3d nature wall painting

3D nature wall painting is a popular style for decorating apartments, beautifying houses, adorning offices, or restaurants. Often the rooms are decorated with flowers, wild animals, or landscapes. With A high-quality wall or ceiling design with the help of 3D nature drawings, you can change a room or office beyond recognition. 3d nature wall painting […]


3D nature wall painting is a popular style for decorating apartments, beautifying houses, adorning offices, or restaurants.

3d nature wall painting of a famous Italian view.
The main task is to create the illusion of real nature.
Watercolor landscape painting colorful of hot air balloon on village, mountain in the Panorama view and rural society, nature spring in sky background. Hand painted abstract illustration in Asia.
Often the rooms are decorated with flowers, wild animals, or landscapes.
Illustration of successful unique 3d nature wall painting of wild horses.
With A high-quality wall or ceiling design with the help of 3D nature drawings, you can change a room or office beyond recognition.
3d modern art mural wallpaper night landscape with black Jungle , forest background . golden tree and wavy mountains, moon with black birds. canvas art frame for wall décor
3d nature wall painting at Wallpaper Kenya offers you unique options.

3d illustrations of natural landscapes and animals.

But you can always provide your artwork or suggest a theme.
Sleepy beauty. Fragment of an oil wall portrait.
The price per square meter is Ks 2000 and does not depend on the complexity of the artwork.
Wall painting, 3d forest and mountain waterfalls illusion.
However, a minimum order quantity of 3d meters is on one side of the wall.
Oil Painting - Abstract 3d Landscape.
So, you should give us the dimensions of your wall and we give you the price quotation.

Wawel castle over Vistula river in Krakow, Poland. Picture created with watercolors.

Please note, that the price is fixed and does not change in the future during development.
Seven Running Horses wildlife decorative pattern textured canvas acrylic artwork abstract oil painting 3D wallpaper
Of all the ways to decorate your premise, the 3D nature wall painting in an apartment or house is now the most important element of your interior.
 Series of landscapes. Painting oil pastel, in imitation of the old artists. Wheat field in France. Wheat field with cypress.
And is gaining popularity the fastest.
3d wall painting, floral background on wood panels with peacock.
Wallpaper Kenya offers you, private clients, and companies the to create exceptional murals.
Fantasy epic magical mountain landscape. Mystic Valley. Artistic oil painting. Artwork sketch. Gaming background. Book cover, poster. Oil Painting. Celtic medieval summer nature.
There are no restrictions on 3D nature wall painting, except for the flight of fancy.
3d oil painting on canvas Summer time forage.
From exhibition halls to entrances – we carry out wall painting in non-residential premises of any purpose and profile.

3d illustration of modern style wall paintings.

You will find our wall painting much cheaper, with a fraction of the paint and brush murals.
3 pieces wall frame canvas art. Christmas trees, mountains and white moon in dark 3d landscape background
Because it is a custom-made digital print of a painting.

Black and white city river view on canvas painting. 3d abstract oil painting

And you will have more savings than just the cost of labor. Because you will save a lot of time.
Regardless of the complexity of the artwork, we will complete the mural in a record 24 to 48 hours.
tree of the spots
Again, I repeat, because it is a digital print of an artwork.
Watercolor and oil painting nature landscape, famous travel and touristic place, outdoor vacation trend print for poster, paper, textile or canvas. Modern fine arts design wallpaper. Wall art drawing.
We do it on a huge seamless piece of silk fabric that is both a removable and reusable wallpaper mural.
Nature wall art panel of birds flying in sky abstract background. Acrylic vivid modern home decorative digital oil painting wallpaper for room or office interior, photo mural, tiles, frame and textile.

Advantages of volumetric nature wall and ceiling painting:

  • Unique design. Such a nature painting will look harmonious in almost any interior.

3d painting illustration, Natural scenery painted wallpaper with geometrical rings decoration

  • Visual expansion of the room. With the help of three-dimensional drawings on the walls and the ceiling, you can expand the room.

anime girl at light under the tree digital wall art, type painting,3d illustration, high definition, wallpaper

  • Large selection of styles. Volumetric design is performed in any design style, depending on your wishes.

a man walking in the bridge digital art, painting, 3d illustration

3D nature wall art

In modern apartments, 3D nature wall painting has become a fashionable form of art.

Oil painting. Sea views. Wallpaper with ship and sea.

Naturally, there are plenty of ways to make the atmosphere unique.

photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

However, the drawings on the room’s walls allow the artists to convey a piece of warmth and energy to the picture.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden trees, colorful mountains

Three-dimensional nature wall paintings can be traced back several centuries.

3d illustrations of wall paintings

In 19th-century England, artists who painted realistic sidewalk scenes were called “screevers“.

Watercolor painting of elaphants. Painting of beautiful image of a elephants in the forest. 3D Illustration

Over the following centuries, their numbers increased.

3d illustration of modern style wall paintings

3d nature art includes a variety of graffiti, three-dimensional computer graphics, and realistic drawings.

Colorful sea summer watercolor painting on paper seascape paintings of Laem Phromthep Phuket famous landmarks in Thailand with sunlight sunset background. Abstract texture image art for wall decoration.

The common factor is the nature theme and the illusion of a three-dimensional scene.

3d drawing abstract marble art wallpaper for wall decor.Resin geode functional, like watercolor geode painting. golden, black, white, and gray background

Fine artists have always strived for a believable representation of nature and surrounding things.

Abandoned palace castle overgrown with vegetation, ivy and vines. Empty atrium halls, no one around. Building is captured by nature and vegetation. 3d illustration

In our modern age, you easily achieve this with the help of advanced devices.

3d illustration of modern style wall paintings

However, something is charming and especially appealing about the many 3D images created by the human hand.

3d sunset at landfill has animal cloud, electric line and coconut and some smoke in the sky.

After all, the 3D drawing technique requires great skill and patience, not to mention talent.

3d rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural Eibsee Zugspitze

We offer you to admire the creations of different masters, whose works are made in a realistic 3D genre.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

We can not deny the popularity of acrylic materials. The paint dries for a short time, and it is moisture-resistant.

3d Nature landscape painting in oil pictorial art, famous travel and tourism place, outdoor vacation trend print for wall or canvas. Modern fine arts design wallpaper. Wall art drawing.

Thanks to the ability of different shades to gently connect, it is easy to create beautiful artistic transitions in paintings.

wall art paintings for all spaces inside and outside

Paints do not spread when applied.

Interpretation of Mona Lisa, famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Vector Illustration.

And it is great for creating drawings with the dot technique. Acrylic materials can work on wood, stone, and plaster.

fantasy background, beautiful acrylic painting, stylized painting, unusual fantasy landscape, landscape painting, abstract landscape 3d render


But all these traditional acrylic wall painting qualities are met and superseded by our silk fabric murals.

Fisherman, ships, boat, sea landscape, oil paintings. 3d nature wall painting.

And this is at a fraction of the cost and time.

Abstract illusion of stone, grass. Background of green tones

Our custom-made 3D nature wall paintings are low-priced and rich in colors.

Digital illustration of a fantasy world

When decorating an apartment’s walls, you must remember that oil paints dry for a long time.

Green mountain and green tree deer with peacock design wallpaper. 3d nature wall painting.

But digital wall prints dry instantly.

Autumn trees, watercolor landscape red, orange and yellow color of Peacock flowers and leaf, in morning blue sky.

Our custom-made drawings tolerate changes in humidity well and perfectly retain the saturation of shades.

3d mural wallpaper landscape. Mountain, birds in the sky with black trees and white clouds

And this allows you to get the greatest degree of realism.

Bathroom walls, Kitchen, and pool areas

Nature wall painting on silk fabric is a design element that gives any room a special look. Including wet areas.

Lush green palm leaves in tropical forest as background

According to your ideas, the wallcovering is applied directly to the specially prepared wall.

Set of sea animals isolated on white background. Underwater life. Watercolor. Fish

There are no limits to the imagination when choosing a motif.

Conceptual artwork, Nature, environment, ecology, life happiness, spiritual and freedom concept , surreal landscape of human river and the forest, painting art, imagination illustration

You can set accents in the room just as well with small ornaments as you can design a large-scale picture over an entire wall.

Watercolor Painting - Wild Horse

A special seal makes the wall painting durable, so that a bathroom or a pool area, for example, can also be designed in this way.

Fashion tropics funny wallpapers. Seamless pattern with pineapples, strawberries and oranges on white background. Bright summer fruits illustration. Fruit mix design for fabric and decor.

And we have all the designs you can imagine. Exotic plants and fruits, gardens, still-life-like installations, animals in harmony with nature, a spherical underwater world, romantic scenarios, and much more.

Sea fish and shells on an isolated white background. Watercolor illustration, Marine design, postcards. High quality illustration

With 3D landscape paintings, you can walk in the gardens and adventure in the green landscapes. Experience installing your amazing artwork or wallpaper mural on your wall.

Nature mural paintings by famous artists

To the greatest creators of 3D nature wall painting, nature has proven to be the most revered muse ever known to man.

Flowers 3d painting by Claude Monet. Impressionism paint landscape flower meadow oil.

And for as long as there has been art, artists have always been fascinated by nature.

Bleachery at Scheveningen, by Vincent van Gogh, 1882, Dutch Post-Impressionist painting, watercolor heightened with white gouache. Van Gogh painted this 'right on the spot, washed in at one sitting,

In addition to being an endless source of inspiration, they have always used natural media.

Impressionism painting abstraction in Vincent Van Gogh style. Soft paint brushstrokes. Bright pastel colors. Abstract painting background. Hand drawn artistic pattern.

Such media as wood, charcoal, clay, graphite, and water to create their masterpieces.

Artists of past eras

Although Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime, he was one of a kind.

Painting oil on canvas. Free copy based on the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh - Cafe Terrace on Forum Square, Arles, 1888.

He was able to convey such aspects of nature as simple flowers, giving them a new life on his canvases.

Digital painting of a view from top of a hill across a village with mountains and a cloudy sky in the horizon in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

One of these works – “Irises“, is especially impressive with its vitality, because the flowers can be almost felt.

Irises, by Vincent van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Van Gogh painted this in the garden of the asylum in Saint-Remy, France in May 1889.

Another world genius of art, Claude Monet, drew inspiration from the natural world.

Watercolor Painting - A Lady is walking on beach at seaside

His series of works “Water Lilies” is a stunning example of 3D nature wall painting.

Road through the flower field 3d paintings by Claude Monet, great for wall mural.

Because of the perfect play of shadows, light, and water, as well as a “portrait” of his garden in France.

Water Lilies, by Claude Monet, 1919, French impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Monet left many of his late works unfinished, but this work was an exception which he signed and sold in 1919

Flowers were one of the main themes of Claude Monet’s work for the last 30 years of his life.

Original impressionism oil painting Gold autumn tree in forest park alley 3d nature wall paintings by Claude Monet.

And perfectly illustrated how great the impact of the beauty of nature is on us. As well as on the imagination of artists.

Realistic landscape wall painting

Landscape wall painting is a genre of fine art 3d nature wall painting, where the main object of the picture is a picturesque view.

Custom HD Beach Sea Landscape Coconut Trees Wallpaper 3D Painting Background Home Wall Décor

It can be scenes of fields, savannah forests, ranges of mountainous terrain, and sea coast. Also, landscape painting includes the urban landscape, images of the surfaces of other planets, and fantasy nature.

3D rendering of hot planet surface with two other close planets in the sky with bright sun and hazy deep atmosphere and endless deep sky

If there are people on the canvases, then they act as secondary elements of the composition. The main role is assigned to the natural world.

3d illustration of white flock of birds flying over the moon. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

Landscape painting as an independent genre was born not so long ago. However, many legendary artists in the world recreated natural beauty in their works. Their paintings are exhibited in museums.

3d illustration of deer walking across the forest. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

The most famous of them is by Leonardo da Vinci. He worked in the Renaissance and was a real genius. It is believed that his work “Landscape of the Arno Valley” is the first independent landscape. It was he who depicted nature separately from man.

3d illustration of forest at evening with golden deer. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

Nature is perfect, it does not need to be supplemented with anything. It is enough to transfer the natural beauty to the wall. Despite the development of photography, realism in painting does not lose popularity.

3D Landscape Big Trees Forest Flowers Grass Lawn White Pigeon design in Chinese style for painting hanging painting wall, receptionist backdrop, or TV background decoration. 3D rendering

Such landscapes, as a rule, depict forests and fields, mountains and rivers, etc. The artists notice the beauty of the world around them and try to repeat it in their works.

Blue and red 3d fantasy nature waves are painted in watercolor on a white canvas. The structure of the canvas is rough. An ornament is drawn in the right corner. White veins of foam can be seen on the waves.3Dillustration.

They pay attention to every detail and draw leaves, blades of grass, and twigs. You can admire the masterpieces such 3d nature wallpaper murals for hours.

3D landscape bamboo forest tree lined trail pigeon white dove design in Chinese style for painting hanging painting wall, receptionist backdrop, or TV background decoration. 3D rendering

Landscape painting is very popular these days. Nature is infinitely diverse and beautiful.

The sunlight and the natural environment create an inexhaustible harmony of shapes and colors. 

Autumn forest landscape with birches and river, 3d oil on canvas wall painting.

Therefore, even a person inexperienced in matters of fine art is not indifferent to it, paintings made in the genre of landscape.

Rural hills landscape vector background on white. Pasture grass for cows. Meadows and trees. Horizon.

There are several types of classification of landscape wall painting, depending on the area depicted.

Landscapes are:

Rural landscape wall painting

The emergence of this subgenre is closely connected with such a direction as pastoral.

Autumn background illustration. Fall backdrop. Colors of Autumn leaves. Cartoon and painting. Countryside. Forest and fields in fall. Great as background illustration for your 3d nature wall painting.

At a time when musicians and poets sang of rural life in the bosom of nature, artists tried to imagine such a world without sadness and worries.

Horizontal landscape with Japanese cranes and pines

However, the detachment from the worldly bustle did lead to the addition of elements of realism to the rural landscape wall painting.

Natural landscape wall painting

Its features are clear without further explanation.

Panda and animals in the forest, watercolor paintings landscape

The artists focus on natural landscapes that have not been touched by man.

Watercolour painting of Beautiful red deer stag in countryside landscape scene looking out into distance concept image

They show the beauty of the changing seasons, as well as other natural phenomena.

Volcanic Mountain In Eruption - 3D rendering

Summer rain, snow, and volcanic eruption are considered especially favorites.


Even though the water world is also considered a nature painting, the marine theme is singled out as a separate subgenre.

Hand Drawn seascape with sailing boats. Yachts on the sea painting. Poster for wall decor

The genre is also called “Marina” (from the Latin Marinus – marine). Accordingly, artists working in this direction are usually called marine painters.

Oil painting on canvas. Beautiful Seascape. Modern 3d wall art

The first marine-themed landscapes contained obligatory staffing. Ships were an additional element.

View on the ocean's crest leap. Vaporwave Pop Art style illustration for wall poster, cover, fashion print.

But later painters concentrated on the natural beauty of sea waves, especially during a storm.

Space landscape wall painting

The subgenre, in which sometimes fantastic ideas about space are realized, appeared long before the first human flight.

Planets in outer space with satellites, falling meteor and asteroids in dark starry sky. Galaxy, cosmos, universe futuristic fantasy view background for 3d nature wall painting. Cartoon vector illustration

However with the development of astronautics, artists got a more natural idea of ​​space, so the paintings gradually became more realistic.

Abstract background of deep space. In the far future travel. New technologies and resources.

Nevertheless, the astral-esoteric direction did not die out, but, on the contrary, gave ground for inspiration to cosmists.

Custom wallpaper versus traditional 3D nature wall painting

Perhaps you have decided to decorate that room in your house with 3D nature wall painting.

3d nature wall painting of hot air balloons over river Nile at dawn, Luxor, Egypt.

But you do not know whether to opt for a traditional mural painting or modern silk fabric digital wallpaper.

Tree on Deer painting Background wall paper 3d living room bedroom TV 3D wallpaper home decoration mural wallpaper for walls

Next, we are going to explain the differences between one and the other.

3d illustration of modern style wall paintings.

So that you can make the best decision based on your needs and discover all the advantages of silk fabric 3D nature murals compared to traditional painting. That is modern art versus classical art.

3D landscape forest path fawn elk design in Chinese style for painting hanging painting wall, receptionist backdrop, or TV background decoration. 3D rendering.


3d wall poster 2019 3D mural poster wall printable up to (3.00x3.00 m) height resolutionextra good quality

Our custom silk fabric wallpaper mural is a unique work of art in whose development you have actively participated by choosing the theme, the elements that compose it, and the style…


Our custom digital nature wall painting is for life. The quality of the silk fabric we use makes it extremely resistant to abrasion, humidity, and even the action of children.

Facing the river, view from the window. 3d Wallpaper, painting window outdoors landscape woods river.

traditional mural painting inks are much more sensitive to these phenomena (with which they lose brightness and color quality.

Fishing sailing boat on the sea. Oil paintings sea landscape. Fine art.

And even begin to detach from the surface that supports them) and their deterioration implies their removal and replacement.

Ease of change

There may come a time when you decide to change the decoration.

Abstract fractal background Fairy Infinite Spirals computer-generated image. Beautiful winter abstract background for wallpaper. Fractal digital artwork for creative graphic design.

Let’s take the example of a children’s mural that was painted for a girl when she was 4 years old.

A set of canvases for wall decoration in the living room, office, kitchen, office. Home decor of the walls. Luxurious floral background with golden leaves monstera. Element for design.3D Render

Her tastes have changed, now that she is 14. And she wants to renew the aesthetics of her bedroom.

3d illustration of a wall painting featuring trees and deer

Silk fabric murals are easily removable and reusable. And that is unlike traditional nature wall paintings where to remove it means destroying it.

simplicity of cleaning

3d wallpaper. 3d illustration. 3d circle and flower wallpaper with butterflies.

Due to the composition of the paints we use, the maintenance of the mural against friction, stains, liquid spills, etc.

An old Bedouin, Karam Hatem al-Tai is sitting in the desert next to the camels. Oil and acrylic painting.

It is carried out by using a simple cloth moistened in water, without artificial cleaning products.


Watercolor fantasy landscape with autumn trees, lake, magic house, beautiful forest, hand drawn nature illustration painting with river water, fishing, outdoors relaxation art with nice colors. 3d nature wall painting.

In this section, the cheapest option is a wallpaper mural. And this is a rare case where it happens that the cheap option is also the best.

3d illustration of white flock of birds flying over the moon. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

And not only because you will save time and money.

A decrepit old-style canvas depicts waves. The drawing is in the style of Japanese culture. The waves are dark blue in color. The foam on the waves is white. The cloud is blue in color. 3D rendering

You will also be able to choose higher-quality images and more durable products.

Watercolor and oil painting nature landscape, famous travel and touristic place, outdoor vacation trend print for poster, paper, textile or canvas. Modern fine arts design wallpaper. Wall art drawing

Traditional nature wall painting is both extremely expensive in times of monetary cost as well as a lot hell of time-consuming.

In summary

As you have already seen, all options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Landscape river, trees, oil paintings. 3d wall art.

However, the advantages of custom-made sill fabric murals far exceed traditional nature wall painting.

Oil paintings rural landscape with trees, field. Fine art, artwork.

At Wallpaper Kenya we offer you the necessary advice.

Watercolor and oil painting nature landscape, famous travel and touristic place, outdoor vacation trend print for poster, paper, textile or canvas. Modern fine arts design wallpaper. Wall art drawing

So, by explaining the idea you have in mind, you can make the decision that best suits your specific needs.

Oil wall painting landscape - colorful summer forest, beautiful flowers. 3d wallpaper.

Depending on whether it is a home or a business and the surface where you want to locate it, we can provide or help you choose the best designs.


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