3d wall art wallpaper

When it comes to 3d wall art wallpaper, the sky is the limit. Whatever your style, you will get it. This is enabled by custom-made 3d digital wall art wallpaper printing. You just have to have a little taste and a lot of love for art.   But what exactly is 3D wall art? 3D wall […]


Modern 3d wall art wallpaper, colorful background with growing sphere. Optical expansion illusion.
Modern 3d wall art wallpaper, colorful background with growing sphere. Optical expansion illusion.

When it comes to 3d wall art wallpaper, the sky is the limit.

oil painting on canvas Amazing African 3d wall art for digital wallpaper printing.

Whatever your style, you will get it. This is enabled by custom-made 3d digital wall art wallpaper printing.

 3d illustration of two horses

You just have to have a little taste and a lot of love for art.

Gold mountain wallpaper design with landscape line arts
Gold mountain wallpaper design with landscape line arts


Made to measure Abstract black and white botanical wallpaper mural
Made to measure Abstract black and white botanical wallpaper mural

But what exactly is 3D wall art? 3D wall art means mural with three-dimensional images.

Simple Black and white Hands together couple wall art line drawing hands closeup shot

That is images with perceivable widthheight, and depth (length).

Sunrise landscape with misty forest, distant mountains and sunrise sky wall art. Traditional oriental ink painting sumi-e, u-sin, go-hua

While some people view digital wall art wallpaper negatively, we think it is very useful. And has brought access to otherwise unaffordable wall art to all.

JEJU, SOUTH KOREA - NOV 29, 2015 : Photo of 3D Wall Painting of Falling Airplane drove out of stone brick wall

Although talking about 3d wall art wallpaper kind of brings into mind painting kind of murals, all wallpaper is art.

Seven Running Horses wildlife decorative pattern textured canvas acrylic artwork abstract oil painting 3D wallpaper

Please note my choice of words, perceivable images, and not actual objects.

Rhino breaks the wall in the room. Photo wallpaper for walls. 3d rendering.


The vast majority of walls on which the 3D image is printed are 2d. Meaning that they have two dimensions. Namely width and height.

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

And the wallpaper on which the art is applied doesn’t have the third dimension depth. Therefore the third dimension of the images on these wallpapers is an optical illusion.

3d rendering abstract multicolor fractal light background
3d rendering abstract multicolor fractal light background

What is the difference between 2d and 3d wall art?

For the sake of clarity here are the main differences between 2D and 3D wall artworks:

Watercolor painting of elaphants. Painting of beautiful image of a elephants in the forest.

  • A two-dimensional art image uses only two axes, the x-axis, and the y-axis. But a three-dimensional image uses three axes, the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis respectively.
  • A two-dimensional image appears two have only two surfaces; length and breadth. While a three-dimensional image appears to have three surfaces; length, breadth, and height.
  • Two-dimensional wallpaper is also referred to as “plane” figures or “flat” figures due to their appearance. Three-dimensional figures are only referred to as 3D figures.
  • Examples of two-dimensional wallpaper artworks are circles, squares, rectangles, and pentagons. And examples of three-dimensional wallpaper are Prism, cuboids, pyramids, and cylinders.

Why is wallpaper art? What do Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and wallpaper for walls have in common? 

Low key fine art horse design for wallpaper mural. From a beautiful mare with a beautiful white stripe on her head.
Low-key fine art horse design for wallpaper mural. From a beautiful mare with a beautiful white stripe on her head.

Judge for yourself:

3d wall wallpaper is a conceptual art

The idea underlies all works of art as well as wallpaper.

The painting of Last Supper, for wall mural, in Duomo after Leonardo da Vinci by Vercellese Luigi Cagna (1836).

Leonardo captured the wife of a Florentine merchant in Gioconda, Aphrodite herself is depicted in the image of Venus, and a predatory print Wild Fashion – modern fashion for the wild urban jungle in the metropolis. This is a reference to the feminine, feline grace, and wild passion.

Abstract art background. Oil painting on canvas. Green, blue and brown texture. Fragment of artwork. Spots of oil paint. Brushstrokes of paint. Modern art. Contemporary art.


Contemplating the mysterious smile created by Leonardo’s brush, Aphrodite carved from white marble is a pleasure, as is looking at the exotic prestige color pattern.

wall art 3d mural illustration for wallpaper customization
wall art 3d mural illustration for wallpaper customization

And you will find pleasure in the instant transformation of your room from blank to visually stunning walls.

nude woman sexy Artistic black and white 3d wall art wallpaper design
nude woman sexy Artistic black and white 3d wall art wallpaper design

Texture and Effects

Old city, oil paintings landscape, canvas. 3d Fine art wallpaper mural.
Old city, oil paintings landscape, canvas. 3d Fine art wallpaper mural.

In an old painting, a network of cracks is noticeable – craquelure or texture.

Floral background, seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper. Romantic delicate flowers, hydrangea, pink, beige, purple, white gypsophila. Watercolor 3d illustration, texture. Good cloth, interior, wedding

Polished marble of antique statues glistens – and the wallpaper sparkles with smooth tints of light from silver to gold and deep embossed relief.


This is where the works of art are stored. Aphrodite and Mona Lisa can be seen in the Louvre, and the wallpaper can be seen in the Wallpaper Museum in Kassel, Germany. In May 2014, The Metropolitan Museum of Art made 400,000 iconic wallpaper works available for download.

The giraffe pokes his head out of the wall. 3d rendering.

You can click on the link to check whether their offer still stands.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Jules Bache Wallpaper Collection, 1949
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Jules Bache Wallpaper Collection, 1949

3d photo wall art wallpaper

If you consider photography as an art, then you will find millions of 3d wall art wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya. For a unique wallpaper, you can take your photos and we use them. If you decide to take this route, a few tips might come in handy.

Oil paintings, sea, boats, art for wallpaper mural customization
Oil paintings, sea, boats, art for wallpaper mural customization

Try to capture the texture of your subject to elevate the subject material from something banal and easy to discard to something more than it appears at first glance.

Spiritual Lord buddha meditating texture background artwork canvas oil painting. Creative Artistic 3D wallpaper

A good understanding of lighting is key to being able to control the texture of an object in a photograph.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper
3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

By choosing the right shooting point, the right angle, and setting a competent lighting scheme, you will save yourself many hours of post-processing.

Cream Pearl 3D Round Circle with tree branch art work and Background wallpaper for decoration

But you also have the option of getting a 3d photo from Wallpaper Kenya, for free. And all you need to do is to give us your desired theme. For example, a forest path, wildlife, waterfall, or any other theme.

3D Illustration beautiful flower design and butterfly texture wallpaper

If you choose to get the artwork for your wall art from Wallpaper Kenya, we have hundreds of millions for you to choose from. And you are not limited to photographs only. You can get fine art as well.

3d abstract wallpaper mural

Click on the link for abstract 3d wall art. You copy every detail extremely exquisitely and subtly, just like the brush stroke and even textures in the image.

3d illustration of golden deer in the mountain. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

As long as you have a painting image in high resolution, the details of the painting will be presented to you perfectly.

abstract 3d rendering, wavy iridescent metallic shape above the water with reflection. Modern unique wallpaper. 3d wall art.

Whether it is concave and convex strokes or traces of the stain.

Aluminum abstract silver concave stripe pattern background 3d illustration

Abstract wall art is a modern style that is opposed to realism and photo murals.

Swordfish vintage illustration wall art print and poster design remix from original artwork

And therefore it is necessary to use imagination and understanding beyond what logic gives us to admire a mural of abstract work.

Original oil painting on canvas. Abstract, multicolored elephant. Convex strokes.

Within the visual arts, abstract art is best known for its expressions in the field of plastic arts (painting, and sculpture).

Black and white lines optical illusion horizontal background 3d wall art.

But other aspects of art have also developed abstractionist tendencies. These include such as architecture, performing arts (dance, music), and literature.

White balls decorative abstract background. 3d render illustration

3d abstract murals are characterized by using the essential forms of plastic language, such as figures, lines, and colors, as a means of artistic expression.

A digital abstract art wallpaper . A fractal is a never-ending pattern.

In this sense, abstract wall art is distinguished by transcending the representation of the external appearance of things.

Abstract woman face one line, red lips on fabric canvas texture

And by proposing plastic searches that point rather toward formal, chromatic, and structural aspects.

abstract geometric shape pastel color scene minimal, wallpaper design for cosmetic or product display podium 3d render.

Hence, abstraction uses the most essential resources of plastic language to try to create an autonomous language that evokes its meanings.

abstract pink color geometric Stone and Rock shape background, minimalist mockup for podium display or showcase, 3d rendering wall art.


However, the degree of abstraction works can vary and range from a level of partial abstraction, where figurative features are still evident, to total and absolute abstraction.

Does 3d wall art give more creative space?

Even with all the advantages of 3d wall art, it is a myth that it gives more creative space to the artist.

Beautiful abstract background. Abstract ocean- ART. Marble texture. Fractal art. Сolored waves, lines and circles. 3D Render.

In practice, the situation is exactly the opposite. Classic 2D graphics give many times more freedom for the artist.

modern golden painting of African girl ballerina dancing abstract figure The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern artist collection of painting for decoration

Think of the classic Disney children’s cartoons, or at least Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry vector for design

Characters can stretch their limbs unnaturally, their eyes pop out of their sockets, their jaws drop to the floor, and so on.

Close up of blue eye and tear, a woman crying, pop art comic style retro vector illustration, hand draw 3d wall art.

The author can do whatever he pleases with the facial expressions and motor skills of the characters. And it will look funny.

Set of posters yellow sleepy moon pink star cloud for baby room decoration Childish style pink color Perfect for fabric print logo sign cards banners Kids wall art design Vector illustration.

2D graphics are mainly used to create illustrations, infographics, and animations.

Beautiful Abstract Afro American woman in fashion white dress. Pastel Tropical leaves background wallpaper. Modern minimalist glamour female portrait with nature jungle pattern. Vector illustration.

It is more stylistically diverse and gives the artist room for creativity precisely because it does not strive for realism.

3d Seven Horses Running Emboos Fusion Art On Wall 3d Illustration Wallpaper Design

But 3d wall art allows you to create more complex effects with less effort.

In 3D graphics, the picture almost always strives for realism. The typical antics of Tom and Jerry in 3D will look at least inappropriate, if not intimidating.

wall mural 3d illusion squares and flowers

Therefore, no matter how 3D technologies develop, classic animation will not go anywhere for a long time. She has her unique film language and charm.

Lord Radha Krishna Hindu religious decorative pattern canvas acrylic oil painting. Textured Artwork Artistic 3D Wallpaper

Mixing 2D and 3D art on one wall will be the main trend in the coming years. In the west, the trend towards 2.5D was manifested after the premiere of the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Universe”:

Is 3d art more expensive than 2d?

At Wallpaper Kenya it will cost you the same for a 3d wall art as a 2d one. Because the technique of production is the same.

Abstract background spiral arched interior 3d render

There is a prejudice that 2D murals are for those with a smaller budget. But the cost of a product created using art depends on the skill of the artist, style, detail, and timing (if it is animation).

Ceramic Digital Wall tiles 3d Kitchen set And Fruits Graphics Artifacts Background Decor Design.

Flat graphics can be cheaper than 3D graphics if you are talking about illustrations or small animations for a website. But large murals with an unusual concept, where detailed drawing is required, in 2D graphics can cost no less than in 3D.

Optical illusion lines background. Abstract 3d black and white illusions. Conceptual design of optical illusion vector. EPS 10 Vector illustration

Lighting, perspective, and other effects in 2D graphics have to be drawn by hand, which requires the artist to have more in-depth knowledge. Now Adobe After Effects or, for example, Toon Boom Harmony programs are used for this . 2D illustrations are created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Procreate.

Yellow and purple background with moving spher. Spin illusion.

In 3D, such effects are created using programs such as 3Ds Max or Unreal Engine. It is enough to set the light sources and set the perspective in the settings. Animating some scenes, and making environments or extras is also cheaper in 3D.

Different styles of 3d wall art with wallpaper

You don’t necessarily have to decorate with a full wall mural 3d art wallpaper if you don’t have the budget.

3d colorful illustration of ginkgo leaves, deer, and leaves in dark background. minimalist hand-painted canvas art wall frame décor.

But bear in mind that our minimum order quantity for custom-made wall art is 3 meters by 1 meter.

3d mural art wallpaper for home décor. abstract blue, black, gray and white marble with golden lines and golden sun and mountains in light landscape background.

And from that piece you are at liberty to create any kind of art you have in mind. For instance you can get 6 pieces of art one meter by one meter which you can have framed.

Beautiful framed white flowers texture background decorative pattern artwork canvas painting 3d wallpaper.

And it is that if you want something more than flat paint for your walls, the reliefs and 3-dimensional effects provide both attractiveness and a point of sophistication.

Plaster wall seamless texture with swirls pattern, relief texture, wall stencil, 3d illustration

And at a decorative level they completely fill the wall, becoming the focus of the room.  This, allowing you to do without additional accessories like mirrors or pictures.

Meandering strips funnel. Rotating hole. Motley moving background. Optical illusion illustration.

Another style is to “simulate” with a trompe l’oeil effect some type of texture or material. For example, wallpapers that simulate brick, books, trunks or wooden slats, among others.

3D illustration. Background image of three-dimensional rectangles of the same size, located at different heights, with a shadow and with the texture of natural and painted wood. Wood panel. render

These create a 3D effect, especially when you move away, achieving a rather impressive sensation of volume. Ideal above all for premises, precisely because of the need to have a large space to capture its volume while moving away from it.

3d decorative geometrical elements. Abstract texture.

In any case, the truth is that the variety of 3d wallpapers is immense. From papers with an origami effect to some that incorporate textures such as suede or animal skin, with fur that makes passing your hand through them an experience.

Texture background grey fur texture design abstract wallpaper.
Texture background grey fur texture design abstract wallpaper.


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