Animal print wallpaper

Classic animal print wallpaper is as old as wallpaper for walls. And animal design wall decoration has always been an issue in human history. Even in the earliest dwellings of Homo sapiens, animal skins made of natural materials were found on the walls attached to the early caves. In addition to decorative benefits, this provided […]


Leopard and peonies animal print wallpaper for walls. Seamless floral pattern with animals and garden flowers. Modern décor Beast style. Vector illustration. Template for paper, textile, wallpaper. Black, white and gold.

Classic animal print wallpaper is as old as wallpaper for walls.

Contemporary animal print wallpaper. Texture of print fabric striped leopard and flower for background.

 Gold chains and pendants with a leopard head on the background of tropical palm leaves. Seamless Baroque vector pattern.

And animal design wall decoration has always been an issue in human history.

Snake skin with the pattern, animal print wallpaper for walls.

Horizontal banner. Silhouette of deer, doe, fawn standing on meadow in forrest. Silhouette of animal, trees, grass. Magical misty landscape, fog. Blue and gray illustration. Bookmark.

Cute rockstar bear playing guitar.Can be used for t-shirt print, kids wear fashion design, baby shower invitation card.Animal pattern.

Even in the earliest dwellings of Homo sapiens, animal skins made of natural materials were found on the walls attached to the early caves.

Seamless pattern with exotic trees and animals, wallpaper mural.

In addition to decorative benefits, this provided additional heat and sound insulation. As does our silk fabric wallpaper.

zebra print vector

From the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, the ideas were refined over the centuries, until finally, at the beginning of the 18th century, the Frenchman Jean Papillon called his printed paper “papier peint”, i.e. wallpaper for the wall.

Seamless pattern with jungle animals, flowers and trees. Vector.

The plant and animal kingdoms abound with bright colors that wallpaper designers draw inspiration from.

Seamless pattern with colorful butterflies. Vector illustration, EPS 10

From the lush green of photosynthesizing plants to the bold black and orange stripes of tigers.

Watercolor composition with forest animals and natural elements. Deer, fox, bear, green trees, pine, fir, flowers and mountains. Woodland creatures in the wild. Illustration for nursery, wallpaper

Color plays a multitude of roles in the natural world, used to entice, camouflage, or warn other creatures.

Underwater Scenery with Fish 3D Wallpaper

Colors signal harvest time, breeding conditions, and the change of seasons, from the first greens of spring to the brilliant reds and browns of the fall.

Tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle plants, orchid, bird of paradise flower, pink flamingos, seamless vector floral pattern background, exotic botanical wallpaper, vintage boho style

Pigments are chemical compounds responsible for color in a range of living substances and animal skin.

Leopard print pattern for wallpaper., pattern fills, print, scarf, carpet, animal,

Pigments absorb some of the light they receive, and so reflect only certain wavelengths of visible light.

Vintage Wallpaper Safari. Rose Gold Animal Skin Patterns. Rose Gold Ethnic Mosaic. Watercolor Spring Sepia Zebra Prints. Animal Print Wallpaper.

This makes them appear “colorful.” Cave paintings by early man show the early use of pigments, in a limited range from straw color to reddish brown and black.

floral pattern on zebra background

These colors occurred naturally in charcoals and oxides such as chalk and ochre.

Beautiful Leopard Seamless Pattern Vector illustration Art In Pink Color Pastel Tone, Handdraw Leopard Pattern , Animal Safari Wildlife, Leopard Seamless Pattern, Leopard Print.

Many early artists used natural pigments, but nowadays they have been replaced by cheaper and less toxic synthetic pigments.

Designer animal print wallpaper for walls

Animal Print wallpaper is an interior decoration style where walls are made to resemble animal skin and fur patterns.
Vestor seamless pattern with leopards, tropical leaves and roses. Trendy style animal print wallpaper.
Usually, the animals used are carnivorous animals such as leopards, cheetahs, snow leopards, jaguars, zebras, and tigers.
Seamless polka dots leopard pattern, animal print.
Others are margay, ocelot, spotted hyenas, striped hyenas, African wild dogs, snakes, giraffes, and monkeys among numerous other animals.
Red wild animal zebra, tiger, leopard, panther in the blue leaves jungle on the dark night background
The animal print look is more popular than ever before.  And at the same time has established itself as a season-independent classic.
Mix animal skin with leopard, snake and zebra seamless pattern for textile print, wallpaper.
Because even if the animal print never really goes out of fashion, it is making a big comeback.
Beautiful tropical vintage hawaiian palm trees, zebra, giraffe, elephant, leopard. Hand drawn floral seamless pattern on the white background. Exotic jungle wallpaper.
If you love wild games, there are practically no limits to our animal wallpaper designs.
Trendy animal skin mixed with geometric pattern ,polka dots and stripe in modern patchwork collage style seamless vector design for fashion,fabric , wallpaper and all prints
In addition to the classics such as leopard, tiger, and zebra prints, this year snake prints in classic nuances such as white, grey, and black or natural brown tones are also inspiring.
Seamless pattern with hand drawn leopards. Creative modern texture for fabric, wrapping, textile, wallpaper, apparel. Vector illustration
Decorate your walls with the leopard print in striking colors such as red, green, blue, or neon colors instead of the classic animal colors black, white, brown, and beige. This is how you give the timeless classic a trendy update.
Beautiful floral seamless, tileable, watercolor pattern with woodland animals - deer, bunny, hedgehog, bear and fox
Animal prints wallpaper has been with us for years. As a result, the wild pattern is no longer considered flashy and extravagant but has now mutated into a stylish basic. 

Black and white animal print

You can have all animal print wallpaper in black and white.

vector illustration pattern background leopard and zebra skins print wallpaper.

But the photos in this category were taken in black and white, especially for murals.

Seamless pattern of realistic footprints of forest wild animals on a white background. Vector illustration.

Among other things, they are characterized by high contrast. Wallpaper with motifs in black and white is very trendy at the moment.

zebra print

This applies above all to the theme worlds of wild animals, cities, and close-ups to maps for printing on, everything silk fabric. But in some designs, certain elements are highlighted in color. For example in red or yellow.

good Zebra smiling black and white face sketch vector

Black and white animal skin prints are stylish and never go out of style. They are compatible with most interior styles and are easy to combine.

Toucan, exotic birds, tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle leaf, bird of paradise flower seamless vector floral pattern. Tropic monochrome background.

Are you looking for a specific photo but can’t find it in our wallpaper collection? Then you can also give us your image to design photo wallpaper for you. Provided the image is of a high resolution. Or you tell us your wishes.

Pencil sketch. Baby elephant isolated on white background

Then our designers will get to work for you and try to suggest a suitable motif for you.

Safari print wallpaper

You can also choose to decorate your feature wall with the quirky and modern design of the Safari animal print wallpaper mural, inspired by animals of the savannah.

Seamless pattern with African wild animals and plants print wallpaper. Editable vector illustration.

This custom-made take on the African jungle animals print offers the same fun look but with more subtle and contemporary tones.

Cute little animals driving a car with watercolor illustration

A great choice for your bedroom, living room, and more.

Safari Panorama Landscape Seamless Border, Wildlife and Forest African Nature, Giraffe, Leopard, Antelopes, Zebra Animals Print, Realistic drawing Mural Wallpaper.

A cute safari animal print wallpaper gives your room a chic touch and the soft tones of the design underline your living style.

Border with jungles trees,animals and islands in chinoiserie style. Trendy tropical interior print

jungle fever! that’s the current fashion mantra, which enthusiastic fashion-conscious hunting enthusiasts and animal interior designers have long since picked up.

lion low poly vector art, animal print wallpaper

So that you too can call some valuable treasures of the wilderness your own, we have uncovered everything that gives your home the cool factor in a very natural way. 

Africa watercolor set.Safari collection with giraffe,rhino,zebra,stones.Watercolor cute animals.Perfect for wallpaper,print,packaging,invitations,Baby shower,patterns,travel,logos etc

Clearly: from the snake pattern to the zebra to the tiger pattern – you have to discover this everyday predator looks for your four walls!

children's map of the world with houses, little animals and balloons for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Dive into the deep interior jungle and find your way through our extensive selection of tasteful statement pieces.

Leopard print wallpaper for walls

Today the leopard animal print wallpaper can be seen everywhere.

Seamless leopard pattern, leopard fur, animal print wallpaper.

And not only on walls, but the leopard pattern can also be seen on pants, T-shirts, bags, glasses… Where does this great popularity come from?

Leopard pattern design - funny drawing seamless pattern. Lettering poster or t-shirt textile graphic design. / wallpaper, wrapping paper.

In the history of portraiture, leopard skin is certainly one of the most characteristic elements of symbolic changes.

Abstract geometric seamless pattern with animal print and circles. Trendy hand drawn textures. Modern abstract design for paper, cover, fabric, interior decor and other users

Depending on the era, different meanings are given to this feline which has always fascinated me.

Leopard pattern design, vector illustration background, animal print wallpaper.

Negative meaning when it is linked to bestiality. And positive when it is associated with power, but also with exoticism and ‘eroticism.

Seamless leopard fur pattern. Fashionable wild leopard print background. Modern panther animal fabric textile print design. Stylish color illustration

In the representations of the inebriated bacchantes and the Amazons, terrible women warriors, from Antiquity, they cover themselves with the skin of a leopard, considered a cruel predator. It is the image of a certain savagery that then dominates. The cunning nature and the power of the animal gradually supplanted this negative aspect during the 16th century.

Seamless Vector. Creative artistic hand drawn leopard background. Hand drawing textures. Trendy Graphic Design for textile, banner, poster, card, cover, invitation, placard, brochure.

For example, the Amazons, who have become admired figures, give the leopard a positive, even heroic dimension. Then, the exceptionally shiny fawn coat speckled with black seduces the elite. Thus from the beginning of the 18th century, it became synonymous with great luxury and was worn only by the ruling classes.

Leopard skin seamless background

This leopard print wallpaper will bring a wild touch to any room it is installed in!  opt for this leopard skin wallpaper and get in touch with your inner beast with this custom leopard skin mural from Wallpaper Kenya.  

pink leopard wallpaper

black leopard print wallpaper

An all-over print in black and white turns a leopard-style wallpaper into a graphic pattern that will take your dining room by storm. 

Leopard texture, animal print, African animal fur. Animal print wallpaper for walls.

Otherwise, keep the interior relatively simple and ensure lots of white accents. In this way, the room does not appear overloaded by the look of the animal wallpaper.

Seamless Faux Textured Snow Jaguar Skin Pattern with spots on light grey background. Vector EPS10 animal repeat surface pattern.

In addition to the wallpaper in leopard, designs in the zebra style are of course also totally chic as wall decorations. This gives your room a unique atmosphere.

cow print 

Vector design of milk cow skin pattern animal print wallpaper with smooth black and white texture, can be used for fabrics, textiles, wrapping paper, tablecloths, curtain fabrics, clothing etc.

Black and white cow print wallpaper would be at home in any art gallery. But we prefer that you enjoy them.

Cow pastel portrait. Modern artwork

And you will find them in all colors to suit your color scheme.

Seamless bull polygonal pattern on red background. Geometric cow endless wallpaper

Choose your favorite unique image from our handpicked custom cute wallpapers collection for girls, boys, living room, or bedroom. Green, red, black and white, or even pink. 

Texture of a brown Cow Coat. Fragment. White and brown spots.

The combination of colors on cow print wallpapers is not only innovative and fashionable but also has original beauty and design sense, which makes people like it at first sight.

Cow black and white hair texture

If you have beauty, you must also be practical. And that is why we offer wallpaper in a wide variety of colors. You can use it on any wall. 

A cow skin with white and green spots on it.

Zebra print 

The zebra print wallpaper gives you the feeling that these exotic animals surround you.

A meter pattern consisting of Zebra tissues

These zebra patterns, influenced by the classic design are available as custom-printed wallpaper in any size and a variety of finishes.

zebra-like meter pattern suitable for pink orange textile

And not only in black and white as you would expect. But also in pink, red, or any other color you like.

Seamless animal print, zebra skin pattern.

Tiger print wallpaper

There are countless images available for tiger print wallpaper customization.

Tiger print strip of skin pattern, Endless animal pattern in abstract stripes style in black and red, Vector illustration seamless swatch in the swatches panel for textile, fabric, fashion bags stock

From scary to cute, there are so many pictures of tigers that can be used for wall decoration. Tiger fur has long been used for walls, floors, and other decorations for its beauty. 

Tiger vector hand drown illustration isolated. Big wild cat. Siberian tiger (Amur tiger - Panthera tigris altaica) or Bengal tiger. Tatoo sign. symbol of chinese new year. animal. wildlife

But currently, Fur from tigers is little used in the clothing industry and wall decorations for the simple reason that the animals are completely protected. And trade in them or their products is strictly prohibited. Despite that, there seems to be a market for tiger fur in East Asia. Over the past 2-5 years, the black market for tiger fur seems to have grown rapidly with the increased use of fur and other skins in the clothing industry.

background pattern texture tiger orange stripe black jungle safari

Much of the skins of big cats used in fashion clothing are exported to China, and it can be assumed that last year the skins of hundreds of tigers and thousands of leopards were smuggled there or to other Asian countries. 

Vector seamless pattern with cute tigers on background. Circus animal show. Fashionable fabric design.

There is also something about the furs being used as wall decorations or to decorate people’s homes in other ways.

design elements of tiger vector illustrations

Other body parts of the animals, for example, genitals and bones, are then used in some kind of natural medicine that is supposed to stimulate sexual energy or maintain eternal youth, for example. However, studies of these “medicines” have not shown that they have the desired effect.

Print with peonies trees, bamboo, palms and tigers in chinoiserie style

Say no to the killing of Tigers for wall decoration, and use our Tiger print wallpaper which is equally aesthetic.

cat print wallpaper

Many of our customers like to order photo wallpaper with beautiful cat patterns.

Cute little kittens with watercolor effect illustration

Cats are part of the family in many households. They bring a lot of joy and life into the apartment and the house. And often they are the best friends of their humans. But cats are not only great fellows to cuddle. 

Funny Cat. Creative design. Color portrait of a smiling cat with blue eyes close-up on a white background. Digital vector graphics

Or to record funny videos for Instagram. Sometimes it’s good to just look at them. That is why they are a popular motif for photo wallpapers. For example, how do you like a mural of a cat in a flower potOr kittens in fluffy blankets.

Dog Paw Cat Paw heart love puppy foot print kitten valentine vector Seamless Pattern wallpaper background

A mural with cats gives the room a lot of charm. And there is a suitable variant for every single room. Murals with cute cats and dreamy lights in the background are suitable for baby and children’s rooms.

Cute and funny cats doodle vector set. Cartoon cat or kitten characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of purebred pet animals isolated on white background.

There are also different cat wallpaper designs for teenagers to choose from. For example, those that show the animals in bold poses. Such motifs are also suitable for offices.

Black cat vector seamless pattern for Halloween. Isolated wallpaper, cartoon background. Big eyes, mustache, cat's head. Print for textiles, covers, wallpapers, clothes.

Cat print wallpaper artworks are available in a wide variety of designs. If you like neutral colors, you’ll probably like the image of a cat with puppies. Larger-than-life drawings of cats in strong colors have a completely different effect.

cheetah wallpaper print

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, running at up to 93 km/h, an impressive, aesthetic motif for your wallpaper mural.

3D CG render of a big cat cheetah hunting isolated on white background

It is a large cat native to Africa and central Iran. And it is the fastest land animal, estimated to be capable of running at 80 to 128 km/h with the fastest reliably recorded speeds being 93 and 98 km/h.

Leopard pattern design, vector illustration background

Its head is small and rounded, with a short snout and black tear-like facial streaks. The coat is typically tawny to creamy white or pale buff and is mostly covered with evenly spaced, solid black spots.

Neon rainbow colored leopard print seamless pattern. Gradient background. Vector wallpaper.

The cheetah occurs in a variety of habitats such as savannahs in the Serengeti, arid mountain ranges in the Sahara, and hilly desert terrain in Iran.

Cute bunny with big pink bow.Smears in the form of a drop on a pink background seamless pattern. Vector illustration. Set prints for kids clothes.

Cheetahs are threatened by several factors such as habitat loss, conflict with humans, poaching, and high susceptibility to diseases.

Leopard pattern design, vector illustration background. Animal design. Brown, orange, yellow

Historically ranging throughout most of Sub-Saharan Africa and extending eastward into the Middle East and to central India, the cheetah is now distributed mainly in small, fragmented populations in central Iran and southern, eastern, and northwestern Africa.

Leopard animal pattern. Design for cheetah colored textile fabric printing. Suitable for fashion skin use.

In 2016, the global cheetah population was estimated at 7,100 individuals in the wild. How sad.

Discover more animal wallpapers

If you love animal print wallpapers but didn’t find what you were looking for here, call us and request.

Abstract charcoal irregular check in flecks. Seamless pattern. Tissue. Snake animal print wallpaper.

We have animal wallpapers in all shapes. Stand in the jungle with the jungle wallpaper and experience the greatest adventures in your own home. 

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background.

Walk past a waterfall every day, admire the monkeys in the trees, and marvel at the most beautiful palm leaves you have ever seen.

Exotic summer print. Seamless pattern with palm tree, giraffe. Vector illustration

You can also opt for a nature wallpaper, for example with the forest, the sea, or the mountains.

Vector tropical seamless pattern in hand-drawn style. Monkey illustration. Animal pattern design for wallpaper or fabric design.

This will make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Or create cool effects with the 3D wallpapers from our collection.

Angry Shark Seamless Pattern. Sea Life Hand Drawn Illustration. Animal print wallpaper for walls.

It will look like an elephant walking into your living room, a fantasy lion appearing on the wall, or a giraffe standing in your living room with a candlestick.


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