3d flower wallpaper

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3D flower wallpaper is perhaps the most popular and universal decor that has been decorating the walls of houses. Themed establishments, salons, offices, and shops in recent times. Thanks to the capabilities of digital wallpaper printing, you can order any design. Our modern graphic editors can help adjust it so that it ideally suits the […]


3D flower wallpaper is perhaps the most popular and universal decor that has been decorating the walls of houses. Themed establishments, salons, offices, and shops in recent times.

3D flower wallpaper design with voluminous florals background

Thanks to the capabilities of digital wallpaper printing, you can order any design.

Seamless pattern of flying butterflies blue, yellow and brown colors. Vector illustration in vintage style on white background.

Our modern graphic editors can help adjust it so that it ideally suits the style of your room, purpose, and color scheme.

3D illustration orange flower, butterfly, and 3d gray background

You will find 3D  flower wallpaper to be a very original modern solution for interior decoration.

3D jewelry flower golden and 3d circle abstract background

In our catalog, you can choose many floral designs that will become a real decoration and emphasize the style of the interior.

Elegance 3d roses flowers. Embroidered rose flowers, gold leaves. Embroidery floral vector background illustration. Tapestry beautiful stitch textured flowers. Stitching lines surface texture.

The peculiarity of 3D flower wallpaper is the presence of a floral pattern or ornament that visually creates the effect of three-dimensional figures.

3d illustration modern floral background. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper and for wedding

They seem to immerse you in their world, creating a cozy atmosphere. When used correctly, they can visually expand space and create perspective.

3d wallpaper Tall columns with hanging balls and flowers and butterflies

We offer a wide selection of models to suit all tastes, among which you will definitely find a suitable option for you.

3D flowers red background with circle wallpaper for walls 3d rendering

It is time you replace traditional themes with 3D flower wallpapers. Which amazes with their realism, decorating any room and, in addition, making it visually more spacious.

3D flower customized wallpapers and bird beautiful background

Photo wallpaper 3D flowers are everyone’s favorite poppies, roses, peonies, dandelions, and other flowers.

Seamless pattern with lovely flowers, berries, leaves. Botanical background with wild rose. Floral wallpaper with peonies. Hand-drawn 3D illustration. Design for fabric, wallpaper, paper.

Which seems to be on top of the photo mural wallpaper, creating the feeling of a separate decoration that was placed on the wall.

Wall mural backdrop 3d background

Features of choice

Wallpaper with images in 3D flower are available in various options. These are with three-dimensional ornaments and textures, or entire paintings – photo wallpapers with images of flowers.

3d Illustration of Beautiful flower wallpaper background-3d wallpaper

Three-dimensional macro photographs, which fascinate with the clarity of all the details of the picture, are very popular.

Abstract 3D design flower

You can use wallpaper with voluminous texture in small rooms, as they can visually expand the area and make it freer.

Blanket on grey couch in living room interior with flowers wallpaper and lamp on table. Real photo

But it is better you place wallpaper with 3D flowers on separate walls. Rather than throughout the entire room. So as not to overload the interior.

Tropical background, floral seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper. Romantic delicate flowers, plumeria, pink, beige, purple, gypsophila, leaf. Watercolor 3d illustration, texture. Fabric print, wedding

3D flower wallpapers will look good in large rooms since having enough free space will allow you to fully enjoy large volumetric images.

Elegant colorful 3d flowers with leaves on a tree illustration background. 3d abstraction wallpaper for Interior mural painting wall art decor. Tree branches leaves with flowers hanging on wall.

But you should always approach the choice of pattern for floral wallpaper responsibly. The image cannot be viewed as a separate painting.

Charleston SC Dirt Road Forest Botany Bay Plantation Spanish Moss Edisto Island Deep South Live Oak Trees

And the palette and pattern should harmoniously fit the finished interior and complement it.

 3D wallpaper lotus flower and circle green background

3D photo wallpaper with flowers is a universal solution. This image will suit the bedroom, kitchen, and hallway, and will make the room brighter and more spacious.

3D wallpaper design with florals background

They look great in living rooms and offices too. It is noteworthy that this option will be appropriate even in public places.

Stylish living room with blue flowers painted on wall. Floral pattern in interior design

For example, in beauty salons and fitness gyms. Contemplating beautiful plants around you brings peace and spiritual harmony.

Sofa in a living room with colorful wallpaper

This is a great way to touch nature and enjoy every petal carefully created by nature.

Textured watercolor flowers 3d seamless pattern. Floral embossed background. Colorful surface emboss vector backdrop. Line art flowers, leaves. Abstract hand drawn tropic plants ornament.

How to order 3D flower wallpaper?

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the price for 3D flower wallpaper for walls is the same as for all other custom-made.

Side table with flowers and interior decoration next to bright window

We also offer the services of our designer, who, at your request, can modify the selected design. And replace colors, remove or add elements.

3D Illustration of beautiful pink flowers 3d background 3D Wallpaper-ILLUSTRATION

All you need is to select the desired image for printing and place an order.

Abstract art. Plants, flowers, the golden grain. Freehand. Oil on canvas. Brush the paint. Modern art. Plants, flowers, printing, wallpaper, posters, CARDS, murals, carpet, hanging, prints

3D flower wallpapers bought from Wallpaper Kenya are presented in various variations.

3d wallpaper illustration of flower background

You will find unique and interesting wallpapers with 3D flowers, distinguished by certain nuances and details, such as:


3d illustration, light pink background, white rings, black and pink dandelions with flying seeds, the silhouette of a boy and a girl on a bicycle

abstract flower arrangement;

Vector 3D Illustration Pink Rose Seamless Pattern

roses on the wall;

Dandelion seed with dew drops in the sun - 3D illustration

bouquet with diamonds;

Horizontal floral seamless pattern with many decorative flowers, leaves and twigs. For fashion fabrics, children’s clothing, T-shirts, postcards, templates and scrapbooking. Vector illustration.

voluminous lilies;

3d illustration, white background, waves, white paper butterflies, white grooved circles, large white and beige tulips

pink roses;

Beautiful romantic background with realistic pink roses. Floral 3d pattern, vector

roses on silk;

Rose petals on the background of silk, silk fabric background

wreath of roses;

3d wallpaper, magnolia on rings background. Celebration 3d background. Flower theme - this is a trend in design interior.

magnolia with pearls;

Magnolia flowers seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper, floral background. White gypsophila, dark green leaves. Tropical hand-painted watercolor 3d illustration. Vintage style mural. Digital artwork

lilies against the background of the wall;

3d wallpaper, city Paris, France,The Eiffel Tower and yellow tulips on white abstract background


3d render. Abstract botanical wallpaper, colorful paper flowers isolated on pink background. Mother's day festive decor, feminine handmade floral wall decoration

tulips on the tiles.


3D floral wallpaper is considered a favorite in interior design because it is a relaxing and romantic addition to any room.

3d wallpaper design with 3d cubes and roses for photomural

Whether you choose wallpaper with large flowers or elegant vintage designs, it will add sophistication to your walls.

Abstract art vector illustration. Golden texture. Hand drawn vector illustration. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, prints

With a huge variety of flowers to choose from – orchids, roses, sunflowers, daisies, and even cute dandelions – it’s really easy to find a wall mural that matches your furniture and accessories perfectly.

Sunflower background, yellow summer flowers realistic 3D illustration.

Sensual compositions make floral wallpapers ideal for a living room, dining room, bedroom, or nursery, depending on the flower.

3d illustration, Dandelion leaves and digital brush strokes on white plastered background

How to choose 3D flower wallpaper wisely

When choosing 3D flower wallpaper, you need to take into account their technical features.

small cute flower pattern on background

Modern wallpaper with a floral pattern is distinguished not only by its functionality and attractive appearance but also by its stylistic decorative features.

Seamless pattern with large watercolor flowers by peonies.

Their design uses a variety of print options, from small neat patterns to bright and large buds.

3d illustration, light silk background, large abstract purple roses with crystals, a pair of purple fairy birds

The drawings can be systematic, creating a rhythm, or randomly placed on the wallpaper.

Jacobean seamless pattern. Flowers background, ethnic style. Stylized climbing flowers. Decorative ornament backdrop for fabric, textile, wrapping paper, card, invitation, wallpaper, web design

Large, bright flowers in a modern style are used in limited quantities as a colorful decoration accent.

Banana leaves. Coupon seamless pattern

Decorating walls with plant prints is a good idea that always remains relevant. And to use 3D flower wallpapers is also very original.

Flower yellow-blue tulips and petals. Floral background. Petals tulips. Close-up. Nature.

Volumetric realistic figures, bouquets, and inflorescences will fit perfectly into any interior and refresh it.

Seamless boho floral pattern with pink peony flowers. Retro collage pattern. Contemporary print for wedding stationary, greetings, wallpapers, fashion, backgrounds, textures, DIY, wrappers, cards

This option will help you breathe new life into a slightly boring environment.

Ethnic border motifs and Mughal art flower bunch botanical floral ornaments seamless patterns Digital print design for fabric like motif, Traditional Background Indian with botanical green leaves gold

For small, dark rooms, it is advisable to use wallpaper in light shades, which will visually expand the space, filling it with light.

3d Flowers abstraction. Photo wallpaper for the walls. 3D rendering.

For a spacious room with good natural light, a pattern with a more saturated, bright palette is suitable.

flower wallpaper decoration, mural wallpaper, design beautiful 3d wall

Flower wallpaper on a black background will create a feeling of luxury in the interior, filling it with charm and sophistication.

Grey Color Brics With Pink Flower Tree And Birds 3d Illustration Wallpaper Design.

The atmosphere of the bedroom promotes complete rest and relaxation. So it is better to use nature motifs and floral patterns in delicate pastel shades under watercolor.

Textile Digital design motif pattern set of damask wallpaper gift card embroidery rugs Indian classical textured handmade artwork luxury flowers style in detailed watercolors painting and women dress

Interior design styles

Floral motifs fit harmoniously into different interior styles:

Vintage seamless pattern. Flowers background in provence style. Stylized climbing flowers. Decorative ornament backdrop for fabric, textile, wrapping paper, card, invitation, wallpaper, web design

  • it is impossible to imagine popular Provence without pastel-colored wallpaper with small wildflowers;
  • for fashionable modernism, designs with large monstera leaves, buds, palm branches, etc. are perfect;
  • natural patterns and floral paintings are used in the interior in classic design directions. And they can be used independently or in a combined version to zone the space in the living room;
  • wallpaper with lush and exquisite roses is used to decorate rooms in an aristocratic English style;
  • designs with floral arrangements will also appeal to supporters of oriental designs (with cherry blossoms and more).

Himeji, Japan at Himeji Castle in spring season.

In fact, you can choose in any design direction, even minimalism, because…There are modest and unobtrusive designs.

Vector seamless pattern with stylized flowers and plants. Decorative style. Hand drawn floral wallpaper. Floral backdrop

Also with a minimum of furniture, highlighting a wall/zone is appropriate.

Cherry Blossoms Spring flower icon

Accordingly, the flowers will be harmonious here too. Floral wallpaper is suitable for the living room and bedroom. They can decorate the dining room (dining room).

gray-red bedroom 3D rendering

The only place where they are not appropriate is the office, which needs rigor and a minimum of distractions.

The exception is workshops for people in creative professions.

3D wallpaper illustration background Flowers bedroom

Modern style

Large and dense floral patterns in a modern style look incredibly dynamic in the interior.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper. Stylish living room interior

But due to their excessive activity, wallpapering one wall in the room with wallpaper with large bright prints is quite enough.

Floral Accent wallpaper

The main function of modern floral wallpaper in minimalist interiors is as an accent.

Seamless floral pattern with peony flowers on summer background, watercolor. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Botanical art

The selected wallpaper should become a bright, saturated spot, emphasizing the laconic style of the rest of the decor.

Black and white floral wallpaper

There is a trend that is gaining strength: the contrast of black and white. White comes in washed-out and not-so-pristine versions;

white vector flower image on black background

We are talking about cream-white, off-white, and beige that are combined with taupe tones to create relaxing and welcoming environments.

3D wallpaper , oil painting tree branch with flowers , oil painting two peacock with small and large butterflys

Black details are also added to create a dramatic, sober, and elegant effect.

Monochrome options

This type of wallpaper, painted on a single background, is increasingly in demand.

3d hall with Dandelions and and birds flying over a tree. design for 3d wallpaper, wall murals, etc.

The color pattern may stand out due to its tonal difference.

Single colour allover pattern design floral flower bouquet

The black and white achromatic version of floral prints looks stylish in Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and many modern interiors.

Luxury golden art deco wallpaper. Nature background vector. Floral pattern with golden split-leaf Philodendron plant with monstera plant line art on green emerald color background

Two-color prints

3d wallpaper bambo tree two butterfly water pink white rose many color fish

Two-color prints that can be neutral or contrasting.

3D Illustration of two white peacock sitting on the branch , flowers- ILLUSTRATION

They even fit well into the design of an exclusively male bedroom if you use lilac or purple shades of wallpaper with a large pattern.

Abstract painting of flower with white, black, gold and silver colours, digital artwork with texture, ratio 2:3

Red shades

By choosing modern flowers in red shades, you will add dynamism and activity to the atmosphere.

3d red rose wallpaper beautiful abstract background wallpaper

Filling the room with a slightly aggressive but positive energy.

One more color: shades of green

3d amazing natural wallpaper and background

Shades of green have gained a lot of strength in recent years, and colors inspired by nature are in trend.

3d wallpaper with whitest flower and aqua color beautyful background

But the tone of green that will stand out and provide a breath of fresh air to the traditional earth tones will be aqua green.

Rainy plant wallpaper with 3D effect. Transparent drops on the background of curved branches with flowers, overlapping wavy shapes and mixing colors.

Probably, you will fall in love with the freshness and elegance of the color, but also of autumn itself.

3d wallpaper with whitest flower and aqua color beautyful background

It is also perfect for creating relaxing and serene environments by putting it on furniture, textiles, and all types of decorative accessories.

Stylized images create ornaments

3D Flower, Flower, 3D Flower Wallpaper, Beautiful Flowers, Wallpaper

Vector stylization is very popular.

Monochrome Seamless Pattern with Floral Motifs. Endless Texture with Flowers, Leaves and Swirls. Natural Background in Doodle Style. Realistic Ornaments. Vector 3d Illustration. Abstract Ornate Art

In which images of flowers are replaced with curls, spirals, and other elements that visually repeat the outlines of buds and petals.

Cartoon spring landscape. Art illustration. 3d vector background

This finishing option is often found in modern, pop art, contemporary interiors, etc.

Production of natural 3D flower colors and shades

Achieving the best visual effect of 3D flower wallpaper is due to eco-solvent and ultraviolet inks, as well as latex inks.

3d wallpaper Passage to the summer sunny park through the arch with flowers

It is thanks to them that wallpaper 3D flowers owe their clear natural lines and full display of the spectrum of all colors.

3d wallpaper, Radha and Lod Krishna dancing in lovely background

Photo wallpapers of 3D flowers are original, the photos of which are transferred to silk fabric.

forest path trail wallpaper 3d

The texture of the silk fabric makes the pictures even more vibrant and gives additional volume and convexity to each inflorescence.

Abstract Fractal

Photo wallpaper 3D flowers have a good visual effect, which is achieved thanks to ultraviolet paints.

3d flower wallpaper for wall decoration

They are the ones who make all the lines clear and voluminous. The paints allow you to convey shades very accurately while being absolutely harmless to health.

Bottom view of pink white cherry blossoms, full moon and night sky. photo for stretch ceiling decoration. in traditional islamic pattern and 3d gray frame

Therefore, such wallpaper can be glued in a shopping center, fitness room, office, apartment, or private house.

Green leaves and different white hand made paper flowers decorative wall design

The image of bouquets, flowering meadows, and inflorescences brings peace and tranquility, so this print is well suited for decorating any room.

Piano in nature at sunset. Arte e instrumentos musicales.

The beauty of each plant is complemented by lovely details such as dewdrops or precious stones, which add sophistication to the designs.

Interior of light living room with fireplace, armchair and table near wall with print of paper flowers

Thanks to such nuances, the wall does not require any more decoration other than this fashionable and bright coating.

3d stretch ceiling decoration photo. Yellow and white spring flowers in a sunny sky background, flying white doves. Bottom-up view of panoramic sky.

If you varnish the image, it will get an even more presentable appearance. And will retain all its shades for a long time, despite any exposure in the form of direct sunlight or minor mechanical damage.

3d sky, beautiful flowers, ceiling background

Advantages of floral wallpaper

For the custom-made floral wallpapers that we produce ourselves, you can:

Fence line, along the Temblor Ridge; Fiddleheads; Field of desert candles, on ascent, to the Temblor Ridge; Carrizo Plain super, bloom; Flower walker; Carrizo Plain, super bloom

change the color, or increase or decrease the design according to your wishes, and this will not increase the production time.

3D wallpaper design with Beautiful Flower florals for photomural background

But you may also find some interesting collections of ready-made wallpaper from a number of manufacturers from all over the world.

New Colorful Flower wall tiles design

Since we have our own production, you can quickly get your order fulfilled. You don’t need to wait a month for custom wallpaper.

Colorful paper flowers on wall. Handmade artificial floral decoration. Spring abstract beautiful background and texture

Our lead time is up to 2 days, and urgent production on the day of order is possible. There is also a large warehouse program for wallpaper from different manufacturers.

Beautiful forest with flowers, squirrels, magic mushrooms and waterfalls.

We select only high-quality manufacturers. For wallpaper that we make ourselves, we use very good high-tensile silk fabric, which is used to make most of it.

Stylish interior of cozy bedroom with printed blowball on wall

The wallpaper is environmentally friendly and has no odor during and even after installation.


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