Bathroom wallpaper

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Bathroom wallpaper could be either 3d foam or vinyl washable wallpaper as seen in this picture. Washable vinyl wallpaper will work well for the bathroom. The thing to note, when using vinyl wallpaper as bathroom wallpaper, is that it should be hang in the areas in the bathroom traditionally painted. Above the tiles. On the other hand 3d foam, used as bathroom wallpaper can be hang instead of tiles. 3d foam is not shy of water. It is waterproof.

For the areas in the bathroom that are traditionally tiles because water hits them directly, you may use 3d foam as bathroom wallpaper. 3d foam is fireproof and water resistant. It can also be used in the kitchen as well as in all other rooms. 3d foam wallpaper is self adhesive wall stickers. It comes mainly in brick pattern waterproof self adhesive foam suitable as bathroom wallpaper. The wallpaper is in foam and soft to touch which is good for bathrooms, if you fall and hit the bathroom walls you will not be hurt like you would do falling on bathroom ceramic tile. 3d foam wallpaper is also suitable home decor for kids room


What makes the 3d foam foam wallpaper for use as kitchen and bathroom wallpaper is that it is an insulation panel with in-built antimicrobial, waterproof and flame retardant properties. It is safe to use and the nature of the material provides thermal resistance and sound proofing properties too.

The 3d foam bathroom wallpaper comes with pre-coated adhesive backing, therefore it makes installation easy and fast. You can even replace your wall panel design after a period of time without messy works.

Features & Benefits of the 3d foam as bathroom wallpaper are many: 1. VOC free 2. 3D Effects 3. Lightweight 4. Durable. 5. DIY concept 6 Fast & easy installation 7. Thermal insulation 8. Sound proofing 9. Excellent water proof 10. Antimicrobial 11. Non-hazardous 12. Low maintenance 13. Excellent design flexibility 14. Child safety 15. Cleanable.

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