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3D wallpaper for the dining room choice involves selecting a wallpaper color scheme that provokes appetite. It is important that the 3D wallpaper matches your personal sense of style. Maybe it’s a romantic traditional wallpaper in a rustic style. Or a modern urban wallpaper with a metallic sheen effect. It doesn’t matter what wallpaper you […]


3D wallpaper for the dining room choice involves selecting a wallpaper color scheme that provokes appetite.

Dining room in luxury home with floral wallpaper

It is important that the 3D wallpaper matches your personal sense of style. Maybe it’s a romantic traditional wallpaper in a rustic style.

interior luxury apartment, comfortable suit

Or a modern urban wallpaper with a metallic sheen effect. It doesn’t matter what wallpaper you choose: striped, with flowers or medallions.

Kitchen and living room of loft apartment

First of all, you have to like them.

white furniture at the green 3d wallpaper for dining room

But also pulls all the design elements together, creating harmony and balance.

Open dining room interior with firewood, communal table and wooden log wall decoration for warm cozy atmosphere

There are colors hailed as good for dining rooms. Conversely, there are wallpaper colors that are not as good as dining room wallpaper.

Minimalist architect designer concept, table desk and chair, kitchen or office with lamps on floral wallpaper background, white interior design idea with copy space, 3d illustration

Because they turn you off from eating.

Creative design of lamp placed on wooden table against jungle wallpaper with monkeys in light apartment

3D wallpapers for dining rooms are three-dimensional photographic images in a large format custom-made mural.

Modern interior of apartment, living room with blue corner sofa and dining area with table and chairs 3d rendering

This is a unique and fashionable option for dining room wall decoration.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

The pictures printed on them look as realistic and three-dimensional as possible.

A rustic interior décor, dining table with one chair

They visually expand the space and evoke an unforgettable experience.

Modern interior with striped blue pattern wallpaper, wooden floor, small table, chairs, floor lamps, blank panel and window with city view. Mock up,

Choosing wallpaper for the dining room, restaurants, cafes, and bars is a very responsible matter.

Turquoise sofa by a leaves wallpaper and a wooden table in an elegant, pale green and pink living room interior

Wallpaper plays an important role in the overall design of the establishment, reflecting one or another ideological direction of the style.

Interior of dining room with blue wallpaper 3D rendering

But it’s no secret that in addition to delicious food, customers are also attracted by the suitable atmosphere, which gives a special mood.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

And wallpaper should correspond to the overall style and harmoniously complement the interior.

nice flower wallpaper and the table 3d Rendering

Therefore it is necessary to organically combine the wallpaper with furniture, decorative textiles (the color of curtains, tablecloths, or upholstery), and lighting fixtures.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

For small and big dining rooms and cafes, silk fabric wallpaper is equally suitable.

Vertical shot of wooden dining table with candlesticks and flowers cupboard and wallpaper

They will create a feeling of comfort and even some elegant chic.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

Moreover, it is not at all necessary to cover the entire wall with 3D wallpaper.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

3D wallpaper glued only to the upper part of a wall will look very stylish. While the bottom will be decorated with wooden panels.

Japandi living and dining room in white and gray tones. Velvet sofa, wooden table with chairs, cabinets and partition wall with wallpaper. Minimal interior design, 3d illustration

Why use 3D wallpaper to decorate your dining room

Decorating your dining room with 3D wallpaper is a great way to completely transform the look of this important area of ​​your home or business.
modern interior of living room, modern armchairs with bedside table in black and white living room with floral wallpaper, render/illustration
Our products offer a wide range of benefits, ranging from aesthetic improvement to long-term durability.
Farmhouse wooden dining room in white and violet tones. Table with chairs and decors, floral wallpaper. Japandi interior design, 3d illustration
Dining room wallpaper creates a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere, bringing style and personality to your space.
Coffee Signature 3D Mural Wallpaper Design
With a wide selection of designs, patterns, and colors, you will be able to find the perfect design that suits your tastes and preferences. Thus allowing you to create a unique and attractive decoration.
3D illustration wallpaper flower and butterfly with marble texture 3d design
With a lifespan of over a lifetime, you can enjoy long-lasting, high-quality decoration in your dining room.

Where to put wallpaper in the dining room

You can place 3D wallpaper for the dining room in several strategic areas to maximize its decorative impact.
Olive vintage branches, green leaves. Seamless surface pattern, tropical background, dark texture. Hand-painted 3d illustration. Mural, wallpaper, digital art, watercolor design, modern kitchen style
You can choose to cover an entire wall to create a stunning focal point. Or choose a specific wall to highlight and enhance existing decor.
Wallpaper abstract composition of fruits and vegetables. Food pattern vegetables. Healthy food concept. Vegetables isolated, top view.
In addition, you can combine different wallpaper patterns and colors to achieve an even more striking and personalized visual effect.
Abstract artistic background. 3d, illustration, floral, golden brushstrokes. Texture, oil on canvas. modern Art. grey, wallpaper, poster, card, mural, print, wall art
Another option is to use dining room wallpaper in panels or stripes to add decorative details to your dining room.
3D nature water and animals wallpaper
These panels can be placed at the bottom of the walls to create a plinth effect. Or at the top to visually delimit the dining space.
3d wallpaper design waterfall and sea , lake
The versatility of dining room 3D wallpaper murals allows you to adapt them to your style and preferences.
                                        3d wallpaper flowers peonies for mural
And thus providing unlimited options for decorating your dining room.

Dining room 3D ceiling wallpaper

With the help of dining room 3d ceiling wallpapers, you can give your space a unique look and the ceilings play a main role in this regard.

Golden Grey Dining Room Ceiling Roof Wallpaper Design - 3D Ceiling Wallpapers

Today there are many design options for the dining room ceiling, one of which is 3D wallpaper.

Sky and flower 3d ceiling design

A varied catalog of photographic images will help you choose your option.

3d illustration Golden Background interior classic decorations 3d wallpaper

We also produce custom-ceiling wallpapers according to the customer’s design.

3D Ceiling wallpaper, sky clouds with earth

When ordering, our designer will contact you to clarify all the parameters, as well as approve the layout with the image of the ceiling.

3d ceiling murals wallpaper, white decor frame, stone roses in the middle on grey marble background. 3d wallpaper.

We suggest considering different options for interior design.

3d wallpaper of flower tree background for mural and dining room ceiling

Such ceilings will be appropriate in any room:

  • In the kitchen, the ceiling in the form of a gazebo, the sky, clouds of birds will create a romantic atmosphere;
  • In the bedroom, the starry sky with a soothing moon will create a favorable atmosphere for sleep;
  • In the living room, heavenly angels and biblical scenes will create a rich atmosphere for the room, like in palace chambers;
  • The corridors are unexpectedly attractive and will make it interesting to move around them.

Green branches against the background of the summer sky. 3D rendering. Art ceiling. 3D wallpaper. Look up.

Ceiling photo wallpaper can also be combined well with floor covering, continuing the story on the floor, and creating a complete picture of the interior.

Black and orange color 3d Wavy zig zag abstract circular optical Illusion. image for decoration, wallpaper and stretch ceiling

Designs and installation

Painting a dining room ceiling can be a very challenging task.

3d sky, beautiful flowers, dining room ceiling background

But there is no difficulty in using 3D ceiling wallpapers; they are installed as easily as on a wall.

3d wallpaper illustration of flower background Silver

We have many photos from which you can create stylish dining room ceilings and wall accents.

3d illustration of flower background decorations 3d wallpaper

Famous space-themed ceiling paintings.

3D wallpaper for home interior classic decorations background Flowers Classic bedroom interior illustration 3d wall art

We also have great architectural wallpapers that enhance the space and photographs of our wonderful blue sky in various forms.

Bottom view of pink white cherry blossoms, full moon and night sky. photo for stretch ceiling decoration. in traditional islamic pattern and 3d gray frame

Photo wallpaper on the ceiling: volume, additional space, and new worlds.

3d rendering beautiful marble relief isolated on white. luxury carving decoration of architecture. classic interior detail made of marble. Upholstery

With the right approach and proper combination with other design elements, photo wallpaper on the ceiling can “raise” it, adding airiness and space to the dining room.

Appropriate colors for the dining room

A multicolored 3D wallpaper that is too saturated with bright tones can create a feeling of anxiety, while a monochrome interior creates boredom.

Seamless pattern with tropical garden fruit. watercolor jungle nature plant background.

In addition, you should consider how the color scheme will look under artificial lighting.

Lahore,Punjab,Pakistan -July 13,2023 Design of a beautiful house which includes kitchen washroom

Based on their influence on the general functioning of the body, colors are usually divided into three categories.

Modern interior with striped diamond pattern wallpaper, wooden floor, small table, chairs, floor lamps, blank panel and window with city view. Mock up, 3D Rendering

They are stimulating or warm (red, brown, orange), neutral (yellow, green, grey), and calming or cold (blue, violet).

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

Warm tones stimulate physical effort, including the digestion process, and create a feeling of comfort, associated with sunlight and the fire of the hearth. Cold ones relax and reduce muscle tone.

1. Red 3D wallpaper for the dining room

A red 3D wallpaper is probably the best choice for dining room wallpaper.

Dining room in luxury home with red floral wallpaper

Because red raises a person’s blood pressure, and heart rate, and thus causes hunger.

Levitation food photography of flying vegan vegetables sushi rolls.

Red 3D wallpaper and other red decor is a perennial favorite color in both homes dining rooms and restaurants alike.

Fast food restaurant chalkboard design, chinese fast food wallpaper

A touch of textured red wallpaper in the dining room will promote appetite and infuse the setting with liveliness.

Winter vegetables: Collard greens, Swiss chard, carrot, parsnip, radish, broccoli, Brussels sprout, kohlrabi, red cabbage, fennel, garlic and kale on pastel pink background. Flat lay raw food pattern.

This is probably why most restaurants across the globe gladly embrace the sophisticated red-and-black look.

Delicious forest raspberry in the north of Iran

Red wallpaper is an excellent adornment for the main dining rooms of hotels restaurants and other establishments where food is sold.

2. Orange wallpaper

Orange-colored wallpaper stimulates the brain, which increases mental activity and thus stirs up a sensation of hunger.

Seamless Vector Pumpkin, Acorn, Cranberry Damask in Bright Orange, Brown, Goldenrod, & Red. Great for Thanksgiving, seasonal, kitchen, & home decor, invitations, wallpaper, crafting, fabric, textiles.

Marketers unanimously revealed an interesting and unusual fact. The color orange improves mood, and invigorates, but is associated with cheapness.

Little girl eating for breakfast cereal and juice. raster version, vector file also included

An excess of orange in the interior of premium restaurants will lead to a decrease in the prestige of the establishment and the loss of some customers.

 The girl at the table is having breakfast with porridge and vegetables. Vector illustration in flat style.

However moderate use of dining room 3D wallpaper patterns or images of one or two of the many healthy foods that are orange is appropriate.

Beautiful pattern from recycle plastics

Butternut, squash, carrots, oranges, pumpkins, and the like are good for you.

Kitchen with grey and white honeycomb wall tiles and wooden worktop,

3. Yellow wallpaper

A yellow-colored wallpaper in the dining room makes most people very happy.

Fruit seamless pattern with lemon, apples, bananas and strawberries in 3d style. Summer berry-fruit mix, juicy colors. Design for print, banners and posters. Vector illustration

The color yellow is a cheery color that is noticeable. When people are happy, they are more likely to eat than when they are feeling.

Breakfast. Modern table and chair on bright floral background.

4. Green wallpaper

Think about it, green is such a healthy color. A vast number of vegetable foods and salads are green and most products considered being more natural than others are usually contained in green packaging.

Minimalist architect designer concept, table desk and chair, kitchen or office with lamps on floral wallpaper background, green and pink pastel interior design idea with copy space, 3d illustration

Green wallpaper is a good color to promote healthy eating and lots of it.

Breakfast table set, dog sitting below table

There are other wallpaper colors too that promote appetite such as turquoise. Your dining room wallpaper design and color really depend on many factors unique to your dining room.

3D wallpaper for cafes and restaurants’ dining rooms

Be adventurous with our 3D wallpaper for the dining room and break the monotony. Discover a new way of perceiving the environment around you.

Fast food restaurant chalkboard design, fast food wallpaper, 3d food wallpaper mural poster

If you are one of those who do not settle for the ordinary and are passionate about something different, you can transform the atmosphere of your dining room.

Tea party Coffee and hands. Hands are drawn to each other. Vector. Coffee house. Bright illustration for a cafe.

You’ve come to the perfect place! At Wallpaper Kenya, we have a selection of wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect to transport you to a new universe of visual effects, colors, and volumes.

Multi-colored silhouettes of tea cups on a white background. Seamless pattern. Vector hand drawing.

Designing a restaurant or cafe is not an easy task. It is important to create an interior that will attract the attention of customers, create comfort for them, and maintain its aesthetic appearance for many years.

Mature businessman sitting at table in a cafe with laptop and cup of coffee

The most budget option is 3D wallpaper for a cafe or restaurant. With their help, you can create a beautiful original interior at an affordable price.

Retro coffee cup design for cafes and bistros

It is important that the wallpaper match the overall style and color scheme of the establishment.

Wooden 3D Wallpaper For Cafe And Restaurant

An organic combination of furniture, curtains, tablecloths, and lighting equipment will help to visually change the proportions of the dining room, making it more spacious, lighter, and more comfortable.

Coffee words cloud collage, art concept background

What kind of wallpaper can you choose for a cafe?

3D photo wallpapers work well for home dining rooms and small cafes. They have a luxurious range of colors and a variety of textures and prints.

Smiling woman using laptop in cafe

So they can create a feeling of comfort in every room. It is not necessary to cover all the walls with them; you can combine them with tiles, wood panels, or masonry.

Coffee concept seamless pattern texture background design for fashion graphics, textile prints, decors, wallpapers etc

Restaurants are more luxurious, expensive establishments that use more expensive finishes.

Doodle Food Banner. Vegan restaurant, cafe, home decor. Ready vector template.

Expensive fabric wallpaper or decorative coverings made of flax, bamboo, and reed are often used here.

Sweet background. Seamless pattern with coffee cups

Bars often use photo wallpaper that realistically imitates stone, concrete, and other natural materials, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Vector seamless pattern on the coffee theme with a various coffee symbols, blots and inscriptions on a background of old manuscript in retro style. Can be used as wallpaper or wrapping paper

Separately, we can mention wallpaper with a 3D pattern, which definitely will not go unnoticed.

Oil Painting, summer cafe in Paris. gentle city landscape. Abstract flower. View from above, balcony with flower.. Eiffel tower, France, wallpaper. modern art

It is also worth selecting canvases based on the general style of the cafe:

Modern Wooden Background for your Design with Copy Space. Toned Texture with Different kind of Wood

  • Scandinavian style – light wallpaper with eco-inspired prints;

Modern Interior design, dining room with wooden table, cookies, and Scandinavian chair

  • Provence – cream or fresh shades, decorated with wildflowers;

breakfast composition with white service

  • classics – luxurious arabesques, monograms, damasks;

Seamless repeat pattern with botanical theme design. Perfect for home decor, apparel, art and craft, branding and many more!

  • country style – pastel colors, images of ancient buildings and village streets;

Farmhouse wooden kitchen and dining room in white and orange tones. Cabinets and table with chair. Wallpaper and parquet floor. Wabi sabi interior design, 3d illustration

  • loft – gray, brick, steel tones, prints with imitation brick, plaster, concrete, and stone.

Coffee background

Due to this variety, you can decorate a bar or restaurant in both a classic and the most modern direction, which will be interesting for guests.


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