banana leaf wallpaper

The banana leaf wallpaper and other indoor jungle mural interiors are the trend in Kenya currently. And Wallpaper Kenya has a thousand-time banana leaf wallpaper designs as there are varieties of banana plants.  The floral theme enjoys stable popularity and is always presented in the world of wallpapers. Banana leaves that create coziness are excellent […]


The banana leaf wallpaper and other indoor jungle mural interiors are the trend in Kenya currently.

Photo of banana leaf wallpaper tropical leaves in the room.

And Wallpaper Kenya has a thousand-time banana leaf wallpaper designs as there are varieties of banana plants

Seamless pattern custom-made banana leaf wallpaper for walls.

The floral theme enjoys stable popularity and is always presented in the world of wallpapers.

tropical leaves on a light beige background with textural backgrounds, photo wallpaper in the interior

Banana leaves that create coziness are excellent if you prefer the interior design in a classic or romantic style.

Summer vacation concept - palm leaves and sky, summer trip to tropical country. Beautiful background, wall décor. .

Regardless of the time of year, you will be surrounded by a forest landscape.

Green and blue watercolor background with banana leaves.

Our Banana Leaf wallpaper library has every design you can imagine.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

From large tropical banana leaves in subtle tones to all patterns popular with interior designers.

Seamless pattern with colored banana leaves and flowers.

This design concept is available for wallpaper customization.

Violet tropical leaves on grey concrete background. Great choice for mural, card, postcard, wallpaper and photo wallpaper. Design for modern and loft interiors.

We do it on silk fabric that is both removable and reusable.

Seamless background with tropical leaves in green, yellow, black, and maroon. Wallpaper for walls.

If there’s one botanical wallpaper trend to covet, it has to be the banana leaf.

Luxury summer jungle background. Botanical exotic forest with tropical leaves and branches in warm tone and gold line art style. Watercolor texture design for wall art.

It is one of the most beautiful and symbolic leaf patterns in interior wall decoration.

. Banana blossom is a large, purple-skinned flower that grows at the end of a bunch of bananas. Selective focus dry banana leaf wallpaper for rustic interior wall decoration.

For years in Hindu and Buddhist culture, these leaves have been used as decoration material at festivals and events.

lord Krishna with cow and elephant
lord Krishna with cow and elephant

And are still used today to wrap and serve food in many countries.

banana leaves, branches in blue and pastel beige colors with abstract spots in a modern style. Background for a wallpaper for walls printing.

Now the humble banana leaf makes its way into our living rooms.

Tropical summer composition green exotic tropicl banana leaves and yellow flowers frangipani, lotus seamless vector pattern on white background. Spring repeating botanical wallpaper illustration

Mixed with palm trees, ferns, and tropical flowers, there are many ways to create a tropical paradise at home.

large, removable banana leaf wallpaper for walls

The raw material of our large banana leaf wallpaper for walls is a silk cloth, removable and reusable.

Floral clip art with colors and layers effect! Seamless pattern. Tropical background with palm, banana, monstera leaves, blossom flowers.

And you can see why it is currently the most popular high-quality decorative material.

Raindrops splashing on large banana leaf, dark nature wallpaper for walls.

Take advantage of the beautiful wallpaper which has many beneficial characteristics.

Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, plant, palm leaves, sloth, giraffe, elephant, crane, zebra. Seamless floral border. Jungle animal wallpaper.

Bright colors, fine texture, waterproof, stain resistant, easy to clean, and durable.

Large banana leaves in wild with sunlight hitting leaf, wall décor.

They are suitable for multiple scenes.

Tropical Leaf Paintings. Silver Engraved Botanic. Metal Drawing Tropical Leaf. Graphic Banana Leaf. Watercolor Banana Tree. Black Pattern Palms. Party Summer Poster.

And you can decorate the living room, bedroom, children’s room, TV wall, or sofa background wall.

Tropical palm and banana leaves. Jungle wallpaper. Isolated watercolor background.

Girls and women love different styles of banana leaves, flowers, roses, and other tropical wallpapers.

Tropical, vector, realistic wallpaper with leaves, fruits and flowers of banana palm. Large palm leaves with pink buds and yellow banana fruits, drawing in vector format in realistic style.

However, this product is not self-adhesive, it is not a “wall sticker” for walls.

Seamless tropical pattern with banana palms, green and ripe fruits. Vector illustration.

And therefore, for installation, you need (heavy wallpaper glue) which comes with it.

Tropical jungle with flying parrots. Against the background of textured plaster.

But if you can’t install it, we will do it for you at no extra cost except for travel costs and upkeep.

tropical banana leaf texture in garden, abstract yellow leaf, large foliage nature background

It may have a disadvantage, it is not self-adhesive, but the effect and quality are much better than self-adhesive.

Elongated banana, edible fruit, botanical berry wallpaper for wall decoration.

The design is relatively simple. And the accessories you use to paste the wallpaper are the same as those used to paste the wallpaper.

Colored, & black and white banana leaf wallpapers

Tropical banana leaf wallpaper mural color designs are vectors.

Tropical seamless pattern with banana palm leaves. Vector illustration.

And therefore will come in any color you desire to harmonize with your color scheme.

Seamless horizontal line with tropical palm trees, banana leaves and snake plants. Black and white. Hand drawn vector illustration.

Whether they are with banana leaves, palm trees, or fruits… this style is exotic and provides a colonial air.

Seamless pattern with banana and golden palm leaves in vector.

There are those with more vibrant colors and less, with shiny effects, and gold and silver textures.

Vector horizontal wallpaper with gold, silver and black tropical leaves on dark background. Luxury exotic botanical design

These, more than anything else, will allow you to reconnect with nature wherever you put them.

Sweet Pastel hand sketch tropical dark summer forest pattern with colorful palm trees, leaves, exotic wild and plants in hand drawn style for fashion wallpaper for walls.

Nature’s landscapes of various types are a daring, fresh, and original choice that can be seen in many bars and restaurants.

Tiger standing among the grass, trees silhouettes, green jungles on background.

But also more and more individuals are choosing to decorate the walls of their homes with this jungle-style wallpaper.

black and white leaf wallpaper

You will find the black and white banana leaf wallpaper and amazingly elegant wall decoration.

Seamless banana leaf wallpaper. Black and white with drawing line art illustration.

The designs are bold and full of character capable of bringing a touch of jungle print to your rooms.

Tropical leaf wallpaper design, watercolor texture, nature background.

Through a monochrome palette, these designs feature delicate coloration with copious patterning perfect for minimalist style interiors.

close up shot of a black and white palm tree leaf wallpaper.

Try these black and white print wallpapers in the dining room or lounge for a nature-inspired look. Or to create a visually striking wall in an eclectic setting.

Latundan banana (Musa sapientum) / vintage illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1897


The black and white leaf design refers to the latest trends in interior design.

tropical banana leaf texture, large palm foliage nature background, black and white tone.

And with black and white, you will get the desired timeless effect in your room.

Gold leaf wallpaper

Since the Art Deco trend returned, gold banana leaf wallpaper for walls is at the forefront. And will continue to be.

gold banana leaves ornament

The gold jungle color will bring a nice touch of light to your spaces. But we recommend using them sparingly so as not to fall into excesses.

Luxurious golden wallpaper. White background. Gold leaves wall art with shiny golden light texture. Modern art mural wallpaper. Vector illustration.

Otherwise, with golden wallpaper on one wall, the room looks expensive and chic. The room immediately seems flooded with sunlight.

They give the room an atmosphere of luxury, good prosperity, and well-being.

Red, emerald, green large leaf tropics Floral background that as of today has never been used. Be the first one to use it on your walls.
Red, emerald, green large leaf tropics Floral background that as of today has never been used. Be the first one to use it on your walls.

One way of doing so is choosing leave of mixed colors. For example gold and black wallpaper.

Gold fern leaves wallpaper design with line art texture, jungle, exotic botanical floral pattern.

If there is any color that is considered an emblem of elegance, it is undoubtedly blackBlack, among other meanings, connotes not only elegance but also formality, sophistication, and even sensuality.

Tropical banana leaf Wallpaper. Luxury nature leaves pattern design, Golden banana leaf line arts. Hand drawn outline design for wallpaper for walls.

When you combine it with gold or any other metallic tone, you tend to ennoble it even more. With a few subtle touches in gold, you achieve an elegant, sumptuous, and very glamorous wall decoration.

When you can not use solid gold banana leaf wallpaper

If there is too much golden color in the room, then the room already ceases to look refined, it becomes tasteless.

Luxury gold wallpaper. Black and golden background. Tropical leaves wall art design with dark blue and green color, shiny golden light texture. Modern art mural wallpaper. Vector illustration.

To give the room lightness, you should hang neutral curtains and put the same furniture.

Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-painted vintage 3D illustration. Bright glamorous floral background design. Luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, digital paper

This luxurious color combines yellow and orange shades – warm colors of the spectrum. And which are associated with warmth, summer, joy, and high spirits.

Tropical seamless pattern with golden vintage palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, banana leaves. Hand-drawn premium 3D illustration. Glamorous exotic background. Good for luxury wallpapers, mural

But this color also has a metallic sheen that fascinates, enchants, and captures. Gold banana leaf wallpaper for walls stimulates human brain activity, pushing you to make decisions.

gold leaf background can be for luxury gold art deco Wallpaper. Nature background vector. Leaf pattern with green emerald color plant.

Their presence in interior decoration immediately turns the room into an elite, expensive, exclusive, and royal space.

Green leaf

Floral seamless pattern, green, black and white split-leaf Philodendron plant with vines on white background, pastel vintage theme.

In this category, you will find a fantastic collection of green banana leaf wallpaper. The green leaf, nature wall designs are perfect for any room in your home.

full wall green banana leaf background

So you should not limit yourself to decorating just one space.

red, emerald, green large leaf tropics Floral background.

Pink leaf

Green tropical palm banana leaves with shadow seamless vector pattern on the pink background.

Our pink banana leaf wallpaper murals showcase large tropical banana leaves in bold on pink background for a truly stunning feature wall.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Green and red wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

These tropical wallpaper will keep not only the girls’ room but any room on-trend. And is sure to be an extremely popular design.

Abstract seamless watercolor pattern with palm leaves, fern, hibiscus and ginger flowers.


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