African mural painting

Here you will find African mural painting images. These are of course, in most cases, modern African-themed artworks.  But you also know the fact that the most ancient origins of mankind are in Africa. And this is an irrefutable fact. However, Africa also played a decisive role in the development of fine arts. And African […]


Here you will find African mural painting images.

African design. Beautiful ethnic women traditionally dancing. African mural painting.

Ancient Egyptian murals and writings on the stone walls of the Karnak Temple in Luxor

Traditional Ndebele hut, Botshabelo, Mpumalanga, South Africa, African mural painting.

These are of course, in most cases, modern African-themed artworks

Elephant mural on wooden shack in sunshine, African mural painting.

Egypt mural. Cultural ancient characters painting on wall historical egyptian background with gods osiris pharaoh anubis exact set

Render of the Republic of Kenya flag as shape of heart. Perfect for printing on T-shirts, posters, wall murals, wall murals, mugs, glasses, sun loungers, banners, roll-ups.

MONTREAL CANADA DEC 02: Street art Montreal blue rhino on dec 02 2014 in Montreal Canada. Montreal. is the perfect place to walk in the back alleys and abandoned areas, looking street art.

Tribal art. African ethnic background with traditional motives

But you also know the fact that the most ancient origins of mankind are in Africa.

damaged figure on the rock on a white background

drawing on a rock in full screen

Traditional colorful Sufi and African dance illustration painting artwork

And this is an irrefutable fact.

African design. Collection of silhouettes. Beautiful ethnic woman, African tree and wild animals

However, Africa also played a decisive role in the development of fine arts.

Safari - elephants - illustration for the children

And African art managed to shape the world’s culture with its particular styles.

Egyptian old fresco icon. Queen Nefertiti. Vector portrait Profile, mural painting style

But how did these influences express themselves in contemporary art?

Beautiful African American women. Triptych. Hand drawing illustration. Modern African mural painting.

In the history of African art, the oldest form of creative expression is murals.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization Mural Tomb Paintings on Walls of Temple of Philae near Valley of the Kings in Luxor Egypt

Or rather rock paintings in ancient African dwelling places.

TIGRAY REGION, ETHIOPIA – February 10, 2018: wall murals of saints and iconographic scenes, painted in naive african christian style, on wall of Abuna Yemata Guh church

hand drawn antelope seamless pattern. African mural art.

These are paintings or engravings, which, made on rock walls, in most cases illustrate stylized hunting scenes.

African design. Beautiful African American woman . Hand drawing illustration.

The most ancient and scientifically dated specimens of African mural painting date from about 24-27,000 years ago.

stylized illustration of a peasant couple embraced.

In terms of sculpture, the most archaic manifestations of this artistic expression date from around 500 BC.

black painting girl ballerina dancing abstract figure. collection of designer oil paintings. Decoration for interior. Contemporary abstract art on canvas. A set of pictures with different texture.

That is when the first terracotta heads were created, mainly in Nigeria. 

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - MARCH 15: Colourful, urban mural / graffiti by unknown artist, depicts two African women carrying buckets on their heads. On March 15, 2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Starting from the 9th century AD. the mentioned tradition was enriched by the manufacture of more realistic sculptures.

Sketch of ethnic women with jugs for your contemporary African mural painting design.

And more so in bronze and brass, depicting, in addition to heads, also masks, and small whole figures.

African ethnic background with traditional motives. Vector illustration.

It is important to emphasize that the above dates are subject to change in the future.

Beautiful African American woman and and ancient pattern. Hand drawing illustration.

Because African mural painting, and art in general, which is predominantly functional and ritual, was not initially recognized as a symbol of the community’s aesthetic achievements.

like an ancient Egyptian Painting

And is therefore not properly researched, protected, and valued.

Characteristics of African mural painting

As a matter of course, African mural painting, as depicted here, is mainly a set of artistic manifestations produced by the peoples of black Africa throughout history.

Paintography. African man with traditional style face paint dissolving behind smoky and ink texture

With the help of modern technology, you can take any such artwork and place it on the wall. 

Set of African woman wearing traditional clothes

A mural is any piece of graphic artwork that is painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or another permanent substrate.

Masai Mara, Kenya - 03 January: The picture painted colors Maasai obstraktsiya in the gift shop for tourists January 3, 2013 in Masai Mara, Kenya. African mural painting idea.

And therefore, if you take any African painting and place it on the wall, then it becomes an African mural painting.

Egypt pharaoh poster. Cleopatra cover with pattern texture. Ancient pyramid or Sphinx. Hieroglyph mural. Africa art elements. Nefertiti vacation. Jackal sculpture. Vector illustrations set

You can take a photograph of any such artwork, as long as it is of a high resolution, and Wallpaper Kenya will customize it on the wall for you.

Surreal, abstract digital painting in the style of primitive abstraction. Ethnic motives of African tribes. 3D illustration.

And we also have scores of such artworks that you can choose from.

Surreal, abstract digital painting of face with corpse paint in the style of primitive abstraction. Ethnic motives of African tribes. 3D illustration.

If you see any such artwork on this page, go ahead and pick it up.

Safari landscape, palm trees, plant, parrot bird, rhino animal summer floral seamless border. Exotic jungle mural.

And you will then have it as your African mural painting within 24 working hours.

A wide variety of designs

The African continent is home to a wide variety of cultures.

Closeup view age red African tribe run goat figure life pictograph set white backdrop. Line dark black ink paint hand drawn grunge flat bison bull shape logo design. Retro past era mural print style

And each culture is characterized by its language, traditions, and characteristic art forms. 

Tropical ink drawn palm trees, lion,flamingo summer floral seamless pattern.Exotic jungle wallpaper.

In many indigenous tribes of Africa, the roots of the autochthonous artistic tradition have allowed the maintenance of various aesthetic manifestations until relatively recent times. 

Surreal, abstract digital painting in the style of primitive abstraction. Ethnic motives of African tribes. 3D illustration.

It is precisely from the beginning of the 20th century that this art begins to be appreciated in the West.

Seamless pattern of elefants and flowers. Suitable for fabric, mural, wrapping paper and the like. Vector illustration

First by representatives of the avant-garde and later by museums and the general public.

Leopard in jungle, jaguar sleeping on a tree branch in dense rainforest with tropic plants, cute spotted wild feline, forest with palms and lianas, exotic scenery. Vector childrens illustration

There are great stylistic differences from one area to another, from schematic figures and masks to very naturalistic pieces. 

Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D rendering.

Although almost all of them have symmetry in common, giving more importance to the head and torso and much less to the legs.

Isis, Egyptian winged goddess. Vector woman, pharaoh tomb mural element. Ancient Egypt mythology icon. Old vintage woman Isis, Osiris wife art, antique vector illustration isolated on white background

The legs are usually represented as short and with less detail than the rest of the body parts.

Africa retro vintage style wall painting.

Uncategorized African wall art

To give you an idea of how diverse African mural painting can be just imagine how diverse the African community is.

Brandberg Mountain Rock Paintings (Damaraland) - Namibia
Brandberg Mountain Rock Paintings (Damaraland) – Namibia

One rich and oldest-known art form in Africa is rock art.

Africa retro vintage style mural painting.

The Namibian rock art, African mural painting, is around 27,000 years old. And is it the oldest known art form in the world?

african prayer with UV body art glowing in darkness, colorful ethnic prints on naked skin. abstract fantastic futuristic paints, fluorescent make-up. man pray for the best

The first African natives created these bewitching drawings on the rocks. 

Beautiful women with a fantastic Golden Lips with hat and sun flower. decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract. gold

One of the earliest paintings among many depicts a beautiful ordinary day in the life of an ancient African and animals. 

modern mural painting giraffe in forest. The texture of the African style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art.

Over the years, cave paintings have become more modern mixtures of abstract art forms. 

Watercolor beauty african woman. Painting fashion illustration. Hand drawn portrait of pretty girl on white background

The Dragon Mountains in South Africa are a rich example of rock art.

African safari wildlife animals.Elephant, giraffes, zebra and lion on the savannah at sunset.safari theme.

It was here that about 30,000 rock paintings were discovered.

modern colorful zebra oil painting. Abstract painting for interior decoration. contemporary style artwork with chaotic paint strokes and splashes, artist collection of animal painting. Set of pictures.

And each with its own culture and art.

African couple dance on the floor digital mural painting canvas artwork.

The main aspect to take into account when discussing African art is the enormous number of existing cultures

Beautiful African mural painting women with a fantastic Golden Lips on black background. decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract.

An example is a fact that the number of languages ​​​​spoken on the continent is estimated to be between 1,000 and 2,000 (“Introduction to African Languages”, Harvard University), with 250 of them spoken in the territory of present-day Nigeria.

African women isolated over white background

However, all African peoples share a series of dominant cultural traits which distinguish African Culture from the rest of the world.

African Lady, Women, Wall Decoration

For example, social values, religion, morals, political values, economics, and aesthetic values all contribute to African Culture.

Evening landscape of Himba tribe's village, a hut made from a mixture of clay, cow dung, wood and straw. The Himba are indigenous peoples living in northern Namibia, Kaokoland, Africa.- oil painting

But in general, we are talking about cultural communities of rather a small size.

Africa retro vintage style

And each with a great sense of community life, which attaches great importance to the clan, and great respect for the ancestors.

Hand drawn beautiful woman African mural painting. Watercolor abstract portrait of sexy girl. Painting fashion illustration on white background.

Within these cultural units, art serves as a reinforcement and celebration of the community.

Modern African mural painting. Abstract portrait of an African girl in a golden frame. Polygonal image of a woman, smooth branches with leaves, highlights and shadows. Template for your projects.

Excavation flat vector illustration. Archaeological site, search for artifacts. Digging with shovels. Egyptian desert exploration. Miner hole in Africa. Expedition cartoon background

Tribal African design. Silhouette of angry tiger.

primitive rock painting. Background and seamless Background


African dance dancer. African mural painting.

A mural of large African elephants at a waterhole in their drought stricken home. Addo Elephant National Park

African style seamless pattern

Tribal art Egyptian vintage ethnic seamless pattern. Egypt borders. Folk abstract repeating background texture. Fabric design. Wallpaper

London, 2019. Generic Stock of African Animal vector with added composite Sky background. Is used for wall murals or wall art. The artwork is generic stock and there are no visible trademarks

NEW YORK - JUNE 6, 2015: Mural art in Brooklyn.A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface

The Lion of Judah wall art, symbol of the Rastafari, in Shashamane, Ethiopia / Land of Zion

Bushmen (san) rock painting depicting human figures, Drakensberg mountains, South Africa


Kente pattern with woman portrait. Geometric pattern with colorful mosaic elements on black background. Template for textile design, cards, African mural painting.

romantic composition with Painting of exotic nice girl

BRISTOL, UK - OCT 31, 2015: View of Barack Obama themed artwork in the window of a city centre restaurant. The west country city is famous for its graffiti and street art scene.

BRISTOL - OCT 31: View of a graffiti piece on a building wall in the city centre on Oct 31, 2015 in Bristol, UK. The west country city is famous for its graffiti and street art.

three hunters in primitive style like African mural painting.

African Mural Painting is the oldest form of art

African mural painting is dynamic and progressive.

African woman dancing with emotion. modern art painting and grunge. Duo-tone with blue and yellow

The Britannica defines a mural as ”mural, a painting applied to and made integral to the surface of a wall or ceiling. The term may properly include painting on fired tiles but ordinarily does not refer to mosaic decoration unless the mosaic forms part of the overall scheme of the painting.”

Safari - giraffes - illustration for the children

Going by the above definition then African mural painting is the oldest form of art in the world.

painting . Camel caravan going in the Sahara desert

Because rock painting is rich in an ancient form of African murals. Namibian rock painting dates back 27000 years and is the oldest form of art in the world.

African Mural Painting Hunter Tribal Vector Illustration. Traditional Culture Creative Symbol.

The first Africans created these beautiful pictures on the rock faces.

Africa retro vintage style

One of the earliest of many pictures shows a pretty typical day in the life of an ancient African man and represents animals.

Zebra at sunset on the African steppe. 3D illustration. Imitation of oil painting.

Over the years, rock painting became a more modern-day combination of abstract art forms.

Original pastel painting of hippopotamus . Modern wall art.

The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa are a good example of rock painting.

lion collage on color abstract  background,  rust structure, wildlife animals

It is here that the discovery of nearly 30,000 rock paintings was made.


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