noticeably aggravates the situation. 


You should balance them with plain companions of pastel colors.

Monochrome floral wallpaper

This type of wallpaper, painted on a single background, is increasingly in demand.

Luxury floral pattern with hand drawn leaves. Elegant astract background in minimalistic linear style. Trendy line art design element. Vector illustration.

The pattern of flowers can be distinguished by tonal differences.

Seamless pattern with wild flowers, watercolor illustration; monochrome wallpaper for walls illustration

The black and white achromatic version of floral prints looks stylish in art deco, modern, and many modern styles.

? modern 3d interior composition with lamp

White wallpaper with flowers in the interior

White wallpaper in interior design creates a different impression depending on the pattern used.

3d flowers, seamless monochrome wallpaper for walls.

A subtle drawing of stylized poppies or a realistic depiction of a cherry blossom tree keeps the spring freshness at home.

3D WALLPAPER design flower wall mural.

The boho-style wall ornament represents the design of a joyful atmosphere of fun and carelessness for the interior.

Vector background with decorative white round flowers and drops in 3D white style

Similar shades of floral wallpaper combined with gray, blue, or brown add mystery and seduction.

White flower decorative wallpaper for walls.

If you want to optically enlarge the interior, use the impression of illusion in decorating the walls.

Two-tone prints

Two-tone prints that can be neutral or contrasting.

Wall Decor for interior home decoration, Ceramic Tile Design For Bathroom. it can be used for ceramic tile, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background.

Successfully fit even into the design of an exclusively male bedroom, if you use lilac or purple shades of wallpaper with a large pattern.

flower pattern vector, repeating linear petal of flower wallpaper mural, Geometric vector pattern repeat.

Stylized images that create ornaments

Vector stylization is very popular, in which images of flowers are replaced by curls, spirals, and other elements that visually repeat the outlines of buds and petals.

Elegant colorful 3d flowers with leaves on a tree illustration background. 3d abstraction wallpaper for Interior mural painting wall art decor. Tree branches leaves with flowers hanging on wall.

This finishing option is often found in modern, pop art, contemporary, etc. style interiors.

Vector outline stylized elegant flowers peach and mint colors seamless pattern. Pattern can be used for wallpaper for walls, pattern fills, web page background, surface textures


In the first stage, you choose a picture from our library.

Still life with tulips

Then you describe what colors and what you need to change to, or what size to make a drawing.

Seamless botanical pattern with hydrangeas. Vector flower wallpaper for walls.

We change colors according to your wishes. We have several options. For clarity, we sent a photo of the interior.

Plants, flowers and bird. Vector classic illustration of poppy, crane, lavender, fern, leaf and wild flower for floral background, pattern or wedding invitation

We can also adjust the colors of the walls in the interior to make it easier for you to make a choice.

Graphic wildflowers painted on concrete grunge wall. Floral background in loft, modern style. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

Styling of different rooms with flower wallpaper

Despite the versatility of most floral wallpapers and the design nuances, we talked about above, different rooms still require different patterns, colors, and even wallpaper placements.

Mehndi leaves and flowers pattern grouped into twisted branches. Seamless oriental floral wallpaper for walls texture with traditional paisley decorative element.

Before you start decorating the walls, you need to carefully consider what exactly should be depicted on them.

Beautiful pattern with a girl in flowers. Vector seamless texture.

And make sure that the flower colors are in harmony with the overall design of the room.

A charming toile design decorated with sumptuous, stylised flowers and elegant butterflies, shown here in cool shades of blue and white. Ideal for adding pattern into any textile design.

Comfort and harmony in the children’s room will help to create large solid elements that should be very bright. While for the living room, a large drawing on only one wall is better.

Seamless pattern with stylised flowers and leafs. Floral colorful design in scandinavian style for fabric, wallpaper, interior, surface decoration and more

With the help of plants and flower murals, you can refresh the room, and make the interior look more natural.

Rustic vector repeating patten of simple sixties inspired stylised flowers on a rusty red background. Simple dusky pink elegant roses in trendy shades make a great modern surface print.

But you need to use flower wallpaper in moderation and try not to overdo it, otherwise, the room will look like a greenhouse.

Living room flower wallpaper

Of all the spaces in the home, the living room is perhaps the most easily customizable to the designer’s wishes.

3D wallpaper background, Wooden High quality Hexagon rendering decorative Honeycomb mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

The living room allows experiments: both in the type of wallpaper floral designs and in the ways and options for their placement.

Watercolor painting hand drawn fall leaf from tree colorful landscape floral wallpaper mural.

The wallpaper here sets the tone, and mood and solves the problems of light and color reproduction.

Trendy colors Chrysanthemum flowers seamless pattern with blurred vision effect in dark cozy tones. Created floral design, home living room home décor, wallpaper, textile, fabric, poster.

And in many cases contributes to the zoning of space and, of course, reflects the character of the owners of the house.

3d wallpaper of beautiful flower background


Although wallpaper in flowers is usually associated with classic interior design, it is increasingly appearing in modern kitchens. 

Coffee House Flower wallpaper for walls.

A strip of flowers on the wall looks great in a minimalist style, decorating the interior and giving it a cozy feel. 

Colorful digital wall tiles new flower design for bathroom and kitchen and also for home decor.3D illustration

In the kitchen, you can also give preference to bright and appetizing colors: red, yellow, and orange.

kitchen decoration candy and tea pot

You can bring out your kitchen’s liveliness, hospitality, and homeliness with floral wallpaper.

Dining room in suburban home with flowered wallpaper.

Or you can create a minimalist, clean look with cleverly placed floral accents in soothing, cool tones.

Floral kitchen wall mural

The cuisine is traditionally associated with productivity, fruits, and warm, juicy hues.

bright interior design of modern living room with white armchairs, table and beautiful flowers, 3d render

It is no coincidence that in many cultures the kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

3D wallpaper background, Marble High quality Rose flower rendering decorative mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

Because it is here that the hearth warms us, and here we cook food. 


The bedroom, the most important room in the house, should be a reflection of our inner world, an oasis in which we can afford to escape from the problems of everyday life.

3D Photo Wallpaper Modern wall Mural Home Décor Living Room Bedroom TV Fresco

The natural harmony of the floral wallpaper mural lends itself well to this look – don’t be afraid to give the walls the tone of your inner feeling.

Beautiful Luxury Diamond Flower Home And Rich Jewelry Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls


A sweet home begins with the hallway, this is the first space that greets us upon returning home.

3d hallway wallpaper with columns, blooming flowers and soaring butterflies.

The transition from the external bustle to internal comfort can be conveyed with the help of wall decoration. 

Bamboo lotus nine fish reflection shadow hallway mural wallpaper with flowers.

let the motifs that you associate with the harmony of your home and the tranquility of the long-awaited oasis play on the wallpaper in the hallway.

Roses, flowers, leaves, branches and berries of dog rose wallpaper mural. Floral vintage seamless pattern. Gold, lack and white. Oriental style. Vector illustration art.


Imagine how graceful flower wallpaper mural with water lilies sway near the bathtub.

creative decorative tile,Luxury design texture,Morocco Art,glamorous Wall Decor,interior home decoration,Bathroom ceramic tile,wallpaper,textile,background,Seamless Pattern,floral pattern,Multi color

But floral wallpaper in the bathroom can be present in the form of inserts, borders, and other accents. As well as in the form of full-fledged walls or panels.

Blue flower illustration with leaves isolated on white 3d background.

You can perfectly combine such prints with any other decorative elements.

Bunch of flowers

For example, a soap dish in the shape of a lotus flower or a frame made of stucco decoration in the form of ornate tracery curls framing the mirror.


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