Basketball mural

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A basketball mural is a large painting or artwork applied directly onto a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surface. Basketball murals are often used to decorate public spaces, such as schools, recreation centers, and gyms. A basketball mural is sure to add a touch of personality and excitement to any space. First-class quality basketball murals […]


A basketball mural is a large painting or artwork applied directly onto a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surface.
Basketball mural illustration of a basketball player holding a ball with beautiful orange background

Basketball murals are often used to decorate public spaces, such as schools, recreation centers, and gyms. A basketball mural is sure to add a touch of personality and excitement to any space. First-class quality basketball murals transform the room beyond recognition.

Collage. Black and white. Professional basketball player dribbling ball on white background with many balls. Concept of sport, competition, achievement, hobby, wall art, wallpaper. Poster, ad

Basketball murals offer a range of benefits beyond just aesthetics.

Seamless pattern for basketball mural. Hand drawing sport print, typography slogan. Print design. Sports background with text and ball for a boy. Sketch, grunge style.

A dynamic mural showcasing iconic basketball players or impressive games can inspire young athletes and serve as a constant reminder of the dedication, skill, and perseverance needed to succeed in sports.

Basketball players set. Golden linear basketball player illustration for sport bedroom wallpaper, background and flyer.

It will look very impressive on the walls of the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Illustration of basketball. hand drawn. basketball poster. Sport background.

Discover the perfect combination of art and passion for basketball with our custom-made wallpaper murals.

Basketball player jump shot polygonal silhouette on colorful low poly background.

Each mural is personalized with high-quality prints that capture the essence and emotion of the basketball game.

Basketball player set, vector isolated illustration. Professional athletes dribbling, bouncing, passing, shooting the ball jumping in the air. Basketball crossover dribbling, free throw, slam dunk.

A basketball mural is a fantastic way to show love for the sport and can be created in a variety of styles to suit any taste.

funny astronaut playing basketball in space comics style vector illustration wallpaper cartoon poster baby shower tees print home textile pajama graphic design

You can try your hand at painting your mural, though this requires some artistic skill. For a professional look, consider commissioning a mural artist who can create a custom design based on your preferences.

Abstract background design for banner, poster, flyer template. Vector illustration of sport concept

But the best and most economical option is from Wallpaper Kenya. We offer you pre-made basketball mural designs that you can easily convert into a silk fabric mural.

Games Room Basketball Mural

The games room is a classic choice for a basketball mural. The entire room can be themed around basketball, with the mural as the centerpiece.

Full Court Illusion

Empty outdoor urban basketball court on background with green trees and silhouettes of skyscrapers cartoon vector illustration

Transform a wall into a complete basketball court. Paint the free throw lane, three-point line, half-court line, and even extend it to include the sideline and out-of-bounds markings.

Overhead view of hoop

Add details like a backboard and net for ultimate immersion.

Panoramic Stadium View

Sports background design with abstract modern template. Vector illustration of sport players in different activities. football, basketball, baseball, tennis, rugby, bicycling

Feel like you’re courtside with a panoramic mural showcasing a packed basketball stadium. Capture the crowd’s energy, the bright lights, and a glimpse of the court action in the distance.

Dynamic Action Sequence

Depict a series of basketball players in action poses across the wall. Include iconic moves like crossovers, layups, and buzzer-beaters to convey the thrill of the game.

Two basketball players in action in arena. Blocked shot

Capture the fast-paced nature of basketball with a sequence that focuses on the movement of the ball. You could start with a close-up of a player inbounding the ball, followed by a series of passes, dribbles, and a shot going through the net.

Basketball player on professional arena during the game makes slam dunk

You can also opt for a stylish black-and-white color scheme to make the mural timeless. Add a single pop of color, like the orange of the basketball itself, to create a focal point and enhance the dynamism of the sequence.

Silhouette Legends

Showcase legendary players in silhouette form, performing signature moves. This creates a timeless and motivational atmosphere.

  • Michael Jordan:
    A silhouette of Michael Jordan soaring through the air for a slam dunk is a classic and instantly recognizable image.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Showcase Abdul-Jabbar Kareem’s signature skyhook shot, a silhouette with his arm extended high above his head releasing the ball.

    sport man design art vector jumping template basket ball icon lines la Lakers design 24 number vector sketch paint splitter brush painting water colour famous NBA icon logo symbol figure slam dunk

  • LeBron James: LeBron’s powerful driving style can be captured in a silhouette with him breaking past defenders.
    Lebron James art design template vector
  • Kobe Bryant: Kobe’s famous fadeaway jumper can be depicted in a silhouette with him leaning back and releasing the shot.

    Vector Kobe Bryant Yellow and Purple Typography Background

  • Bill Russell: For a defensive legend, a silhouette of Bill Russell blocking a shot with his arms outstretched high in the air.

Group Silhouettes:

Creative and Playful

Create a playful mural featuring your city skyline with basketball hoops integrated throughout buildings. Silhouettes of players dunking or hanging onto rims can add a touch of whimsy.

Basketball mural street player making a rear slam dunk. New York and Manhattan buildings in the background

For a lighter feel, use a cartoon style to depict a chaotic yet fun basketball game. Exaggerated expressions and vibrant colors can create a lighthearted and engaging atmosphere.

Set of 70s groovy element sports concept vector. Collection of cartoon character, doodle smile face, basketball, football, tennis, boxing. Cute retro groovy hippie design for decorative, sticker.

Living room basketball wallpaper ideas

Here are some decorative and inspirational living room basketball mural wallpaper ideas that go beyond a standard game court mural.

Midsection of biracial basketball player holding ball with hexagon over smoky background. Composite, copy space, rear view, hand, illuminated, sport, competition, illustration, shape and abstract.

Silhouette Dunks

A silhouette dunk basketball mural can be a fantastic way to add a stylish and dynamic touch to your space, capturing the energy and essence of the game.

one african man basketball player jumping in silhouette isolated white background

Multiple Silhouettes

Set of basketball player dunk silhouette

Feature several silhouettes of players dunking in various styles, one-handed slams, or reverse dunks – to showcase the athleticism and variety of dunks.

Single Iconic Dunk

basketball icon. vector sign symbol isolated

Focus on a single silhouette of a famous player’s iconic dunk pose, like Michael Jordan’s free throw line dunk or Kobe Bryant’s tomahawk slam. This can be a great conversation starter and a tribute to a basketball legend.

Silhouettes with Background Elements

Sport, a set of athletes of different sports disciplines. Group of low poly vector sportsmen

Add a subtle background to the silhouettes. This could include the outline of a backboard and net, a minimal court line, or even a splatter of paint to convey movement.

Classic Black and White

This is a timeless and sophisticated choice. The silhouettes will pop against the white background, creating a bold and graphic statement.

Modern Basketball Sport Silhouette Logo Vector Template. Silhouette of a basketball player slam dunk Vector

A black-and-white photo of a player performing a powerful slam dunk captures the athleticism and energy of the game. The grainy texture adds a vintage feel.

a basketball backboard and a basket with a chain net after the rain in black and white.

For a minimalist design feature a half basketball court in black-and-white as a stylish and understated choice. This can work well in a modern or minimalist space.

Basketball hoop

A black-and-white portrait of a legendary basketball player from a bygone era adds a touch of nostalgia to your space. This is a great conversation starter for basketball fans.

Background abstract orange black sport basketball ball illustration

Monochrome with a Splash

While keeping the silhouettes black, add a single pop of color to the background or the rim of the net for a touch of vibrancy.

Multiple Colors

Polygonal geometric professional basketball mural, player on colourful low poly background doing jump shot. Vector illustration

Use a variety of colors for the silhouettes, representing different teams or eras in basketball history. This can create a more playful and energetic feel.

Watercolor Splatter

four basketball players, vector illustration

Abstract representations of basketballs, dribbles, or net swishes in watercolor can add a touch of artistry and movement to your living room. Keep the colors muted for a more calming effect.

Vintage-inspired posters

Ball breaking with great force through a white wall. 3d illustration.

Replicate the look of vintage basketball posters with classic typography and imagery. This can add a touch of nostalgia and conversation starter to your living room.

Inspirational Quote Wall

Showcase a motivational quote about basketball in a large, artistic font. Pair it with a subtle background image of a basketball court or a player silhouette.

Basketball Vector Design

Here are some inspirational basketball quotes you can use for a motivational wallpaper

  • “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela (inspirational quote that applies beyond basketball)
  • Combine the quote with a silhouette of a player in action for a dynamic look.
  • Use a background image of a basketball court with the quote overlaid in a bold font.
  • Choose a photo of a famous player and their corresponding inspirational quote.
  • If you have a favorite team, use their colors and logo along with the quote.
  • For a more artistic approach, create a word cloud with the quote as the center and related basketball words branching out.

Men playing basketball on outdoor city court cartoon vector illustration

By incorporating these ideas, you can design a motivational basketball quote wallpaper that will inspire you to achieve your goals, both on and off the court.

World of Basketball

Shanghai, China - July 28, 2019: Exterior of an Air Jordan storefront with its iconic "Jumpman" logo on the wall. The store is located on the ground floor of Raffles City Changning shopping mall.

Create a collage wallpaper featuring iconic basketball locations around the world. This can inspire a sense of wanderlust and celebrate the global reach of the sport.

Close-up Action

dinosaur cartoon is playing basketball close up, 3d illustration

A magnified close-up of a player’s hand dribbling a basketball or a shoe making a pivotal cut can showcase the skill and detail involved in the game.

Creative Blends

Urban Basketball Court

Basketball background

Overlay a blueprint-style image of a basketball court onto a background showcasing your city skyline. This creates a unique blend of urban life and your love for the game.

Stained Glass Basketball

Set of playing balls

Design a wallpaper resembling a stained glass window with a basketball theme. This can add a touch of elegance and artistic flair to your living room.

Grunge Basketball Template - suitable for posters, flyers, brochures, banners, badges, labels, wallpapers, web design, advertising, publicity or any branding.

For a more contemporary look, use geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, and squares to represent basketball elements like the ball, net, or court lines. Choose a limited color palette for a sleek and modern feel.

basketball Points, lines, triangles, text, color effects and abstract background vector illustration, sports

You can also depict a dynamic action scene, like a slam dunk or a jump shot, using stained glass techniques. This would require careful planning and execution to capture the movement and details.

Pop Art Inspiration

Take inspiration from Andy Warhol’s pop art style. Create a repeated pattern of basketballs or famous player portraits in bold colors for a vibrant and eye-catching look.

Pop art design- vector illustration.

By incorporating these ideas, you can create a decorative and inspirational basketball-themed living room that celebrates your passion for the sport without overwhelming the space.

Benefits of a basketball mural

Basketball murals offer a range of benefits beyond just aesthetics. Here are some of the key advantages:

Boosting Community Spirit

Abstract concept vector illustration. Community playground, young people playing, suburban houses on background, neighborhood sport facility outdoors abstract metaphor.

A well-placed mural on a community center or outdoor court can become a focal point for gathering and celebrating the sport. It can foster a sense of pride and ownership in the space, encouraging people to come together and enjoy basketball.

Inspiration and Motivation

Basketball tournament poster or flyer concept. Different players of the basketball team jump with balls on the background of capital letters.

A dynamic mural showcasing iconic players or impressive plays can inspire young athletes and serve as a constant reminder of the dedication, skill, and perseverance needed to succeed in the sport.

Promoting Physical Activity

A vibrant basketball mural can spark interest in the game, particularly among youngsters. Seeing a colorful court or mural might encourage them to pick up a ball and get active, promoting physical and mental fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Adding Character and Beauty

Illustrated mural design with slogan. Vector illustration.

A well-designed mural can transform a bland space into a vibrant and visually appealing area. It can add personality to a gym, bedroom, or community center, making it more inviting and enjoyable.

Preserving Local History

Abstract sport background. Vector illustration with Flaming ball for design.

Murals can be used to commemorate legendary local players, coaches, or teams. They can serve as a permanent reminder of a community’s basketball history and heritage.

Creating a Conversation Starter

Stay motivated. Creative artwork,. Sportive african-american man, male player in motion and action with ball isolated on white background with lettering, graphics and quotes. Collage

A unique mural can be a great conversation starter, sparking discussions about the sport and creating a more engaging atmosphere, especially in social spaces or fan caves.

vector illustration of a basketball with a basketball ring on a sky background with clouds

By incorporating a basketball mural, you can contribute to a more vibrant community, inspire future generations, and celebrate the love for the game.


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