African wallpaper for walls

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There are not many a place where you can find African wallpaper for walls other than at Wallpaper Kenya.   And by African wallpaper, I mean wallpaper for walls depicting African art. And not only in Sub-Sahara Africa, where black people are the majority but also in the African diaspora and Afrocentric. But our strength […]


A welcoming African Wallpaper for walls. Landscape view of Africa with young African woman looking to mountains and rising sun. Vector illustration. Use it as a basic image in travel industry and nature's notes.

There are not many a place where you can find African wallpaper for walls other than at Wallpaper Kenya.

African wallpaper for walls, man and woman with traditional body art and ethnic dress, standing on a sunny sandy landscape background and holding a spear. Massai tribe couple vector illustration.


Motivational Quote Muhammad Ali Boxer, African American wallpaper for walls.

And by African wallpaper, I mean wallpaper for walls depicting African art.

abstract mask, with paint strokes and splashes, African inspired wallpaper for walls.

And not only in Sub-Sahara Africa, where black people are the majority but also in the African diaspora and Afrocentric.

Set of abstract wallpaper for walls with black woman and African motifs. Flat design in dark colors, blue, emerald, red and beige. Vector backgrounds for print, cover and wall art.

But our strength at Wallpaper Kenya lies in wallpaper customization.

Beautiful Abstract Afro American woman in fashion white dress. Pastel Tropical leaves background. Modern minimalist glamour female portrait with nature jungle pattern. Vector illustration

Therefore you will find the following with us:

Vestor seamless pattern with leopards and tropical leaves. Trendy African print wallpaper for walls style.

African woman portraits with flowers. Seamless vector pattern with hand drawn vector illustration

Dancing people on Ethnic background Design for poster, card, invitation, placard, brochure, flyer.

Watercolor map of Africa wallpaper for walls in pink and blue colors on a background of crumpled paper.

Watercolor painting of elephant in the African jungle. Wallpaper mural painting of beautiful image of a elephant in the forest.

  • South African-themed wallpaper murals

South African flag. A grunge


Image of Mandela Nelson on the banknote of 10 rands of the Republic of South Africa

Evening golden light of Himba tribe's village, a hut made from mixture of clay, cow dung, wood and straw.Himba are indigenous peoples living in northern Namibia, Kaokoland, Africa.- oil painting

Black and white tribal ethnic pattern with geometric elements, traditional African mud cloth, tribal design. fabric or home wallpaper design

African woman sitting on throne sipping tea. She has natural hair and a pink dress.

  • Any other African designs you would like

Back African man with traditional style face paint dissolving behind smoky and ink texture wallpaper for walls.

In our library of African wallpaper for walls, you can find wallpaper for the dining room, study, living room, and bedroom.

African people dance in ethnic abstract tribal pattern vector illustration set. Folk traditional ornament, giraffe and dancers from Africa, wallpaper for walls, social media stories template, wall art design.

But there are no restrictions on their use.

modern colorful zebra oil painting. Abstract painting for interior decoration. contemporary style artwork with chaotic paint strokes and splashes, artist collection of animal painting. Set of pictures

And if you like you can additionally decorate the room with paintings, figures, and masks so that the African ethnicity of the design becomes obvious.

Watercolor beauty african woman. Painting fashion illustration. Hand drawn portrait of pretty girl on white background

The library of African wallpapers contains expressive wall art that imitates cracked earth, aged wood, the skin of exotic animals, and painted colorful ornaments.

African tribe pattern, wallpaper set vector illustration. Cartoon aborigine warrior character standing with spear, tribal abstract tattoo, ethnic mask for wall art decor, stories, poster template

You can enjoy relaxed patterns, expressive ornaments, or dynamic colors in African wall art.

African village, traditional ethnic pattern ornament in wall art decor vector illustration. Cartoon flamingo, aboriginal tribe people holding spear, native folk hut houses in african posters set

And in this style, animalism is very actively used.

Fine art, black and white photo of group african elephants against dark background, standing on the bank of river Chobe, drinking water. Botswana safari.

Both are all kinds of images of animals, sketchy, realistic, and imitations of the skins of animals and reptiles.

Abstract modern crocodile leather seamless pattern wallpaper for walls. Animals trendy background. Brown decorative vector illustration for print. Modern ornament of stylized alligator skin.

For example, leopards and crocodiles.

Silhouettes of african wild animals at sunset or sunrise

And remember that the summer exotic of African-style walls should be complemented by discreet, if not minimalistic furniture. 

Abstract creative hand-painted forest tree elk retro art background, used for wall decoration, photo wall, porch painting, wallpaper, wall painting

If you’re looking for expressive wall décor, African wallpaper for walls is the perfect fit.

oil painting for digital mural printing. painting on canvas for the interior. modern painting African motifs.

Because the ethnic affiliation of such variations will be especially obvious when using paintings, masks, and figures corresponding to this direction. 

African wallpaper for walls, rural tropical landscape. Bamboo hut, palm forest, woman with basket.

A short history and the influence of the African art

The history of African wallpaper for wall designs is a fascinating one.

Silhouette of a beautiful African woman against a background of an African landscape, African wallpaper for walls.

And full of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and unique motifs.

doodle art woman face portrait African wallpaper for walls

For centuries, African wallpaper has been used to decorate homes and other spaces, adding a touch of culture and beauty to any room.

Oil painting mural. Art print for African wallpaper interior décor. Acrylic artwork. Big size wallpaper. Watercolor drawing. Modern style African fine art. Drought in the desert. Wild camels.

The earliest examples of African wallpaper designs date back to the 16th century when the Portuguese began trading with African countries.

Oil painting mural. Art print for wall décor. Acrylic wallpaper artwork. Big size poster. Watercolor drawing. Modern style fine art. Beautiful wild grey rhinoceros.

During this period, the Portuguese brought back colorful fabrics and wallpapers from their travels, which were then used to decorate homes in Europe.

Hand drawn line art sophisticated woman portrait in minimalistic abstract graphic style. Sketch in soft pastel colors. Sensual. Bare skin. Isolated illustration. Black African woman with golden curls.

These early designs often featured geometric patterns and bold colors and were often used to create a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Impressionist wallpaper art of African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) herd, Samboro National Reserve, Kenya, Africa.

The only difference between African wallpaper for walls and other (Western wallpaper) is the images therein.

Silhouette in drawing, portrait of a woman at sunset with gold, cream and strong contrast colors, copy-space. African woman on the left. Three colors, line art on faces, contemporary wallpaper.

That is to say, the art.

In the 18th century

African wallpaper designs began to become more popular in Europe.

Art painting oil color Smiling cute zebra African wallpaper for walls.

In the 19th century

African wallpaper designs began to be used in the United States as well.

A beautiful negress in a dress and turban with patterns. African wallpaper for walls. Ethnic clothing and accessories, fashion and style. Vector illustration. Gold and jewels.

During this period, wallpaper was used to create a sense of luxury and sophistication, and many of the designs featured animals, plants, and other symbols from African cultures. These designs were often quite intricate and featured a variety of colors and patterns.


African wallpaper designs are still popular in many parts of the world. They are often used to create a sense of exoticism and mystery, and many of the designs feature animals, plants, and other symbols from African cultures. These designs are often quite intricate, and feature a variety of colors and patterns.

Happy Young African Romantic Couple together. Negro Wife, Husband hug each other. Supporting, Warm, loving relationships. Family people trust, help each other. True Love. Smiling Woman, Man. Flat wallpaper for walls illustration.

African wallpaper designs are a beautiful way to add a touch of culture and beauty to any room. Whether you are looking for a bold and vibrant design or a more subtle and intricate pattern, African wallpaper designs are sure to add a unique and beautiful touch to any space.

Bob Marley wallpaper, sketch vector illustration

Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement or simply add a subtle hint of African culture to your home, incorporating African wallpaper into your décor is a great way to do so.

Drawing on African Art for inspiration

African Set. African masks. African animals wallpaper for walls.

And therefore a look at the history of African wallpaper is a look at African Art History.

Vector illustration of African woman face with gold accessories and turban in minimal abstract style. Fashion illustration and abstract poster. Beauty and modern art.

By drawing on African art for inspiration and experimentation with different forms of expression, modern European art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism unwittingly helped create greater interest in these previously unknown arts.

Beautiful African woman. Wall art in the style of Pop art. Colorful wall art. Boho style. Portrait of a girl with a line.

The abstract nature of African art inspired modern painters such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

Abstract African Art, Sax, Tribal Music (Vector Art)

Picasso, who initially denied this relationship, later admitted the great influence that African art had on an important part of his work.

black lives matter multiracial couple holding hand in hand campaign against racial discrimination of dark skin color support for equal rights of black people wallpaper for walls illustration

American artists such as Meta Warrick Fuller and Martin Puryear were inspired by creations of traditional Central African art.

luxury abstract modern marble painting of African girl ballerina with golden texture background. artist canvas art collection for decoration and interior. black and gold. wall art. canvas art.umbrella

And the American Renée Stout, in 1990 presented her exhibition of sculptures based on figures created by the Kongo people.

Girl with hand draw ethnic pattern, tribal background. Beautiful woman. Profile view. Vector illustration.

In general, until the middle of the 20th century, painting had an accessory nature, being used to decorate masks and sculptures.

Wallpaper mural of a distressed and tattered black and white USA flag with the preamble through the center.

It is, fundamentally, after the African countries’ independence when various schools arose. (Poto-Poto in Brazzaville, the Set Setal movement in Senegal, Lubumbashi, Dakar, Maputo, Harare, Rorke’s Drift in South Africa, Oshogbo in Nigeria, Cyrene in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, etc.). And from which most of today’s renowned artists emerged.

African print wallpaper murals

As aforementioned, African print wallpaper in the interior is not so common.
Black and white seamless pattern wallpaper for walls. African Ornament in patchwork style. Vector illustration.
But it is energetic, exotic, and colorful.
aged jungle African rural tribe village. Early Arabic peasant slave job scene. Old clay mud abode, round thatch shack barn, donkey wagon. Outline ink hand draw picture sketch in retro style.
By themselves, the rural houses in Africa are not quite as stylized “Africa” ​​as you are used to seeing in magazines.
Tribal seamless pattern. Colorful abstract background. Hand drawn vector illustration EPS10
They usually use inexpensive materials, such as clay.
Africa: Icons, Symbols and Seamless Pattern - Set of Africa-themed design elements, including African mask, Masai warrior, African dancer, women, wildlife and seamless pattern
African-style interiors always feature natural motifs, images of wild animals, and warm colors inspired by the desert and savannahs.
Set of abstract wallpapers with black woman and African motifs. Flat design in dark colors, blue, terracotta, beige and black. Vector backgrounds for print, cover and wall art.
To design your own African-inspired home, you don’t need to hang some animal’s head in your living room.
African animals over map of Africa. Safari sunset. Savanna wildlife animals. Big five under acacia tree. Travel invitation card for Africa nature. Giraffe, elephant, rhino, hippo, lion, crocodile...
It is enough to use African print wallpaper for walls.
Abstract contemporary poster, wall art design with beautiful black woman on neutral earthy colors background. Gorgeous African lady with exotic hairstyle and gold accessories vector bohemian art.
Wallpaper Kenya’s library of African print wallpaper includes several thousand types of wallpapers of various designs and styles.

African savanna. Grass, acacia trees and river wallpaper for walls. Realistic vector landscape. African nature. Reserves and national parks. Banner vector illustration.

So you can choose the truly perfect wallpaper for the walls in your house or apartment.
Wallpaper for walls, Vector illustration of Native black skinned ethnical people of Africa tribes and aborigine.

African style and colors

African couple dance on the floor digital wallpaper for walls painting artwork.

The main feature of the African-style wallpaper is the embossed texture and warm sunny colors:
  • sand
  • yellow
  • terracotta
  • earthy
  • beige
  • Brown, and the like.

African tribe pattern, wallpaper set vector illustration. Cartoon aborigine warrior character standing with spear, tribal abstract tattoo, ethnic mask for wall art decor, stories, poster template

The second feature of the African print wallpaper is the pattern.
Colorful African fabric - Seamless and textured pattern, illustration
And probably the first thing that comes to mind is an animal ornament, leopard, zebra, giraffe, or tiger.
portrait of young beautiful african woman with fluorescent prints on face and closed mouth. fluorescent prints glowing on ultra violet rays, keep silence gesture
Therefore, wallpapers stylized under the skin of these animals will be especially appropriate.
Leopard skin pattern texture; Fashionable African wallpaper print.
In addition, wallpaper with an ethnic pattern is used.
Kenya flag over lion animal vector silhouette illustration isolated on white background. Lion shape shadow national animal symbol of Kenya. Safari tourism wallpaper for walls.
An excellent solution for a safari-style teenager’s bedroom would be to decorate one accent wall with a 3D image of wild African animals in the desert or the savannah.
African savannah landscape with wild roe young deers, nature of Africa, cartoon background. Vector green trees, rocks and plain grassland field under blue clear sky. Kenya panoramic view
The range presented at Wallpaper Kenya will allow you to realize even the most daring design solutions.
black and white ZEBRA wallpaper mural vector illustration on white background sketch.
Wallpaper Kenya showrooms offer a wide range of African print wallpapers of various designs.
Seamless pattern, picture art and abstract background.

Map of Africa wallpaper for walls

Map of Africa wallpaper for walls ,vector illustration.

A wallpaper mural with a map of Africa will effectively decorate your home or office.

Template for design in the African style. African traditional elements of ethnic patterns. Caption filled with ornaments. Silhouette mainland. Vector illustration

This element of décor is successfully combined with the situation in a private office, library, or children’s room.

Editable blank vector map of Africa. Vector map of Africa isolated on background. High detailed. Separated countries map of Africa.

These paintings will create a romantic atmosphere in the spirit of adventurers of Africa.

African continent silhouette isolated on craft paper background with boho pattern. Africa day background with cut old paper

With them, you will easily feel like a discoverer of new, uncharted lands.

vector illustration of Map of African countries wallpaper mural with national flag.


Feeling the immensity of the African wild will allow you to expand the boundaries of even small-sized rooms.

Illustration Earth map of Africa wallpaper mural. Modern business line vector background.

Interior design with African map wall art is a novelty in the world of interior design.

map of African wallpaper mural with countries made of ethnic textures.

Photo wallpapers with a map of Africa have replaced the large geographical panels that traditionally decorated the rooms.

Africa colored continent map. Sketch hand drawn. Doodle style freehand. Abstract map element with zentangle style ornament. Abstract colored map isolated on black. Vector illustration.

Now it is an independent element of the décor of the space. But, as before, these canvases have not lost their practical value.

Green Red Yellow Brown World Map - borders, countries and cities - illustration Image contains next layers: - land contours - country and land names - city names - water object names

Children’s world map instills in your child a love of discovery and infects them with research interest.

African map in a digital raster micro structure - 3D illustration

Due to visual accessibility, the younger generation of any family is allowed to study the relevant subject more.

 Different versions of the African map wallpaper:

  • The modern political map of Africa will become an original solution in the interior and an excellent tool for learning geography for children and adults.


vector Africa political colors map paper 3D individual states puzzle

  • You can choose either a complete scheme of the African territory or any area of ​​interest to you. For example the continent, a country, or even a city.


  • Africa travel map wallpaper mural, decorative symbol of Africa continent with wild animals silhouettes Such canvases are widely used in the interior design of companies whose activities are directly related to travel, or trips to different cities.

Black history month art. African map line art.

They serve to emphasize the status and nature of the work of the company.

Children's world map, vector illustration

  • Yellow almanacs help to make the interior of the room stylish and give an atmosphere of mystery. With their help, you seem to be taking a step in time, transported to the era of discoveries of new lands and legendary heroes – Columbus, Vespucci, and many other travelers.

African safari wallpaper murals

Wallpaper with a spotted jaguar, a striped zebra, furry wild cats, or the majestic feathers of an African eagle.

African wallpaper for walls, Animals silhouette at the savannah.

These are the patterns, prints, and textures that help you conjure up images of being on an African safari.

 Visual drawing silhouette of animal wildlife in Africa with wild and sunset background for vector illustration,travel concept

From capturing the most magical moments of your travels to awakening your inner animal, our collection of African safari animal wallpapers is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

An African safari animal savannah silhouette sunset background landscape scene

We are excited to introduce a new trend for 2023/2024: safari print wallpaper taking the design world by storm.

modern painting giraffe in forest. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art.

This interior design is diverse, glamorous, and requires courage.

realistic modern hand drawn oil painting of cheetah eyes. artist collection of African animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract

You will see that this interior African wallpaper-for-walls concept intersects all the rooms in the house.

Sunset in Africa, savanna landscape vector illustration.

Create wild and feral vibes while paying homage to nature’s most remarkable creatures.

Savannah with acacia tree, green grass, bushes, road and mountains on horizon. Concept of travel, safari trip. Vector cartoon illustration of african savanna landscape

From the plains of Africa to the jungles, we celebrate all things animalistic and four-legged.

Night savannah landscape, natural african background with hyenas pack silhouettes run through field with trees under dark starry sky with full moon shining, game scene, Cartoon vector illustration

If you want to bring a fresh touch to dull and tired interiors, create an African Safari wallpaper mural with our fun safari wallpapers. Not convinced?

Vector rhinoceros illustration. Polygon shape line wall art.

Here are some awesome ideas that will change your mind…

Group of many African animals giraffe, lion, elephant, monkey and others stand together in with Kilimanjaro mountain on background

Photo Mural of African Safari Wallpaper will make any environment in your home or establishment more beautiful, stamping your entire wall with beautiful images, of your favorite taste and style.

 pink flamingos photographed in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

Our Photo Murals are high-quality printing, easy to apply to any smooth surface, and customized to any width and height according to what you want.

For children

Oasis with blue water and plants in desert African wallpaper for walls. Vector cartoon panoramic illustration of sand desert landscape with green cactuses, river and mountains

The new library of African Safari Wallpaper is an extensive collection of varied drawings and photographs particularly focused on the world of children.

African or zoo animals. Seamless pattern of elephant, rhinoceros, crocodile, hippo, giraffe on white. Hand drawn vector illustration for bedding prints, wrapping paper, fabric, wallpaper, wall art

And full of joy, sympathy, and tenderness, ideal for decorating any children’s space.

3d picture of an elephant through a broken wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Inspired by nature, you’ll find everything from wild nature designs with animals to very soft designs with rainbow motifs.

Safari animals watercolor illustration with baby elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros and tropical jungle foliage for nursery

The drawings are tactfully illustrated by hand.

Savannah with cute zebra, acacia trees and green grass. Vector cartoon illustration of african savanna landscape with funny horse with white and black stripes. Safari park with wild animals

All murals are made from premium silk fabric wallpaper, offering high image quality with a smooth finish.

Watercolor leopards sit on a tree with leaves, flowers, plants. Wild African jungle animals and bright tropical foliage

This type of support allows for easy installation, as the glue is applied directly to the wall.

African safari flat vector banner concept. Tourists in jeep taking photos cartoon characters. Tropical tourism, exotic recreation poster. Wilderness, savannah exploration illustration with lettering

The African Safari Animal mural for children is an illustration with very happy colors that shows giraffes, elephants, lions, and zebras walking among large exotic trees with large trunks, amid an African savannah landscape.

Wildlife, vector african landscape in flat cartoon style

An illustration with a lot of dynamics and a variety of animals that any child will be entertained by.

Set of cute poster and seamless pattern with lions. Kids design for birthday invitation, poster, clothing, nursery wall art

Create a fun, exciting children’s room with safari wallpaper for your little one. Give them a unique environment to grow, play and learn.

 Set Africa items symbols people animals. Isolate on a white background. Vector illustration.

This spectacular Waterhole mural makes education fun and can be used for children of all ages. 

Night savannah landscape, natural african background with hyenas pack silhouettes run through field with trees under dark starry sky with full moon shining, game scene, Cartoon vector illustration

Not only is it perfect for a child’s room, but it’s also ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, music rooms, and study/homework rooms.

Watercolor Baby African safari animals in jeep wallpaper.

Transport your children to a world far away where they can walk with their favorite safari animals and let their imaginations run wild.

African sunset landscape with silhouettes of people

See more of our wonderful animal wallpapers designed for the little ones.

African village wallpaper

The tribal African wallpaper depicts fascinating village traditions, dances, and music that make them very different from other ancient and modern peoples and civilizations.

Tribe ethnic people African wallpaper for walls flat vector illustration. Cartoon African woman with jug, afro character in tribal traditional costume, standing near ethnic hut house in village, rural African landscape.

African village wallpaper, always in harmony with nature, depicts amazing abilities to turn natural materials from their environment into all kinds of tools and clothing.

A small village in the middle of a hot desert, African wallpaper.

As well as constructions and crafts.

African family in front of village hut with thatched roof, flat vector illustration. Wallpaper of African ethnic traditional village with people.

A clear example of their crafts is the magical and enigmatic masks of African tribes, which they design and use during dances and representations of their religious beliefs.

Africa rural landscape with abstract geometric pattern, village and African people vector illustration. Cartoon woman with jug, afro character in tribal traditional costume near houses huts background

Ancient African tribes lived in dilapidated bungalows that today cannot be called human habitation. And even out in the open.

African village landscape wallpaper mural, people in Africa vector illustration. Cartoon young woman character in traditional tribal dress with child walking among poor houses, happy children play background

There e unique examples of original architecture on the black continent that are quietly disappearing into oblivion.

African people vector black man beautiful woman character in traditional tribal clothing dress in Africa illustration ethnicity set of kids girl and boy in ethnic tribe costume

Unique architectural masterpieces of African tribal architecture are on the verge of extinction.

African tribal huts and tree wallpaper mural.

African culture wallpaper

The continent of Africa has such a diversity of cultures that no other continent has.

African ritual dance wallpaper for walls. Man plays a traditional drum, woman dances. Vector illustration

On an area of ​​over 30 million square km, there are, according to various estimates, from 500 to 8500 ethnic groups and nationalities.

sunset landscape of forest baobab trees, elephants in the savannah and African curly woman carrying water in the pots, dressed in traditional ankara dress. Mural concept savannah safari background

And each has its traditions and characteristics.

Young beautiful African fashion wallpaper, woman in traditional clothing. Vector illustration.

Thanks to the constant interaction of peoples over the centuries, peculiar styles in architecture, art, and music have appeared in Africa.

African folk dance wallpaper mural. Women with jars on their heads and men dancing and having fun

The culture of the peoples of Africa is the oldest on earth, but the lack of written evidence does not allow for obtaining accurate information.

Vector colorful ethnic African mask.

Central Africa

Mandombe Women Coal Vendors of Congo, Central African wallpaper, engraving based on the English edition, vintage illustration. Le Tour du Monde, Travel Journal, 1881

In the center of Africa, in tropical forests and bushes, gatherers and hunters live who have preserved samples of ancient mythology.

Abstract African Art, Dancing Women Wallpaper (Vector Art)

The area is inhabited by Negroid peoples speaking languages ​​of different linguistic groups.

North Africa

The people living in the north were strongly influenced by Islam and Christianity.

Horned Goddess. Dancing or running prehistoric woman. Ethnic North African rock painting from Tassili n'Ajjer. Sahara desert in Algeria. Golden glossy silhouette on black background.

The ethnic composition is almost homogeneous, the people speak the languages ​​of the Semitic-Hamitic family.

Oasis in the desert, North African Ethnic wallpaper mural.

The first states (Ancient Egypt, Napata) arose on the continent as early as 3000 BC. e. Subsequently, countries located in northern Africa cooperated with European states and adopted their culture.

Amazigh Flag, berber culture, north african icons, vector illustration.

By the 7th-8th centuries. n. e. they fell under the influence of Islam, and having accepted it, they created new forms of the original culture.

South Africa

African women silhouettes in national clothes seamless pattern. People of South African wallpaper for walls, vector illustration. Beautiful black females.

In the south, in the velds and savannas, cattle breeders and farmers live.

African women in national clothes horizontal seamless pattern. Beautiful black females. Tribal art. People of South Africa, vector illustration

These are predominantly Sudanese Arabs, and the Negroid minorities differ from them in religion, culture, and economy.

African American wallpaper for walls

To understand the why of African American wallpaper for wall art, it is important to consider the importance of the mural as a means of artistic expression.

Concept art of success hope dream loneliness and ambition, surreal landscape painting, woman with floating road, imagination artwork, conceptual illustration, lifestyle and fashion.

And it also arises from the need to educate.

Afro-american jazz guitarist singing - vector illustration (portrait completely fictitious)

From the 19th century, mural art lost its validity as a means of expression. Modern artists opted for large oil canvases, as did other new media such as lithography, xylography, and photography, which were consolidated as democratic means of expression (Eisenman, 2002, p. 9).

Activism of Black lives matter. Anti-racism protesters holding sign of No justice, no peace and white silence is violence. Protesting against racial inequality. Flat vector

The new ideologies brought about by the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution modified the dynamics of social interaction.

Beautiful portrait of Harriet Tubman made with colored spots. Maryland, United Stated 1897.

That is, the artists deviated from historical and exotic themes to paint issues of everyday life and social criticism (Fleming, 2000, pp. 316-317).

We can do it! Design inspired by classic feminist wallpaper for walls. Woman empowerment. Vector Illustration in cartoon style. African American girl with her fist raised up.

Realist African-American painters showed the injustices, victories, and struggles that the working class experienced. And in this effort, they gave visibility to the black figure.

Jazz musicians playing trumpet, piano and saxophone - vector illustration (Ideal for printing on fabric or paper, poster or wallpaper, house decoration)

African American wallpaper for walls artists represented, on a large scale, the social and political reality of their country.

Jazz saxophone player. Vector sketch style illustration for jazz wallpaper.

They designed wallpaper murals that represented people who experienced slavery, hunger, long hours of work, and violence.

Banner against slavery and human violence. Black lives matter. Black histrory awareness.

These pieces, which cover the walls of private African Americans in the United States exalted revolutionary leaders, indigenous people, peasants, workers, and blacks.

Fist protesting on background of rainbow in different race skin colors. No racism wallpaper. Different races protest, interracial community unity. Black lives matter. Pride month.

And at the same time portrayed the dominant groups mockingly.

beautiful black girl illustration profile sketch. paint texture. female face. fashion art. Women with earring . Green and pink background

In particular, African-American wallpaper for walls may be relevant to eradicating racial prejudice through the teaching of visual arts.

Assorted African Wallpaper for wall Illustrations

Ethnic handmade ornament African wallpaper for walls, seamless pattern for your design.


Abstract tropical background. African illustration. Vector illustration with a beautiful girl and a leopard in the jungle. Tropical flowers and leaves.


Abstract exotic African wallpaper illustration pattern. Creative collage contemporary seamless pattern. Fashionable template for design. Natural colors.


African wallpaper for walls painting, African girl ballerina dancing abstract figure. collection of designer oil paintings. Decoration for interior. Contemporary abstract art on canvas. A set of pictures with different texture.


African women, African pattern and cactus flowers. BLM theme. Gold and red seamless background. Abstract brush strokes and hand drawn graphics. Vector.


Set of abstract posters with black woman and African motifs. Flat design in dark colors, blue, terracotta, beige and black. Vector backgrounds for print, cover and wall art.


Horizontal landscape of nature savanna with tree and rivers watercolor drawing hand print, background, poster, cover, website.


African girl holds the sun digital painting artwork on red abstract background illustration



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