3d Effect Wallpaper

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The 3D effect is the main advantage of 3D wallpaper. In an attempt to surprise and captivate customers, interior designers promptly take into account the trends of modern design fashion. And offer new products that quickly become popular. Wallpaper Kenya offers iconic 3D effect wallpapers. And these can transform the space of a room, filling […]


The 3D effect is the main advantage of 3D wallpaper.

3d effect wallpaper of beautiful flower background

In an attempt to surprise and captivate customers, interior designers promptly take into account the trends of modern design fashion.

Wall mural backdrop 3d effect background

And offer new products that quickly become popular.

The woman with hat. woman with embossed hat. yellow butterfly, yellow hat. embossed wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya offers iconic 3D effect wallpapers.

wallpaper 3d classic horses stone carving effect . 3d illustration.

And these can transform the space of a room, filling it with freshness, bright colors, and the smells of nature.

Floral seamless pattern. Flourish 3d wallpaper. Ornate flowery vector background. Surface elegant volumetric texture with 3d flowers leaves and ornaments.Texture with shadows and highlights.

Thanks to the three-dimensional effect, geometric shapes, lines, and thematic images seem to come to life, increasing in volume.

3D effect wallpaper, oil painting tree branch with flowers, oil painting two peacock with small and large butterfly's

And expand the boundaries of the room.

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

Wallpaper Kenya’s range of product lines allows you to choose the ideal option for any design project.

Editable text effect Food Festival 3d Traditional Cartoon template style premium vector

Original 3D floral-themed wallpaper with a large pattern is appropriate primarily in living rooms and bedrooms.

3D wall white panels with gold decor. Shaded geometric modules. High quality seamless 3d illustration.

Small rooms such as a nursery are suitable for small images.

Safari Animal set elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, flamingo, tiger, monkey in 3d style. Isolated vector illustration

Textured coverings like canvas, brickwork, and geometric abstractions look perfect in an office or hallway.

3d wallpaper, gerberas on white brick texture. Murals effect.

Custom-made 3D wallpaper for walls always evokes the most positive emotions, lifts your spirits, and adds uniqueness to the interior, regardless of the design.

Concept of the Political Situation in Afghanistan with a damaged painted flag on a cracked wall with wholes. 3D-Illustration. 3D-rendering

The aesthetic component is the main advantage of the 3D effect wallpaper, but not the only one.

Purple and yellow spirals. Optical expansion illusion.


The main feature of wallpaper with a 3D pattern is exclusivity due to the volumetric realistic image that seems to invade your reality.

Abstract luxury marble background. Digital art marbling texture. Gold and white colors

This effect is achieved by creating and selecting an image in a computer program by the designer, then high-quality printing of the wallpaper using special equipment.

3d chrome metal organic fluid shapes and stars. Abstract liquid mercury metallic icon. 3d rendering aluminum gradient shape design element isolated on white background. Brutalist. 3D Illustration

In addition to the pronounced texture, 3D effect wallpaper attracts buyers with:

Abstract artistic eye with wavy line pattern background vector illustration

  • multilayer structure with a practical base;
  • moisture resistance;
  • the ability to maintain a visual effect throughout the entire period of operation;
  • wide thematic range;
  • interesting color solutions.

3D Wallpaper, Buddha wall relief effect

In addition, you can profitably order 3D wallpaper produced on modern equipment using innovative technologies and undergo strict control at enterprises.

Elegant and beautiful floral background in Renaissance style. Abstract retro decorative flower and plants art design. 3D digital illustration.

3D effect wallpaper is a relatively new type of wall and ceiling covering that has recently appeared.

Abstract blue sea and beach summer background with paper waves and seacoast for banner, invitation, poster or web site design. Paper cut style, 3d effect imitation, space for text, vector illustration

This practical, original, and beautiful 3D wallpaper for walls is somewhat reminiscent of photo wallpapers that are more familiar to the eye.

3d wallpaper coral reef tropical colorful fish in the water aquarium

A distinctive feature of this coating is the exceptional realism of the image.

3D illustration, Earth and global emissions

These are practically “living” landscapes, photographs of animals, fish, and planets, and very clear and precise ornaments and patterns.

3D Wallpaper, Diamonds in a beautiful curly manner

Transformation of space and realism with 3D effect wallpaper

You may wonder what size rooms it is worth covering with three-dimensional visualization of space.

Digital Wall Tile Decor For Home, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colourful patchwork in Indian style, wallpaper, textile, web page background - 3D Illustration

As experience shows, 3D effect wallpaper for a small room is usually ordered to expand its boundaries.

Flowers in the style of watercolor art. Luxurious floral elements, botanical background or wallpaper design, prints and invitations, postcards. Beautiful delicate flowers 3D illustration

What could be simpler and cheaper than modeling without interfering with the layout of the room?

3d picture Wallpaper Background of a rose from plaster for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

On a large area, such wallpaper can be used to zone the space, emphasizing harmoniously selected furniture.

3d peacock wallpaper- 3D ILLUSTRATION

Wallpaper Kenya always has a good assortment of 3D wallpaper artwork available to suit any need.

3d wallpaper design waterfall and sea , lake

An individual approach from professional managers will allow you to order wallpaper with a 3D effect that will perfectly decorate your interior.

3D Wallpaper in the form of imitation of decorative mosaic of wood colored details and gold decor. High quality seamless realistic texture.

Durable coloring, high-quality texture, and thematic variety – these advantages of the wallpaper make it in demand at any time of the year.

Vintage Seamless Pattern with White Rose Inspired by Stucco. Vintge Floral Motif, Handmade Craft Art. Realistic 3d Imitation. Endless Texture. Vector 3d Illustration

An excellent service is a guarantee that your order will be quickly processed and delivered.

texture of padding, A gold texture of padding cushion.

Order for 3D wallpaper and get a high-quality coating that easily creates the effect of presence.

3D nature water and animals wallpaper

By purchasing high-quality modern 3D wallpaper for walls you can highlight the house interiors and emphasize the individuality of the apartment design.

3d wallpaper design with a classic car jumping out of broken graffinti wall

The 3D effect has many advantages:

3d red gold lattice tiles on wooden oak background. Material wood oak. High quality seamless realistic texture.

  • Wallpaper with this effect is a practical finishing material – the coating does not fade in the sun, perfectly resists moisture, and does not require special care.

3D effect of White Horse coming out from broken bricks - 3d wallpaper

  • You can easily wash the wallpaper with a soft sponge and soapy water.

Optical illusion background. Hypnotic spinning lines. Black and white tunnel wallpaper. Psychedelic twisted stripes pattern. Rotating spiral knot template for poster, banner, cover. Vector

  • The high-tensile properties of silk fabric wallpaper contribute to its comfortable use.

Classic interior wall with moldings.Herringbone parquet wallpaper .Digital illustration 3d rendering

Principles of selection depending on size

If you want to expand the space of a small room, you need to choose a photo with a perspective effect, rather than a bright large picture.

3D nature forest and animals wallpaper

The choice of pastel colors will reduce the “oppressive” effect, and in interaction with dark shades the effect of space will be created.

3d picture of a yellow car in a destroyed wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

It is important to choose a glossy or matte effect.

Checkered waves board. Abstract 3d black and white illusions. Pattern or background with wavy distortion effect. Vector illustration

Otherwise, glare from the window will distort the image.

3d image of fairy forest with animals and small castles, 3d rendering

For large spacious rooms, there are almost no restrictions.

3D wallpaper design for beautiful bird

You just need to take into account the style of the room.

Vector Luxury Seamless Pattern. 3D Effect Bulging Shape. Droplet Shape with Thin Gold Stroke

And be able to select colors and shades in the interior.

Tropical luxury exotic seamless pattern, pastel colorful banana leaves, palm. Hand-drawn vintage 3D illustration. Dark glamorous bright background design. For wallpapers, cloth, fabric printing, goods

If you want to use zoning in a room, then you should carefully consider how the image matches the location.

3d background, little panda peeping from a broken wall. 3D wall looks very lovely and also brings different colors to room! It will visually expand children’s room and become an accent in the interior

Feature of stereoscopic wallpaper

These wallpapers seem to immerse you in another reality.

Tunnel or wormhole. Digital wireframe tunnel. 3D tunnel grid. Background abstract vector image

This type of decor can be used not only for residential premises but also in restaurants and cafes to attract attention.

hexagonal abstract 3d background

This type of wallpaper is most often used in small rooms.

Geometric abstract triangles pattern. Seamless vector image.

If in a small cafe, you decorate just one wall with stereoscopic wallpaper with the effect of extending the room.

white furniture at the green 3d wallpaper for dining room

This will create the effect of a free, spacious cafe.

3d wallpaper with circles and florals effects for photomurals

On the contrary, 3D wallpaper is selected for a large restaurant, which will create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

children's picture animals on a wheel under the moon for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

It seems that this is not just a photo.

Matte white body shape with perforated protuberances and depressions in the form of a flower with leaves on a wooden background. High quality 3d texture.

This is reality next to you.

Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper.

The jungle, the sea coast, or space – all this can be in your living room.

Under the sea 3d beach mural

Exclusivity and originality are the main advantages of this choice.

Photo wallpaper with abstraction effects

Versatility is the main advantage of wallpaper with an abstraction effect.

Big data flow technology and science vector background, tech abstraction with lines electronics and digital style in 3D dimensional perspective, abstract illustration.

The best option for any type of premises: they will perfectly enliven the living room and hallway, and any workspace will acquire its own style.

3d illustration - oil painting abstract custom wallpaper

Abstraction in the interior will set you up for work and business communication.

3d illustration of flowers in brilliant bloom in spring line. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

A large palette of colors and a wide selection of curves, waves, and shapes will allow you to use wallpaper in any room.

3D Geometric Wallpaper With Squares And White Roses

Photo wallpapers are suitable for interiors in art, techno, modern, minimalism, and hi-tech styles.

3d rendering, geometrical background, crystallized glass texture. Square prism grid

It is important that the wallpaper gives an unusual zest to the interior, without in any way weighing down the space.

Luxury 3d Cobalt blue marbled abstract background with golden inlay veins, lines. Marble mosaic, stone texture, jasper. Ornamental modern marble pattern. Fake painted artificial ornate stone texture.

To do this, you need to choose the image and the place where it will sparkle with new colors.

Where exactly will you benefit from the effect?

If you want to buy 3D wallpaper and paste it into a house, cottage, or apartment, it is best to focus on the following recommendations.

Vector fabric texture. Distressed texture of weaving fabric. Grunge background. Abstract halftone vector illustration. Overlay to create interesting effect and depth. Black isolated on white. EPS10.

Such wallpaper is suitable for any room where you can get the maximum desired effect.

Macro closeup shot of mineral stone abstract and texture background with bright natural pattern

It is rational to buy such coverings for those who have spacious cottages, houses, and apartments with an improved layout.

3d illustration. Abstract background with depth of field effect. white 3d panel. Render.3d wall texture,

You can also consider the option of gluing beaded wallpaper.

Tunnel or wormhole. Striped wireframe tunnel. 3D grid. Background abstract vector image

They will also perfectly decorate your room.

Perspective photo of a beautiful green forest at sunset with trees in a row, making a tunnel effect. Ground covered with dry brown leaves.

In small rooms, even the most beautiful 3D wallpaper will look like ordinary photo wallpaper without volume or presence.

Magic forest road way. Green forrest path natural ground wallpaper

Let’s look at how you can use 3D wallpaper in different conditions. For example – for the living room.

3d roman column background wallpaper for walls.

This is the room in which the whole family spends their free time and where guests are usually invited.

3D wallpaper design with florals background

3D wallpaper in this room can create a real sensation if placed correctly.

3d wallpaper, Underwater world for kids

You should not decorate the entire space with three-dimensional images – this can make your eyes dazzle.

3d picture of pink roses on a brown background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

It is enough to use 3D wallpaper to highlight just one wall. And you are guaranteed enthusiastic responses from guests about amazing taste.

3d picture blue flowers in gray perspective for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Photo printing will allow you to obtain a unique finishing material. And the 3D effect, quite rarely used in design, will become an original interior accent.

3d effect peacock wallpaper

All together will allow the owner of the apartment to be known as a person with very refined taste.

3d wallpaper design with texture background , white flowers with blue branches and leaves

When choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, you should avoid too active, bright, and flashy designs.

Black marble with veins, Emperador marbel texture with high resolution, The luxury of polished limestone background. Marble with Polygon Design 3D Wallpaper

Let it be calm art wallpaper, not with a dynamic, but with a static plot.

3D Rendering of building deck in mega cyberpunk style city surrounding with many skyscraper towers. For business technology product background, wallpaper

These could be landscapes, city views, or paintings illustrating different seasons in nature.

Abstract art. Plants, flowers, the golden grain. Freehand. Oil on canvas. Brush the paint. Modern art. Plants, flowers, printing, wallpaper, posters, CARDS, murals, carpet, hanging, prints

Also suitable here are 3D wallpapers on the wall with abstract illustrations that will expand the space.

 High quality image for design 3d floor and wallpaper. Fish and flowers on the background of river stone

Choose the right image

Nowadays, you can order 3D wallpaper for walls with any image, so they are used for interiors of any style.

Tiger Coming out from the breaking walls, Tiger 3D Wallpaper

It is important to choose the right image theme and color scheme.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

In the bedroom, wallpaper with calm scenes – sea and sunset landscapes, and finishing in a discreet shade will look good.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

But the dining room, spacious and wide, requires images of a different kind. 3D wallpaper with large images of still lifes, fruits, flowers, and dishes can increase your appetite.

3d illustration, dark geometric background, white rings, white circles with blue ornament

You can order positive and bright wallpaper for a child’s room. But be sure to take into account the child’s color tastes and preferences.

 underwater world with marine animals in which the ship sails children's photo wallpaper

You can also choose 3D wallpaper for the walls in the bathroom – the catalog will offer a wide variety of marine themes.

Bohemian wooden bathroom and bedroom in boho style in white and green tones. Bathtub, bed and towel rack, potted plants. Tropical wallpaper. Country vintage interior design, 3d illustration

A living room or office can be decorated with wallpaper with three-dimensional images of hunting, sea, and retro scenes.

Spectacular eco-futuristic cityscape ESG concept full with greenery, skyscrapers, parks, and other manmade green spaces in urban area. Green garden in modern city. Digital art 3D illustration.

You can also decorate with wallpaper with geometric ornaments and patterns.

3D effect wallpaper designs

The 3D effect wallpaper designs are images that are distinguished by wide-format designs.
3d wallpaper Male and female tigers having an conversation
It’s hard to imagine, but their peculiarity is to obtain a three-dimensional effect.
3D illustration made for background or wallpaper
That is, the elements acquire volume and look like a “living” part of the surrounding space.
3D Abstract Flower Wallpaper Background
Undoubtedly, the use of this material expands the boundaries of design solutions. Most often these are geometric or abstract patterns. Others are:

3D wood panel wallpaper:

Our Wood effect wallpapers with wood panel effect, bark effect, and plank effect give a naturally rustic and extremely cozy feel to the bedroom, living room, or any other room at your home.

Wooden Wall effect with 3D Square pattern Wallpaper

Whether you’re going for an on-trend Scandinavian style or a traditional feel, our selection of wood-effect wallpaper will help you get the look you love.

Shaded Wood abstract geometric pattern. high quality 3D effect wallpaper. - Illustration.

Floral 3d effect wallpaper:

Being one of the most popular designs, the floral wallpaper group has one of the largest selections.

3D effect Flower With Ring Wallpaper Background

The most characteristic mood element of a floral wallpaper is romance.

Beautiful Pink Flowers with Green Branches Wallpaper 3d

Today, however, designers boldly use geometrically precise minimalist motifs.

3d illustration background flowers and birds-3d wallpaper

Allowing this classical pattern into a more modern interior. The use of color combinations is the most varied for wallpaper with floral patterns.

3d wallpaper, white rose and pearls on optical illusions background

Patterns range from monochromatic black and white to patterns in all the colors of the rainbow.

3d effect wallpaper With bright background and golden flowers and deer

Basically, however, it can be said that floral wallpaper favors a vintage and romantic interior.

3D wallpaper luxury flower and texture golden and metallic effect beautiful design

With flower patterns that come to life in different sizes, we can very easily influence not only the atmosphere but also the sense of the size of a room.

3d picture of pink roses in the perspective of gray abstraction for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

With a smaller-scale pattern, we can increase the sense of space, but at the same time, this type of pattern can easily become lost and characterless in a larger room.

Volumetric floral pattern background. 3d illustration floral background, bridal bouquet, wedding card, quilling, greeting card template. 3d panel floral ornament, Render.

A large-scale floral wallpaper can emphasize the romantic or vintage feel of the room. Nowadays, designers like to combine the flower pattern with the tropical leaf pattern, thereby introducing modernity into our homes.

3d illustration, white background, upholstery, ornament, large blue fabulous flowers on gold stems, blue mother of pearl butterfly

As we mentioned, the range of color combinations is almost endless.

Beautiful sea view from the garden of orchids and palm trees. Pink sunset and flamingos on the shore. Paradise Island. Digital collage, mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster. Modular panno. 3d render.

Nowadays, everything can be found, from deeper shades to a combination of two very restrained colors.

3D effect wallpaper flower and butterfly with 3d background vintage design for home interior

It might be worth mentioning that thanks to the development of technology, the so-called metallic effects also appear on floral wallpaper.

3D wallpaper golden big swan and butterfly, golden flower with 3d background

By using such a metallic effect, designers help to create a sense of elegance.

brick 3d effect wallpaper:

Brick effect wallpaper is an imitation of natural brick interior walls. And until you touch it, you can not tell the difference between a natural brick wall and a brick effect wallpaper.

3D stone effect wallpaper S-20073 - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

One would be forgiven for thinking a brick effect wallpaper is a real brick wall. But alas, it’s a brick-effect wallpaper.

Brick effect wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

There are several ways you can achieve a brick effect wall. However, the fastest easiest, and most economical way to achieve it is to use wallpaper.

Stone 3d effect wallpaper:

Stone effect wallpaper adds a natural feel to your walls.

3D stone effect wallpaper S-20073 - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Added to a chimney breast or feature wall in the living room, stone wallpaper adds a cottage and rural home feel. Stone wallpaper effect is neutral earth colored adding character and charm.

3d wallpapers, columns on marble and silk background. The main features of classicism: restraint, aristocracy, sophistication. 3d background in classical style.

Creating a warming and calming atmosphere. Wallpaper Kenya has a wide selection of stone wallpaper.

3d wall art wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

From textured Moroccan stone for a more traditional feel to grey slate stone for a more contemporary take.

Decorative wooden bricks - 3D wallpaper - Interior wall decoration - Abstract paneling pattern - seamless background - different shades - Continuous replication

Digital Wall Tile Decor For Home, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colourful patchwork in Indian style, wallpaper, textile, web page background - 3D Illustration

honesty text effect editable template with bold and 3d style use for business quote logo and brand

Lord Krishna Wall Poster, Lord Radha Krishna, Digital Wall Poster

 3D illustration Golden 3D panel. Gold embossed background with body waves. Render. 3d texture. Walls. Volumetric panel with many objects at different levels.background image for screensaver. render

  • 3D slate effect wallpaper

black marble with golden veins ,Black marbel natural pattern for background, abstract black white and gold, black and yellow marbl, hi gloss marble stone texture of digital wall tiles design.

Winter landscape with mountains, suspension bridge between cliffs and moon in sky. Vector parallax background for 2d animation with cartoon illustration of snow rocks and wooden rope bridge at night

3D abstract extruded Voronoi shapes background. Minimal light white stone effect wall with gold. Geometric surface illustration. Polygonal elements displacement

  • brick effect self-adhesive wallpaper

Seamless luxury grey leather padded upholstery background texture. Trendy elegant retro silver vinyl diamond tufted chesterfield pattern, ideal for sofa cushion, headboard or backdrop. 3D rendering.

3d Wallpaper, Luxurious Golden Swans with golden flowers on cushion background

Scope of use of 3D effect wallpaper

3D wallpaper in the interior is used everywhere.

Surreal seascape with beautiful nebula, silver full moon and shimmering sea surface in fisheye view, 3d illustration

In each room they will be able to take their special place:

Kitchen 3d Effect Wallpaper

A three-dimensional product will be an excellent solution for the work area. Or rather, it will take the place where the apron is located.

A seamless pattern with vintage kettles, teapots and bouquets of roses painted with watercolor. Tea time background for fabric, kitchen wallpapers, gift wrapping paper, scrapbooking.

Of course, the tabletop and lighting should be chosen based on this unusual approach.

Seamless floral pattern with roses. Vintage roses background. Floral texture. Menu design. Cup of tea vector

  1. Volumetric 3D wallpaper for the kitchen with flowers, plants, and close-ups of vegetables and fruits is an ideal solution for large spaces. You can safely use bright colors and contrasting shades.
  2. If the room cannot please you with free square meters, pay attention to landscapes and panoramic vistas. Preference should be given to warm pastel colors. If there is little light in the room, pay attention to motifs with a lot of sunlight.
  3. A universal solution is 3D photo wallpaper for the kitchen depicting compositions of geometric shapes, abstractions, and ornaments.
  4. The smaller the space, the lighter the color scheme. Although a small image can be chosen in contrasting and rich colors even with modest room dimensions.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen in orange tones

When choosing 3D photo wallpaper for the kitchen, pay attention not only to the plot but also to the texture of the canvas itself.

Kiwi, background, kiwi background, fruits, wallpaper, background, healthy

An unusual effect is achieved by using textures that imitate the folds of natural canvas, silk, or velvet. Fabrics that create optical illusions are a popular choice.


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