3D murals

3d murals are one of the most efficient ways you can make your home cozy and unique. There are many ways you can add personality and charm to your interior decoration. But one of the most impressive options you have is 3D murals. Because they easily transform ordinary walls into a breathtaking landscape filled with […]


Abstract artistic background, 3d murals, floral, golden brushstrokes. Texture, oil on canvas. modern Art. grey, wallpaper, poster, print, wall art

3d murals are one of the most efficient ways you can make your home cozy and unique.

3d wallpaper, yellow rose on rings background.Flower theme - this is a trend in design interior.

There are many ways you can add personality and charm to your interior decoration.

Karachi, Pakistan. October 1, World Cup Qatar 2022, fifa football with soccer goal soccer ball with flags in net at soccer stadium 3d rendering

But one of the most impressive options you have is 3D murals. Because they easily transform ordinary walls into a breathtaking landscape filled with volume and depth.

luxury black and white 3d wallpaper with golden feathers

But what are 3D murals? What effects do they create? And how do you properly use this magic in the interior?

Eiffel tower city wall art

Wallpaper Kenya 3D murals are essentially large-scale printed images that create the illusion of depth. And add three-dimensionality on a flat wallpaper surface.

Abstract oil painting art. flowers, leaves. Animal prints, elephants, zebras, horses, sprinkle paint on paper. Shiny golden texture. Prints, posters, rugs, hangings, wall art

They’re not actual three-dimensional structures, but rather a clever play on perspective and visual effects.

Abstract art. Plants, flowers, the golden grain. Freehand. Oil on canvas. Brush the paint. Modern art. Abstract landscape, forest, printing, wallpaper, posters, hanging, prints

The mural itself is a photorealistic image or artwork specifically designed to create a sense of depth. This can involve geometric patterns that appear to recede.

3d wallpaper in the form of imitation decorative mosaic of white painted metal and golden stripe décor on black background with high quality seamless realistic texture

And realistic depictions of objects with shading and perspective. Or even fantastical scenes that seem to open up a portal to another world.

3d image of fairy forest with animals and small castles, 3d rendering

The basis of the magic of 3D murals

You can also use stereoscopic wallpaper, an innovative product of modern technology.

Abstraction flowers and balloons. Stereoscopic photo wallpaper for interior. 3D rendering.

They are based on a digital image created using special computer programs.

digital 3d wallpaper murals

Thanks to complex mathematical calculations and depth simulation, the photograph turns into a three-dimensional picture.

Flowers. Stereoscopic photo wallpaper for interior. 3D rendering.

When creating 3D wallpaper murals, the peculiarities of human vision are taken into account. Our brain processes images coming from both eyes and forms a three-dimensional perception of reality.

3d wallpaper with chamomiles and pearl on bleached oak will expand visually room, make room lighter and become a good accent in the interior.

The same principle is used in 3D cinema. Micro-relief and optical illusions of depth are created on the wallpaper due to the play of chiaroscuro.

Paper art of space shuttle launch to the sky. Night sky, shining stars, fluffy clouds. Rocket launch. Start up business concept and exploration idea

As a result, the photograph seems to “come to life” and goes beyond the plane.

3d modern Landscape art mural wallpaper with Christmas tree, golden lines, and mountain, white marble background.

Three-dimensional wallpaper is printed on a vinyl canvas, or silk fabric base using special printers. Eco-friendly ink is used for printing and does not fade in the sun.

Beautiful sea view from the garden of orchids and palm trees. Pink sunset and flamingos on the shore. Paradise Island. Digital collage, mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster. Modular panno. 3d render.

Thanks to the 3D effect, with 3d wallpaper murals you can visually expand the room, creating the illusion of continuation of space.

wallpaper 3d classic horse black and gold . 3d illustration

They allow you to realize the most daring design ideas and turn your interior into a real fairy tale.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper with black trees and light gray background. golden and black mountains, white sun with birds. For use as a frame on walls .

At the same time, modern technologies make 3D wallpaper murals affordable for ordinary consumers.

Types of 3D murals for interior decoration

There are several types of stereo wallpaper, which differ in manufacturing technology, base, and design. This allows you to choose the best option for a specific interior.

3d wallpaper design with tunnel and maiden tower of istanbul for photomural

Based on the type of base there are:

  • Vinyl canvas has increased wear resistance and moisture resistance.
  • Silk fabric combines the properties of paper and fabric and is the most durable.


Do you want your home to have a panoramic view of a huge metropolis? Then pay attention to the stunning wallpapers of the city.

3d realistic vector background. Realistic city road skyscrapers, bussines district offices.

Or maybe you dream of decorating a room in a sophisticated oriental style? Wallpaper Kenya offers a variety of quality products that will transform any home beyond recognition.

Traveling by taxi in the clouds, vector background

Pick a high-resolution panoramic image that depicts space as you envision it. Popular choices include views of nebulae, galaxies, planetscapes, or even astronaut perspectives.

Urban car on the background of the city. Megapolis landscape. Yellow colours. Big city background. Urban style. Street style. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpaper.

But ensure the mural you select utilizes a 3D effect. This can be achieved through gradual color shifts and variations in depth and perspective within the image.

Planetscape 3d mural

Or even textured finishes that mimic the feel of space elements like craters or rock formations on planets.

3D baby wallpapers galaxy with cool astronaut, planets and taking off rocket for mural walls

3d Optical illusion murals

3D optical illusion murals are a mind-bending art form that uses visual trickery to create the perception of depth and dimension on a flat surface. These murals can be found on walls, floors, and even ceilings, and they can be incredibly lifelike.

Isometric cube with a surface covered with geometric ornaments. Completely seamless, colorful cube pattern background. Optical illusion. Ornament with three-dimensional effect.

They are especially recommended for small, narrow, or problematic spaces. But, of course, they are also suitable for large rooms.

Realistic landscape photomurals

What could be better than a hike in the mountains? You can enjoy the beautiful nature, the phenomenal view, and the fresh, clean air.

3D illustration of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural ocean

Unfortunately, you rarely find peace amidst everyday stress, which is why it is important to make your home a “place of rest”.

Pink Landscape Kids Room Illustration, Wall Mural, Deer, Bunny, Birds, Pink Clouds, Soft colors, flowers, spring, nursery mural

Realistic landscape photomurals help to bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Pink Landscape Kids Room Illustration, Wall Mural, Deer, Bunny, Birds, Pink Clouds, Soft colors, flowers, spring, nursery mural

Photomurals with mountains, hills, and lakes bring peace into your home. And ensure that a long day of work ends in style and relaxation.

Beautiful panoramic view of rural alpine landscape with cows grazing in fresh green meadows neath snowcapped mountain tops on a sunny day in spring, National Park Hohe Tauern, Salzburger Land, Austria

Whether mountain ranges, or an alpine pasture – Wallpaper Kenya has a photomural for everyone!

3d Photomurals with beaches and seas

The classic palm tree photomural has enjoyed great popularity since the 70s.

3d Wallpaper design with beach and palm trees for photomural

A lonely sandy beach, lined with bushy palm trees that sway gently in the warm breeze. And, the rhythmic splashing of the surf immediately awakens a feeling of freedom, vacation, and carefreeness.

Beautiful view from the window to the sea and the blooming garden. Digital mural,3D rendering

As a landscape photomural beach and palm tree motives create a relaxing atmosphere in the living room.

Beautiful panorama overlooking the sea. Beautiful view. Digital fresco

Water is life! That’s why photomurals with sea and water motives create a fresh, lively indoor climate. The strong blue tones of water and waves have an energizing and revitalizing effect.

Art print suit. The abstract modern painting. Very suitable for posters, banners, CARDS, carpet, wallpaper, wall and art.

The maritime motives look particularly beautiful in the bedroom or bathroom. Paired with light fabrics in white, cream, or beige as well as with furniture made of natural materials such as rattan, cork, or wood, a maritime room ambiance is created.

abstract background bitmap coastal foliage gradient green greenery illustration maritime nautical ocean raster sea seascape spring swirl twist wallpaper 3d art artwork backdrop banner

3d photomurals with windows

With window 3d photomurals you can give your rooms not only an enchanting view but also depth.  The photomurals create a depth effect through their three-dimensional composition. And which visually enlarges the room.

3d wallpaper design of istanbul bridge in bosphorus turkey with woom effect and curtain window and terrace for photomural

The photomurals in window optics give you the feeling of standing directly in front of the doors of the big, wide world.

3d Wallpaper design with capitone, columns andnature for photomural

Window photomurals offer you the opportunity to turn your home into a paradise. They offer a view through open windows and light-flooded patio doors.

Beautiful view of sea from the window.

Or the wooden veranda to wonderful gardens, white sandy beaches, impressing palm trees, and the deep blue sea.

3d sunset photomurals

The moment the sun disappears on the horizon has a very special magic.

Sunset on Baikal lake with sun setting down behind the mountain and sun rays

That hour between day and night is filled with a colorful sky spectacle – the sky and clouds shimmer from orange and red to gold and purple tones.

Beautiful view from the flower-covered balcony to the Eiffel tower and pink sunset. Digital collage , mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster design. Modular panno. 3d render

On photomurals, this magical sunset mood comes directly into your home and gives the living room, bedroom, or bathroom a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

Angkor Wat at sunset

Sunset photomurals offer a wide selection of designs. Therefore you can choose the right mural for every style of living. From tropical and exotic to urban sunsets and natural landscapes.

3d faux texture wallpaper

Faux texture 3d wallpaper designs are a great way to add depth and interest to your walls without the hassle and expense of installing real materials like wood, stone, or brick.

3D golden matte metal hexagons tiles with decor relief lines. High quality seamless realistic texture.

They come in a wide variety of designs that can mimic almost any texture you can imagine.

3d brick wallpaper

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

A brick wall can become an original accent in the interior. It will give it a slight touch of grunge and loft. Today, to achieve this effect, complex repair work is not required; it is enough to use 3D brick wallpaper. High-quality printing allows you to accurately imitate the material.

3d picture of a blue car through a destroyed brick wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And a variety of patterns makes it possible to choose the best option.

Wood effect wallpaper

The wood-look wallpaper murals offer you a variety of realistic imitations – from processed lining to rough boards. From bleached oak to rich wenge.

Great wooden background

You will find designs that include a variety of wood species, and the design on each is painted with maximum naturalness.

closeup of old wood planks texture background

3d wood-effect wallpaper, the price of which is much lower than the cost of natural material, will fill your room with warmth and elegance.

Brown red real walnut wooden furniture panel round circle spiral pattern fractal background. Furniture wall decoration element. Wooden decoration element fractal background. Spiral fractal pattern

It is for the ability to create a unique atmosphere that wood is valued most of all.

Abstract 3D wallpaper

The most fashionable and established trend in the field of modern design is abstract art. 3d murals with interesting themes can be placed in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

3D render gold lattice modern

Fancy photo images will delight your eye with extravagant designs and will arouse the genuine interest of guests.

Abstract art vector illustration. Golden texture. Hand drawn vector illustration. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, prints

A mural depicting 3D abstraction is the best solution for the interior of your home. Because it can decorate any living space.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D wallpaper

The advantages of three-dimensional photo wallpapers lie in their ability to visually expand space. And creating the effect of depth and volume.

Abstract art. Plants, flowers, the golden grain. Freehand. Oil on canvas. Brush the paint. Modern art. Plants, flowers, printing, wallpaper, posters, 3d murals, hanging, prints

Thanks to advanced printing technologies, you can distinguish them by realistic images and a wide variety of subjects.

 3d Wallpaper With Beautiful White Marble Flower Beautiful Abstract Background Wallpaper

This allows you to translate almost any design ideas and fantasies into the interior. In addition, 3D wallpaper is resistant to fading and mechanical damage, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for.

3D High Decoration Background Wallpaper

At the same time, they also have certain disadvantages. The effect of depth is lost when you view them closely. And for some people, voluminous wallpaper can cause dizziness and discomfort.

3d picture of white flowers in the perspective of the tunnel for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

In addition, they are quite demanding on the quality of the wall surface. Another drawback is the impossibility of restoring local damage; the entire surface will have to be replaced.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print

However, with a competent approach to design selection and placement, you can offset all the disadvantages of 3D wallpaper with their aesthetic and functional advantages.

Wallpaper of a wonderful mural of pink leaves

With this innovative mural, you can radically transform the interior and give it a unique style.

How to correctly use 3D wallpaper murals in the interior

When choosing 3d wallpaper murals for different rooms, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each space and its requirements.

Interior of a cozy Rustic Bedroom with a country nature wall mural background. 3d rendering

The base of the wallpaper also plays an important role. Silk fabric bases are suitable for bedrooms, children’s rooms, and living rooms, while vinyl bases are best suited for kitchens, hallways, and baths.

Bedroom murals

When you are choosing an image for the bedroom, it is recommended you focus on calm shades. You can choose flowers, abstract drawings, sea or forest landscapes, architectural elements, or any other images that promote relaxation.

3D rendering of spacious bedroom with wall painting and cozy box-spring bed

Photo wallpaper is placed on the wall behind the bed, but you can typically experiment with different options. But is better to choose the color of the adjacent walls in a tone that matches the photo wallpaper.

Living room murals

The living room provides you with more freedom for creativity. You can use bright colors and active patterns based on the style of the interior. For example, flowers, still lives or paintings in an antique style are suitable for a classic style. In the high-tech style, you can use images of a night city, black and white landscapes, space scenes, or abstractions.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural ocean sunset

The Scandinavian style implies winter panoramas. And the Provencal style combines Slavonic fields and French streets.

3D Wooden Strips Wallpaper Wall Mural, Unique Irregular Wooden . 3d illustration

Always remember that 3D photo wallpaper, which occupies the entire wall, is the main element of the interior. And so you should furnish and decorate the room moderately.

3d kitchen wallpaper

In the kitchen, it is recommended you use voluminous photo wallpaper on the wall near the dining table. Warm shades can increase appetite, while cool shades, on the contrary, can calm it. There are many image options at your disposal.

Tropical seamless pattern, beige background, green texture, art. Olives branches, berries. Luxury wallpaper, hand-painted watercolor 3d illustration. Premium paper design, textile, cloth, modern style

Among them are vegetables, fruits, coffee beans, wine bottles, dishes and other still lives. Cityscapes also look great in the kitchen.

And reproductions of famous paintings are suitable for a classic style.

Floral arrangements are a classic option.

3d Nursery wallpaper

In your children’s room, create a magical atmosphere with 3d murals that any child will want to immerse themselves in.

Cute Animals Kids Room Wallpaper Design - 3D illustration

Images of cartoon characters that seem to come to life on the walls of the room will look original.

3d Wallpaper design with hot air ballons on a brick wall for nursery

Castles and princesses, superheroes, space stories, sea-world, pirate ships, starry skies, and animals. All this is suitable for a children’s room.

Cute Animals Kids Room Wallpaper Design - 3D illustration

It is worth paying attention to fluorescent wallpaper. 3D photo wallpaper can transform the interior of various rooms, taking into account their characteristics and requirements.

Installation of 3D wallpaper murals

Hong Kong, December 24th 2023 - Collection of abstract and hand painting exhibition at one of the arts venue at Tai Kwun, featuring series of arts installation and fine arts water painting.

Although it is better to entrust the pasting to professionals, if you wish, you can do it yourself.

  1. Carefully prepare the surface of the walls – remove the old finish, level, and prime it.
  2. Lay out the canvas on the floor, and mark the boundaries on the wall.
  3. Prepare glue according to instructions. Apply it to the wall.
  4. Together with your partner, carefully glue the canvas and roll it with a roller.
  5. Remove any air bubbles and, if necessary, prick the remaining ones with a needle.
  6. Work at room temperature.

3D picture. 3d illustration. Texture drawings for graphic design, interior design, and individual creativity.

In the future, wipe the 3D wallpaper with a dry or slightly damp cloth. With proper care, they will last over a lifetime.


Regular wallpaper is flat and two-dimensional, creating a picture on your wall. 3D wallpaper achieves the illusion of depth and dimension, making the design appear to pop off the surface.

3D Wall Mural design of Fish out from Aquarium

The patterns themselves use clever optical illusions and perspective tricks to create the perception of depth. They often feature geometric shapes, receding lines, or realistic images that appear to have volume.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural Eibsee Zugspitze

Three-dimensional wallpaper mural is a promising solution for creating spectacular interiors. They visually expand the space and allow you to realize the most daring ideas. Thanks to the variety of manufacturing technologies and designs.

3d wallpaper design background with brooklyn bridge and classic car and brick wall for mural

3D wallpaper is suitable for any type of room. The main thing is to choose the right plot and color scheme, taking into account the features of the room. Then the wallpaper will emphasize the individuality of the interior and create a unique atmosphere.


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